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As I awaken I find us still in a deep embrace from a night of passion.

I slip away to the bathroom and while in there sneak into the shower.

As the water is rushing all over me I feel a strange feeling as if, I can’t explain it.

I rinse the soap from my face and see you standing there watching me shower.

I turn and continue to wash and rinse and I feel you approach.

You take the soap from my hand and begin to rub it all over my body.

My arms, my back, my ass, my legs and then I feel your breasts press against my back.

I try to turn but you are holding me prisoner with your body.

I feel your hands covered with soap rubbing my hips and working their way forward and down.

My breathing is fast and irregular now anticipating what you may do.

First those hands caress my balls and inner thighs, squeezing and rubbing gently.

I feel the tops of your hands bump up against my now hardening cock.

Then one hand, I am not sure which takes my cock and begins to soap it up while the other continues to rub and squeeze my sac and each ball one at a time.

Once again I try to move to feel you and you press your breasts and pelvis even tighter holding me helpless to use my hands.

Now your hand is stroking my cock as the soap suds build so does our passion.

I feel your nipples hardening as they hold me prisoner as your pelvis thrusts occasionally against my ass and I feel the heat building in your hot cunt.

I can feel your lust in your fingers and hands as they work me into a frenzy of passion.

My cock is now hard and the head is throbbing and each time your büyükesat escort hand passes over the rim it grows a little more.

You seem to move away and I turn to find you kneeling in the shower and as I turn you grab my cock and begin to rinse it off.

I look down through the steam and see those big beautiful eyes staring back up at me and our eyes lock.

As I reach down to feel you, your hands fall away from me and you press your cheek against my leg.

I grab you hair and run my fingers through it as I feel your lips caressing my leg and groin.

The feeling of your wet hair in my hands is exciting and I reach with my other hand and grab my cock, which is still fairly hard.

You are watching me as I begin to stroke it and rub my cock against your cheek and across your lips.

Your tongue juts out to meet this intruder and licks the head and shaft.

I smack your cheek with the head and few times and you moan a bit.

As your tongue reaches out to meet my cock again I lift it away and rub my sac against your tongue and you hungrily lick it and suck one of my balls in your mouth and caress it with your tongue and lips.

I rub my cock across your forehead and eyebrows and you suckle my ball sac and then switch to the other ball.

I smack you on the forehead with my cock and you moan again.

I wrap you hair around my cock and begin to stroke it in this embrace of your wet hair.

I look down and see that you are working your clit and labia with you hands.

I release my cock from your hair and thrust it into your mouth with a firm grasp on your çankaya escort hair and the back of your head.

I thrust it deep into your mouth feeling those amazing lips making love to the shaft and you make a guttural sound of passion.

I withdraw my sword from your mouth and gaze into your eyes as you lick your lips and whisper, fuck me my master, fuck my mouth with your cock.

I slip it in slowly this time, staring into your eyes as it drills deeper and deeper in your mouth.

I begin to fuck your mouth as the shower continues to cool us and I see that you are now playing your pussy as you caress my balls with the other hand.

Our eyes are still locked as I continue my assault and as the feeling of climax begins to well up inside me, my head now huge throbbing in your mouth, you suddenly pull away.

Still playing with your pussy and staring into my eyes you grasp my cock with the other hand and begin to stroke it and kiss the head, licking the cum leaking from the opening.

I am now struggling to stay on my feet, my knees feel as if they will buckle at any moment.

The sight of you staring into my eyes and stroking my cock is overwhelming my senses.

Even with the shower running I can smell your passion.

You tell me to cum all over you, a thought that exhilarates me to the very height of passion.

But I pull you up to me and kiss you deeply as I feel your breasts press against my chest and your hands grab my ass.

I reach down and pull one of your legs up and around me and guide my cock into your pussy, just the tip.

Then slowly, ever so slowly ankara escort it glides in, just an inch at a time.

I am fucking your mouth with my tongue and fucking your pussy with my cock and fucking your mind with my mind, the ultimate love embrace.

I grab your hair and pull your head back and bite, gently the side of your neck as I dig my nails into your ass and then smack it.

Your pussy clamps so hard on my cock that I am not sure it will ever escape and at this point I want it to stay inside of you forever.

I grab your other leg and pull it up and wrap it around me pressing you against the wall of the shower as I thrust deeply inside of you.

Our bodies and souls are becoming one as our lovemaking continues.

Our mouths are locked together, our tongues making love to each other and an occasional nibble on our necks.

You whisper in my ear “I feel your cock throbbing inside of me my darling.”

I reply “I want to stay inside your pussy forever baby”.

Your breasts still firmly pressing against my chest, I wish I could hold them, play with them, suck on them, nibble on them.

You whisper in my ear again “fill me with your hot love, fill my pussy with that hot cum.”

Those words send me into a fucking frenzy, I am now slamming my cock deep inside you and you are making sounds and groans and small screams.

Now I nibble at your ear and whisper “It’s time my darling, it’s time, I am going to pump you full of hot cum, deep inside that pussy locked on my cock, Are you ready?”

You make a sound that I cannot understand and I explode inside of you, cumming violently, over and over, my cock shoots again and again as you fall limp in my arms.

I dry both of us off and carry you back to the bed and lay and hold you as you bask in the fruits of our love making.

I whisper in your ear, not sure if you even hear me “Good Morning My Darling, Good morning!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32