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Mary had squirted all over my sleeping bag and now her focus had turned to my cock. I decided it was the right time to make her squirt on my cock. I stood up next to the raft and yanked my shorts down revealing my thick 8 inch cock. Mary knelt on the raft and wrapped her little hand around my cock and eyed it for a second before brining it to her lips.

“I’m going to suck your cock until you squirt your cum down my throat!” She said.

“Sounds like a plan.” I replied

Mary licked around the tip of my cock and caused it to jerk in her hand. She tightened her grip and placed my cock in her warm moist mouth. She sucked my cock like a champ. She was quickly proving to be an expert cock sucker at the ripe old age of 19. Unbelievable!

“Yes Mary! Suck my cock! Make me cum!” I said as I felt electrical shockwaves traveling from the tip of my cock down to my toes. I was in raft guide heaven. Getting my dick sucked down by the river!

Just as I got close to cumming Mary pulls off my cock. Saliva dripped from the tip of my cock. Mary looked up at me and said, “I don’t have a gag reflex.”

“Oh really, why don’t we test that out.” I said as I reached out and grabbed her hair. I guided her hungry mouth to my cock, she easily swallowed the entire length of my cock. She looked up at me and smiled with her eyes.

Even though I was buried to the hilt I pushed her head down further. “Yes, Mary! Take it all! I’m going to cum!” I yelled. She was caught off guard with my forcefulness and braced herself against my legs. She finally managed to push me away and gasped for air, but not once did she even remotely try to gag. She was esat escort a pro!

“Told ya, I don’t have a gag reflex,” she said with a sense of pride and accomplishment as she tired to catch her breath.

“Yes, you did. Now I need to cum,” I said.

Mary leaned in and swallowed my cock again. I grabbed her hair and fucked her face fast and deep. My cum had boiled to the surface. I Slammed into her face one last time and held her there as I erupted down her throat. “I’M CUMMING!” I yelled.

Mary swallowed my load happily, with minimal effort. My cock had started to soften in her mouth when she grabbed my balls and squeezed. Mary sucked hard at the same time, like she was trying to suck my prostate through my urethra. My cock hardened again. This young slut was amazing. I don’t know how she did it, but I was hard again.

“There you go, now you can fuck my wet pussy!” She said excitedly.

I flipped Mary over on her stomach and smacked her ass hard. “Yes! I love it hard daddy!” She moaned loudly.

I didn’t waste much time as I buried my cock into her wet tight pussy. I started to fuck her alternating between six shallow strokes and one deep one. “Oh my god! I love your cock! mmmh mmmh ahhh ahhh ahh yes. Deeper daddy!” Her moans getting louder and louder as I was getting closer to that deep stroke. My cock teased her one last time followed by a deep satisfying plunge. “YES YES! Like that, more more more MORE!” She screamed at me as I went back to shallow strokes.

She tried to push back with her ass hoping to get me in deeper. I noticed and smacked her ass hard. “OOoooouch daddy! I just want etimesgut escort your cock. PLEASE! FUCK ME DEEP!” She plead and screamed as I buried my cock all the way in her pussy. She squeezed and try to hold me.

I decided it was time to make her cum again. I started to fuck her hard and deep. I maintained a medium pace. “Yes! Yes! Agh Agh Aghhh, fuck me! Fuck me! Make me cum on your cock. Oh my god! Yes!” The moaning and screaming was nonstop now. Her moans were mixed with our bodies smacking together. If it wasn’t for the river raging by we would have been heard.

I could tell Mary was getting closer with the sounds of her moans. Her pussy contracted more frequently now and every time it felt like she was squeezing me out. I grabbed on to her thighs and fucked her fast and hard. “Oh my god! YES YES YES! Fuck me like a little slut! Make me cum again! Yes YES YES! I’m going to cum daddy! Please Please!” She screamed and begged.

From the corner of my eye I noticed a flashlight approaching us again. This time the person had made it much closer before I noticed. I didn’t stop fucking Mary. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. The flashlight turned off, but I made out a figure lurking in the tree. They thought they were hidden.

I increased my pace and fucked Mary harder than I’ve ever fucked a woman. “I’m going to cum! Yes Yes Yes! Oh oh oh SHIT! FUCK ME!” She screamed oblivious to the individual watching us.

I sucked on my thumb for a second and shoved it into Mary’s tight asshole as I continued to fuck her. Mary’s ass swallowed by thumb and she jerked and shook on my cock. “I’M CUMMING! ankara escort I’M CUMMING! OH MY GOD! I CAN’T…I CAN’T…I CAN’T STOP!” She managed to scream out in the middle of convulsions. “Please stop! Please stop fucking me! I Can’t take it! I’m going to cum again! PLEASE PLEASEEEEeeeeee!” She screamed one last time as I felt my cock get squeezed like a vice and pushed out of her pussy along with a torrent of pussy juice.

She fell flat onto the raft in a flopping wet heap.

I shifted my attention to the visitor we attracted who was watching the free show. I see them get flustered once they realize they had been caught.

“You might as well come out now. I know you were there the whole time,” I said to the stranger in hiding in the shadows.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was just trying to find my way to the restroom,” Emily said as she stepped out of the shadows.

Mary flustered at the intruder frantically covered herself up with my now soaked sleeping bag.

My mind worked a 100 miles an hour as I tried to figure out what to make of this situation. I thought that the best thing to do was to make this married church woman pay for watching us fuck.

“That was very fucked up of you Emily! I’m beyond pissed off right now! What would your husband think if I told him what you did? Did you like what you saw Emily? Do you wish it was you getting fucked like that?” I said

She just lowered her head in shame and repeated, “I’m sorry.”

I didn’t want to hear her bullshit excuses. “Get over here!” I demanded.

Emily walked over. She was wearing a white t-shirt and flannel bottoms. Her pencil eraser nipples were hard and poked through her flimsy shirt. “You need to be punished for what you’ve done! Do you agree?” I asked.

“Yes, I think I do. I’m sorry. I like what I saw and wished it was me. Please forgive me, please,” She begged.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32