What Now?

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This story is slow building so if you are looking for quick sex then look else where. All characters are over the age of 18. If this story is well received I will continue to add to it.

It was January 3 and it was the night of the big homecoming basketball game. Sarah was sitting in the stands watching the game and talking to a few classmates. One of the classmates was a boy that had made it clear he wanted to be her first. Sarah was interested in him but he also was a well known player, so she would flirt and brush him off.

It was halftime when Sarah got up to go get something from the concession stand. While waiting in line she saw her brother Mark and four of his friends(Chris,Daniel,Alex,Matt). She jumped out of line to go and talk to them. Marks friends where also good friends of Sarah because they had all grown up together. Sarah had never looked at any of them as more than friends. After talking to Mark and the rest of the group halftime was over so they all went to finish watching the game.

It was a typical game, so after the game there was a sock-hop. Sarah didn’t want to stay so Matt and Alex said they would drop her off on their way to the store. Once inside the car Sarah was quiet and just listened to Matt and Alex banter back and forth. When they pulled up in front of Sarah house Alex got out and let Sarah out of the backseat.

“Thanks” Sarah said to Matt and Alex as she started walking away from the car.

“Your welcome. We will be back as soon as we pick up the rest of the group.” Alex said.


Sarah waited for the boys to get back to the house since her mom was gone to a friends house she was alone until they got there. She got tired of waiting and decided to lay down. As soon as she dozed off she heard the loudness of four teenagers coming through the front door. She got up and got dressed to hang out.

When she went downstairs she found all the boys sitting in the living room watching t.v. She sat down next to Alex.

“So what have you been up to?” She asked Alex.

“Nothing just modeling şişli escort and taking acting classes.”

“Really?That’s awesome!!” Sarah stated.

After about an hour everyone mafe their way upstairs except for Daniel and Mark who had started making pancakes.

Once upstairs Matt turned the stereo in Marks room on and sat down in one of the chairs.

Alex,Sarah,and Chris were just standing around looking at each other. After about 15 minutes of awkwardness, Chris went downstairs to see what Mark and Daniel were doing. Matt had fallen asleep in the chair.

Alex and Sarah stood there looking at each other before Alex asked,” So are you still a virgin?”

Sarah was completely shocked that he just asked her that.

“Yes, why do you ask that?” Sarah replied.

“Because I heard about you,” he Statefarm flatly.

“What did you hear because I know I am a virgin and that I haven’t done anything with anybody.” She replied really blatantly.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way I just heard that you had don’t something with that boy you were sitting by at the game.” He replied.

“Oh, no he wishes I would let him fuck but I won’t let him. He is to much of a Whore.” Sarah stated wondering where this conversation was leading.

After a few minutes of silence Sarah got up and went to her room. When she laid down she relayed the conversation she just had with Alex over and over in her head. Alex was cute and Sarah had always thought so but the conversation made her look at him completely different now. Alex was caramel complected, had a red tint to his hair, and had freckles. Now I know to some people this wouldnt be attractive but Alex was also 5’9 and had the body of a model. His personality was also attractive. He could make anyone laugh at any moment. All this was going through Sarah’s head as she heard a light tapping on her bedroom door.

“Come in.”

To her surprise it was Alex. When he entered he turned and shut and locked her bedroom door.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Everyone is down stairs and I was wondered if you wanted some company?”

Sarah didn’t know how to respond. She suddenly became really nervous and self-conscious.” Uh, sure.”

Alex moved over to her bed and layer down beside her. Sarah heart started beating uncontrollably. Alex started to move his hands over to her hands which were folded up in front of her. Once their fingers touch it was like an electric pull. Sarah turned to face him and their eyes met.

“What are you thinking?” Alex asked her as he watched her face.

“I’m scared,nervous, but I want you to be the one.”

With that he moved in and kissed her very softly. That kissed turned into a slow but building kiss. She licked and sucked on his lips as he caressed her tongue with his. When they finally broke apart both were gasping for air.

Alex got up and started to take of his shirt. Sarah being self-conscious removed her pants and underwear while still being covered up by her blankets. Alex climbed back under the blankets and once again started to kiss Sarah. This helped Sarah relax and she open her legs and could feel Alexs’ pants were still on and that he was obviously hard inside his pants. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he continued to deeply and sensually assault her mouth with his tongue. Soon after she wrapped her legs around his waist he started rubbing his clothed hard prick against her bare and now extremely wet pussy.

Sarah started moaning into Alexs’ mouth as his hips was causing his member to grind against her clit. Alex couldn’t take anymore so he raised up and took of his pants and released his hard 8 inch Dick. Sarah had never seen a hard Dick before and was scared and excited at the same time.

Alex was all about safety so he pulled out a condom and rolled it down over his thick long shaft. Once he was ready he climbed back into the bed and back in between Sarahs waiting legs. He positioned his Dick at Sarahs moist entrance and paused.

“You ready?”he asked Sarah.

“Yes” she replied.

He slowly pushed his member forward and Sarah winced with each little force. Only an inch had gone in and he could feel how tight she was. Her pussy hugged him like a silky velvety glove. He pushed in about another inch or two til he felt his dick hit her fleshy barrier. He slowly poisoned in and out of the inch that he was in to work Sarah into a more comfortable state. Sarah was lowly moaning and he knew it was now or never. He pulled almost all the way out of her wet pussy and thrust in with one solid movement till he felt his Dick hit her barrier and then push past. Sarah jerked and winced when his big Dick ripped through her virgin hole. Alex stilled himself inside her tight pussy to allow her time to recover and adjust to the feelings in her pussy. After Sarahs face a body relaxed Alex began to slowly thrust in and out of her newly woman hole. Sarah felt pain at first but as time went on and as Alex continued to thrust in and out of her she started to feel a new sensation that was like no other feeling she had ever felt before. She started matching Alexs’ thrusts and pretty soon they were fuckin each other to the point of ecstasy. Alex didn’t know how much more of Sarahs tight hole he could take. She was milking his Dick for all he was worth. He began to pound her pussy till he felt the tingling and tightening in his balls that told him he was ready to cum. He thrust in one last time til he was balls deep and grunted as his Dick shot out his seed into the condom. Sarah felt his release and couldn’t hold out any longer her back arched and she let out a subtle scream. Her orgasm was her first and drained her. Alex pulled out and watched as Sarahs face came out of pleasure bliss and back to normal. He pulled off the condom and got up and walked to the door. While they were caught up in their sexual moment they had forgotten that they weren’t alone. He put his ear to the door but couldn’t hear anyone or anything.

He walked over to the side of the bed and leaned down to kiss Sarah. She kissed him back and then watched as he dressed and walked out of her room.

She couldn’t help but feel lost. Where was their relationship going? Where they going to be boyfriend and girlfriend? Was she just a one night stand? Did he plan this?

Stay tuned for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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