What A Wonderful Stepdaughter Ch. 02

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The sound of the door opening made us jump. I jumped out of the bed falling, and landing my knees on the wood floors. I scrambled to get my dress and heels then sprinted to my bedroom. I found my bundled up plaid pajama bottoms on my floor. I quickly put them in and hoped into bed. I knew there was pain in my knees, but it hardly seemed real. I covered up in my blankets and turned my lamp off. Closing my eyes I relived the feeling of his soft lips caressing mine. Images of his sweaty body pressed tightly against mine nearly got my aroused again.

I fell asleep around 4am, but was woken up again around 6 am. David was kneeling by bed holding my bra. I covered my mouth in shock that I was careless enough to forget it in their room. He came closer to my head so I could hear him as he whispered.

“You left this in the bed. I was careful not to let your mom see it, but you have to be careful next time.” His voice was stern as he whispered.

“David I’m so sorry.” I replied carefully taking my bra from his hands.

“It’s okay…this time.” He winked at me as his hand traveled down my pants. I felt his warm fingers find my pussy and eventually my clit. David began to rub it gently smiling and looking at me at the same time. My breath began to speed up the more pressure he added and the faster he went. David covered my mouth so I wouldn’t wake my mother in the next room. My heart was racing and my hips moved with the rhythm of his hand. Just as I felt my orgasm approaching he stopped. With his fingers still wet he held the side of my face. He leaned in kissing my gently taking my breath from my mouth.

“Until next time Kyla.” I laid there still wanting more. He quietly tip toed from my room and out my door. I laid there breathless thinking of how only hours before I felt his cock deep inside me. I finally fell back asleep and dreamed of different scenarios of David and me.

The bright sun shined through my curtains and straight into my eyes. I woke up and stretched my body. I leaned over and checked my phone shocked to see it was already 12 in the afternoon. It also showed that I had two new text messages. One was from my friend Claire yelling at me that I never showed up to the party last night. The second one was from my mom and it made me smile wide. “Hey sweetie, I took the afternoon and night shift for a little extra money this weekend. I won’t be home until about 3 am. David has the day off today however. Maybe he can take you to lunch and bond with you a little more :). I love you and will see you tomorrow.” It made me laugh how my mom thought I still resented David for taking Lefkoşa Escort my father’s place.

I quickly texted back that I loved her too and got up going to my mirror. I fixed my hair making it less crazy and wiped off my smeared makeup. I walked down stairs and was immediately greeted by the smell of pancakes and bacon cooking. I pushed my boobs up a little and walked into the kitchen. David was by the stove cooking, I stood for a moment just taking his appearance in. I walked by the counter next to him and hoped up sitting on the counter.

“Breakfast at 12 huh?” I said giggling.

“It’s called brunch Kyla. Sides after last night I could use a nice big meal.” We both agreed and laughed. He turned around facing me and putting both of his hands on my thighs, rubbing them gently.

“Speaking of last night what are we going to do about that?” His soft bright smile made me blush. I felt my skin began to get hot by the feeling of his soft touch. I put my arms around his neck pulling him closer. I felt his sweet breath hit my nose and mouth.

“Hmm well we have until around three am to figure it out.” I smiled as his the smell of his breath filled my nostrils. He came inches closer, our lips feeling each others presence but not touching. The want to kiss him was stronger than ever. It wasn’t that I wanted, by now I needed him. Every single inch of his body.

“Brunch is almost done, we can eat on the couch if you want.” He backed away to the stove, leaving me with the need to continue. David put two pancakes on both plates with three strips of bacon each. As we walked to the living room I felt his hand find the arch of my back. Every time he touched me it left me breathless.

We sat on the couch his arm around me and my foot over his. We sat and watched Horrible Bosses, laughing the whole way through. Cuddled on the couch and wrapped in his arms, I was in pure heaven. After the movie ended David looked at with his gorgeous blue eyes. I felt my body began to get warm as he looked into my eyes. He looked at me, his eyes gently and soft. But I could see something more dominate hid in the shadows.

David leaned in, our lips attacking each other like two lions in the wild. Our tongues welcomed each others presence with ease. His hands roaming my body making my body shiver. His touch was gentle but firm at the same time. It made my pussy began to get wet with each passing touch. His strong hands found my pajama sweats waist band, and he pulled down. My body moved with him in passionate fluid motions. David grabbed my arm and pulled me onto his Kıbrıs Escort lap. Our hands carving each others bodies.

I ripped his shirt off exposing his warm tan chest. I rubbed my hands all over his abs and chest, in pure happiness. His hands roamed up my back as he through my own shirt to the floor. My boobs hung inches from his face and his lips. He looked up at me smiling as he leaned over and pecked over my chest gently. His warm lips around my boobs made my nipple start to get hard. He stuck his tongue out and licked my nipple twirling it in little circles. I leaned my head back and moaned holding him by head.

David stuck his head in the middle of both of my boobs and moved it around quickly. I held it there using more force than I was expecting. I got off of his lap and kneeled on the floor in front of him. I reached my arms up and slid his pants off revealing his hard cock. My mouth began to drool as I need to feel every inch of him slid down my throat. I leaned up and used my left hand to gently caress his hard cock. I gently kissed the head before making my way to the base.

I opened my mouth slightly welcoming his cock into my waiting mouth. At first it was just as hard as last and I could only get about half of him down before I gagged. With my hand closely following behind my mouth I heard him grunting in pleasure. I slowly worked my way down enjoying every time I gagged. David wrapped my hair around his hand and began to force my head further down the length of him. Even though my gagging was nonstop he didn’t ease up. I finally reached his base feeling his cock hit the back of my throat.

I moaned through each motion of taking his cock down my throat. I reached my right hand up and began to massage his balls. David leaned back slightly and watched me as I swallowed the entire length of him. I let up and crouched lower getting his balls into my mouth. I sucked on each one as I stroked his above my head. Massaging his balls in my mouth with my tongue I never stopped stroking his hard cock. I leaned up and swallowed his length one last time before he held my arm getting me to my feet.

He guided me to the couch where I laid down as he kissed my lips. I felt his hard dick touch the lips of my pussy and my inner thighs. As he started to kiss his way down to my stomach I stopped him.

“I want you inside me.” I moaned while whispering. He smiled and leaned forward rubbing his cock gently on my swollen clit. I grabbed his back with my nails as he pushed himself inside my pussy. The feeling of him filling me was irreplaceable. With each Lefkoşa Escort moan came a new thrust and a new wave of pleasure. He grabbed my right boob and began to massage the nipple as he thrusted into me. I leaned my head into the couch and moaned louder.

David stopped massaging my nipple and worked his way down to my clit. He rubbed it roughly into small circles making my legs and body twitch. I shook and shivered as he was making me reach my peak of an orgasm. I nearly screamed in pleasure as I felt my pussy rush out a wave of my cum. He slowed down and reached his fingers to my mouth. I sucked my own cum off of his fingers enjoying the sweet flavor. He leaned in and kissed me hard, my tongue swapping cum onto his tongue.

He pulled out his cock and grabbed my hand getting me to stand up with him. I stared at his eyes as he wrapped his arms around me lifting me up slightly. I kissed him hard leaving my mouth hot and needing more. He walked me over to the dining room table and leaned the top of my body over sticking my ass out. He rubbed his cock onto my pussy more and stuck it in gently and pulled it back out. He did this over and over until the teasing became too much for both of us to handle.

David grabbed my waist and pushed his entire length hard into my pussy. He gave my ass a few hard slaps as he thrusted harder and harder into me. I gripped the table cloth pulling it slightly as he made me moan. I felt his cock pound into my pussy each time giving me more pleasure than the last. I nearly screamed in pleasure as he went harder. I was surprised to feel my legs shaking and getting weak. My legs nearly gave out as I felt my second orgasm wave over me. He held my waist up as he gave me a few more thrusts.

“Kyla baby you have to get to your knees.” He grunted as I knew he was close. I quickly turned around and went to my knees. I stroked and swallowed his cock a few more times before I felt his warm cum enter my mouth. He looked down at me as I swallowed most of it but had a few streams land onto my chest. I swallowed a mixture of my spit and his cum to clear my mouth and got back to my feet. He hugged and kissed me. It was practically as if our lips and bodies never got tired of each other. He held the arch of my back leaning me back a little, kissing me passionately and hard.

I broke the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck with his arms still around my back. He looked into my eyes and smiled as his left thumb reached up to my lips and wiped some cum from my chin. I giggled and felt pure ecstasy as I stood in his arms.

“So how about we shower and go to dinner before your mom gets home?” He asked smiling wide and satisfied.

“Sounds perfect.” I grabbed his hand and lead him upstairs and to the bathroom.


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