Wet Hot Little Hitchhiker

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This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material and descriptions of explicit sex. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are fragments from the depths of my Apperceptive Mass and have no basis in fact.

Enjoy!……B J W

* * * * *

The rain beat down on the windshield, as Robbie drove down the country hi way …he was glad he had thought to put the top up on the roadster before he started his trip.

He spotted a small figured hitchhiker thumbing a ride just a head on the road, Robbie didn’t usually pick up hitchers on the side of the road, but with the drizzling rain, he made an exception.

Robbie put his hand down on the 357 Magnum S&W revolver he carried under the car seat just to be sure it was handy in case the hitch hiker was aggressive.

Stopping about 50 ft in front of where the hitcher was standing, He put a plastic sheeting over the passenger’s front seat and opened the car door.

The small hitcher approached wearing a floppy hat and rain coat, both soaking wet. “Thanks for stopping Mister, sorry I’m all Wet.” The small person explained cautiously entering the car door.

“That’s ok Kid, I put some plastic on the seat.” He said.

“Thanks for the compliment Mister.” The small hitcher said as she took off her wet floppy hat exposing her middle aged face surrounded by salt and pepper curls. “My name is Lizzie and I am probably older than you.”

“No problem Lizzie, just call me Robbie. How far you going…?” he inquired. Lizzie smiled and smiled and told him, ” Santa Fe.” She wiggled out of her coat exposing her white waitress uniform that was soaking wet. Shivering she asked “Could we turn on the heater, Robbie?”

Robbie felt a hard on coming up when he caught sight of her tittie hard-ons showing through semi-transparent white blouse when she turned to toss her wet coat into the back seat.

Noticing his bulging crotch Lizzie said ” I see you like older women, even when they’re wet don’t cha Robbie? “

“You going to get a room or drive all night?”

“Cause if you get us a room where I can dry out and get warm again, maybe we can have some fun.”

Robbie’s hard-on was straining against his pants as Lizzie cupped it firmly with her small left hand.

“Yeah, you should probably should get out those wet clothes and I need to get some rest.” He said trying to sound controlled. Robbie just about lost control when Lizzie unzipped his pants and said, “My brother says that I could probably suck the chrome off a bumper hitch.”

“Not now, Lizzie, you’re going make me crash! bursa escort I’ll get a room! ” he protested.

“Maybe if you’re real good and take me all the way to Santa Fe….I’ll let you fuck my bottom Mister.” She continued to entice. Robbie had never fucked a woman in the butt, but that idea hard crossed his mind.

“I wouldn’t want get shit on my pecker and it probably wouldn’t fit anyway.” Robbie protested his case non-convincingly.

“You will have nothing to worry about Mister, I’ll be clean as a whistle and you will be protected, trust me, baby.” Lizzie explained as she pointed toward Wal-Mart as they came into town. “Robbie can we stop here before we go to the motel? I need some stuff to fix and clean my self up ok?”

The rain had stopped and Robbie parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot. “I ‘m flat broke Mister, can you give some money to get some stuff?” she asked with sly naughty grin on her face.

Robbie handed her a twenty dollar bill and she headed into the Super Store shaking the water out of her still wet curly head of hair. Robbie thought to himself, Well, I’ll never see her or that twenty again…oh well live and learn…he had always been a sucker for women.

Twenty minutes here she came with a couple of familiar Wall-mart blue bags in her hands, as I opened the door for her she handed $4.45 in change back to me.

“Thanks, Mister Robbie, you won’t be sorry.” Lizzie said as she put the bags in the back seat I head out in search of a motel..

After Robbie registered, they made themselves comfortable in the room and Lizzie stripped out of her wet clothes and settled into a warm bubble bath. Robbie plopped down the bed and watched TV.

Lizzie called from the bathroom, “Would you bring the Wal-Mart bag in here Robbie?” Robbie delivered the bag to side of the bathtub as requested. She took an enema bag out the shopping bag began filling it with warm soapy water. “Robbie you gota give me a enemer to clean out my bottom. ” Lizzie informed him as she placed herself across his lap as he sat on the commode seat. Robbie put the lubed hose up her bottom a gave her two quarts of soapy water. “Oh Robbie I gotta go so bad.” She said as he let her up and left the room to give her some privacy. Robbie could hear her releasing the soapy water as he sat on the bed removing his clothes.

Robbie stroked his rampant cock waiting for the coming anal invasion of the little hitcher’s bottom.

She appeared at the bedside with red bag in hand, “Mister Robbie, I need another one, I not clean enough yet.” Robbie moved over on the bed and watched her bursa escort bayan lay down and insert the white tubing in to her waiting anus.

“These enemers makes me so hot.” Lizzie said squirming seductively on the bed as she filled her bottom with the warm sudsy water. “Play with me Robbie, get me ready for a hot fuck baby.”

As Lizzie squeezed the red bag as she held it up forcing the contents into her thirsty whiney as Robbie fingered her slippery pussy. He sucked on her nipples that were hard and sticking up from her breasts like twin towers. As the bag flatten Lizzie got up from the bed moaning and straining to the slippery contents in her bottom from squirting out on the floor.

She stood grasping the red enema bag in her left had and holding the tubing and nozzle in her skinny bottom. Robbie was as fascinated by Lizzie’s enema play as the prospect of fucking her skinny little bottom and he began pushing nozzle in and out of her clenching rosebud.

“Oh mister, quit nozzle fucking me! I’m getting so full. Can I go potty before I poop all over the floor?” Lizzie asked with a strained grimace on her face.

Robbie put his arm around her and helped her to the toilet in the next room. As she clenched her buttocks together Robbie took the enema bag from her hand and pulled the dripping nozzle from her quivering bottom. Lizzie sat down on the pot looking up at Robbie with grinning face and said “Mister, I can’t go with you standing watching me.”

“Oh it’s ok Lizzie, I enjoy watching you and pretty soon I don’t think you’re going to have a choice about pooping or not.” He explained to her as he laid the enema bag down on the bath tub.

She squirmed and strained as her face flushed in embarrassment. As predicted she couldn’t hold the water any longer and a short squirt of water from her bottom splashed into the commode.

Her nipples still hardened and were standing at attention from her sagging breasts. He reach down and taking her nipples in his hands gave them a gentle tugs.

“You like my baby suckers Mister? My boobs kinda went flat, but them sucker can fill your mouth. Suck em Mister, I like em sucked …makes me horny enough to cum sometimes….suck em mister please!” she pleaded as little more water squirted out of her bottom.

Kneeling down Robbie released one nipple and took it in his mouth and nursed the nipple to a tittie hard on. Lizzie moaning reached down between her legs into her slippery pussy and rubbed her love bud with passion. “Mister, Mister, you a make me cum so hard!’ Lizzie moaned as she released görükle escort a torrent of warm soapy water from her bottom as the climax shook her body.

By now Robbie’s cock was hard as a rock, and when Lizzie opened her eyes and saw his rampant member she took in her hand and started stroking firmly and slowly.

“You want me to kiss your Pecker thang, Mister?” she asked looking up with her soft baby doe brown eyes. The ooze of pre-cum was covering Robbie’s love spike as she said ” I lick the frosting right off your cup cake Mister! Ok?”

As she took him in her mouth all he could say was ” Ah …yes just call me Robbie.”

“Robbie I’m going make you excited but I don’t want you come yet cuz, Lizzie has plans for this trouser trout of yours.” She explained as she tormented his cock sloppy wet kisses.

When the enema was completely expelled and Lizzie had finished washing her bottom, he led her back into the bed room and on to the bed.

As Robbie put on one of the condoms Lizzie had bought, Lizzie rubbed a dollop K Y into her freshly washed bottom hole and assumed a position on the bed on her hands and knees with her bottom up in the air.

“Here Lizzie, lay on these.” As he pushed two pillows underneath her tummy and thighs.

As Robbie touched his cock to waiting flower of her glistening bottom hole, Lizzie pleaded ” Go Slow Robbie, your kinda big and my poor little bottom needs open for you.”

He went slow even though his rampant member was eager to plunge deep into the waiting depths of waiting bottom. As the head of his cock slowly breached the sphincter of her slick bottom hole Lizzie moaned ” Oh Mister Robbie give me more, Lizzie needs more! ” Robbie gave her more as he plunged deeper into her gapping anus.

As he pumped in and out of her bottom it seemed like her tight little pucker was actually milking his pecker into a building climax.

“Harder …Harder…Oh…Mister..fuck my bottom…Harder!” Lizzie encouraged as she bucked against the pillows on the bed. Robbie did that and when Lizzie came so hard he thought her asshole was going strangle his prick. In self-defense, he came so hard he saw stars.

Rampant no more, Robbie slipped his cock out of the skinny woman’s gapping rosebud and Lizzie rolled over on her side snuggling closer to him as she caught her breath. As he removed the rubber to throw it in the trash can he noticed ample amount cum he had deposited…all that …from me?….wow!

Lizzie snuggled closer to Robbie until her hard nipples like tips of armed torpedoes were stabbing him in the back and whispered “Thanks Mister Robbie….I really needed that!”

As they both drifted off to sleep he relied, “I thought I told you to call me Robbie.”

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached

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