“What About Sex,” asked his Sister?

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Female Ejaculation

“What About Sex,” asked his sister?

My sister reluctantly agrees to have sex with me to pay back the money that she borrowed from me and was unable to repay.

This is a true story as told to me by Michael to write about his fraternal twin sister, Michelle.

# # #

I was never sexually attracted to my sister until after graduating college. I never thought of her as a sexual partner until my friends started making inappropriate, sexual comments about her appearance. They all thought that she was hot.

“How could you not tap that? I’d have sex with her if she was my sister,” said one of my friends with my other friends all agreeing.

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

“Definitely, at the very least, I’d peep on her while trying to see her naked,” said another one of my friends.

Again, they all nodded their heads in agreement.

“I’d put one of those hidden cameras in her room,” said another one of my friends. “They make them so small now that they’re impossible to detect. Moreover, you can hookup the live feed to your computer,” he said with sexual excitement.

I looked at them with disgust.

“Hey, that’s my sister that you’re talking about. You’re a bunch of perverts. Maybe that’s what you do to your mothers and sisters, but I respect Michelle’s privacy enough not to spy on her.”

As if it wasn’t bad enough that they wanted me to spy on my sister with a hidden camera, something I’d never do, I couldn’t imagine having sex with my sister. Then, after thinking about the comments that my friends made about my sister, I started masturbating over the thoughts of imagining her naked and her having sex with me. It was then that I started trying to see what I should never see of her by barging in her bedroom without knocking while she was dressing or undressing.

# # #

In an effort to save some money by combining our monthly expenses, we moved in together. I had a good job and was earning good money and even though I could afford my own place, my sister wasn’t making much money. I agreed to share an apartment with my sister for her sake. As if we were a married couple, boyfriend and girlfriend, significant others, or lovers, with us together most of the day, we sheltered in place because of the COVID pandemic.

Unable to go out to see our friends and/or to date, I was horny, and no doubt, she was, too. I was sexually frustrated. Oblivious to her as a sexual partner before, but now seeing her through different eyes, I noticed more what she wore and especially what she wasn’t wearing. Thanks to my horny friends, it was then that I started having sexual thoughts for my sister.

Something that I seemingly didn’t notice before, but keenly aware of now, she was so pretty. She was so sexy. A blonde bombshell, she had such a shapely body with a perfect ass and big tits.

Whether unintentionally or deliberately, adding to my sexual lust and desire, now that we were living together, I saw more of my sister’s sexy and shapely, underwear clad body and/or nearly naked body than I ever thought that I’d see. Always looking, every time she crossed and uncrossed her long, shapely legs, she’d flash me her bright white, bikini panties in up-skirt peeks. Then, with her wanting to be comfortable at night, not sitting like a lady, she’d flash me her blonde, trimmed, naked pussy in up-nightgown peeks.

If it wasn’t enough that I was seeing my sister’s panties, I couldn’t believe that I was seeing her naked pussy. Now having forbidden thoughts of having sex with my sister, thoughts that I never had before, I wished I could make out with her while feeling her ass and fingering her pussy through her panties. Whenever I saw her naked pussy, that night and the next morning, I masturbated over the image of fingering and licking her naked pussy and giving her a sexual orgasm with my fingers and tongue.

‘I saw my sister’s cunt. I can’t believe I saw my sister’s cunt. I can’t wait to masturbate later over all that I’m seeing of her now,’ I thought. ‘I wish I could have sex with her,’ I thought while knowing that she’d never have sex with me.

# # #

Not stopping with just flashing me her panties and her naked pussy, every time she served me food or poured me coffee, she’d flash me her long, line of sexy cleavage and her low-cut bra in down-blouse views. When wearing her low-cut, sexy and nearly transparent nightgowns without having the modesty to wear a robe over them, as if deliberately, sexually teasing me, she’d flash me down-nightgown views of her naked, C-cup breasts and her pink, erect nipples. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing so much of my sister’s beautiful body. My friends would be so jealous.

Always giving me an erection, with her not showing any embarrassment or shame that I could see as much of her nearly body as I could, I couldn’t help but wonder why she’d wear such revealing nightgowns around me. How could she not know that she was flashing me up-skirt peeks of her panties and up-nightgown peeks of Avrupa Yakası Escort her naked pussy? How could she not know that she was flashing me her bra and cleavage in down-blouse views and her naked breasts in down-nightgown views?

Instead of averting my eyes, giving me something more to masturbate over later, while careful for her not to catch me looking, I’d look. As if I was a masher on a subway train or a peeper staring at her undressing through her bedroom window, I’d stare. As if I was a pervert, an incestuous pervert and, indeed, I was, I’d leer. I’d ogle my sister’s big, naked breasts while wishing that I could touch them, feel them, fondle them, grope them, and finger and suck her erect nipples.

‘Show me your tits,’ I wanted to say to my sister while wondering if she would. ‘If you show me your tits, I’ll show you my cock.’

Yet, even though I’d love to see my sister’s naked breasts, I seriously doubted that she’d want to see my naked prick. Nonetheless, not stopping there, I wished that I dared to solicit my sister for sex. As much as I wanted her to flash herself to me, I so wanted to flash myself to her.

“Masturbate me,’ I thought while wishing I had the balls to say that to her. ‘If you masturbate me, I’ll masturbate you.’

Continuing in that incestuous, sexual vein, I wished I could say more.

‘Suck my cock. If you blow me, I’ll eat you,’ I thought while imagining saying that to her. ‘Make love to me Michelle. If you make love to me, I’ll fuck you. After giving you a sexual orgasm with my fingers and my tongue, I’ll give you another one with my cock.’

Only, I may think about her showing me her tits and me showing her my cock, but I’d never dare say that to my sister. I may think about her masturbating me and me masturbating her but I’d never dare suggest that to her. Something that I always thought about, I may think about her blowing me, making love to me, and/or fucking me, but I knew full well that would never happen. Forget about having sex with her, she’d never allow me to hear and watch her cum. She’d never allow me to give her a sexual orgasm.

# # #

Daring myself to do so, going to the extreme, cock for tits, I wondered if I flashed her my erect, naked prick, if she’d flash me her big, naked tits. A sexy game that I’d love to play with my sister, especially if I got her drunk-on wine, I wondered how far she’d go. While hoping she was, I wondered if she was just as horny and sexually frustrated as I was. Yet, knowing my sister better, something that would never happen, just as she’d never flash me, she’d never have incestuous sex with me.

In between girlfriends, with me always horny and sexual frustrated, every night and every morning, I masturbated over all that I had seen of my sexy sister. Finally, daring myself to do so and horny enough to do so, knowing that she never knocked on my bedroom door when carrying up my laundry, barging right in, I summoned the perverted courage to flash her my erect, naked prick. I couldn’t believe that I was going to deliberately allow her to catch me masturbating.

Ready to expose myself to my sister, a real turning point, I was so nervous. I was so sexually excited. I felt like such a degenerate. Yet, something that I’d be masturbating over for the rest of my life, the first time deliberately exposing myself to her, I wondered if she’d look, stare, or look away. Hoping beyond hope, I wondered if she’d reach out and touch me, stroke me, suck me, and/or fuck me.

While waiting to hear her walk up the stairs and down the hall, I quickly removed my pajama bottoms and underwear. Naked below the waist, I donned my headphones and pretended to be watching porn while slowly stroking myself. Wanting my sister to catch me masturbating, I tried to time my ejaculation for her to see me cumming. I wanted her to see me explode a load of cum all over my chest, stomach, and hand.

I continued to stroking myself faster and harder as she neared. After seeing flashes of her cleavage and bra, her naked tits, her panties, and her naked pussy numerous times, it was time for me to return the favor of her exhibitionism with my exhibitionism. While wondering if her flashes were deliberate or unintentional, I wondered what her reaction would be to seeing my erect, naked prick. I wondered again what her reaction would be to seeing me masturbating myself and cumming.

I couldn’t believe that I was daring myself to do this. I couldn’t believe that I was deliberately going to flash her my erect, naked prick. I couldn’t believe that I was deliberately going to have her catch me masturbating. If that wasn’t enough, I couldn’t believe that I was going to allow her to catch me cumming. Without having to turn around to look at her to see her, I angled and aligned myself to see her reflection in my computer monitor.

Able to still hear her while wearing my headphones, I heard her open my bedroom door. Able to see her reflection in Bahçelievler Escort my computer screen, I saw her standing in the doorway of my bedroom watching me masturbating and staring at my erect prick. Instead of being embarrassed, leaving, and closing my bedroom door behind her, something I thought she’d never do, she remained while watching me masturbating myself. I couldn’t believe that my sexy sister remained in my bedroom to stare at my naked, erect prick while stroking myself and waiting for me to cum.

‘Maybe she’s just as horny as I am,’ I thought. ‘Maybe she likes cock as much as I like pussy.’

Daring myself to do so, taking my masturbation to the next level, I added dialogue to my masturbation session. I wanted her to know what I was thinking while I masturbated myself. I wanted her to know what I wanted her to sexually do to me and what I wanted to sexually do to her. I hoped to make her as sexually aroused as I was sexually excited. I hoped to make her as sexually frustrated as I was sexually horny.

# # #

“Oh, Michelle,” I said.

While continuing to watch her reflection in my computer screen, I listened and watched for her reaction without turning my head to look at her.

“I’d love for you to stroke my cock while sucking my cock. I’d love for you to blow me,” I said while hoping to sexually entice her to stroke me while blowing me. “I’d love to cum in your mouth and all over your pretty face,” I said. “I’d love to give you a cum bath.”

Not fleeing my room, with her still there watching me masturbate while staring at my erect, naked prick, I couldn’t believe that I confessed what I wanted her to do to me and what I wanted to do to her. Instead of leaving and slamming shut my bedroom door, I couldn’t believe she was still standing in my room. Now, encouraged to cum for my sister, I stroked myself faster. Determined to cum in front of her, I stroked myself harder.

I imagined her taking my hard prick in her soft, warm, sisterly hand to stroke me. I imagined her staring up at me while kneeling beside me to take my prick in her mouth to suck me. It was then, for the first time that I imagined having incestuous sex with my sister. I imagined her doing to me all that my friends wanted to do to her. I imagined her being my sexual, incestuous whore.

“I’d love to make out with you while stripping you naked and touching you and feeling her everywhere,” I said sexually excited that she was still there watching me. “I’d love to see your big, naked tits. I’d love to touch them, feel them, fondle them, and grope them while fingering and sucking your erect nipples.”

When she still didn’t leave, I continued.

“I’d love to finger and lick your naked pussy. I’d love to eat your pussy.” Then, ready to cum, I continued stroking myself faster and harder. “I’d love to make love to you and fuck you,” I said. “I’d love to give you multiple sexual orgasms with my fingers, my tongue, and my cock.”

Still standing there while staring at my prick and watching me masturbate, I continued watching her reflection in my computer screen. As if transfixed, stunned, hypnotized, and/or mesmerized, in the way that I’d never remove my eyes from her naked pussy if ever I saw her masturbating herself, she never removed her eyes from my big, naked prick. Seemingly fascinated by me masturbating in front of her, she remained watching me while holding the laundry basket.

# # #

Then, something that I never imagined that she’d do, she put the laundry basket down to feel her tits through her sheer nightgown while fingering her erect nipples. Clearly, I had made my sister hot. Then, if that wasn’t enough, surprising me and sexually exciting me, she lifted the front of her nightgown to expose her naked, blonde pussy while rubbing her clit and fingerfucking her pussy.

Not believing my eyes, my sister masturbated herself to me masturbating myself. As if she was about to cum with me, something that I had always wanted to see and hear, I watched her close her eyes and put her head back while breathing through her mouth. On the verge of giving herself a sexual orgasm with her fingers, she seemed ready to cum. Something that I thought would never happen, instead of bolting from my bedroom, I couldn’t believe my sister masturbated herself with me and in front of me.

I watched her rub her clit faster and harder with one hand. Then, if her rubbing her clit wasn’t enough, she removed her breasts from her nightgown with her other hand. Albeit through the reflection of my computer screen, I saw her big, naked tits. Not wanting her to know that I was watching, I didn’t dare turn my head. I watched her pull, turn, and twist her erect nipples. Continuing to fingerfuck herself, as if awakening her from a sexual dream, she didn’t stop masturbating until I interrupted her by voicing my sexual excitement.

“Oh, my God. I’m cumming. Michelle, I’m cumming. Oh, my God. I’m cumming,” I said while Bahçeşehir Escort cumming all over my chest, stomach, and hand. “I only wish she was here to see me cumming,” I said while pretending that I didn’t know she was there in my room watching me.

As soon as I ejaculated, show over, she lowered the front of her nightgown to cover her naked pussy and lifted the front of her nightgown to cover her naked breasts. Then, she picked up her laundry basket and walked further in my room. When she was a few feet in front of me, she stopped to voice her indignation and disapproval while still staring down at my exposed prick still leaking cum.

With her continuing to stare at my naked cock, even though I was tempted to put her hand on it, I didn’t. Even though I was tempted to stand, force my sister to her knees, and stick my erect prick in her mouth, I didn’t do that either. Even though I was tempted to push her back on my bed and make love to her before fucking her hard and fast enough to give her a sexual orgasm with my cock, I controlled myself from doing so.

# # #

“Pervert. I heard all that you said,” she said. “How dare you masturbate over me and in front of me, your own sister? How dare you say all those dirty things about me? How dare you sexually lust over me? What’s wrong with you? As if that’s ever going to happen, I can’t believe you want me to blow you. I can’t believe you want me to suck your cock and cum in my mouth,” she said. “If that’s not disgusting enough, I can’t believe you want to give me a cum bath,” she said with a flash of sexual arousal.

Making my excuses while cleaning cum from myself with some tissues, I lied.

“Sorry,” I said. “I’m so embarrassed. I didn’t know you were there. I didn’t hear you knock? Did you knock?”

She made a face, rolled her eyes, and sighed loudly.

“Sorry my ass. Knowing you, you heard me coming. Knowing that with my arms was filled with your laundry, I’d just open your bedroom door without knocking. Knowing you, you had planned to masturbate in front of me. You wanted me to see your erect prick. You wanted me to watch you cum,” she said. “I’m not as naïve as you think I am, I know your plan. You were hoping to make me horny enough to give you incestuous sex.”

Giving her one, last, long look at my naked prick, I finally covered my cock with my hand while disappointed that my sister hadn’t touched it, stroked it, or sucked it. Nonetheless, something that I’ll be masturbating over for the rest of my life, my sister not only saw my erect, naked prick but also, she stayed to watch me masturbating. Whether I masturbated in front of her unintentionally or deliberately, it didn’t matter. Taking two to play the game of exhibitionism and voyeurism, she watched me cum.

Still in shock over all that happened, she saw my erect, naked prick. She stayed to watch me masturbating myself. She remained in my room to watch me cum. Even more unbelievable than that, she masturbated herself with me. I saw her naked pussy and her naked tits. In the way that I’d assuredly be masturbating over her tonight, tomorrow morning, and every day thereafter for the rest of my life, I wondered if she’d be masturbating over all that she saw of me tonight.

“You need a girlfriend, Michael. You need to get laid, but don’t look at me. I’d never have sex with you, my own brother,” she said leaving my room and closing my bedroom door behind her.

‘I did it,’ I thought. ‘I showed my sister my erect, naked prick while masturbating myself. She looked, she stared, she stayed to watch me cum. If that wasn’t enough, something that I thought she’d never do, she masturbated herself with me. I saw her naked pussy. I watched her rubbing her clit and fingerfucking her pussy. I saw her naked breasts. I watched her fondling them while pulling, turning, and twisting her erect nipples.’

That night, with my bedroom next-door to her bedroom, I heard the distinct hum of her vibrator. My sister was masturbating. I wondered what and/or who she was masturbating over. I wondered if she was masturbating over me. I was tempted to barge in her bedroom without knocking in the way that she barged in my bedroom without knocking. I wanted to ask her if she needed a help with my finger, my tongue, or my cock.

# # #

The next day, while wondering about her timing, she asked me to loan her some money.

“Until I receive my tax refund and my stimulus check, I need three-thousand-dollars to get current with my bills. Can you help me, Michael?”

I looked at her and smiled.

“Sure,” I said. “I have money put aside for the down payment on my new car. As long as you pay me back, I can loan you the money.”

Then, came the day when she was schedule to repay her loan. Michelle looked at me with embarrassment and shame. After losing her job, no longer working from home, she couldn’t afford to repay me the money that she owed me.

No doubt, she never thought that borrowing money from me would resort to her not paying me back. For sure, playing right into my horny hands, she never thought that borrowing money from me would force her to consider the possibility of having incestuous sex with me as her repayment. Yet, with her having nothing else to offer me, and with her already knowing how I sexually felt about her, she had no choice but to ask me if I’d, hopefully, accept sex as her repayment.

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