What It Feels Like

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My younger sister Annie suddenly started acting out of character shortly after becoming eighteen. Weeks into that magical age of maturity, she moved from being a shy, quiet and unadventurous girl into a noticeably playful, talkative and daring personality that left our family in amused awe. Even the two pre-teen and a younger teen siblings remarked about her changed behavior. It was as if she had been waiting anxiously all these years for this legal age to break out of a restrictive shell and lift off to challenging heights.

Annie and I had always been close and she often confided in me and sought my opinion on things, but now she took that closeness to a new level. She began hugging me regularly on the slightest pretext, punching me lightly, teasing me and initiating little playful wrestling episodes. She even started using my personal things like cologne, soap, skin lotion and other stuff – talk about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

I liked the change in her and enjoyed the playfulness that she introduced into our relationship but I soon began questioning the direction in which my feelings were headed when I found myself looking forward to the frequent hugs and the warmth of her pristine softness when she pressed herself without any shred of modesty against my body and I allowed myself to reciprocate the embraces in a far from brotherly manner.

When we wrestled, I was sure she was deliberately touching my cock and maneuvering herself so that my hands would clutch her firm, round, C cup breasts and my thighs find their way between hers, pressing hard against her vulva. I did nothing to discourage or evade these contacts and often found myself encircling her, hands on her lower belly while she pushed back hard against my erect cock and wriggled her nice athletic, but broad ass. Once I went the extra distance and let my hand slide downward and my open palm find the soft vaginal mound, under the pretext of lifting her.

There was no doubt that she had developed a sexual crush on me and that I was fast developing mutual interest, getting hard whenever we touched or when I saw her in revealing clothing. I did try at first, reminding myself that I was five years older and instead of taking advantage of her weakness should be the one to control and diffuse the impending taboo journey. But I soon gave up trying to resist the growing pleasure and surrendered myself to enjoying her hot, young sweetness.

One day she suddenly sat on my lap while I was watching TV and transferred a piece of fruit from between her sparkling white teeth into my mouth, letting her tongue briefly probe mine before quickly getting up and leaving the room at the sound of approaching footsteps. That is when I made up my mind to take the helm and steer her to where I knew she wanted to go – where I wanted to go.

I was definitely lusting after Annie’s hot, lithe and shapely body. She was five six with a tiny waist, wide hips and long slim legs, her breast the most prominent part of her body, being more than a handful and standing straight out on her chest, tapering out from full roundness to a sudden cone-like tip with long blackish nipples. Over time I’d accidentally seen her near naked on a few occasions, and once, fully naked. But had never felt anything sexual at those times, just a deep admiration of innocent beauty. Her ass can’t be called big, but is by no means flat it fleshy enough, and broad to suit the wide hips. Annie took after our mom in size, while I was five eleven and athletically bulky like our dad.

Our entire family is dark brown, but Annie is the darkest, almost black. Her full cheeks are deeply dimpled and she has a cute small mouth with rounded, full lips, above which is a little, slightly upturned nose, and contrasting, big, mid-brown eyes which gives her face a special allure.

A week after the fruit to mouth exchange our parents left for an out of town kiddies’ birthday party at the home of an aunt. Neither Annie nor I were keen on going, so we found ourselves alone at home for an entire afternoon and a few hours of darkness. I decided not to waste the time – this was it, the moment of reckoning. If Annie had her cherry this was going to be the time of picking. The consequences, if any, would be dealt with accordingly later. There was just a flicker of guilt in my mind, but a whole torch of lust. All I cared about was burying my big cock in little Annie’s pussy.

I came up with a fast track plan which I was sure would work, judging from Annie’s recent behavior. I just couldn’t see her not biting at the bait. Everything she’d been doing over the last three or so months, indicated just what she was longing for.

At about four thirty in the afternoon I told her I was going to my room for a few hours’ sleep, so I’d be able to stay up later on, without feeling sleepy, to watch a late night boxing match scheduled for midnight. I could see the disappointment in her eyes that I was leaving her to watch TV alone, but gaziantep escort numaraları I knew it wouldn’t be for long, Annie being Annie.

I left the door of my bedroom slightly ajar, about two or three inches, so that it would not look intentional or meaningful. I lay on my back naked, occasionally stroking my cock to keep it hard. About an hour later when it was just beginning to get dark, because of the time of year, I heard the noise of her loose house slipper sounding her approach in the corridor. I lowered my eyelids, leaving them just barely cracked – enough to see without her knowing I was looking at her.

As I had anticipated, she stopped outside the door and peered in through the space. She stood there for about a minute, looking in at the titillating sight of her naked, sleeping brother, whose stout seven inch cock stood hard and halfway pointing towards the roof, lurching every few seconds. My heart was thumping in my chest and I knew hers would be in a similar state. I watched as she pushed open the door a few more inches and looked on in amazement as her hand reached low, down to the crotch of her shorts and stoked her pussy. She suddenly brought her hand up to her mouth as if shocked by what she had done. Pulling the door back and closing the gap, she fled. I wasn’t bothered by her flight, I felt confident she would be back.

About five minutes later I watched as the door was gently pushed in a little and she stood there looking in. She was now wearing a short, close fitting skirt. My eyes almost popped open when I saw her raise the hem of the skirt up to her just below her navel and expose her clean shaven cunt with just a little triangular patch of black hair above it. Her fingers found her vulva and started stroking it softly as she crouched slightly on spread legs.

Another two minutes passed and she pushed the door in enough for her to enter. I watched her tip toe toward the bed and I closed my eyes. She came and stood over me at the side of the bed. Shortly after I felt a soft touch on the head of my cock by the pee crack. She pushed down on it gently as if testing it for bounce. Next, her soft fingers made little strokes along the upturned underbelly, causing it to jerk wildly and she to pulled away her hand, startled. A few seconds after, the touch returned. This time she encircled the staff with a gentle clutch and squeeze that she held for a while before tenderly pumping the cock in little up and down movements.

While this was happening I suddenly felt hot breath on the head and then a soft flickering tongue, followed by it being taken into her hot, wet mouth and gently sucked. She removed her mouth and I felt a slight weight on the bed as leaned over far and pulling the cock a little to the side and throwing one long slim leg over my body, began ever so gently rubbing the engorged cock head along her pussy lips. The feel of her inexperienced little hand rubbing my cock on her clit drove a perverse intense heat and tingle through my body and I almost opened my eyes. Just then, as if realizing that she was going too far and ran the risk of being caught. She released the cock and drew her leg back over to the ground.

My cock jerked hard and shortly after, as if for a last goodbye she gripped it gently. That did it for me, I moaned aloud and opened my eyes. Annie jumped back when she saw my eyes staring at her, but as if fright in induced confusion, she remained holding the hard cock, pulling it along with her. She then looked down and seeing that her skirt was still up to her waist, she gave a loud wail, spun around and fled the room.

“Annie, wait!” I shouted after her, but she did not turn back.

I got up and quickly putting on boxers, bounded out of the room in pursuit, more interested in comforting her than fucking her at that moment. After looking into her empty, open bedroom I went to the living room and found her sitting in front of the TV where I had earlier left her. Her hands were covering her face which was bent over on her knees.

“Annie, why did you run …?” I asked.

Before I could continue she blurted out without raising her head:

“Marlon, I’m so sorry, I really am, I didn’t mean to do that. Please forgive me.”

I sat down beside her, my thighs touching hers.

She rose up and continued, “I was passing by your room and I looked in and saw you like that and I don’t know what came over me … I saw that you were sleeping … and it was so strange … I’d never seen anything like that before … I just wanted to look at it for a while, and find out what it feels like … I’m so sorry, please don’t tell on me.”

“It’s okay baby, don’t worry, I won’t tell on you … this stays between us two.”

She turned and looked at me with wet eyes, relief all over her tear stained face.

“Thank you Marlon … I promise I’ll never try that again … I’m so ashamed.

Her dark but flushed gaziantep escort bayan numaraları face and the softness in her apologetic eyes somehow caused a hardness in my loins, and I knew that this was the moment for me to take the lead and carry us into bed.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of Annie, or to be sorry about.”

I stood up, my tented mid-section only inches from her face. She looked at it wide-eyed, then wrenched her head to the side as if fighting a strong temptation.

“It’s alright Annie, I know what yuh feeling … it’s the same way I feel when I look at you … you’re so beautiful and sexy,” I said.

She looked at me as if struggling to understand or believe what she had heard.

“You can look at it … and touch it if yuh want … I want you to touch it … I remember how it felt a few minutes ago … it was nice,” I said.

“You really mean that Marlon?” she asked, barely audible.

“Yes, Annie, I mean it … here, pull down mih shorts,” I said, stepping even closer, wanting her to feel confident and get involved.

She raised her hand slowly and hooked her fingers in the elastic waistband and pulled the shorts down, gasping as the cock touched her dark, glowing face. She stared at the freed cock in a dazed manner. Her lips trembled. Her entire body trembled, especially the hand she raised and gripped the hard dark sex pole. Her fingers were cold from fright, or maybe anxiety as she clasped them around my meat bar. She just sat there holding on to it and not shifting her gaze.

“You can do whatever yuh want with it Annie … do what yuh did in the bedroom … everything.”

She jumped and looked up at me, realization of what those words meant playing in her eyes. She smiled shyly. She began to pump the rigid cock, her teeth gritted, her little nose flaring and her body squirming. After a while I pressed my hips forward bringing my cock to rest against her face. She rubbed her face from side to side on the cock and I saw her inhale deeply and then her mouth opened. She looked up at me as she hesitantly moved the cock forward past her full, round lips and into her small mouth which barely had the circumference to take it in. she just left it stuck in there, looking up at me with those big light-brown eyes.

“Go ahead, do whatevah you want, my love,” I said.

As if those words were the bark of a starting gun at a race she pushed her head forward and began frantically chewing and sucking on my tool, saliva immediately pouring out the sides of her mouth and down her chin as she ate hard cock with more passion than expertise. But it was beautiful watching her head bobbing and her cheeks pulling in under eager suction action. She kept at it for a long time, groaning and gagging heavily. I reached down and without causing her to be dislodged from the cock she was sweetly tormenting, I managed to pull the shirt over and off her raised legs. I then pulled the shoulder straps of the V-necked jersey top over her shoulders and slid them down her sides and then along her legs like the skirt. The exposed, bra-less breasts bounced about nicely, their long black nipples sticking out from the cone shaped end, and captivating my appreciative eyes.

She pulled away her head and then began licking the cock with long, slow strokes of her red tongue and surprised me nicely when she took my balls between her palms and rub them together, a little painfully but it was sweet pain.

“I like how dis feels … I like how everything feels,” she said.

I leaned over and scooped her up in my arms. I kissed her, while holding her like a child.

“I want to feel you too Annie, can I,” I asked.

“Yes Marlon, do it … I want it .. badly.”

I walked to the bedroom with her slim, shapely dark, glowing body in my arms, looking down at the eye-popping breasts jiggling. Inside the room I put her down gently on the side of the bed in a sitting position. I then turned on the light in the now darkened room. I moved back to the bed, leaned over and licked each long black nipple on her straight standing tits. I pushed her back onto the bed and pushing her legs apart poked my nose onto her hot dewy vulva, inhaling the virginal wetness smell and rubbing my nose on it. I heard her giggle shyly and say:

“That’s nasty.”

“And nice,” I interjected.

I licked the mound long and hard, letting my tongue slice it and burrow into the slit. I pulled the lips of the smooth shaven mound aside and stared into the deep, purple-pink softness between the black skins. I licked the dewed up opening and probed it with my tongue. She squirmed and gasped.

“Yuh want us to do more than touch, Annie?”

“Yes Marlon … I’m a little scared to be honest, but I’m willing to try … I been dreaming ’bout dis for so long,” she cried.

“Yuh sure honey, we can do lots of nice things and yuh could still save yuhself for a boyfriend or husband.”

“No, escort gaziantep numaraları no Marlon, I’m very sure … I want you to be my first.”

I climbed onto the bed and she shifted towards the centre, her dark skin glowing beautifully under the bright light, her long nipples stretched out long and hard, pointing to the roof. I started licking and sucking the toes of one foot and gradually licked my way to her crotch. Then started over again, doing the same to the next foot. I skipped the little, plump, black pussy and licked all the way up her soft, flat belly to the pert breasts. I latched on to a stiff nipple and sucked with gusto, enjoying the feel of the unnaturally long pips inside my mouth, as she squirmed and moaned. I sucked both magnificent bubbies for a long time then moved back down for the final preparation of the pristine black flower for its plucking.

I made oral love to the virgin pussy, my ears being tickled by the almost incessant and barely audible moaning and whimpering of my sweet, sexy sister. A whimpering that had started since I was sucking her toes. It was as if she was carrying on a conversation with her body in some foreign language. When I finally took up position between her spread thighs and pressed my bulbous head against her soft, split, dark chocolate brownie, and felt the wet, willing but tight bump started parting to accept its fate, she shivered and cried out:

“Put it in me quick Marlon, don’t give mih time to think, just send it up into me.”

I pushed forward and felt her naturally lubricated flesh part and let me in. I stopped briefly then pushed again and again. I felt some resistance, but employed a mighty shove and forced my way past the main obstacle, feeling it expand to allow me into her pink lit chamber. She made whimpering but brave sounds and her fingers sunk into my broad beefy back and she let loose a loud ‘oowwww!’ I rested still in her for about a minute, allowing her to catch her breath, before proceeding to give her the first fuck of her life. Looking at the splendid bosom heaving under heavy breathing I began a gentle back and forth movement, enjoying the snug feel of her insides.

“Oh Marlon, I love you so much… what will we do?”

“For now, all we’ll do is fuck, my sweet darling,” I replied, causing her to smile through the pain.

“Yes, mih brother … and lover, just fuck me.”

As I moved in her I settled on my hands, arms locked straight as I looked down in awe at the smooth, young, black, heavy-breathing, beautiful body that was trying to come to terms with the new sensation of having its tiny pussy stretched and bruised by hard, brother cock. She moved her head from side to side with eyes closed and face in a painful but determined grimace, as if daring the hard cock that was slaughtering her cunt. Her chest topped by the long tipped cones heaved mightily and her glorious bubbies shook and trembled as her smooth belly’s little bit of fat rippled with each jab of my hips.

I upped my pace a bit, banging into to her, wanting to break her in quick. I knew she could take – she was brave and willing. Before long she was taking it, urging me own with words and her rolling hips. The sheer beauty of her black flesh and clinging pussy swam through me, touching every nerve ending and after twenty minutes of riding the sweet new pussy, I began shooting hard into it. She hugged me tight and I shuddered in her loving arms. A minute later I realized what I had done and cried out:

“Shit, I forgot to pull out.”

“It’s alright Marlon, I’m glad you didn’t.”

I rolled off of her and lay on my side looking into her pretty face. Her hand reached for mine and held it tight. I leaned forward and looked down as my red streaked cum drained out of her and I was hoping that every bit dripped out and that it was a safe time. We got up and went to the bathroom where we showered together. Afterwards we lay cuddled on a fresh sheet, stroking each other’s body. I slid down and found a nipple. I sucked on it as my hand cupped her pussy and hers stroked my member.

“Yuh alright?” I asked.

“Yes, mih thing sore, but it is pleased … if yuh want to do it now again, I’ll try,” she answered.

“I can wait till you heal, it’s not the end of the world.”

“Thanks,” she said, squeezing my cock.

“We can do other things meanwhile,” I said.

“Show me,” she said, eagerly.

I turned around and straddled her in the sixty-nine position as I sank my face into her freshly bathed crotch and my cock against her face. She immediately took me into her mouth and sucked hungrily. I licked her vulva and the raw inner lips for a while before latching on to her clit that was as surprising in length as her nipples. I sucked it into my mouth and twirled it between my tongue and lips. She began to roll her hips under my mouth and soon established a nice rhythm – she was a quick learner.

She sucked on my balls, her inexperienced mouth causing me some degree of discomfort and pain, but I let her have her way, and couldn’t believe it when I felt her little pointy tongue probe my anus, and she giggled delightfully. I leaned over further and cupping her ass, raised it off the bed and returned the anal play she had initiated, sending my stiffened tongue into the tight, puckered passage, making her squirm. I probed and sucked the dark, bumpy flesh for a long time.

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