Wet Miranda’s Sperm Swap

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Author’s Note: This is the first part of a two part story. I hate it when stories end abruptly without warning, but if I know in advance that what I am reading is a chapter in a larger story that will be continued, I love the excitement of a cliffhanger ending. It is like an old time serial movie…only much sexier! This story will be continued…

“Doing some research on the Internet, Rick?” I jokingly asked my boyfriend. I had walked into the computer room in my boyfriend’s apartment, and caught him looking at hard core porn.

He tried to minimize the picture when he heard me, but it was too late…I had already seen the very graphic pictures on the monitor. He looked embarrassed that I had caught him viewing the porn. I knew that if I had come into the room five minutes later, he would have been masturbating.

“Uh…hey, Miranda. What’s up?”

“Nothing, I just came to check up on you. You have been at the computer for hours.”

“Oh, I finished my work, and…well, you know. I was looking at some porn. No big deal.”

“Rick, believe me. I am probably more open to porn than any woman you have ever dated before. I am just curious as to what was on the screen. It looked really kinky, but I only saw it for a split second before you turned it off. What was it?”

Rick’s face turned even redder. “Oh, nothing, I forgot what site I was on.” He stammered.

“Bullshit! Here, let me see.” I seized control of the mouse and hit the history button on the browser. “Hmm…interesting URL. Let me click the link…HOLY SHIT!”

I saw one of the most graphic pictures I have ever seen in porn. In the picture, there were two very attractive ladies. You could only see their heads. The first lady was a blonde with her head tilted back. The other lady was a brunette with her head directly above the blonde lady. They had bright red lipstick on, and their mouths were both wide open. From the picture, it looked like the two women were about to make out. This all sounds pretty soft core so far, right? Well, here is the shocker. The brunette on top had semen dripping out of her mouth directly over the blonde woman’s mouth!

“Wow, Rick! This is kinky!”

He didn’t respond to my comments.

“Rick, what is this? I’ve never seen a picture like that before. Is there a video of this anywhere? I want to see what happens.”

“Uh…yes, there is a video. Hit the back button, Miranda.”

I was relieved that Rick was becoming comfortable enough to talk about the porn site finally. I hit the back button, and saw the same picture in a gallery, along with a few more similar pictures. I clicked the picture of the brunette and the blonde, and a few seconds later my Windows media player started to play a video. My eyes widened when I saw the hot white come drip out of the brunette’s mouth and into the blonde’s mouth! When the video was over, I clicked all of the other ones and watched more short previews of women sharing sperm with each other. There were also other videos of the women having sex with a well built guy, and then giving him a blowjob. After the blowjob scenes, the woman who gave the blowjob kissed the other woman in the scene and transferred the come into her mouth. I had never seen such a unique site with such a great combination of hot lesbian sex and hot straight sex as well; usually porn sites focus on one or the other.

I stared in awe as I watched the videos. This was something kinky that I had never seen or even imagined. I knew that guys always wanted their girls to swallow the come after giving them a blow-job, but I imagined that most guys would be happy to see this result. Now there where three choices for the girls to make: Spit, swallow, or sperm swap with another woman!

“Holy shit, Rick, this is cool!” I yelled. I know that many women get upset when they catch their men surfing for porn on the Internet, but I totally accepted it. I actually encouraged it, since I am the webmistress for a sex blog myself, and Rick often finds interesting things on the Internet for me to write about on my posts.

“Yeah, you like? It isn’t too kinky for you, Miranda?”

“Too kinky for me? That would be pretty kinky, Rick! Let me watch some more.” I took control of the keyboard and clicked on some more videos. I got wet as I watched. Some of the videos were good hard core porn. I love watching people fucking; I usually imagine that the guy is fucking me instead of the porn star on the screen. The sex scenes were above average for a porn site, and the blow-job scenes were well done. I could see how Rick would get really turned on, imagining that he was the guy on the screen getting the blow-job.

After each blow-job scene the lady would keep the come inside her mouth, and then stand over the other lady and let the come drip into her mouth. I wondered what it would be like to do that. First I imagined what it would be like to be on the receiving end of that activity. I wondered if the come would still be hot after being in the first woman’s mouth for a minute. When they kissed, I imagined cimcif gaziantep escort the come getting mixed with their saliva. I pictured the come traveling back and forth between their mouths as their tongues intertwined. I knew that this was something I would have to experience for myself.

A few days went by, and I couldn’t get the image out of my mind of the two women swapping sperm. Rick and I have had threesomes before, but I didn’t know if he would really want to do this. I had made up quite a fantasy about this activity, but it involved Rick, myself, my friend Donna, and her boyfriend Sam. Rick and I had never been involved in group sex with four people at a time instead of three.

“Rick, remember that site you showed me the other night on the Internet?” I asked him after a nice dinner of homemade buttered scallops and linguine.

“Oh, the one with two women sharing come?” he asked, as if there was some other site I might have been asking about.

“Yeah, that one. It got me really hot. Hotter than most of the porn you find on the Internet.”

“Oh, cool Miranda. I’m glad you liked it. I have it bookmarked if you want to see it again, they have some new videos,” he replied as he started to clear the table and bring the dished to the sink.

“Well, I do want to see it again. But that is not why I brought the subject up, Rick. I, um…oh I don’t know why I am embarrassed. We share so many fantasies together. I want to do that with you for real!”

I turned red, bracing myself for a possible negative response.

“You do? For real? Wow!”

“It was just an idea, Rick. I don’t have any idea why, but that site was so different, it really turned me on! I guess when I see something sexual that I know nothing about I get really curious. Like the time you showed me that site with the elaborate vibrators that got women off.”

“Oh, the Sybian machines? Or as I like to call them, the ‘fucking machines?'”

“That was cool too! But really, I want to try this.”

“I’m up for it, Miranda! We just need a third partner. How about your friend Suzanne?”

He was referring to a good friend of mine who had once had a threesome with the two of us. Rick had had a blast, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as some other threesomes because she wouldn’t explore bisexuality at all. Rick got most of the attention since he had two women catering to him, but I only had Rick to cater to me, because Suzanne wouldn’t even make out with me much less kiss my pussy.

“I was thinking about asking my friend Donna. I know she had some lesbian experiences in college, and I am pretty sure she is just as sexually adventurous as we are, Rick.”

I knew that this selection would not disappoint my boyfriend. Donna is very petite, with short straight blond hair and a wonderfully cute figure. Her breasts are on the smallish side, but they are the most perfectly proportioned things I have ever seen, and although her legs are short, they are smooth and tan. She also wears revealing tank tops and tight shorts all the time to add to her sex appeal. She is very perky and has a wonderful optimistic personality.

“Wow, Mirada. If you can convince Donna, it would be fine with me!” Rick laughed. “But she has a boyfriend. What’s his name, Sam?”

“Yes, we would have to involve him too.”

“Why would we have to involve Sam?” Rick asked.

“Because I can’t just expect my friend to tell her boyfriend that she is coming over to our place to have sex without him! That wouldn’t be fair to Sam, Rick. There’s no reason why he can’t be a part of this as well. And besides…to have a ‘sperm-swap,’ you need a lot of come! After you come it takes awhile to recover, and I want to be on both the receiving end and the giving end of this activity.”

“Well, you do make some good points. Make the arrangements and count me in, Miranda!”

“I will do just that,” I said with a wicked gleam in my eyes.

During the next week I made the arrangements with Donna. She easily convinced her boyfriend Sam to get involved, and he even offered his house for the night’s activities. We arranged to come over to her house the following Saturday night at 9:00 after dinner. Donna called me the day before to tell me how excited she was.

“Well, Miranda, I have to give you credit, you discovered something that neither Sam nor I have ever heard of! Where the fuck do you find this kinky stuff?”

“My boyfriend deserves the credit, Donna. He spends hours surfing for porn at night. I can’t get mad at him, though, since I do it myself. I spent an hour looking at the sperm swapping videos after Rick showed them to me!”

“Well, I’ll see you at 9:00 on Saturday, Miranda! Tell Rick I said hello.”

The following Saturday Rick and I had a nice seafood dinner at a restaurant near Donna’s house. I rang the doorbell, and Donna answered the door. She was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a tight black tank top. We said hello to her boyfriend cimcif gaziantep escort bayan Sam and sat down to have some cocktails. I sipped on a Jack and Coke and looked Sam. It felt awkward to sit next to him, knowing that he would be my sexual partner very shortly.

After an hour of small talk, Donna broke the ice by simply stripping her clothes off without saying a word. Rick, Sam and I all stared at her chest as she peeled off her tank top. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I’m sure all three of us were dying to put her cute firm tits into our mouths. I put my hand in Sam’s lap to feel his erection. We all watched in awe as she dropped her pants to the floor, and kicked them aside. She had no panties on. She let us watch her nude body as she walked over to the couch where the three of us were sitting.

She sat down on my boyfriend’s lap. Sam and I were at the other end of the long red sofa. It was very erotic to watch my friend sit on my boyfriend’s lap. She was facing him, and he started to fondle her tits as Sam and I watched. I wondered if it turned Sam on to watch his girlfriend get fondled by my boyfriend. I took of Sam’s shirt and kissed his lips as he fondled my tits through my white short sleeve blouse. This felt really good, so I removed my blouse and black bra to give him full access to my tits. I looked over and saw Donna remove my boyfriend Rick’s clothing. I enjoyed Sam’s touches on my breasts and back as I watched my friend strip my boyfriend. When she had him completely naked she sat on his lap again. I knew that she would soon be sucking his cock.

Although none of us had discussed the sperm-swapping yet, it was on my mind. I wanted Donna to give Rick a blowjob first, and then I would let her share his come with me. Then I planned to watch Donna go down on my boyfriend and swap his sperm with me. I unzipped Sam’s pants and pulled them to the floor, exposing his blue boxers. I could tell he was extremely erect. I didn’t want to give him his blowjob too soon; I wanted to keep the two sperm exchanges separate, and to do this we had to make our boyfriend’s ejaculate separately. I explained this scenario to Sam, who thought this made good sense, even though he would have to wait longer to come. I held his hand and we both watched Donna and Rick get it on.

Sam still had his boxers on and I still had my panties on. I let him snuggle with me as we watched our respective partners. Donna sat down on the floor between Rick’s legs and started to suck him off. It was fascinating to watch another woman give my boyfriend a blow-job. She sucked him off better than I did, and I felt a bit jealous for a minute. She somehow was able to completely deep throat him. I could never fit his whole cock inside my mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on his stiff cock. Her short blond hair got all messed up as she gave him oral sex. Rick’s hands caressed her shoulders as he closed his eyes and received his blow-job. I knew that his dick must be feeling really good as she expertly sucked him off faster and faster.

I wondered how Sam was reacting to this, and I turned around to look at his face. He was staring at his girlfriend’s face, which was rapidly moving up and down in Rick’s lap. He could see his girlfriend’s mouth taking in another man’s cock. He seemed very turned on by this scene, and I put my hands in his boxers to confirm how turned on he was. I knew I would soon be sucking him off while my boyfriend and his girlfriend watched. The thought of having Rick watch me suck off another man got me very wet.

Eventually my boyfriend couldn’t take it anymore, and I watched him as he closed his eyes tightly and shot out come into my friend Donna’s mouth. I hoped that she would remember not to swallow the come. I knew that it must be difficult for her, because Rick can spurt out a huge load of hot come when he is really turned on. She sucked every last drop out of him, and then closed her mouth and came over to me.

Still sitting next to her Sam, I tilted my head back and opened my mouth. Donna sat on my lap and held her head above mine. I looked up to see her beautiful face a few inches above my face. She slowly opened her mouth, and it was full of my boyfriend’s sperm. She drooled down over my mouth, and I felt the first drop of the come touch my lips. It was very hot and messy, and mixed with copious amounts of Donna’s saliva. I let the come slowly slide from my lips to my mouth as I opened wide. It felt so deliciously kinky to taste my boyfriend’s come out of my friend’s mouth. She let it all ooze out of her mouth and into mine, and then she leaned down to kiss me. I felt the weight of her nude body as she pressed her tits up on mine and started to make out with me. All of my boyfriend’s come was in my mouth, and I exchanged some of it with Donna as we French kissed. The hot come traveled back and forth between our eager mouths as our tongues explored each other’s. She played with my breasts too, which further turned me on. Finally, escort gaziantep cimcif I gulped the come all down my throat as I swallowed it while we were still kissing deeply. I looked her in the eyes as we slowly finished our kiss.

It felt really hot to have experienced my first sperm swap, and I was eager to turn the tables. I looked around the room to see how everyone was doing. My boyfriend Rick was collapsed on the sofa after the exhausting work of receiving a blowjob from my attractive friend. Donna, who had a better excuse for being exhausted, was kneeling on the floor and stroking Rick’s thighs. Sam was sitting upright on the sofa next to me, with a huge erection under his boxers. Most of our clothing was lying in a heap on the floor under the oak coffee table.

I walked over to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Sometimes I get really thirsty while giving head, and I wanted to be prepared to give Donna’s boyfriend an awesome blowjob while she watched. The thought that my boyfriend would be watching too gave me a thrill, and I felt my panties getting wet.

“Can I have some water too?” Donna asked as I poured a glass of ice cold water from the Britta pitcher in the refrigerator. I poured a glass for her and walked back into the living room. I felt overdressed, so I took off my panties before sitting down next to Sam and gulping down the tall glass of water, making sure a few drops dribbled down to my breasts. After quenching my thirst, I was ready for the next round of play.

I knew Sam was eager for his blowjob, so instead of teasing him like I do with lovers sometimes I simply yanked his boxers down to the floor. I kneeled between his legs as he sat there on the sofa. I faced his lap. His erection was staring me in the face. I put his cock between my tits for a minute, hoping to turn him on even more. I looked over to see Donna and Rick’s reactions as I rubbed my tits all over his shaft. They were snuggling as if they were long time lovers, and I felt a small twinge of jealousy as my boyfriend caressed her shoulders. Sometimes this happens to me when Rick and I swing with other partners; for some reason the sex part doesn’t bother me, but little intimate things like snuggling and caressing bother me a little. I quickly got over this, however, and started to fondle Sam’s balls, savoring the look on Donna’s face as I did this. She had a huge smile on her face, and seemed to be enjoying this as much as Sam was. Rick was staring too, and I hoped he was remembering all the times that it had been his balls I was fondling.

I felt some pre come drip out onto my chest from Sam’s cock, and decided that it was time to start sucking him off. I looked him in the eyes and licked my lips; guys seem to really like it when I do that before beginning a blowjob. I licked the head first, swirling my tongue all around as I licked it like a lollypop. My hands were still on his balls as I started to take more of his dick into my mouth.

“Mmm…” he sighed as my mouth swallowed more and more of his shaft. I wished I could deep throat him like Donna had with Rick. I was worried that Sam would be disappointed, since he was probably used to Donna deep throating him. I tried the best I could to take him all the way in my mouth, but I wasn’t too worried, because he seemed to enjoy it better when I was sucking on the head and the underbelly of his cock.

I let my saliva drool out of my mouth as I gave him a really wet sloppy blowjob. I made loud sucking sounds. These sounds were as much for Donna and Rick’s enjoyment as they were to turn on Sam.

“Mmm…SLURP!…Uh…” I moaned. I took his cock out of my mouth and stroked it for a minute so I could talk. “You like having your dick sucked off, Sam? You like having your girlfriend watch you while another woman sucks you off?”

“Oh…yeah! It feels good…” he mumbled.

“I’m going to suck you dry, you know,” I said while stroking his cock. His cock was very slippery from my saliva, so I stroked it with ease. “After you shoot your load into my mouth, Sam, I’m going to swap it with your girlfriend. Does that turn you on? To know that your girlfriend is going to swallow your sperm out of my mouth?”

“Mmm…suck me, babe!” was his well thought out response.

I sucked him a little faster. His hips were bucking up and down as I took him inside my mouth again. My tongue swirled around his cock like crazy as I tried to remember every technique that Rick liked, hoping that Sam would like them as well. My tongue circled the head of his cock counterclockwise and then I rapidly changed directions and circled his cock clockwise. Then I put the tip of my tongue as close to his balls as possible and quickly licked my way back up to the head of his cock. I used my whole head, not just my mouth, to give him the best sensations possible. My head rapidly bobbed up and down in his lap. I tried to give him my signature sexy look in the eyes, but his eyes wee tightly shut as he grabbed my hair and enjoyed his blowjob.

By the way his hips were moving and by the sounds of his heavy breathing, I knew he was about to come. I had to remind myself not to swallow. I increased the pressure of my suction and rapidly darted my tongue all over his cock as I sucked him off. I could feel the head of his cock ramming into the back of my mouth, and I used my hands to stimulate the base of his shaft. He let out a loud moan, and I knew his orgasm was imminent.

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