Welcome Home Surprise

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“Damn, that was a long day” said Courtney as she walked in the door, “I thought I was going to be there forever.”

“About time you got home,” Adam said, “i’ve had a surprise waiting for you for hours now.” He walkd up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist settling in behind her. Courtney moaned as she felt the man she loved embrace her, she felt safe in his arms.

From the day they met there had been a connection between them, it started out innocent enough with them becoming quick friends, but soon developed into something neither of them had expected. Within just a few months they had fallen in love and neither could deny the feelings for one another very long. Courtney is 26, about 5’2 on a good day, medium length light brown hair, sparkling brown eyes, D Cup breasts, and a beautiful heart shaped ass.

Adam was drawn to her almost immediately when they met, but was too shy to say anything and let the friendship evolve on its own, using his awkward nerdy charms to win her over. They could always brighten the others day just by being a part of it, and the days where they didn’t get to meet were alike to bring in prison. He just turned 30 a few months back, at 5’10 with brown hair and blue eyes he was nothing special to look at, though not hard on the eyes at the same time.

“Come with me,” he said, “I have a special evening planned for you and me that might just take your mind off of work.” She began to speak, but he shushed her, took her hand, and led her to their bathroom. In there she found a drawn bubble bath with lit candles circling the tub, there was soft relaxing music playing on the stereo, and her favorite fall scent in the air.

Courtney looked at him almost tearing up, “Baby, you didn’t have to do this for me, but thank you. You don’t know how much I need this after the day I had.”

“Oh, this is just the beginning” he said with a mischievous hint in his eye, “I want you to relax and when you are ready, come meet me in the living room.”

He kissed her on the lips and closed the door behind him as she began to undress and sink into the tub. The water was perfect, and she soon felt the days weariness fade away in the warm relaxing tub. Ten minutes had passed and she decided she had enough waiting to see what her thoughtful boyfriend had planned for the two of them. Courtney grabbed a towel and made her way into their bedroom to find some comfortable clothes to put on. Instead, on the end of the bed was a note that said “put me on” next to a loose fitting tank top and a pair of her favorite boyshort panties, the ones she wore when she wanted to drive Adam wild.

Courtney now had an idea about what was instore for the couple as she dawned the outfit. Before she left their room she glanced in the mirror, taking taking quick stock of her appearance. She looked beautiful no matter what she wore, and even more so when she had on less. “Still got it” she said to herself as she headed for the bedroom door.

When she got to the living room she found her fireplace had been turned on, a few more candles were lit, but Adam was nowhere to be found. Confused, Courtney took a few steps forward and was quickly caught off guard by Adam sneaking up behind her and planting a soft kiss on her neck.

“You know I hate surprises, and now you try to give me gaziantep escort a heart attack by sneaking up behind me?” Courtney said, feigning anger.

Adam didn’t buy it for a minute, they were always fighting and hitting each other, but never once had it been real or out of anger, it was just one of the games they played with each other.

He didn’t say anything as he gently scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the couch. “I know how hard you have been working lately, and I wanted to give you the perfect night to make up for all of that hardship” he said as he sat her down beside him.

He reached his arm up to her cheek and slowly drew her in for a kiss, as he did this she leaned in and closed her eyes. Their lips met and just like the very first time they kissed, she saw fireworks. Her lips felt warm and tingly, her breath caught in her throat, and her heart skipped a beat. He took her hand with his free hand and gave her a loving squeeze as he started to work his tounge into her mouth to dance with hers. As she was distracted by the French kiss tango they were performing, his hand started to drift from her cheek and down to her barely covered breasts. There was not much fabric in the way so his hand slid right into her tank top and onto her exposed tits. Courtney drew in a sharp breath as his hand squeezed her right breast and started to play with it.

Adam pulled away from her mouth slowly and started to make his way down to Courtney’s neck, planting soft kisses along the way. Meanwhile his hand had begun to explore her left nipple , gently twisting and pulling until it started to get hard, once he had achieved that he moved onto the right breast to start all over again.

Courtney was beginning to moan with lust with what Adam was doing to her, he always seemed to know just how to turn her on and right now she was on fire. He had moved from her neck up to her ear lobe and began to gently suck and bite it. Another moan escaped from her lips when he bit her, it didn’t really hurt, but she loved that brief flash of pain that he inflicted as he pulled her ear with his teeth slightly.

Courtney was on fire at this point, she pulled away from Adam and whispered “fuck me now” as she tried to strip off their clothes until he stopped her. “No, sweetie, not yet,” he said as he pushed her back and pressed his lips against hers once again, though this time he did not stay there.

Adam began to kiss his way down her body, stopping for a brief moment to gently kiss and bite each nipple as he journeyed lower and lower. He stopped when he was on his knees on the floor between her thighs, looking up at her with a devilish look on his face. He decided that it can’t all be sweet and loving play, he had to tease her just a bit otherwise it would just not be them, and so he started to kiss up and down her thighs inching ever so close to her pussy, but never coming into contact with it. His arms reached behind and then underneath her to her ass cheeks and started to kneed them as he started to kiss her pussy gently, though to her disappointment, over her panties which right now she wishes she had never put on.

“Please, Adam, stop teasing me and let me cum already. I will do anything you want after, I just need you to get me off right now” Courtney begged. He would hold her to that, but at a later date, tonight was about her and since she had asked so nicely, he decided to give her what she needed.

Moving his hands up from her ass he grabbed the elastic of her panties and began to slide them off and down her legs. As he looked up at her she thought he was finally going to fuck her brains out because she knew he had to have a massive errection by now, but he wasn’t ready for that just yet and lowered his face between her thighs once more.

He gave her entire pussy a long hard lick up to her clit where he began to give it some much needed attention. He started off with a few teasing licks around it and then began to really play with it. Courtney gave a long hard sigh as she knew relief would be coming soon and began to work up to one of the biggest orgasms of her life. While Adam was sucking on her clit, he began to work a hand up between them and make its way to her pussy. Courtney was moments away from her much needed climax when Adam thrust two fingers into her pussy and continued his assault with his tongue. She couldn’t hold back anymore as her thighs clamped around Adam’s head and screamed out “OH YES, ADAM FUCK ME!”

It was almost a full minute before she relaxed her thighs enough for Adam to finally come up for air. Adam smiled up at her as she looked like she has just run a 5k, her hair was disheveled, her face was flushed red, and she was struggling to catch her breath.

Adam kissed his way back up to her and sat beside her on the couch, patiently waiting for her to calm back down from her high. A few minutes passed and neither of them spoke a word, nothing need be said, they knew it already. Courtney loved this man with every fiber of her being, and she knew he felt the same way.

About five minutes had passed since he came to sit beside her on the couch and she had finally regained her composure. She knew the lengths he had gone through for her tonight, setting up the most heated and relaxing nights she had ever had. All of the stress and tension she had building up from work was forgotten, and she knew she had to return the favor for all he had done.

As Adam was going to get up she pulled his hand back to force him back down on the couch. This time it was her with the devilish hint in her eye as she followed his example and slowly kissed her way down his body to her knees on the floor. Courtney unbuckled his pants and together with his boxers, pulled them down and off of him. What she got though surprised her, she knew he was hard, but she did not realize just how hard he had gotten after going down on her. He looked almost twice the size he usually was, and definitely much bigger around. “Impressive” she thought.

Courtney reached out and took his throbbing cock in her small hand and began to work it the way she knew he liked. Adam let escape a moan as she began to stroke him up and down at a steady pace. Her grip began to steadily tighten and her hand started going faster as he leaned his head back and enjoyed the fantastic feeling she was giving him. He knew she really didn’t care to give blow jobs, and he was alright with that, her soft hands felt amazing around his cock, she knew just how to get him off.

“Adam went to so much trouble for me today,” Courtney thought, “I really want to do something special for him.” With that her mind was set and she knew just what to do, glancing up at him, they locked eyes, looking at each other with a look that said I would do anything for you. Courtney then began to lower her head into Adam’s lap and gave the head of his cock a few tentative licks before taking the whole head into her mouth.

Adam let out a loud moan as he was not expecting this, the feeling of her soft, warm mouth around his cock was undescribable, he felt as if he had died and gone to heaven. She knew he wouldn’t last long the way the night had been going, and as she began to bob up and down on his cock she used her hand to stroke the parts she couldn’t get her mouth around. Adam was close now as she was working his cock like a porn star, Adam was just simply amazed she had his cock in her mouth, not to mention the fact that she had somehow managed to get over half of it in and not scrapped her teeth this whole time.

He was close to cumming and decided if he ever wanted to get head again he had better warn her so she could back off. “Babe, i’m about to cum” he said almost out of breath, the feeling was so good he was reluctant to ever let it end.

Adam heard Courtney mumble something, though he couldn’t quite make out what it was with her lips around his dick. Wanting to make sure she knew he was about to cum he repeated himself to her, and that is when she backed off of his dick, looked up at him, and said “go ahead” and with a wink she wrapped her lips around his cock again.

He couldn’t take another second after that and let loose what felt like a gallon of cum in her mouth. She did her best to swallow everything, but some had escaped around the sides of her mouth as he rode out the biggest orgasm he had ever had.

When he finally came down from his orgasm, he looked down at her as she slowly withdrew his cock from her mouth. There was cum still around the side of her mouth as Adam started to get up, “I’ll get you a towel.”

She smiled at him and said “no need” then wiped the cum from her mouth with her finger, stuck the finger in her mouth, and swallowed the rest.

Adam was in shock by now, he never dreamed that she would be willing to go that far, and it just reaffirmed to him that she was indeed the girl of his dreams. He pulled her onto the couch with him and kissed her lips with all of the passion he could muster. He loved this girl, and he always would, nothing was ever going to change that.

As she sat there next to the man who had stolen her heart, she knew that even though work, and life, and everything outside their home try to keep them down, her life was perfect because she had him.

They soon fell asleep there on that couch wrapped in each others arms for several hours until the first rays of sunshine began to peek in the window. Adam woke first, saw his beautiful girlfriend in his arms and kissed her on the forehead. She began to stir and soon opened her eyes to see him sitting there, watching over her as she slept.

He began to recall the events of last night and started to get hard again. Courtney noticed this and reached out her hand to grasp it. “I have the same idea” she said, “but how about a shower first stud.” Taking the hint, Adam lifted Courtney into his arms and carried her to the bathroom so they can start their day off together fresh and clean, because they both knew they wouldn’t be that way for very much longer.

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