What Mothers Are For Pt. 06

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Copyright 2021 Charlie Flemming

It was only about an hour later when the three of us woke up on the floor. My sister, Barb was cradled in one of my arms and our high school counsellor, Ms. Patricia Sato was in the other arm. I wasn’t wearing my pants and my dick was hanging out, though they were wearing their skirts but neither had their panties on and Ms. Sato’s panties were discarded on the floor. This wouldn’t be important, except the reason we woke up at the same time was that our principal, Ms. Alexa Finigan, was standing above in the room and shouted: “Wake up!” At us.

We sat up on the floor and I looked up at her. My cock was out but I did nothing to cover it up, considering that I had just fucked Alexa earlier that day, I didn’t see what the problem was, “What’s up, Ms. Finigan?” I said to her in a friendly way, my cock was coming to life, ready for more action as I started to get an erection.

Barb was less calm, “Um, sorry, this isn’t what it looks like…”

“What, that you, your brother and our guidance counselor had a threeway and passed out in her room?” Alexa said as she shook her head down at us, she scowled at me especially, “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at this. It seems Dan has a way with women.” She turned to Barb, “Get to your cheerleading practice, if you go now you should make it in time.” She turned to Ms. Sato, “I need to have a word with your Brother and Patricia.” She said this like an executioner might introduce the prisoner she was about to murder.

“Oh shit, I can’t miss practice!” Barb said, no amount of embarrassment could make her miss cheerleading. She got up and ran out of the room, not concerned about anything but making her practice.

Ms. Sato was busy looking for her panties, I noticed they were under my leg and grabbed them. But instead of giving them back right away I raised them to my face and took a deep whiff of them, “Oh wow, Patricia,” I said, feeling I was on a first-name basis now, “Your pussy smells fucking good.”

Ms. Sato rolled her eyes at me then made a grab for her panties but I helped them back and shoved them in my mouth. I made a show of slowly taking them back out very slowly as I savored the flavor, “Your cunt tastes even better than it smells,” I announced as I handed the panties back to her. Ms. Sato took them but looked defeated and only held them in her hands as she looked down at her feet, ashamed.

“Oh, don’t look so glum,” Alexa said as she locked the door behind her, “You’re not in any trouble, in fact, I’d be a hypocrite if I did fire you over this.”

Patricia looked up, surprised, “You mean…”

“That I fucked Dan too,” Alexa said, she kneeled down next to me and grabbed my cock. “The whole stress relief thing feels like bullshit to me, but you have to admit, this young man has a very high sex drive and an absolutely magnificent cock.” She started stroking my full length, “It’s like his dick was made to please pussies.”

Encapsulated by the principal’s words, and my hard dick on display, Ms. Sato got down next to me as well as she watched, almost spellbound, as her boss jerked me off, “It is a beautiful penis,” she said, practically in a whisper. She was close enough that I put a hand on her leg and slowly started rubbing it up to her pussy, she parted her legs to give me better access and moaned softly as I began to finger fuck her. She had the sexiest expression on her face, like a dog in heat, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was fucking her again.

“Oh no,” Alexa said, she’d obviously noticed how we were longingly staring at each other, “You don’t get a Round 2 before I do. I’m going to fuck this boy rotten, you can sit on his face for all I care.” As Alexa said this she let go of my cock long enough to take all her clothes off, which she did very quickly considering she was dressed very conservatively at the time. She lined her pussy up above me and lowered herself down, “OOOOHHHHH SHIT! Such a big dick filling me up!” My sexy principal moaned as she started to fuck me. She would bounce for a few strokes and then grind her pussy down as she rode my cock. God, what a sexy slut.

As Ms. Finigan fucked me, Patricia stood up and also took off the rest of her clothes, revealing her gorgeous and quite large Asian breasts. She was so fucking hot, I’m surprised she was working at a high school and not staring in porn instead. She looked at me with pure longing in her eyes, “Dan, you said you liked how my pussy tasted from my panties. How would you like to taste it straight from the source?” She asked me.

I could only nod my approval as I grabbed her hips as she lowered herself onto me. As soon as her pussy came into contact with my lips I stuck out my tongue and licked away at her tasty, wet cuntlips. She moaned loudly, as did Ms. Finigan as she fucked me, and, if I wasn’t operating in a sex haze, I probably would have wondered if Ms. Sato’s office was soundproof again.

It turns out, it wasn’t. Luckily we were in Girne Escort a less-used area of the school, so no classes were nearby. There was someone nearby though. They tried to use the door but luckily the principal had locked it already.

“Mom, is that you?” came a woman’s voice. But the sound of her made Alexa stop fucking me.

“Shit.” She said, it was her daughter, Donna, who was always kind of a stuck up girl in my opinion mostly into getting good grades. Alexa got off my dick, but I kept tongue-fucking Patricia’s pussy, making her moan. Alexa slapped me, “stop that, we need to get dressed,” Alexa’s large breasts were hanging down right around the head of my cock. As Patricia got off my face looking embarrassed I grabbed Principal Finigan’s tits and squeezed them around my cock so I could move them around my dick and give myself a titty fuck with Alexa’s boobs.

“Oh, pinch me,” Alexa moaned, forgetting herself, “Wait, Donna has a master key-“

It was too late as the door was already swinging open and Donna gasped loudly at the three naked bodies in the room, including her own mother who was doing nothing to stop one of her students from using her tits as his fucktoy. “What the hell, mother!” Donna shouted, always acting so prim and proper, it made me cringe, but I didn’t stop squeezing Alexa’s tits while simultaneously pinching her nippled and using her breasts to stroke my cock.

“This isn’t what it looks like, oh shit like that!” Alexa said still not trying to stop me from pleasuring her boobs, “I mean, um…” She trailed off, looked away from her daughter, then bit her lip and closed her eyes with pleasure as she had a mini-orgasm in front of everyone.

“What she’s trying to say,” Patricia put in, watching me fuck Alexa’s tits from the floor was obviously making her very horny but she kept her cool as she went on, “is that Danny here is in great need of stress relief and the only clinical way he can get the desired release is through orgasm. He needs many orgasms throughout the day and that’s why he’ll need women to help him achieve his daily goal.”

“That’s right, oh fuck,” Alexa moaned out, trying to keep her cool but she had also started finger fucking herself as I kept using her tits to stroke my cock with, “We’re treating a mental condition of sorts, and a medical one,” she added, it looked like maybe she had an idea, “You were telling me the other day you wanted to be a doctor, Sweetie,” Alexa said to her daughter, not seeming to mind that she was fucking herself with four fingers in her pussy while she was talking to her, “Just think of this as practice for giving an examination.”

Donna had been standing totally shocked at what was going on, she didn’t seem to know what to make of it, but when her mother said that last part she gasped, “Wait, you mean?”

Alexa stood up, pulling her tits away from me and taking her fingers out of her pussy, she held the hand that wasn’t wet with her pussy juice out to her daughter, “Yes, honey, you should help Danny. It’s the least you can do for interrupting us during his, let’s call it, ‘treatment.'”

Donna gasped again but surprisingly took her mother’s hand. She seemed to be totally encapsulated by the sight of my cock sticking straight up in the air like an angry cobra. As her mother brought her closer to me, she didn’t deter.

“Now, just take his cock and stroke it,” Alexa told her daughter as she placed her hand on my cock, then as Donna started to stroke me Alexa started taking her daughter’s close off.

“It’s so fucking big,” Donna said, “I can see why you’d want to fuck it, Mother.” She said, still being all proper. This made me roll my eyes and smile before grabbing Donna by the head and pulling her face towards my dick.

Donna gasped but opened her mouth and excepted the first two-thirds of my cock into her mouth and down her throat.

“Wow,” I said, impressed, “I didn’t know you could deep throat, Donna.” I chuckled as her talented tongue seemed to circle my shaft and move right along with it as she sucked me. I noticed that Alexa had finished undressing her as well and was currently kneeling behind her daughter’s beautiful ass which was sticking up in the air as she fucked me with her mouth and throat.

I nodded at Alexa and motioned to her to go for it as she stared at her daughter’s pussy. She glanced at Patricia.

Patricia smiled, “It’s a mother’s duty to take care of her children.” she said. I guess what my mother “taught” her earlier was really sticking.

Alexa nodded and dove in, face first, into her daughter’s pussy, which surprised Donna greatly as she squealed with pleasure and suddenly sucked very hard on my dick as she finally got my whole cock down her throat. The sight of a mother sucking daughter-cunt, with the pleasure of getting sucked by said daughter at the same time was just too much for me. I announced that I was cumming, but Donna was stubbornly sucking me off as she Magosa Escort herself was cumming all over her mother’s face. I wasn’t sure she heard me so I announced again, “I’M CUMMING!” As the first torrent of semen let loose into Donna’s sucking mouth.

Donna was not prepared at all for my excessive load. Before my first rope of sperm finished filling her mouth she backed off and I sprayed it all over her face, “Holy shit, this is so much cum!” She moaned as it leaked out her mouth and I sprayed her tits with a splash of semen that seemed to splatter all over the upper half of her body. She stood up and I started cumming on my chest before Patricia, who had been masturbating in the corner while she watched the three of us, rushed forward and took my cock in her mouth and swallowed the rest of my load, though during that action it caused my next release of cum to streak across her belly, tits and face.

Ms. Sato swallowed my cum down and rolled over on her side, “Your mom is right.” she said, “you really do have delicious cum.”

“Wait, your mom?!” Donna said, then glanced back at her mother who had Donna’s pussy juice leaking down her face. Donna blushed and looked away from all three of us.

I shrugged, “I need a stress release.” I glanced from Donna to Alexa and then back again. “It’s what mothers are for!” I said, which surprised everyone that we all started laughing just out of the ridiculousness of it.

A few minutes later we were dressed and glancing at the time I noticed something, “Shit, I have to go to work.” I’d basically missed a full day of school because of my need for “stress relief” I glanced from Patricia to Alexa, “I don’t suppose you’d take me to work? It’s about fifteen minutes from here.”

“I have to find my daughters and take them home,” Patricia said, straightening out her business skirt and then walking out of the room.

Donna bit her lip, then looked at her mother, “Can we Mom?” She said.

Alexa laughed at her daughter, “What the hell? I’ve never seen you this excited about anything before.”

“Well, you’ve never eaten my pussy before,” Donna said, and then surprised me and her mother by grabbing Alexa about the waist and kissing her mother with such passion and love, I knew that when Alexa ate her daughter’s pussy, it was the right thing to do.

So, Alexa drove me to my job at the automobile factory. I wish I could say anything interesting happened, but nothing did really. Donna and Alexa both seemed kind of awkward with each other as the reality of what happened sunk in, though we all kept making dumb jokes and laughing despite none of them being funny. It was only a fifteen-minute trip so not much more could happen before they dropped me off and I said goodbye. It felt weird walking into work right then. I’d spent the last day and a half in a haze of orgasm after orgasm but now I had to drag my feet into work and rejoin the real world, it seemed.

It was very repetitive work, mostly consisting of pulling a lever and then making sure you pulled the lever right before pulling it again about five minutes later. Working there was mostly fine, except for one thing. I had this horrible boss named Terra. Truthfully, if I had only seen her in a magazine or the like, I would say she might be the only person I’d ever seen to rival the beauty of my mother, if not surpass it even, but she was just so fucking mean all the time, it was impossible to see her outer beauty with all that inner ugliness.

Today was no different than the others. Terra was there but seemed too preoccupied with paperwork in the office to come bug me. I was grateful, after all the sexual fun that day I was really slacking off that day and might have made a mistake or two, but that’s fine, it should be caught by other checkers further down the line. If Terra was around more I’m sure she would have had a field day with me, but luckily she didn’t bug me and I could pull my lever in peace.

Still, when I got home, I was so tired and stressed from work, I just wanted to shower and pass out. Of course, when I came in, Barbie wasn’t there, leaving a note saying she was at a friend’s house for the night, along with a large pile of homework to give me from our teachers since I missed everything but English (which I hadn’t really been paying attention in…). So I had a pile of homework, I was sore, I was stressed, Barbie wasn’t there and I found out through a text that Mom wasn’t home to make dinner because someone quit at the restaurant and she had to pull a double.

I poured a bowl of cereal, ate it, took a shower, and started working on my homework at the kitchen table. It was many hours later that I was very close to finished and Mom came in through the front door.

She looked as stressed as I felt as she dropped her keys on the kitchen counter, but then smiled when she saw me, “Hey Danny, I hope you weren’t waiting up for me. It’s nearly midnight.”

I shook my head, “No, Kıbrıs Escort I just have so much homework from today. It probably doesn’t help that I missed a lot of class due to my, um, problem.” I said though I decided not to tell her I missed almost every class that day. “I’m done now,” I said as I shoved my homework into my bookbag and started rubbing my temples.

“Stress headache?” Mom said, sitting next to me and looking very concerned, “Do you need relief?”

“Could you?” I said but she was already on her knees next to the table and taking my cock out of my pants. I wasn’t hard yet but her hand was speeding up that process.

“I’m glad I’m here to help you.” She said, “I really do care about your mental health, and stress release is very important.”

I loved the feeling of her hand on my dick and I knew she was getting ready to suck it, but something was bothering me, “Mom, are you getting anything out of this?”

Mom looked up into my eyes and smiled, she was always gorgeous, but especially when she smiled, “You mean besides helping my son grow up to be a happy and healthy man?”

I smiled back at her, “You know, I don’t think son’s who do the things we’ve done with their mothers typically grow up mentally stable…”

Mom rolled her eyes, “Jeez, you really want to bring up your psyche now? Do you think I’m hurting you mentally?” She asked.

I considered this while Mom sucked my dick into her mouth, “No, I think I’m okay with all this but I’m also concerned about you. I mean, are you okay with sexually pleasing me? I mean, do you really want me to be fooling around with Barb? Or fucking my guidance counselor along with you?”

“Well,” Mom said, taking my cock out of her mouth but kept stroking it with one hand while fondling my nutsack with the other, “If you want to know the truth, I love sucking your dick and making you feel good. And I know you have a stressful life, anyone could see how much you work. I like doing my part for you and, well, truthfully, you have a giant dick and I love making it and watching it cum for me. I even like tasting it, that’s something that wasn’t true for you father.” And Mom sucked me into her mouth again. I decided to push things a little and reached into her waitress uniform and started playing with her tits. She moaned.

After about fifteen minutes of her sucking my cock while I played with her boobs, and I came down her throat and Mom swallowed my full load again, not missing even a drop. Then she stood up and gave me a kiss on the cheek, “Thanks for the midnight snack, son, and I love you.”

“I love you too Mom,” I said, as I squeezed her body tightly to mine, my cock threatening to get hard again but I held back on trying to have more fun, mostly because I was just too damn tired.

Mom gave me another kiss, “No matter what happens, I’ll always be your Mom.” She said.

“I know Mom,” I said and reached down and gave her ass a playful squeeze. “And I’ll always be your son.”

Mom pulled back from me slightly to look me in the eyes, “If we can remember that, I think we can do anything.” Then she kissed me, and we tongue wrestled for several minutes. I couldn’t even taste my cum on her, really, too caught up in the flavor of my mother’s lips and tongue as we Frenched in the middle of the kitchen. My cock was fully hard again, but I probably just needed to sleep and I said so to my mother.

“Well,” Mom said, “If you want to sleep in my bed tonight, maybe I could give you another goodnight blowjob.” She said and kissed me again, “But only for tonight, okay?”

I agreed and she sucked my dick until I fell asleep in her soft feathery pillows, and by that I mean her actual pillows, though I wouldn’t mind falling asleep on her tits sometimes. Anyway, I assumed I came after I fell asleep, as I was too tired to stay awake. Even with my mother sucking my dick at the time.

The next morning, I woke to my mother blowing me, which matched how I went to sleep. “Good morning, Mom.” I said with a smile as I pushed myself up on the bed.

Mom stopped sucking me off long enough to say, “Good morning sweetheart!” Before going right back to sucking me.

“This is the perfect way to wake up, Mom,” I said as I lay back on the bed and just enjoyed my mom’s lips and tongue as she sucked me, she did a couple dips down to deepthroat me and audibly gag on my cock, before sucking on my cockhead and slowly moving down my shaft again.

After ten minutes or so, I came down her throat and Mom drank it all down. “Alright,” she said, “because of that we’re already running a little late.” She explained, “So let’s both take a shower together and get you to school so I can get to work.”

“I feel you should get off today because you had to pull a double shift yesterday,” I told her. “Maybe you should call off?” I suggested.

“That sounds nice,” Mom said as she placed a hand on my shoulder and smiled sweetly at me, “But you know they would only screw someone else over. No, I should go in, now come on, I’ll let you wash my back in the shower.”

In the shower, I started to wash Mom’s back and started off slow and sweet, until I got to her ass. I decided to try something I’d only seen in porn and I leaned in and started licking Mom right on her asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32