When Sara Met Bob Ch. 01

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PART I: Sara meets Bob

“Sara. That’s a pretty name,” the gentleman sitting next to me said. I smiled and said nothing. It was not a big deal: my name was on the business card affixed to my laptop. It would be a long airplane ride and the last thing I wanted was a chatty seat mate on a red-eye. He continued to smile very nicely and without prompting continued, “My name is Bob.”

Again I smiled and said nothing, preferring my e-book to his company. From the corner of my eye I could see Bob was staring at me. Well, not really AT me but rather INTO me. Glancing down I realized my blouse was unbuttoned one button more than necessary. My beige lace bra was clearly visible! (Not that there is that much to see: I am a 32-A.) Still, I suddenly became self-conscious that Bob was staring INTO my blouse – and most likely did not even realize he was staring. A strange realization came over me. My instinct since the onset of puberty had been to quickly re-button my blouse, or at the very least, to turn away from him. Instead, his manners inspired confidence. It felt deliciously sensual to be admired by a total stranger, in a confined area, and for what was to be a very long period of time. I know I must have smiled inwardly: without looking up I could see from the corner of my eye Bob too smiled.

I continued to read my e-book. There was no harm letting Bob stare into my blouse, and furthermore my silence and aloofness while he stared gave me a warm, moist feeling between my legs. The flight attendants made a final announcement, we were airborne, and soon reached cruising altitude, upon which they dimmed the cabin lights. Bob strained Maltepe Anal Escort his eyes to look into me. From that moment on I realized Bob could flatter any woman he met just by looking at her. And I had become his prey! The cabin went totally dark; other passengers fell asleep and it felt we were alone.

Delicious and flattering as Bob’s staring was, I did need to get a full flight’s sleep. I did something I have never ever done before. Turning to him I asked, “Bob would you like to masturbate?”

His jaw dropped, his eyes popped. Without waiting for an answer, I unbuttoned my blouse, giving Bob a full, albeit in-the-dark view of my flat chest and beige lace bra. I looked down at his crotch. Bob understood. Unzipping them he pulled out his cock. Beautiful! So perfect, so smooth, even in the dark I could see the outline of his erection. My eyes motioned him to start. It was now MY turn to stare. What a master Bob was! Long, even, powerful strokes, not a motion wasted, deep up and down. Bob was looking at my face, at my hands, at my chest, through my bra seeking a glimpse of my hardened nipples. I did nothing but admire his perfect masturbation technique, perhaps smiling approvingly, but surely not taking my eyes off.

How he came! Over and over and over, shooting his creamy load into midair, splashing the tabletop in front and even the head rest of the seat in front. I was so proud of Bob!

Long after he finished and was softening, Bob turned to me, “Sara, and you?”

I smiled as I turned away, “Bob, I had already started to cum long before you even got there!” (Which was of course true: women can Maltepe Yaşlı Escort do it without so much show and fuss.)

I let him tuck his cute little penis back in his trousers, buttoned my blouse, raised the armrest between us, placed my head on his shoulders and slept the rest of the way.

“Sara, will I see you again?” Bob asked when we landed. I laughed, explaining I was on work, that I was married, and that it had been nice to meet him. We shook hands and parted our separate ways.

Except that two afternoons later I ran into Bob at the local pharmacy. One look into each other’s eyes and we instantly knew. Without saying much, arm in arm we walked hurriedly to my hotel, went upstairs to my room, and stripped immediately. What a cock Bob has! Small for a man his height, perfectly smooth and hard, richly veined and deeply textured!

I went to the bathroom, sitting to pee, feeling totally at ease with a total stranger starting at me while I chatted excitedly about everything and nothing in particular. Men do not like to watch women pee but Bob has always been special. He wiped me clean and we went about our pre-sleep routine: brushing our teeth, fixing my hair, etc. And finally, as I do every night before going to bed, I took out the 5 x 7 picture of Joel (my husband), Blanca (my stepdaughter), and me. Bob was not married and I immediately saw his eyes riveted to Blanca. Aged 23, she looks so cheerful and so enthusiastic. Bob was smitten by her!

He looked at me.

He looked down.

He panicked.

His erection was gone.

Extremely she around women? Hmmm, I didn’t think so: Maltepe Zenci Escort Bob seemed extroverted and sociable.

Sexually insecure?


But I suspected something deeper. Bob was reluctant to fuck another man’s wife while her husband was looking on.

Frankly, I too felt a tightening of my vagina. I have never had an extra-marital affair. Maybe I was desperately wishing Bob would be my first? And only extra-marital affair? No, it was more than that.

I had seen how Bob had looked at my stepdaughter and I sensed that sooner than later Bob and my stepdaughter would be married. I wanted to save myself for AFTER their wedding. I wanted to save myself for a truly incestuous relationship with my future stepson-in-law.

Really, trule I wanted Bob. I needed Bob. I lusted over Bob since our flight and his masturbation for me two nights ago. (I must confess at this point that I did finger-fuck myself more times than I remember reliving that magical flight together in which Bob masturbated for me!)

“Bob, sweetie, lie down, turn to your side, please.”

He looked at me and complied. I knelt behind his back, lubed my fingers with hand lotion, reached into his ass and found his prostate. Massaging it gently like Diane had taught me, I watched with admiration as his cock hardened again for me. Without changing temp or intensity, I kept massaging it. Bob struggled but I shushed him. Meek as a lamb, he let himself be taken. Bob offered me yet another really nice orgasm, shooting cum all over the bed.

Bob turned to me, “Sara, and you?”

I smiled as I turned away, “Bob, I had already started to cum long before you even got there!”

I lay down next to him, spooning him and soon both of us fell sound asleep until the next morning. Without moving, without dreaming, we slept blankly.

Except that upon awakening I knew and Bob knew that he would be mine. MINE and ONLY mine!

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