What A Deal, Chapter 2

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The next week didn’t happen as planned. Diane had some things that had come up with respect to her kids, so she was too busy and going out of town. Of course, my wife Cindy was not too upset. She continued to egg on this fantasy of both of ours. I had fulfilled my first part already by Cindy telling me to fuck our friend. But the second part was Cindy watching me fuck her, and this was a fantasy of both of ours.

Finally, about three weeks later, I came home a little late from work to find that Cindy and Diane were finishing off a blender of margaritas. It was obvious that they had planned for tonight to be the night. They were both tipsy and giggling and I could see the lust in both their eyes. They had discussed it and now were ready to put it into action. And I was not going to resist!

I smiled and just made another blender of margaritas for the ladies. They kept smirking and laughing and I finally finished with the blender. I poured myself one, topped off theirs, and sat down. It wasn’t until then that they addressed me.

Cindy smiled, looked at Diane and then back at me. “Honey, go ahead upstairs and get in bed… naked of course.” That set off another round of giggles. It made me laugh, too. “We’ll be right up once you are ready.”

I agreed and took my margarita upstairs. I was stripped and in bed in a minute. I couldn’t wait for another chance with Diane while my wife watched. My dick was already hard, just thinking of what was happening. About ten minutes later the two of them came in, carrying full margaritas. I was guessing they needed some liquid courage. They sat the margaritas down and then Cindy came over to me.

“Honey, I have a request.” She smelled like a mix of the margaritas and strawberries from her shampoo. “I want you to put your hands under your head like you are leaning back relaxing and close your eyes. We want to play a little game.”

I looked at her and she was grinning mischievously. “Okay.” I put my head on my hands and lay there with my eyes closed. I could hear them getting undressed and then felt the sheet that was over me ripped back.

“Don’t peek now. We are going to each take a turn sucking this delicious cock here and you have to guess who was whom when we’re done, okay?”

Her speech was a little slurred, and I smiled at that. “Okay, honey. Just tell me how it’s going to work.”

I felt them each get on one side of my legs and then I felt a warm mouth descend over my cock. It was wonderful. I could feel the woman’s hair lightly swishing over my stomach and hip as she leaned over from my right side. She tickled my head and licked up and down a few times. Then she took the entire thing into her mouth and bobbed up and down, her tongue dancing against the underside. Finally, she came off my dick with a pop. I heard the giggles, but kept my eyes closed. I was evaluating the mouth. It didn’t feel like my wife’s and there was no real indication that I could focus on. My wife does some things that I have only felt her do and was trying to feel that. It was just the way she swirled her tongue as she sucked. It always drove me wild. This tongue was not doing that. I was just hoping that it wasn’t a set up.

“Okay, honey. That was mouth number 1. Now for mouth number 2. After this, you have to guess. If you guess correctly, you get a prize.”

I wondered what the hell the prize could be since I was already living one of my greatest fantasies. In any case, I felt the second mouth take my dick into its mouth. This one was from the left and I could feel the same kind of hair tickling me. Not a good clue since they both wore their hair about the same length. This mouth worked a little harder and really swirled a tongue around my dick. This was exactly what my wife loved to do. I was really enjoying this one, too, and the idea that they were on either side of me watching each other just added to the excitement. This one also came off with a pop.

“So.” A hand grabbed my dick. “Which mouth was which?”

I smiled. “Diane was number 1 and you were number 2.”

I heard giggling. “Correct. Open your eyes.”

I opened my eyes and the two beauties were lying there, naked, draped over my thighs.

“Do you want to know anything about your prize? You can’t have it until later.” Cindy looked at me with a gleam in her eye. Diane blushed. I wondered what that was about.

I took the ‘be good to your wife’ road. “Honey, if there is any greater prize than what you two just gave me, then I surely can’t think of it right now. I’m just so amazed that I have two gorgeous naked babes in bed with me that I can’t believe it.”

My wife smiled. She knew me too well and grinned. “Good answer, smartass. In any case, you can’t have it now. You’ll get it later, so there.” She squeezed my dick and stuck her tongue out at me.

I had to laugh. “Well, I’m trying to be on my best behavior.”

“Well, you’d better be, buster.” She teased me and then held my cock straight up. “Well, Diane, I think it’s about time that you climbed aboard the Dennis express.”

Diane wasted no time and climbed over me, avoiding Cindy who continued to hold my dick up for her. I was surprised by this since Cindy had made it clear that she was only going to watch. When Diane got over the top of my dick, she took control of it. I wondered how wet she was, but it turned out to not be a problem. She rubbed my cock head around her opening and it was very wet. Once she got the head lubricated, she lowered herself and bounced three times, each time getting a little more. By the third bounce she had my dick buried in her and only then did my wife release the bottom of my dick. Diane felt hot, tight, and wonderful. She was a gorgeous woman. Her auburn was spilling about her face; her nice tits, with just a bit of sag, were like ripe fruits hanging here, and over it all was this smiling face, eyes closed, as she enjoyed the moment of full penetration.

My wife, who’s a beautiful brunette in her own right, crawled up around Diane and lay next to me. She looked at me. “So what do you think?”

“I think I’m in heaven having two beautiful mature women taking care of me.”

My wife rose up a little. “Mature?”

I backpedaled quickly, knowing she was sensitive about her age. “I meant that I’m not dealing with sexual novices. You two really know now to please a man.”

She grinned and lay back down. “Okay, I’ll let that slide.”

Diane started bouncing up and down a little and rocking back and forth. She was murmuring and moaning so that it came out like a cat purring. Cindy looked up at her. “She really is a beautiful woman. I wish I had her tits.”

I reached over and grabbed one of my wife’s B-cup tits. My wife was a small woman, she was about 5’4”, 105 pounds with a small tight ass and B-cup breasts. She was still a perfect package in my mind. “I have no idea what you are talking about. You have the most beautiful tits in the world. Diane’s are just different. And remember, variety is the spice of life.”

Cindy smiled as I rolled her nipple. “Mmmm. You mean it’s the spice of fucking!”

“What do you think about her piercing?”

I smiled. “I like it. It looks like its pretty stimulating.”

Diane smiled at us. “It is. It enhances my nipple erections.”

I laughed. “High beams!” I tweaked the left nipple with the little barbell.

Diane squeaked and giggled, but didn’t stop riding me. My wife watched closely.

Diane started rocking and my wife leaned over and kissed me. We kissed for a minute and when we stopped and looked up, Diane was watching closely. “That looks so hot, you kissing him while I fuck him.” I know that it made my dick as hard as it’s been in a while.

Cindy smiled. “Just keep fucking.” Then she did something that really surprised me. She reached up and tweaked Diane’s left nipple with the piercing.

Diane squealed. “Oh, fuck, that went right to my pussy! Keep tweaking.”

My wife looked at me and I gave her my ‘go for it’ look. She looked hesitant at first and then sat up next to me. Diane was slowly rocking back and forth and we were both enjoying a slow fucking. Cindy then reached up and put both hands under Diane’s tits, lifting them and judging their weight. “Wow! Those feel heavy! I don’t think I could carry those around all day.” Diane looked like she was going to say something, but Cindy then tweaked her other nipple and Diane jerked at the sensation. Cindy looked back at me. “I think she loves the attention of a man’s wife while she is fucking him.” Diane groaned at the dirty talk. It seemed that they both loved that.

I put my hands on her hips and started moving her around, rubbing my Küçükköy Escort pubic bone up against her clit and rotating my hips. Diane moaned again.

“Shit. That’s so good. Oh, god. Thank you Cindy.”

Cindy turned to me and smiled. “Thank you for what?” Cindy pushed Diane to talk dirty.

“Thank you for letting me fuck your husband’s big, hard dick!” She groaned again.

Cindy winked at me and laughed. “You’re welcome, my slutty friend.”

Diane kept moaning and grinned while she rocked. “Fuck you, slut. It was your idea. Ohhh.”

Cindy smiled. “I am a slut. Dennis’ personal slut.”

“Mmmm. Can I be Dennis’ personal slut, too?”

Cindy tweaked her nipple again, causing Diane to start rocking harder. “You already are, bitch, now cum on that dick so that I can get some.”

Cindy sat up while Diane worked toward her orgasm. I was doing well and was not in danger of cumming too soon. Cindy looked at me and then up at Diane. “Can I try something?”

We both nodded as I think we knew where this was going. Cindy leaned forward on her knees and stared at Diane’s big tits wobbling there. She was holding the left one in her hand, watching closely. I thought that was all she was going to do, but then she leaned over and gave it a quick suck, nipping at the barbell and erect nipple. Diane was watching closely and trying to hold her upper body still, but when Cindy sucked on a nipple, Diane started cumming. “Oh, fuck! Oh, shit! That’s so good. Fuck… ugh… oh… ugh….” She finally quieted down and lay over on my chest.

Cindy watched closely until Diane sat up and rolled off me. “Was that okay? I didn’t mean to startle you, but they looked so wonderful and inviting. I always see it in porn where one woman licks the others tits while she’s riding a guy, so I was just curious.”

Diane was laying there gathering herself. A smile slowly came across her face and then she looked over at Cindy. “Once you touched them, I was dying for you to do that. I wanted to see what it was like, too. It was amazing.”

Cindy looked up at me questioningly and then over at Diane. “Do you want to do it to me while I’m fucking Dennis?”

Diane stared at her. “Yeah, I think I would like that.”

Cindy rose up over me and started to insert my still hard dick into her.

“Wait!” Diane held up her hand and scrambled behind Cindy. “I’ve always wanted to see this. Okay, I’m in position.”

I could see Diane’s face thru Cindy’s legs. She was about 2 feet from my balls and staring up at Cindy’s pussy. Slowly Cindy started working my dick into her pussy. It was always a tight fit and tonight was no exception. As she sank down, her pussy slowly engulfed my dick and Diane disappeared from sight. When Cindy got all the way down and then rose back up and down a couple of times, Diane was overjoyed.

“Wow! That’s so fucking cool! I always see that on porn, but never have I seen it in real life and up so close. I can see exactly how your lips part to let him in and then how they cling to his dick as it tries to pull out. It’s like your pussy doesn’t want to let it go.”

Cindy groaned. “It doesn’t. I want him in there all the time.”

Diane rose up and came around and sat on the bed to my right. She looked up at Cindy, who was now gyrating on my dick, working toward her orgasm. “Can I try sucking your nipple now?”

Cindy groaned. “Yes! Suck my tit, slut. Help me cum or you won’t get any more of this… fucking… dick!” Cindy was having a hard time talking as she bounced on my dick.

Diane reached up and felt Cindy’s left tit. “Wow, it’s so firm.” Cindy just watched. Diane leaned over and studied the nipple up close for a second and then looked up at Cindy. They were staring at each other and Cindy watched intently as Diane leaned over. The instant her mouth touched Cindy’s nipple, Cindy’s eyes went wide and she moaned. Diane just started licking and sucking, trying to hold on as Cindy started bucking on me. I helped by grabbing her hips and slamming up against her. Cindy started grunting, working it on top of me.

“Keep sucking my tit, slut. I’m going to cum all over this big dick!” Cindy was bouncing on me now and I was surprisingly not ready to cum. I was paying more attention to the ladies reaction to each other than I was to my own orgasm. Finally, Cindy jerked and held steady and I rotated my hips against her clit. At the same time she grabbed Diane’s head, pinning it to her tit. Diane never stopped sucking. “Fuuuuuuuccckkkk!” Cindy finished cumming and started trying to catch her breath. Diane released her tit and sat back.

“Wow, that was so cool. My first time sucking a woman’s nipple and I felt her orgasm while I was doing so.”

Cindy opened her eyes, panting. “I think it was the same for me. The fact that it has supposedly been a forbidden act for all these years really heightened the sensation in our minds.”

Diane agreed. “That’s true. I have never played around with a woman, but just doing that while you were fucking him was great. Mind you, I’m not sure I could do any more than that.”

Cindy looked at her. “No, I don’t think so either… right now. But that part was great.”

My eyebrows went up at that comment about ‘right now’. I was going to have to keep an eye on this. Did Cindy have some bisexual tendencies? Did she want to have sex with a woman, or at least try? She winked at me when she saw my look. Very interesting!

Cindy rolled off me. “Oh, sorry honey. I forgot that you were still hard and waiting to cum. Is that what you are waiting for?” She teasingly ran her left hand up my balls and soaking wet dick.

“Yes. I’m waiting for my personal sluts to suck my dick and get me off.”

Cindy grinned. “Okay, Diane, let’s get this dick to erupt.” Diane also grinned up at me and all I could do is put my head back and moan as they went to work.

They lay down next to each other in their original positions on either side of me. I watched. Cindy held up my dick for Diane. “You first.”

Diane leaned over and licked up the side and took it all the way down once. She came back up quickly and I looked at her quizzically. “Hey!” She looked at Cindy. “You just wanted me to go first to make me taste your pussy on his dick!”

Cindy giggled. “Yep!”

Diane grinned and took hold of my dick. She smacked her lips. “Not bad. I think I like the taste of pussy on a man’s dick.”

Cindy looked at her. “You never went down on your husband or anyone else after fucking them? You never tasted even yourself like this?”

Diane licked my dick and shook her head. “No, never. But I kind of like it.”

“Uh, ladies?” I was getting impatient. “My dick looks a little lonely there.” They both giggled. “Ummm. If I could make a suggestion, I would really like to imitate that porn scene where the two women are on either side of the dick and they both run their mouths up and down the shaft. Can we try that?”

Cindy looked over at Diane and Diane nodded. I watched intently as they leaned over and acted like they were kissing either side of my dick. They started in the middle and tried to synchronize their actions so that they were running up and down my dick, jacking it with their lips. Wow! It was quite a sight! It didn’t feel better than a blow job, but the image was hard to beat. I wondered what they thought as they had not even kissed yet, but their lips had to touch several times as they ran their mouths up and down my dick. I watched closely as the two brunettes moved up and down. I had been close to an orgasm for a while and this view was going to do it.

“Oh, baby… here I cum!” I announced and the two of them pulled back and Cindy jacked me off the last couple of strokes. I grunted and my cum flew up a couple of feet. She was holding it straight up and it splashed back down on my stomach. The next three spurts did the same and as each came out, they both squealed like little kids seeing fireworks going off. After four or five sports, my dick just pumped out a few more little spurts and it ran over Cindy’s hand.

“Wow!” Diane looked up and me and then back down at Cindy. “I’ve never watched that close up like that. It was amazing to just watch it happen.” She leaned over and licked up a spot on my stomach. “Yum. Just as yummy as I remember.”

Cindy smiled. “Well, then get to work, slut. My husband doesn’t want to sleep with all that cum on him!” She licked the cum off her own hand.

Diane leaned over and starting licking me clean. She got almost all of it and sat up, smiling. “Yum. I think I’ll like being Dennis’ other personal slut.”

Cindy was looking at her closely. She pointed to her own Escort Bayan mouth. “You have some cum over on the side of your mouth.”

“Where?” Diane licked around her lips.

Cindy stared at her friend and slowly leaned toward her. I don’t think Diane or I were sure she was going to do it until the last second. Cindy just leaned closer and closer while the two women stared at each other. Finally, Cindy’s lips met Diane’s off to the right side and Cindy licked Diane’s upper lip where there was some cum on it. They hesitated as she did that and stayed like that, with just their lips touching. They stared… and stared… and then Cindy moved her mouth over Diane’s more directly and edged her tongue out a little. Diane opened her mouth and they went into a light exploratory kiss. It only lasted about 10 seconds, but I was enthralled with it. When they pulled back, Cindy was still starting at Diane.

Cindy finally said one word. “Wow!”

Diane actually appeared to blush a little. “Yeah, it was kind of nice. Strange, but nice.”

Cindy looked at her friend. “Your mouth was so soft. The kiss was so tender. It was very different.”

Diane looked away. “Yeah.”

Cindy put her chin under Diane’s face. “Hey, it’s okay between us, right? I didn’t mean to freak you out.”

Diane finally looked up at Cindy. “No… I mean… well, I wasn’t freaked out… well… maybe a little… but I kind of liked it. Is that okay?”

Cindy smiled. She leaned over and hugged Diane and then sat back. I could feel the tension between the two. “It’s okay. You are my best friend and have been for years. I don’t want to lose that for any reason. If that made you uncomfortable, I’m sorry. I guess I just got caught up in the moment, the three of us naked, in bed, our first group fuck just completed. I ….”

Diane put her hand out and up to Cindy’s mouth to stop her. “Please don’t apologize. I think… well, I mean… I wanted to kiss you, too. Is that weird?”

Cindy smiled and relaxed. “No, it’s not weird. I’ve never kissed a woman before, either. I liked it with you though. Okay?”

Diane smiled. “Okay.” She looked at the clock on the nightstand. “I think I’d better get going. It’s after 11 and I have to go to work tomorrow. No telling how the margaritas are going to feel.”

We all laughed and Diane got up, got dressed and left. Cindy and I got ready for bed and I didn’t mention the kiss until Cindy brought it up when the lights were out.

“Honey, what did you think about me kissing Diane?”

“I was a little shocked. You had never mentioned anything like that.”

I could feel Cindy moving closer to me. She put her arm across my chest and snuggled up to me. “I’ve see porn scenes like that, but I guess I never really believed that I would do that until tonight. Then the mood, my best friend, the sexual tension, it all led me to kissing Diane.”

“Having second thoughts about it?”

Cindy chuckled. “Well, not like you mean. I don’t regret it at all. In fact, what would you say if I said I’d like to have sex with Diane?”

I had to admit that I had been thinking about her comment and actions, but it was still a shock to hear her say that. “I think I would say that it’s okay. If you want to pursue this, I’m okay with it.”

She leaned up and kissed me lightly. “Thanks.” She put her head back down. “Should we set some rules first?”

“What kind of rules?”

“Well, if we are going to have sex with other people should we make a rule that it has to be only when the other person is present or has given permission or something like that?”

“You’ve been thinking about this, haven’t you?”

“Yes, ever since she left, I’ve been thinking about it, but I don’t want to do anything that will upset our marriage. I love you and we have a wonderful life of over 20 years together. I want nothing to come between us.”

“Well… I think that’s a good rule then. I would not have had sex with Diane at all if you had not told me to. If we decide to have sex with someone other than each other, we have to discuss with the other and get permission. Is it just Diane and the sex we had, or have you thought about women sexually before?”

“I really had never thought about it. I didn’t think it was good or bad. It just was not in my mind. I was always happy with men. I don’t understand it.”

I smiled at her and pulled her close. I kissed her on the forehead and she put her head on my chest. I could feel that between the alcohol and the sex that she was completely spent. She had no energy left. “It’s late. Let’s get some sleep and we can talk more tomorrow, okay?”

“Hmmm.” She was asleep almost instantly.

It took me a little longer to settle down after what had happened. And then I thought about my prize. Hey! She was asleep and I never found out what it was! Oh, well. Tomorrow….

The next morning as we were both getting ready to head out the door to work I asked her about last night. “Any regrets about last night?”

“No, not really. I really loved kissing Diane and sucking on her tits.”

I rolled my eyes and moaned. I reached down and rubbed my crotch as I said snidely. “Please, no talking of sucking Diane’s tits! I can’t take it! You are such a slut!”

She laughed and punched me. “See you later.” She grabbed my crotch. “Take care of that my man-whore!”

I laughed and we both went to work.

It was Friday, but I was still surprised when I came home. Cindy, Diane, and a woman I didn’t know were sitting in the kitchen, drinking and playing cards. I walked over to Cindy and noticed that the woman must have been pretty tall from the way she sat at the table. “Hey, babe.” I kissed Cindy and said hello to Diane.

“Honey, this is Becky. She’s a friend of Diane’s.”

“Hello, Becky.” I couldn’t help but notice the major cleavage she was showing. I also noticed that they must have gotten an early start from the looks of their eyes and demeanor. They were well on the way to being drunk. I turned to Cindy. “Sorry I’m home late, but work was a disaster. I’ll go change.”

Cindy got up and walked with me to the stairs to the second floor, where our bedroom was. She leaned in and whispered conspiratorially. “Don’t hurry. Just get undressed and get into bed.” She smiled and there was mischief in her eyes.

“And Becky?”

“Don’t worry about her. Diane and I will take care of that. Just get ready.”

I went upstairs, got undressed, and crawled into bed naked, covering myself in just a sheet. I waited… and waited… and waited. I started to get antsy, but finally, after about 25 minutes I heard footsteps coming upstairs. There was commotion in the guest bedroom and finally Cindy came around the corner, completely naked.

“Hey, honey. How are you doing?”

“Getting antsy!”

She giggled. “Well, let Diane and I handle that.”

Diane came in behind her and the two naked women advanced on me. They ripped the sheet back and crawled up toward my chest. They both put their heads on my chest and looked up at me. Cindy reached down for my rapidly reharding dick. “Mmm. Looks like somebody’s excited.”

I leaned forward and kissed Cindy. “How could I not be with two gorgeous lovers like you two?”

Diane giggled and Cindy smirked. They both appeared to have been drinking. Maybe it was to get up their courage for what Cindy had talked about last time. Maybe they were going to have sex? I could only hope. I had always wanted to see two women making love live and in person. Now I might have the chance. Cindy leaned forward and kissed Diane. Then she leaned back and smiled at Diane. “I think maybe this guy thinks he’s going to get to see two women have sex.”

Diane giggled. “Wishful thinking, huh?”

Cindy smiled back at me. “Should we give him his surprise now?”

Diane looked up at me. “I think maybe that’s a good idea.”

They sat up and Cindy directed the action. “Hold still, hon. I’m going to sit on your dick and Diane is going to sit on your face.”

Now THAT I can sit still for! Cindy crawled over my dick and sat down. She was soaking and only had to wiggle a little to get my dick buried. Meanwhile, Diane had put her leg over my chest, facing the headboard and scooted up over my face. I was looking at her completely shaven little pussy and it was also soaking and swollen. She got into position and I started licking her lips and parting them, looking for her clit. I felt Cindy lean forward and I suddenly felt her tongue next to mine. Fuck! She was also licking Diane and I think she was working on her little puckered butt! This was hot. We were both working on Diane and the only problem I had was that Cindy istanbul Escort was not moving. My dick wanted to fuck and I was trying to do some thrusting, but she was not moving, just sitting there. In any case, Diane rose up and hovered just over my head, leaning forward as much as she could toward the wall. I could see Cindy’s tongue working on Diane’s ass and she ran it forward so that she and I sparred for Diane’s bright pink opening. I sucked on her tongue a little and then went back to Diane’s clit. There was barely enough room for both of us, but in no time, with Cindy licking her ass and me sucking on her clit, Diane started shaking and trembling and came with several jerks and shudders. After she calmed down a little, Cindy sat up and Diane slowly rolled off, trying to avoid kicking Cindy.

“Fuck, that was great! You guys working on me together was amazing!” And after saying that, Diane leaned into Cindy and they kissed hard. I watched, still trying to get my wife to do something other than just sit on me. Then Diane turned and leaned over and kissed me hard, licking up her juices around my mouth. “You guys both taste like me. I think I like that!”

Cindy smiled and looked at me. “Okay, you need to turn sideways.”

“Anything you want, right now, babe!”

She laughed. “Did that turn you on, seeing me lick Diane’s tight little butthole?”

“Fuck, yeah!”

I could see Diane blush at the way Cindy said that. She looked so cute blushing at that considering we were talking about something we had all been involved in. I finished turning sideways on the bed when Cindy turned to away from me and backed herself up to put her pussy over my face. She held on to my dick and lowered herself. I started working on her pussy and Diane returned the favor to Cindy. She leaned over, right over my face and I could see her licking Cindy’s pussy. Fuck me! A month ago I didn’t even know that my wife had harbored any bisexual curiosity and here she was licking a woman and letting a woman lick her. She had always loved having her ass licked. I just wish she had let me fuck it once in a while. I had always had some anal desires, but no woman had ever given it to me. I had discussed it with Cindy, but no dice. She just didn’t have any desire for that. A little licking and fingering had been her limit. Nothing as large as a dick was ever allowed near her asshole.

Diane and I worked on her for only about three minutes before Cindy started cumming like crazy. She must have been turned on for hours, because she came like she does whenever we play and deny each other orgasms for a long time. She wasn’t sucking me or jacking me, so I assumed my fun would come later, but meanwhile she ground her pussy on my face and Diane tried to lick her ass as she shivered and jerked around on my face.

Finally, Cindy rolled off me. “Enough. I can’t take any more.”

As soon as she moved out of the way, Diane was kissing me and licking my face. She was all over me, like a wild woman. These two were really worked up!

She finally stopped and I sat up, my hard dick still waving in the breeze. I was smiling and thinking about how to thank my wife when I noticed that Becky was in the room. Cindy was sitting there on the bed next to me, her legs still spread open, smiling at me.

“Honey, this is the real surprise. Diane and I were always going to finally get to have sex with each other, so that wasn’t news to you. However, Becky is a widow. Her husband died of a heart attack about 18 months ago. She works with Diane and one day over drinks let it be known that she needed to get fucked. This was right after our little get-together and Diane told her that I might let her join our group. At first, I was unsure, but once I met her and heard about her desires and… well… her favorite type of sex, I knew we would let her be your present.” She turned to Becky, who was sitting there, naked, with her hand held tightly between her legs. “Okay, Becky, come over here and crawl up on the bed.” She patted the bed next to me. Becky obeyed without saying a word. She seemed a little shy about this since we had just met and didn’t know each other at all, but she did get into position. I could see that she was definitely taller than my wife and Diane. She appeared to be about 5’9”, maybe a few extra pounds, but those were well distributed into her tits and hips as well as her waist. She looked fucking hot and was also completely shaved.

“Honey, stand up behind her.” I did, seeing for the first time her glorious ass and pussy from behind. I was going to like this.

“Just a second.” Cindy reached to the nightstand and pulled out the lube. I figured that maybe Becky was not that wet yet, but she didn’t even check. I started to reach out and check, but Cindy got there first. “Hold on, honey.” She opened the lube and looked up at me. “I know that you have always wanted to fuck a woman’s ass, and Becky revealed to Diane that she loves anal. So, this is your present, hon. You get to fuck your first ass!”

“Wow! Thank you!” I leaned over and kissed Cindy.

Cindy moved forward and spread some lube on my hard as ever cock. What she did next, however, really shocked me. She took more lube and using two fingers spread it around Becky’s asshole, rubbing it into the little brown puckered ring, and then she started working them into Becky’s ass! Fuck, my wife was finger fucking this woman to get her ready for my dick! Becky moaned as she did it and lowered her head and shoulders to the bed. Diane sat next to her and ran her hand over Becky’s back.

“Okay, let’s do this!” Cindy grinned at me. She took my cock and I let her lead it to Becky’s ass. She leaned over and watched closely as she put it against the tight ring and I pushed. Diane reached up under Becky and rubbed her clit, causing Becky to moan and push against my dick harder.

Finally, Becky spoke. “Just push hard. I haven’t had anal sex since my husband died, and my little silver bullet is smaller than you. I like it hard and fast, so just push and fuck me already!”

Cindy looked up at me and shrugged. She let go of my dick and I pushed harder against Becky.

My head popped thru and Becky moaned. “Oh, fuck, I do love anal sex!” I started working back and forth, pushing my dick in deeper on each thrust and pulling back until the circumcised mushroom head caught on the ring. Finally, I was fucking her hard and the tightness was amazing. “Oh, yes, fuck my ass! Fuck me hard, baby! Cum deep in my ass!”

Wow! Another dirty talker. More stimulation for my overloaded senses!

She continued to give directions. “Diane, rub my clit faster. Make me cum when he does!”

I started thrusting faster and I could feel her moving faster from the ass-fucking and clit rubbing. She was thrusting her ass back at me and my balls were slapping up against Diane’s hand on each thrust. I watched as her tight little ring held on to me, causing my cum to start boiling in my balls, ready to fill her ass.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Becky was cumming and the sight, sound, and clenching ass did me in.

“Oh my god!” I started cumming, my dick buried in her ass and making little thrusts as each spurt erupted from my cock. I kept cumming and cumming, until I finally almost collapsed against her. I looked down and realized I was holding her hips so tight that I might leave marks. I slowly backed out of her and my cock popped out.

“That was amazing!” Cindy was staring at my dick and Becky’s slowing closing ass. “Look how it gapes and takes a while to close up!” Cindy and Diane both leaned to see better. Becky was still panting and on her knees with her ass up in the air. I moved around and sat on the bed. Becky finally rolled to the side toward Cindy.

“Oh, my god! I can’t believe how wonderful it was to get fucked in the ass again.”

Cindy started stroking Becky’s hip. “Did you do that a lot with your husband?”

“Oh, yeah. When we were young before we had children, it was our method of birth control. We both enjoyed it so much and he was so good… and… and ….” Suddenly, Becky started crying.

“There, there.” Cindy spooned up behind her and started stroking her shoulder and hip.

Diane lay down in front of her and started stroking her face. Diane looked into her eyes. “It’s okay, baby. I know it hurts. He was a wonderful man.”

Becky was wiping her tears away. “I know, I know. I was so fucking angry at him for the first few months because he never took care of himself when the doctor told him to. It has taken me a long time to get over him. The anal sex just brought it all back.”

The three women comforted each other. I lay down. I was exhausted and couldn’t wait to find out what might happen next time. My wife was letting go with her bisexuality and had invited another woman into our bed to give me anal sex. Life just kept getting better and better.

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