White Lace Panties Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: The Meeting

The day was cold and wintry. The sky could barely hold the big black clouds That were suspended precariously above her head. Linda looked up at the heavily laden pillows of gray and she felt wet fluffy flakes of snow as they landed on her upturned face. She was one of those people who loved gray days like this. They felt cozy and dark to her and she wanted today to be a cozy one.

Linda was worried earlier that the snow would delay his flight but it just teased her with the threat of a storm. Only now, the flakes kissing her face were was the first sign of snow and his plane was about to land, so her fears were for naught.

Linda looked deliciously attractive in her blue-jeans and her low cut cowboy styled boots. Her jacket was waist length and she wore it open, showing her lovely rounded bottom when men peeked as she walked away from them. She was resting that cute bottom against her car with her arms and ankles crossed waiting for him in the airport parking lot. She lived in a town where the airport was small and the people deplaned on the airstrip. Passengers would leave the plane by climbing down some stairs to the pavement below. Linda’s heart was beating at a dangerous pace, although to look at her, no one would suspect how nervous she was; she looked so calm, collected and beautiful.

Linda watched the many people leaving the terminal from her perch on her car that was parked back in the parking lot. She saw a young girl maybe eighteen years old or so, hugging two people who must have been her parents. They reluctantly let go and the “dad” picked up her case as they walked swiftly to their car to whisking them home to visit.

She saw a handsome man and her heart sped up just a bit more, wondering if that could be him; but a lovely blonde in a long black coat came through the door behind him and he turned to her as she took his arm and they raced to their car.

A family came out next. A little girl was crying and the mother dropped the smaller of the bags to stoop and talk to her. The father was holding a little boy in his arms and lugging the big suitcase in his other hand. This small group blocked Linda’s view of the doorway so she did not see him standing there until the family climbed into the waiting cab at the curb.

As the cab pulled away, she looked up and saw him. He just stood there looking around before venturing forward as he did not know where she might be. He finally saw her. They looked into each others eyes from a distance and recognition caused a them both to smile. They had only spoken on the telephone and “talked” on their chat-line. She knew his style of type and his voice well but she had never set eyes on him, nor him on her. They had sent snapshots of each other in the mail but neither did the other justice when the time came for them to meet face to face.

Linda was shocked at herself at how shy she felt meeting him when they had been so intimate before in the medium of a chat-line or phone. He took long, purposeful strides and within seconds he was standing there before her.

He put down his suitcase at their feet and before she could say, “Hello, Chris” he had her in his arms and was kissing her. In years to come, when Linda remembers this moment as an old lady sitting in her rocking chair, she will be pleased to recollect that the first words from his mouth were, “You are even more beautiful than I had imagined.”

Linda smiled and it turned to a nervous giggle, not sure what she should say. She ended up, just saying, “Thank you, Chris.”

When he finally released her from his arms he put out his hand for her car keys. Handing them to him, she followed him to the trunk where he quickly stowed his suitcase. He passed her back the keys and held tight to her hand not letting go for a moment while he just looked into her beautiful eyes and smiled. Linda smiled back at him and waited for him to let go of onwingiris.biz her hand.

Behind the wheel of the car, Linda buckled up before she turned the key in the ignition. Nervously, she put the transmission into drive and slowly pulled out of the parking lot. She was very aware that Chris was still staring at her. Soft music was playing in the background from the car radio but neither of them were listening to it.

Chris spoke first. “I am so glad I came. I am so glad you agreed to let me come. I have dreamt of this day for months now. Are you happy, I am here?”

Turning her eyes from the road for just a minute, she looked at Chris and seriously answered him, “Yes, Chris, I am very happy you are here.”

The hotel was not that far from the airport, so it was not long before Linda pulled into the parking lot of the very elegant hotel, the best hotel in her small town. Linda stood next to Chris as he signed for their room. Between signing the register and waiting for the clerk to do whatever it is clerks do, Chris leaned forward and kissed her again. The clerk prudently carried on with her work, pretending not to see. She must have known they were lovers off for an assignation but discreetly said nothing. This behaviour was surely not uncommon for hotel clerks to see.

Once the paperwork was in order, they went to the elevators and up to the top floor where privacy awaited their arrival. Chris leaned over for a kiss the second the the doors closed. Before they reached their floor, the doors opened to admit another couple. Linda jumped guiltily and before she lowered her eyes, she saw a small smile on the lips of the man as he covered his mouth to cough. The couple went up two more floors before they got off and left Linda and Chris to carry on alone. Finally, at their floor, they tread softly on the plush carpet looking at the brass signs with room numbers and arrows. They followed the one that showed them to their room and Chris unlocked the door.

Safely inside and finally alone, the door closed on it’s own with a click. Chris dropped his bag and turned on a lamp and the room was bathed in soft light. The first piece of furniture that jumped into sight was the king sized bed with night tables on either side. Big curving windows overlooked the town, the heavy curtains were open and only soft cream coloured sheers impeded their view. Linda went to look out at the town, her town. Big fluffy snowflakes were falling from the sky landing on the pavement darkening it as it melted. Streetlights, lighting the way for pedestrians and motorists alike, who were all oblivious to her standing there watching them.

Silently Chris came up behind her and placed his hands gently on her shoulders. His fingers gripping her jacket to slip it from her shoulders and he tossed it over with his own jacket on one of the two matching chairs. Linda kept looking out the window as she felt Chris’s lips touch her neck from behind. The little hairs on the back of her neck prickled from the tickle of his breath even before his lips caressed her. She felt little goose-bumps on her arms beneath the soft blue sweater she was wearing. Chris stood closer to her; so close she could feel the heat of his body. His hands slipped to her hips holding her tight to him while his tongue traced a little path up her neck to her earlobes before he sucked each one into his mouth; first the right lobe and then the left.

Linda turned from the marvelous view and stepped into his arms and they kissed so tenderly. Chris, impatient now, slid his hands over her breasts feeling the soft mounds beneath her sweater. Her nipples puckered and he could feel the nubs pushing out through her bra and sweater, since they were so swollen. He liked that and he moaned his pleasure in her ear. Linda responded with tossing her head back baring a column of white throat for him to kiss and caress. His hands grabbed at the hem of her sweater and he tugged it over her head, a pin or two falling from her hair in the excitement, allowing pieces of silky tendrils to fall sexily to frame her pretty face.

Chris pushed her back from him by lightly placing his hands on her shoulders. Linda’s body bathed in the soft light of the room, looked luscious to him. He saw a pretty face with eyes glazed in passion; hair with curls coming free to fall on her white soft shoulders. Her breasts with swollen nipples poking through the white lace of her bra and the little clasp just waiting to be opened between her breasts. Her ribs slightly visible above a flat tummy where the button of her jeans was still closed protecting the treasure below.

She is beautiful and he tells her this again as he sits her on the edge of the bed. Kneeling down, Chris lifts one of her slim legs and he tugs on her boot and then the other. He sees the gray woolen socks that she had always described to him when they were talking on the net and he would ask her what she was wearing. His hand holding her ankle high in the air he removes one sock and then the other.

Coming forward, his fingers reach for the clasp between her breasts and in seconds it flings open, exposing her rounded breasts to his view for the first time. His fingers reach and grip her nipples tightly between his thumb and forefinger and smiles when she gasps in delight. He asks her to stand up and when she does his hand caresses her between her legs. Through her panties and thick jeans, Chris can tell from the mushy feel beneath his hand, that she is already wet and ready for him.

They have made love a million times in their minds but this will really be the first time, and he wanted to savour every feel, touch and moan from her lips. He wanted to commit it all to memory so during those lonely times apart he could return to this moment in his mind and it will help him until they can see each other again.

His fingers unbuttoned her jeans, sliding the zipper down so slowly to make the excitement last. She trembled in anticipation. Chris placed his thumbs into the waist band and lowers her jeans kneeling again to remove them from her feet. While he is there on his knees, Chris turns his face into the dark patch that is slightly visible behind her white bikini panties. He moans aloud as he buries his head in closer, smelling the womanly aroma of a woman ready to be made love to. Linda places her hands into the hair at the back of his head pressing him in close to her and moaning softly herself at the feel of his warm breath on such a tender spot of her body.

He pulls away to look up at her and when he let her loose, he watched as Linda turned to climb onto the bed on her hands and knees, presenting Chris with the wondrous view of her softly rounded bottom. With each crawl, his eyes caught a glimpse of the little strip of material deeply imbedded in the split of her peachy derriere. Linda heard him gasp and she smiled knowing what affect this view must be having on him. She turned onto her back, resting her head on the big fluffy pillow and waited.

Linda did not have to wait long, Chris quickly stripped off his own clothes in record time, not wanting to waste even a second out of this beauty’s arms.

Crawling naked up the bed passed her feet, to her opened thighs, he kneels between them as he slips his first two fingers through the wet strip of her panties; the part that is barely covering her jewel and in one swift movement, Linda feels a tug and hears a rip clamor in the otherwise silent room. The cool air is now caressing her wetness as well as his sultry eyes.

Within seconds Chris buries his face into this haven and she trembles as she feels his tongue lap up her juices. His tongue slides from between her cheeks, up to her opening, deep inside her in one swift motion, out and up to press roughly on her swollen bud. Her hips rise from the bed to meet his mouth to better enjoy this delicious feeling.

Her head rolls from side to side, calling out his name, begging him to stop And yet, begging him not to stop, almost in the same breath. Chris lowers his lips to continue his lapping, enjoying the feel of her twin cheeks vibrating in his large hands as he is aware she is about to reach her first orgasm. A flood of moisture fills his mouth and his moans of pleasure mingle with hers as he laps her juices greedily.

When he had licked every drop of her sweet nectar, Chris continued his climb up over her body. His lips kissing her deeply, his tongue delving into her mouth allowing her to taste herself from it. She sucks greedily from his tongue enjoying the eroticism of tasting her own juices.

His erection pokes her thigh reminding her there is still more to come. Chris raised himself from her body slightly and whispers in her ear.

“Touch me, Linda. Hold me, grip me and squeeze my hardness in your hand. Feel what I want to shove deep inside you and ram you until you cum screaming my name so loudly all the neighbours will hear.”

Tentatively, Linda places her hand around the smooth, warm hardness of him and grips him tightly. She loved hearing him moan softly in her ears as she gripped him tighter and tighter before caressing him up and down, feeling a dampness begin to moisten the tip. Chris felt like he was about to explode but knew he had to hold it back. He was not about to ruin this night like a school kid in the backseat of daddy’s car.

Chris, with his teeth gritted, whispers again in her ear. Linda can hear the raspyness of his voice and knows he is fast approaching his own crisis.

“Put me inside you, Linda. I want it to be your hand that places me inside, showing me you want this as much as I do.”

Linda wasted no time. She placed the moist tip of his cock into the flood of wetness that had prepared her sheath. Her cunt would grip him and hold him like an expensive leather glove grips your hand. Both Linda and Chris were shocked by the impact of their first encounter. They both sucked in air as he slid deeper and deeper inside her.

Grabbing the bottom part of Linda’s thighs, he lifted them opening her up even more for him; giving him a place to grip so he could push inside her faster and faster.

“Harder, Chris, harder!” Linda begged.

Chris needed no further encouragement. On his knees looking down at her face screwed up as he had pictured it would in passion, her breasts bouncing from every push, her thighs up against her chest, he pushed. No, Chris rammed. He rammed and rammed looking down between her legs. He saw that her flood of wetness caused her shaven lips to glisten in the soft light. This was too much. This is what pushed him over the edge right along with her. Moans and sighs from her delightful mouth, breathlessly slipping unknowingly from her lips. He rammed and yelled aloud himself as he felt the first spurt of his sap jettison from his balls up his shaft to squirt deep inside her. He kept pumping and pumping as he felt another and another come from his body to mingle in hers. A grunt escaped from his lips as the last bit of cum was milked from his body by hers.

He let go of her thighs and collapsed next to her. She rolled to her side and snuggled deep into his arms. He lifted her up and he placed his hands on either side of her face to kiss her. When he did, he tasted the salty wetness of tears.

Alarmed he asked her, “Sweetheart, what is wrong? Tell me, did I hurt you?”

So quietly she whispered that Chris had to strain to hear her words.

“No, Chris, you did not hurt me. I was just so surprised that this could be even better than I had dreamed it could be. I have thought of this day for so long, I had no idea it would be so wonderful.”

With that, Chris laughed softly into her ear as he tucked her in closely to him.

“My precious little Linda, we are far from finished. There is to be more, honey, much more. Now, rest. You are going to need it.”

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