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…Standing so near you, I realize my breathing is quick, palms wet. The excitement of being next to you causing a swarm of butterflies to slam about my belly in a desperate bid for escape. You look so beautiful, your bare shoulders so inviting. Your deep red lips beckon to me without a word spoken.

Your breasts sit high on your chest nestled in your black lacy bra. I watch in pleasured wonder as they rise and fall with your breaths. My eyes flutter and I allow myself to scroll down your luscious body. Gazing over your soft warm belly, the strong curves of your hips, your full velvety thighs. Your high cut black panties barely concealing you from my piercing eyes.

My mind dances in anticipation. Somewhere in the back of my mind I’m aware of him. I don’t know how or why but I can feel him close. Your deep studying eyes search my face and you know by the look in my eyes that I suspect we’re not alone. Your beautiful smile slips across your face making you even more radiant.

I come and stand very close to you. You turn your head down slightly. My palms reach out and lightly touch your forearms. The first feel of your tender flesh sending a soothing comfort through my hands that washes over me. My hands ever so slowly glide up along your soft arms…past your elbows…over you’re biceps…onto your shoulders.

I place the very tip of my finger under your chin. Gently, I ease your head up. Our eyes meet in a long gaze. Your dark eyes so deep and calming. A look that says you trust me. I am beholden to that trust. But I can also see your passion building in that look. Your lids slightly heavier than before.

I cup your sweet supple cheek in the warmth of my palm. My head lowering. Your lips part without thought, acting on reflex. My warm full lips wrap about yours. Our tongues dancing together for the first time. Tasting, exploring, exciting. I feel the air draw across my cheek as you take a long breath. Your chest expanding and pressing against me.

Our kiss deepening as we slip further into our passion. I feel you wrap your soft arms around me. Feel your warm palm on the center of my back, the other holding the back of my head, fingers twirling in my sandy blonde hair.

Our heads dance back and forth as we discover one another. The taste of your mouth thrilling me. My hands clasp about your waist and pull you tight against me. The warmth of your breasts against my bare chest at once reassuring and exhilarating.

At long last, we break our heated kiss and again our eyes lock onto one another’s. Your eyes darker than before. Your lips redder, fuller. My head again falls forward, now further to the side. Your head tipping exposing your tender neck. You purr softly as my warm full lips suck at your neck just where it meets your shoulder. I kiss, lick, nibble out over your shoulder. Feeling the strap of your bra as I work outward. My teeth ever so gently biting at the point of your shoulder. That spot where it’s tight, sensitive, just before it runs into your arm. Then I suck deep. Tasting your flesh. Working back across your shoulder to your neck.

My tongue gliding up the side of your soft neck. You tilt your head farther to the side, further exposing yourself to me. I can feel your breasts pushing and retreating from my chest as your breaths come deep and slow, relaxed. My tongue exploring the tender lobe of your ear. Tracing along the outside of it. Your palm rising and again I feel your fingers twirling in my hair. You urge me back down your neck. I kiss and lick as I follow your urgings, seeking the spot you desire pleased.

When again my lips cover that sweet spot where your neck and shoulder meet, your hand holds me there. I suck and softly bite at the spot. You pull my head harder against you as you relish in the tingly sensations rolling across your skin. Biting and sucking harder, your body pressing hard against me now. Your breaths long and deep interrupted only by an occasional deep moan. The passion building. The intensity rising.

My hands glide along your supple back, my fingers touching and exploring your body. My mouth sliding down onto your upper chest. Kissing across the pillowy mounds of your cleavage. Your head straining back, your eyes cast down, watching. I kiss across your bosom. Your hands holding my head as I work my way up the other side of your neck.

The air alive and electric around us from the rising heat of our bodies. I lick up along the front of your neck. Up and over your chin. Again our lips meet, our kiss deeper, more experienced, more heated, more urgent. Tongues dancing, licking one another’s lips. Teeth gently biting.

I feel your güvenilir bahis fingers fumbling at the buttons of my jeans. I ease back slightly to allow you more room. With one deft pull the buttons of my faded Levis pop open. I feel your hand snake inside my jeans. Sliding over the smooth satiny fabric of my underwear. You cup me and rub me through the thin barrier. I hear you moan softly as you fill your hand, our mouths still devouring one another. My hips begin to grind as I swell inside your touch.

You become aware of your bra being loose and open. My fingers pulling the straps down your arms and over your fingers. You reluctantly release your grasp on me to allow your bra to fall away.

I break our kiss and passionately kiss down your chest. Your hands rise and cup your breasts. You hold them high, offering them to me. Passion yielding to lust. I kiss and lick between them. Tasting the tiny beads of salty sweat beginning to form on your skin like tiny diamond of desire.

Your head falls back and your beautiful hair splashes across your back. You moan and your feet unconsciously slip wider as my mouth works across your breast to your nipple. My cheek brushing against it. My tongue darts out and traces circles around the quickly swelling nub. Then licking it slow and hard. Tongue flat, pressed hard on your nipple as I lick. My lips part and I suck it deep into my mouth. The wet warmth covering it as my tongue twirls around it.

I pause suddenly. What was that? Did I hear a beep? A subtle quick beep somewhere? My lust again consumes me, the brief semi-conscious thought dismissed as I return to the intensity of your body.

My teeth close around the base of your nipple and gently bite as my tongue flicks over the tip. I can feel it swelling inside my mouth. Your hands clasp my head and pull me hard against your tit. Your head falling forward and then again back as I pleasure your nipple. Shards of intense pleasure shooting out from your breast and through your body. I ease away just a bit and stare at your nipple. Stiff, erect, shiny from the wetness of my mouth. I softly blow on it. The air cool and exciting. You coo softly and I again devour your dark nipple in my mouth. Harder, more intense. Our bodies melting into a rhythmic wanton dance.

Your lust takes control of you now. No longer slow and cautious. Desire rules the moment. Your hands push at my shoulders and force me to release your wonderful nipple. Your thumbs slip inside the waistbands of both my jeans and boxers. You urge them down over my hips, off my ass. I smile at your boldness. Enjoying the thought that I’m pleasing you. That thought quickly becoming a need. My sole existence at this very point in time is to bring you intense pleasure. To bring you the wondrous feelings of a satisfied woman. Everything outside ceases to exist. Even the background becomes blurry as my mind focuses on you.

As you reach for my groin, my hands wrap about your wrists. I hold you firm, not hard, firm. You look into my eyes in disappointment as I prevent you from touching me.

“SSSsssshhhhh…..Not yet.” A slight smile on my lips. I realize those are the first spoken words since we entered the bedroom.

You return my smile. My head motions a nod and you turn to stroll toward the bed. My eyes flowing over you, mesmerized by your beauty in motion. The sway of your curvy hips. The rise and fall of your soft cheeks.

At the foot of the bed you turn and again face me. You pull at your panties, easing them down. A devilish smile spreads on my lips as I notice them sticking in the center. Your growing dampness grips them for just a moment. With a subtle flick of your foot, they are cast away. We stand before one another completely naked, totally revealed. Each of us aware of the strong connection that has locked us together.

I come to you.

“You’re beautiful.” I half-whisper in a lusty voice.

“So are you.”

I smile and kiss you. Our naked bodies pressed against one another. Our flesh hot, small beads of sweat mingling on our chests. I ease you back. You gently sink into the bed and I rise to hover above you. My old tattered dog tag hanging from neck barely brushing the skin between your heaving tits. You’re quickly losing yourself in me and I in you. Dark lusty passion driving our bodies.

Your feet on the edge of the bed, your knees up and wide. My hips nestled between them. The heat of your sex warming me. My swollen manhood pressed against the fleshy outer lips. I support myself on my hands. My tongue circles your nipple. My lips purse and kiss it softly. I kiss and lick around your entire warm tender breast. türkçe bahis No other part of my body touching you. My tongue trailing over your soft belly, leaving a shiny trail. Your hips begin to buck and grin, struggling to force me inside your warm wetness. Wanting to feel me inside you. Needing the release from the roiling heat of your sexual desire. But I resist and only grind in synch with your body. Pausing from time to time to ease back slightly when your skilled movements begin to capture me.

Then again pressing hard against you and returning to your breasts, nipples, neck, mouth. Rising to stare into your face. Glowing and flushed with the fervor of our sex. I can feel your wetness spreading over my belly, my shaft, my balls.

I make slow circles around your belly button. The taste of your warm flesh thrilling me. Your breath quickening in anticipation as I work lower. Kissing and licking over the sensitive skin of your neatly shaven mound. Your hands slipping up and onto your inner hips. Your hips rising, eager to feel me.

I pull away and wait for your ass to again settle to the bed. Teasing, prolonging. My tongue again licking over your body. Coming so close to you now. At the very top of your lips, just where they meet and hide your swelling nub. My lower lip pushes hard at just that spot. Not licking you just putting pressure there. Your hips again move in reaction to the hard press of my lip against your hood.

I rise and maneuver around you. Placing me knees beside your head, my hands on either side of your hips. Your legs spread instinctively, wide and open to me. Your hand snaking up my leg, over my ass, between my legs. Cupping and rubbing my low-hanging, smooth balls as you await my pleasuring.

I place tiny soft kisses along the side of your sexual essence. Oh so close to you. The fingers of your other hand inching deeper, closer to yourself. I glance back and see your eyes gently closed, lips parted. Breasts heaving in deep passionate breaths. Smiling to myself at the sight.

I suck hard at your deep inner thigh. Tasting the sensitive flesh there. Your hips buck at the sensation. Your need for me, for release, intense as you’re consumed by your own lust. I make a long, slow, teasing lick just beside your lips. So slow, almost agonizing.

Your scent wrapping about my mind like supple lusty fingers. The heat of your sex warming my cheek. Your hips grinding more now as you struggle to place your pussy in my mouth. Wanting me to take you. Needing me to. Needing to feel the pleasure of my mouth.

Your fingers now at the very tip of your lips. You’re pulling at your fleshly lips, exposing yourself to me. You moan as my tongue slips between your folds at the very beginning of your pussy. Slowly licking over your hard swollen clit. Hearing you moan in satisfaction as your body finally begins to receive what it so desperately craves. Licking lower, tasting the very core of you on my tongue. Your ass rising and hovering in the air as I glide back upwards. Waiting, wanting, needing. Your sweet musk growing stronger, filling my mind, driving my body, intoxicating me.

You pull your lips wide apart. My tongue so near your clit now fully freed from it’s hood. Your ass suspended, needing my touch. You moan deep as I finally take your swollen clit deep into my mouth. You slam your hips back onto the bed and my mouth follows.

I swallow your clit into the wet heat of my mouth. My tongue pressed hard against it. All the lingering teasing, making it so much more intense. My thumbs now holding your flushing full lips open as I my mouth works at your reddening sensitive clit. Your hand slides over your belly to your tits. The other reaching up and gripping my shaft, pulling it downward slightly to allow you to stroke it slow and rhythmically. I gaze up and watch as you pinch and squeeze your nipple. You’ve completely surrendered to the intense pleasure I’m bringing you.

My lips softly kissing your clit then again I take you into my mouth and lick. Your full thick clit warm in my mouth as I eat you. I pull your legs in behind my arms. Holding them back, causing your hips to roll up. Opening you further to me. My tongue slipping between your lips and pressing inside you. You groan as my tongue enters you. Your juices flowing freely. The taste of your sweet nectar consuming me as I explore inside you. My cheeks growing shiny as your desire builds.

Your lips full, swollen, pouty. Your ass grinding faster as I devour you. Your thumb running over my purple head as you drag my slick pre-cum over my shaft. My leg closest to you rising and opening slightly as your touch güvenilir bahis siteleri begins to take control of me. My body responding. Your eyes flashing open from time to time to gaze on my hardness oh so close to you. Glancing down to see my head buried deep between your legs.

My elbows at the backs of your knees. Pushing them back toward you. You willingly roll back even further. Completely open to me now. Nothing left unexposed. I hold you there as again my tongue delves deep into you.

With one hand I reach back and find yours. I pull it down low between your legs. Your fingers slipping around my tongue. Feeling me eating you. I put your fingers on your rock hard clit. They instinctively begin to rub over it. Pleasing yourself in only the way you know how. The perfect rhythm, just the right pressure, the way you’ve done so many times before. My mouth working feverishly inside your lips. Then kissing and licking.

You gasp as my mouth suddenly covers your dark nether hole. I feel your body stiffen in response and fear I’ve made a mistake. I hold my mouth there, waiting. Then gently kiss at the sensitive flesh. Tiny wet kisses. I feel your body relax. I slip a finger deep inside your wet pussy. Your fingers again begin to work at your clit. Faster now, more intense.

My tongue twirls about your dark hole as I easily slip a second finger into you. In and out faster, matching the grind of your ass as you fuck them back. Following your rhythm as you rapidly plunge toward your orgasm.

The dark scent of your ass mixes with that of your now soaking pussy. My mind whirling. With one hand you stroke and tightly squeeze my hardness. The other flying over your clit. My fingers fucking hard in and out of you. My mouth pleasing the incredibly sensitive puckered skin of your ass. You’re so close now.

Your ass pinching and relaxing. The muscles deep inside your pussy clenching my fingers. Your eyes squeezed shut, mouth open. Lost in the pleasure. Almost………..there……….almost…..ooooooo

I hear your deep animalistic groan as the first wave of orgasm smashes through your body. My fingers fucking faster as my mouth devours your ass. You slam hard into my face. Your thighs shaking as another intense wave of pleasure crashes through you.

“UHNnnnnnnnnnnn…………………” Your groan deep and heated. Your orgasm hard, intense.

Before it subsides I quickly pull away from you. In one swift motion I’m between you. Without any help my thick cock slips between your wet lips.

Your hands clench the soft cheeks of my ass, your legs falling wide apart. Your feet pressed into my ass as you thrust to swallow me inside you.

“Oh yeah, do it! Fill me with your cock!” You demand as the swollen purple head pushes inside you. I hold it there wanting to tease us both. Wanting to make it last forever. But my lust cannot be caged and I bury my thick hard cock deep into your warm wet pussy. Full inside you, my balls growing wet from you. I hold myself deep inside your sweet body and you can feel my cock pulse and throb against your twitching muscles.

Our hips grind into one another as our bodies writhe in an animal like display of lust. I fuck hard and deep.

Your hands fall beside your head and your face turns to the side as your second orgasm rips through you before your first had fully past. Deeper, even more intense than the first. This one rolling slowly over you spreading out to the very tips of your fingers.

“OOoooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God, yes!” Your ass slamming into me. Fucking me hard as you ride on the pleasure of our bodies. My balls draw up tight. Your pussy milks at my cock. My ass tightens.

My head thrusts back as the first stream of cum shoots hard and deep inside you. Over and over I pump the creamy warmth of my orgasm deep into you. My entire body writhing, racked with the intensity of the pleasure. My cock throbs and twitches inside you as the last of my seed seeps from me. My shoulders shudder as a second wave of satisfaction slowly rumbles over my flesh. Your hips slowly roll around and around now as you revel in the feel of my cum inside you. Milking me for every last drop. Warm, thick, pleasing.

My cock still inside your now soaked pussy. I ease down and gently kiss your cheek. Our eyes again meeting. A satisfied warm look in yours.

“Thank you,” I whisper with a smile.

You wrap you arms around my neck, your legs about my waist and pull me tight against your bosom. Our bodies wet and warm as we hold each other. Satisfied. Fulfilled. Relaxed.

Somewhere I hear another beep. Then another. “What is that?” I wonder silently. My mind still unable to focus.

There it is again.

I know that sound. But my mind won’t bring the answer. I hear it again. Wait, I…I know what that sound is…Is that a………………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32