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As Brook made her way along Sedgewick Blvd. she checked the clock in her car. She was wearing a watch, but it just seemed easier to glance over at the stereo system and read the glowing numbers that spelled out, 6:08. She needed gas. She worried about it since she left work, but put off stopping because she wanted to get to Scott’s house on time. She decided not to gamble on running out and pulled into the Shell station that was just ahead on the right. She had to move fast. She gave a right turn signal, glanced over her shoulder and quickly slid into the right lane. Almost immediately after changing lanes, she whipped the steering wheel a full turn in order to squeeze into the gas station entrance. She pulled up to an empty pump and shut off the engine.

Before she got out to swipe her card, she typed a quick text message to Scott, “I will be there about 6:45.” She dropped the phone on the passenger seat and exited the car. She had the top down on her Miata though it was a little chilly. The sun was shining and the sky was clear so she couldn’t resist getting a little fresh air after a long day under the fluorescent lights at work. She opened the tank lid, inserted the pump nozzles and squeezed the handle as hard as she could. As the pump ran she watched her phone intently. She was waiting for the screen to light up with a new message. She expected a quick reply from Scott.

Brook and Scott had met seven other times over the last four months. Their delicate relationship was defined by some very exact parameters. Her role required her to act as a professional health care worker. Scott’s needs were unique to him and she had to somehow learn what he needed without him explaining it, or the magic would be lost. She uniquely possessed the intuitive knowledge to meet his expectations. Scott had searched his whole life to find someone who could help him satisfy the gnawing desire he had harbored since childhood. Brook was glad to be the one. She was his personal AFEX.

He stumbled across Brook in a chat room. She sent him a link to several blogs, about someone with similar needs. The information in the blog described exactly what he was looking for. He knew he had met someone who understood. He was no longer alone. They continued to chat and email and eventually talked on the phone before a brief meeting at the mall. They sat on a bench near the food court and briefly chatted. Brook was dating someone at the time who might have been a serious contender for marriage, so she was not seeking romance or dating. Her relationship with Scott, though intimate and personal, had no romantic intentions and never did. Likewise, he was not looking for romance or a girlfriend. A girlfriend could not fulfill this need.

The pump came to an abrupt stop and the handle suddenly ceased resisting Brooks grip. The tank was full. Usually she would top it off with a few small surges after lifting the nozzles to the top edge of the filler neck. Today however, she needed to get moving. She was already running behind, and sometimes Scott cancels if it gets too late. She needed to see Scott tonight. She felt the need inside of her. Sometimes their meeting served primarily to satisfy Scott, and she merely enjoyed sharing herself and helping him with his needs. Tonight she needs the intimate time for her own fulfillment.

Once back in the car, she decided to continue to his house, even though he had not replied. She started the engine and headed for the station exit. He lived about forty five minutes from work, but more than an hour from her apartment. For that reason, she tried to make her appointments with him immediately after work. Today she had to stay late since a client was visiting. She had been biting her lip since 5:30 when she realized the meeting was going to run late. She usually arrived at his house between 6:15 and 6:30. Today she would be a little late.

Soon after getting on Sedgewick Rd., her iphone chimed with Scott’s unique tone. He had a sent a text. Brook swept the phone off the seat with her right hand and checked the screen. The message preview window displayed a new text message; it read “OK. No problem.” That was all she needed to see. She smiled, dropped the phone and settled back in her seat.

She pulled onto the road that led to Scott’s house. It was 6:46. “Not too bad,” she thought. His house was just a couple of blocks further on the left. She had entered a nice older subdivision when she wheeled her little car onto McCallie St. Scott had told her that most of the residents bought these houses new, back in the sixties. He figured the average age of was over 65. For that reason, it was a clean and well-kept neighborhood. Scott was very happy with his choice to buy here, but he feared that new residents might not maintain the standard of the current ones and the home values would drop. That was a risk when buying in an older subdivision that might attract first time buyers and lower income families.

She pulled into his driveway and parked inside the carport. Scott’s bahis firmaları car must be in the garage. A lot of these old houses had carports and some, like Scott’s, also had a garage. She liked the carport. She liked the sixties styling of his house. She thought this neighborhood looked like a set from and old movie. She might like a house in this neighborhood. She would be right down the road from Scott when he needed her. But then, maybe too close. This thing between them could be ruined by over familiarity. They both protect their relationship by avoiding it.

She climbed out, brushed herself off and grabbed her bag. She was wearing a light blue skirt and a short sleeved white button up blouse. She seldom wore jewelry but today she had on a matinee length sterling silver chain that Greg had given her. She really liked it and started wearing it more and more. She walked the length of the stone sidewalk, between the carefully coiffured boxwood hedges and climbed the single step to the porch. She rang the doorbell and took one step back.

“Come on in.” Scott said as he heaved open the heavy ornamental door. Brook stepped inside the small entryway. To the right there was a short staircase that led to the upper floor of the split foyer. To the left was a living room/dining room combination where they carried out their exercises. It was decorated with a clean modern styling. The furniture was covered with light colored fabrics. There was a grand set of floor to ceiling length white drapes covering a picture window that faced the street. There was a small glass coffee table sitting between a light beige couch and matching loveseat that faced each other. The back of the loveseat slid back, nearly against the drapes. A large off white cabinet sat against the wall beside the entrance to the room. The top doors were rolled aside to reveal a 42″ TV.

She walked between the coffee table and the loveseat and made her way to the dining area. A large modern styled glass table sat in the center with four gorgeous parsons chairs covered in snow white velvet. The walls were covered with large Ansel Adams prints of a various snowy scenes. They stood out well against the light gray walls. The decorative winter effect was fantastic, but it almost made you shiver.

There was a doorway near the end of the dining area that led into the kitchen. Just to the left of the entrance to the kitchen was a small bathroom. She said, “I’ll need the table,” and headed into the bathroom to get it. It was kept behind the door, so she had to close it to pull it from storage. It was heavy, but had two small caster wheels on one end to assist in transport. It was wide and had to slide sideways through the door. She wrestled it into the open area between the dining and living room.

Brook unfolded the two short heavy legs on one end of the table and let it drop gently to the floor. She lifted the other end and unfolded the remaining two legs. She positioned it precisely in the center of the open space. It was a sturdy wooden table that stood only eighteen inches off the ground. It was forty four inches wide and sixty inches long when completely unfolded. It was tightly upholstered with seafoam green vinyl. She had it custom made by a cabinet company in Glendale.

“OK,” Brook said. “Come on over and take your pants off.” He kicked off his brown loafers and pushed them under the coffee table with his foot before making his way to the center of the room to undress. Brook sat on the edge of the short table facing him. He was wearing a blue and white striped dress shirt and dark blue slacks. He unbuckled the brown leather belt that matched his shoes and dropped his pants. He was wearing white Fruit of the Loom briefs that contrasted with his mildly tanned skin. He stepped out of his pants, then bent down and picked them up. He carefully tossed them on the loveseat in such a way that they landed flat without crinkling.

“Ok, let’s pull those shorts down a little.” Brook instructed as she reached out to lift the tail of his shirt with her left hand. He slipped his underwear almost to his knees. She looked at his penis and testicles as she slid her right hand along the inside of his upper thigh as far as it would go. His testicles rested against the back of her hand. She liked it. He liked it. She was glad to be here. She enjoyed seeing his genitals and looked forward to the rest of the evening. She was glad to help him and share herself in this way. He needed her to look at him. It was something deep inside that could only be satisfied by having an unfamiliar woman look at him and touch him this way. To him it’s not a fetish or a choice, it’s a need.

Brook turned her hand palm up and cupped his testicles gently. She held them for a few seconds gently squeezing them and rolling them in her hands. She pulled her hand from under his balls and took hold of his penis gently. She noticed it had only slightly hardened. She asked, “Have you peed lately?”

“Uh, it’s been a couple of hours.” Scott kaçak iddaa replied.

“Well let’s go back and do that.” Brook told him, “Pull your shorts up.” She said. The wording of her commands was important. They never discussed what it should be. She knew it somehow. She carefully crafted her words to say just exactly what he needed to hear. It was a sort of medical role play, though it was not medical at all. She just sort of gave it that mood with her mannerisms and language. That was what he wanted. He wasn’t able to role play per se, it had to feel real. He could never admit to himself it was anything else. If he ever did, it would cease to satisfy him and that void might never be filled. Besides, he was not pretending.

He grabbed his underwear by the band and pulled them back into place. Brook rose from the table and led the way to the same small bathroom where she had retrieved the short table. Once they were inside Brook closed the door. She raised the toilet seat and positioned him in front of the bowl. He was on her right. She turned to face him from the side and said, “OK let’s go ahead and take that shirt off.” He quickly unbuttoned and removed it. She took it and hung it on a hook that protruded from the back wall. He was only wearing his shorts and socks.

“Let’s take these down,” Brook said as she reached out with her left hand and pulled down on the band of his underwear to uncover his penis. He simultaneously pulled down on the both sides to continue sliding them to his knees. She then held his penis with her left hand and placed her right hand on his rear end. She reassuringly rubbed his buttocks. “Pee,” she said. She knew it would take a minute before the flow of urine would start.

“Oh…good. Ah, yeah.” Brook muttered a commentary once he started peeing. She enjoyed this. She like how his penis warmed up as the urine filled it prior to exiting in a stream. She liked the mild vibration that she felt while he peed. “Ahhh…good.” She stared at his penis and examined the hole at the end of the head. She liked seeing it dilate as he peed. He seemed to have a full tank because he continued for more than thirty seconds. “Ahhh, really needed to go.” She commented.

When he was nearly finished, the stream surged several times and his penis recoiled. Brook was braced for it and maintained control of his penis to ensure the stream did not miss the toilet. When he finished peeing, a little dribble ran down his penis and onto her hand. She shook his penis and squeezed it trying to force out the last drops. She got a small piece of toilet paper, wiped off her hand and the held it over the end of his penis. She held it there for a several seconds allowing it time to absorb the last few drops of urine.

She went to the sink and pulled a wash rag from the cabinet beneath it. She started the hot water and waited for it to get warm, “Let’s get you cleaned up a little.” She explained. She adjusted the water temperature by adding some cold to the mix. She wet the rag and then rung out some of the water. She then reached around him and washed his penis and testicles and all around his pubic area and between his legs. She rinsed the rag, rung it and said, “Bend over a little.” He bent forward and placed his hands on the toilet tank. She washed his buttocks and along the crack. She spread his cheeks and made sure to get his rectum.

“Good,” she said as she stepped back to the sink. She rinsed the rag, rung it out and draped it on the nearby rack. She got a clean hand towel from under the cabinet and dried his front and back. She dried her hands and hung the towel on the rack beside the wash rag. “Pull your underwear up,” she told him before opening the door.

She led him back into the living room wearing only his under shorts and socks. “I’m going to have to supplement the procedures today. I’m going to have you get on the table for some of the exercises,” Brook explained, “and I think we need to get an ejaculation today too.” She explained her intentions. The exact phrase was important.

Brook gently nudged him with her had in the small of his bare back, “Here.” She said then sat on the edge of short table. He was facing her and only a few inches away. She slid off the table in a stoop and pulled his underwear to his ankles. “Step out,” she said. She pulled them off of his feet one at a time. She sat back up on the table and laid his underwear next to her. His crotch was level with her face. She looked at his penis and testicles and rubbed them and ran her hands along the inside of his thighs from his knees to his crotch. She reached around to his buttocks on each side simultaneously and ran her hands down along his outer thighs. “Let me get these too,” Brook bent down and removed his socks one at a time.

“I need you to turn around and bend over.” She instructed. He turned and leaned forward supporting himself by placing his hands on his knees.

She reached up and grasped each butt cheek and massaged them. She spread them to see his kaçak bahis rectum. She could see his testicles hanging between his legs. His penis was starting to become erect and was holding itself up, out of her view. She liked to see him. She liked to touch him. It satisfied some deep personal desire within her. She knew it was satisfying something he needed and she liked that most of all.

She reached between his legs and took his penis in her left hand. She let his testicles rest on her forearm. “We need this to get hard.” She told him and began stroking it. She would hold him in this position until his penis became fully erect. It would take a couple of minutes before she decided it was hard enough. She rubbed his butt with her free hand and ran her finger across his rectum. She lightly fingered him and said, “We’re going to a do a good bit of anal work. I think you need it.”

It had been more than three weeks since she had seen him. He had been away on vacation part of that time and her new love, Greg, had consumed most of her free time. This evening they will make up for missed opportunities.

“I have someone else you need to meet. Her name is Linda. Does that sound good? I think training someone else will be important for your future appointments.” she added, still stroking his penis from behind and lightly fingering his rectum. “I want to train her.” Brook knew it would excite him. They had already discussed the possibility of another AFEX.

He just listened without a word. The thought of adding someone new, excited him very much. The most rewarding of their meetings was Brook’s first meeting with him and he hoped to relive that with someone else. A new dynamic was also very intriguing; Brook with a trainee/assistant.

After her announcement that Linda would be coming next week, his penis reached maximum erection. He was capable of a very hard erection and his penis size increased significantly. Unlike Greg whose penis was fairly large even when not erect, Scott’s penis expanded a great deal as he became excited. Brook determined that based its size and hardness, his penis was fully erect and ready to continue.

“Ok, that’s good, stand up,” Brook said as she retracted her left hand from between his legs. She rose to her feet and retrieved a one gallon Ziplock bag from her purse. Inside was a small towel that wrapped a smooth narrow eight inch vibrating dildo and a small container of Vaseline. She pulled them out of the bag, removed the lid from the jar and laid it along with the plastic bag and rag on the dining table next to her purse. He stood and watched quietly. When she turned to make her way to the couch, she noticed his erection. She liked seeing a naked man with a hard on. She like seeing testicles pulled tight. He was a thin man and looked good naked. Once again, she realized how much she enjoyed this and took a mental snapshot of him standing there. This evening would be stimulating and satisfying. She made her way to the couch and sat exactly in the middle. He followed close behind.

“Just a second,” Brook said as she sat on the couch and slid back on the seat as far as possible. She hiked her skirt and spread her bare legs a few inches. “Ok, come on down,” and she guided him to lay face down on her lap. He lowered himself carefully and aligned his penis with the space between her legs. She held her hands and arms above him while he positioned himself. Once over her lap she rested them on his back. As she started feeling his weight on her legs, she reached under him with her left hand and guided his penis so it would land between her thighs. She felt it on her inner thighs and had to spread her legs more, in order to make room. Finally, the sofa and her lap assumed his weight. He was in place, with his buttocks directly under her chin.

“Good, good,” she said still wiggling and adjusting her position. “Let’s get started.” She announced. She spread his butt cheeks slightly and looked at his rectum. She rubbed it with the middle finger of her right hand. The she dipped her finger into the open container of Vaseline and wiped a nice generous coating of the lubricant on his rectum. She slowly worked her finger inside him until it was fully inserted. “mmm.” She moaned a little as she moved her finger slowly in and out, trying to loosen his rectal sphincter in preparation for the dildo. He was silent, but his penis responded with a slight movement in rhythm with her finger.

“eww…ahh.” Brook moaned in low tones while moving her finger its full length in and out of his rectum. “I think you’re ready.” She claimed as she extracted her finger from his butt, “I’m going to insert the probe into your rectum now.” Brook warned. She felt his penis move sharply when she said it. He anticipated the coming sensation of the vibrator in his butt with an involuntary twitch.

She held the probe in her left hand and smeared Vaseline on it with her right. She twisted the base and set the vibration to low speed. She laid it on the crack of his butt. She felt the tip of his penis again sharply nudge her bare inner thigh with anticipation. He couldn’t help but to recoil slightly when he first felt the vibrations and the smooth cool surface of the probe contact his bare skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32