Who Do You Love

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The week-end after my special Sunday with Annie I was still angry with her over the way she was treating my Baby Brother. I hated the way she teased and embarrassed him and more than a little jealous. I just knew that it was only a matter of time before she got into his pants.

And I was a little afraid of her. She scared me from time to time. Annie had a wicked side to her and I didn’t always know whether or not to take her seriously.

My little brother, Teddy would be spending the next Saturday night with Annie’s brothers again, which meant he would probably be alone with Annie on Sunday morning, once more. I was determined not to let that bother me. It wouldn’t be the first time and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. I just had to trust Teddy, I knew I couldn’t trust Annie. Besides, I had a date.

A boy from my neighborhood, named Mick, had been chasing me since I was ten years old. I remember the day he threw my roller skates down the sewer. I cursed him and threw rocks at him. He told me he loved me and said he would marry me one day. I should have let him catch me years before, but I had spent my teen years in love with my cousin, Annie.

Mick asked me out again and finally I accepted. He was a “greaser”, as were most of the guys from our neighborhood. During our high school days, the kids from the other side of town, which we called “cliques” called the guys from our side of town “hoods”. It was a title they wore proudly. They wore their blue jeans tight, with their Lucky Strikes rolled up in the sleeves of their white t-shirts and their hair slicked back.

The kids from my neighborhood weren’t above a little larceny. They stole some hubcaps and did a little shoplifting. Some were burglars and specialized in B a gentle giant. Although he was one of the youngest, he was one of the biggest; just over six feet tall and weighing over two pounds. He was not quick to anger, but one did not want to be the object of his wrath. He would always defend the honor of his family, his friends and his neighborhood.

There were rivalries between the neighborhoods on our side of town, which resulted in the occasional gang fight, we didn’t call them rumbles, this wasn’t “West Side Story”. Some of the guys carried switch blades, others carried home made shivs and zip-guns. In the event of a gang fight, Mick would wear his leather jacket, with a four foot length of chain in the pocket. That was his weapon of choice. Mick could kick some ass. He was well respected, in other neighborhoods, as well as ours.

There were those from our neighborhood that went on to be career criminals, but most got jobs or joined the Army. The guys continued to hang out together when they could. Mick took a job at a paper factory and would be leaving for the Army.

It was something of an honor, in my neighborhood to be seen with the “Cloverdale Gang”. Their were the more respectable types; the scholastics, the athletes, the more industrious ones, in Cloverdale, but I tended to gravitate to the hoods. There I was clutching the muscular arm of ‘The Kid’, as Mick was called, hanging around ‘Skeeter’, ‘Bones’, ‘Dirty Eddie’ and all the rest, along with their girlfriends.

I felt a little out of place. The girlfriends all knew me from the neighborhood and we’d all gone to school together, but now I was trying to fit into their tightknit little group. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Skeeter’s girlfriend, Rosie, helped a lot. Skeeter was tall and thin with blond hair and a quick smile. He was the comedian of the bunch and Rosie was funny too. We had been in a lot of classes together at school, and had always gotten along.

We all hung out, that night, in the parking lot of the local swimming pool, which was closed for the day. Bones had a cooler full of beer in his trunk. We stood around drinking beer out of the can, listening to the car radios, while the guys bragged and swapped lies and the girls gossiped and talked trash about other girls.

After a while we climbed into the cars and cruised the drive-in restaurants, looking for a drag race or a fight. When that failed we went up to ‘The Hill’ that overlooked our little town and parked. Parking in those days meant making out in cars, or more, if the guys got lucky.

Mick and I made out in his ’58 Buick. It was a totally new experience for me. I was accustomed to the soft, tender body and lips of my Annie. Even hugging and kissing Teddy didn’t prepare me for the touch and feel of a real man. Annie’s most aggressive Avrupa Yakası Escort approach didn’t compare to the firmness that was Mick.

He was hard and muscular. Even his face had muscles. His lips and tongue were stronger. There was a roughness to the texture of the skin on his face. He smelled of leather, even though he had removed his jacket, Aqua Velva , Brylcreem, cigarette smoke and beer. It was so exciting.

Mick was a good kisser, a little aggressive and rough, but passionate. I was in the mood for a little rough lovin’ that night, and I got more than I bargained for. Annie got a little rough some times, but she was just a girl.

After kissing for just a few minutes Mick had his hand on my breast. It felt good at first but he started coming on a bit strong, a little too rough. Soon he tried to put his hand up my blouse and I stopped him. Next he tried to slip his hand up my skirt and I had to stop that too. After all, it was just our first date. Mick got mad and took me home.

I went to my room knowing that Teddy wouldn’t be visiting me that night. I knew that he was sleeping over with our cousins, Phillip and Henry. I knew that the brothers would go fishing, early the next morning, as they did nearly every Sunday, and Teddy would stay behind, as he had done for so long. I knew that he would be alone with Annie. I forgot all about that as I caught a whiff of the smell that Mick had left on me. His leather, his after shave, his musk. I could still taste him on my tongue. I almost regretted pushing him away, but I had my self respect and I hoped that he would respect me as well.

I turned on my radio and let the events of the evening drift through my head as I got undressed. The first song I heard was “I Get Around” by the Beach Boys. I’d heard that in Mick’s car earlier, he had turned it up when it came on. Would that be ‘our song’ I wondered. No, not that one. It was still a cool coincidence.

It was such an exciting night, cruisin’ with the gang, feeling tough and cool, staring down the “clique chicks” in their boyfriend’s cars. I held my blouse to my face and inhaled a huge dose of Mick’s cool. I got hot all over and my pussy was getting wet.

I lit a single candle and slipped between the sheets, completely naked. I remembered being held by a real man, as I ran my fingers all over my body. I remembered how Mick had handled my breasts and I squeezed and kneaded them as roughly as I could. I gripped my hot little pussy with my other hand and pushed two finger inside, pretending it was one of Mick’s. I wanted so badly to feel Mick’s cock inside me and to know the love a real man.

I began to imagine my fingers were Mick’s big, hard cock, as I remembered kissing him. It was only a minute or two before I was cumming hard: shaking and sweating, hardly able to breath, barely able to pant out the sound, “Oh, Mick. Fuck me Mick!”

I trembled and shivered as my head swam. I was there, I was in Mick’s arms, I was cumming for him. I lay there, slowly regaining my senses, when the music from the radio seeped into my ear, “Will you still love me tomorrow?”

I fell asleep clutching a pillow, imagining I was with Mick. I woke up wishing that pillow was Annie. I missed her so much. I wondered if she was with Teddy. I pictured Teddy curled up next to Annie, pressing his hard dick into the crack of her butt, as he had done with me, so many times. I pictured her rolling over and kissing him. I watched in my minds eye as Annie took Teddy’s hard cock into her mouth. I wanted to watch my beautiful cousin suck my brother’s dick. I felt my pussy begin to tingle. I ran my fingers up and down my thigh as I imagined Teddy’s cock sliding in and out of Annie’s pretty mouth. I wanted to see him cum in her mouth. I slid my finger into my warm, wet twat, as I pictured Teddy’s dick twitch and throb as he unleashed a load of hot cum into Annie’s waiting mouth. At that moment I wanted Teddy to fuck her, but only if I could be there.

Suddenly, I came to my senses. I pulled my finger out of my pussy and held perfectly still. I hated myself for thinking such things. I wanted to hate them both, but I couldn’t. I kissed the tip of my finger, and thought of Annie. Her pussy smelled and tasted so much like mine. I sucked my finger into my mouth pretending it was Teddy’s cock and he had just removed it from Annie’s pussy. Damn it! I was doing it a gain. I couldn’t help but think that my little brother Bahçelievler Escort might be fucking our cousin, my lover, at that very moment. I would learn years later, that I wasn’t entirely wrong. I got up, got dressed and had breakfast alone.

As would turn out that, that Sunday would be a turning point for my brother and our cousin; my lover, our Annie.

The phone rang at about ten, it was Mick. He said the whole gang was going to Frenchman’s Dam and invited me to go along. I accepted. I put on my newest two piece bathing suit, with a pair of shorts and a little top over it all and waited on the porch for him.

Mick showed up in his Buick, with Skeeter and Rosie in the back seat. I jumped into the shotgun seat and we were off. We met the rest of the gang at the dam and had a blast, swimming, drinking beer and necking. Mick took me home at around six and I told him he could call me later. I took a bath and fell asleep early.

The next few days were a little strange. Teddy seemed to be avoiding me and I was avoiding Mick. I kept hoping Annie would call me and I kept trying to work up the nerve to call her. Finally, on Wednesday after noon, Annie called me. “Hey, stranger,” she said, “How ya been?”

“I’ve been OK,” I said, “How ’bout you?”

“I’ve been a little lonely myself.”

“Is that right?” I said. I didn’t believe her at all. She’d had my Teddy all to herself on Sunday. God only knows what went on. And besides, Annie wasn’t one to be lonely. She could always find someone to keep her company.

“Yeah,” she said, “I’ve been real lonely. Why don’t you come over and see me.”


“Right now!”

My heart leaped. I forgave her all her sins, real and imagined. I could hardly wait to see my Annie again. “I’m on my way.”

“Let yourself in and come to my room. I’ll be waiting for you.” She hung up the phone.

I was so excited I began to tremble. I wanted to bathe and put on something special. I wanted to wear some new perfume and impress her, but I just threw on some clothes and hurried on over.

I found Annie in her room, standing in the corner, wearing a new pair on blue jeans and a tight t-shirt. Her hair was pulled back so tightly that it looked as though she had very little hair at all. She held an unlit cigarette between her lips and she had a very hard look on her face.

“Hi honey,” she said, “You must be Leslie. I’m Rick.”

Annie was into one of her role playing games. She would sometimes pretend to be a different person, and would often give me a different name as well. It could be fun to pretend I was kissing a girl named Debbie and that I was Brenda or whatever. But it seems that day I was Leslie and she was to be Rick.

“Hi Rick,” I said, somewhat timidly.

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” Rick said, “I’m glad to hear that you like guys now. You do like guys don’t you?’

“I like guys.”

“Good,” said Rick as he took the cigarette from his lips and cast it on the floor. He walked toward me, like a guy would walk. It wasn’t what I was anticipating, but I was getting very excited. As Rick walked toward me, I noticed a bulge in his jeans. Could it be that he had a cock in there?

Rick stepped up to me and placed his hand behind my neck. He pulled me forward and pressed his lips to mine. It was forceful and strong, but it was obviously a girl, it was my Annie, and I loved it. It was my Annie playing rough. She forced her tongue into my mouth as violently as she ever had. She was firm, but she was still Annie. I loved it. I submitted and let ‘Rick’ have his way with me.

Rick kissed me forcefully, as he groped my body, fondling my breast, squeezing the cheeks of my ass and finally pressing his hand against my pussy. When Rick touched me there, I had to stop him, saying, “Stop, Rick! I hardly know you.”

“You know you like it, baby.” I knew I did, but I couldn’t admit it.

“Stop it Rick!” I had to say.

Rick took my blouse in both hands and ripped it open, popping every button. He took my breasts in his hands and squeezed them. “Don’t tell me you don’t like this,” he said.

I couldn’t tell him that because I did like it. He tore off my blouse, and took my left nipple into his mouth. My knees got weak and I struggled to stay on my feet as he sucked my titty. He stood up after a minute and stepped back.

Rick undid his jeans and let them fall to the floor, revealing a massive, false penis Bahçeşehir Escort strapped to his body. It was large and pink, but not as huge as the two headed one that Annie had fucked me with a week or so before. I pretended that it was Mick’s and I couldn’t wait to have it inside me.

“Suck my dick, Baby!” she commanded. I never hesitated. I wanted to make my Annie happy, and I wanted to fulfil my own fantasy. I fell to my knees and wrapped my lips around Rick’s rubber cock. It smelled and tasted like a new baby-doll. There was nothing human or exciting about it, but I sucked it as I thought Mick would like to be sucked. I tried to get passionate about it, but I was failing.

Rick snatched me up by the hair of my head and kissed me with a fierce passion. “I’m gonna fuck you, Baby. You want my dick, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah, Rick. Fuck me!”

Rick pulled me to the bed, turned me to face away from him and bent me over. He licked his fingers and got them really wet, then ran them across the tip of his hard rubber dick. He took his big ol’ dick and slid it up and down the crack of my butt. My juices began to flow as I wondered if he was going to shove that thing in my ass hole. I almost wanted him to, but I really wanted it in my pussy. What I really wanted was to make sweet, passionate love to my Annie, but if it was going to be Rick’s cock I wanted it in my pussy. That is what I got.

Rick pushed the head of his big dick against my hot, wet slit and I spread my feet apart and parted the lips of my twat with my fingers. That big thing slid right in. It was big, but not as big as the last thing Annie had put in me. That big two headed thing had really hurt, but it had stretched my pussy and made this new dick a bit easier to take. The new one still hurt a little, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Annie had taught me to enjoy a little pain. I don’t know if I love her for that, or hate her. I’m only glad that she wasn’t a true Sadist, for if she were , I would have been masochist. I would have done anything to please her in those days.

Rick slowly pushed his big, rubber cock into my dripping, hot pussy until I could feel his skin, his pubic hair and that strap against my ass. He pushed as hard as he could and held there for a while. He wrapped his fingers in my hair and pulled back until I let out a slight whimper. He slowly pulled back and I shivered. “Fuck me, Rick,” I whispered. He drove it all the way in, a little faster, pushing his body against my bare butt again. He pulled back once more, and I said, “Fuck me Rick.” He rammed that thing all the way in and slapped his body against my ass, again and again and again. “Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Fuck me Rick. Fuck me,” I grunted, over and over.

I felt my temperature rising, my skin began to tingle and my knees got weak again. Just a few more stokes and I would be there. “Oh, yes. Fuck me Mick. Make me cum, Mick. Make me cum!” Rick stopped cold, and pulled that thing of his out of me.

He slapped my ass, hard and asked, “Did you forget who was fucking you, little girl?” I stayed right where I was and struggled to catch my breath.

Slowly I stood, turned and look ‘Rick’ in the eye. I had never seen my Annie in such a way. She looked as beautiful as ever, but so different. She didn’t often wear her hair pulled back and from directly in front of her, she seemed to have very little hair at all. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt, naked from the waist down, with the exception of that thing strapped to her. “I guess I did,” I told her. “There is somebody else I rather be fucking right now.”

I stepped to her, grabbed her head in my hands, pulled her to me and kissed her forcefully. “I like the way you fuck me,” I said. “But I’m in love with a chick.” I forced my hand between her thighs and pressed hard against her hot, wet pussy. “What I really want right now, is to go to bed with her.”

Annie stripped off her t-shirt and threw me to the bed. She ripped that strap-on thing off and tossed it aside. She practically dove on me. Soon we were wriggling and writhing together; wrestling and grappling like we did as little girls. I found my head between Annie’s thighs and buried my face in her pussy. The smell and taste of her drove me wild. I licked and lapped at her twat with a passionate hunger.

I felt Annie’s lips on my twat and I began to tremble. She finished what ‘Rick’ had started in just minutes. I came so hard that my head began to swim. I nearly fainted, but I never missed a beat as I ate my Annie’s pussy. It wasn’t long before she was cumming for me; all over me.

I gathered my strength and crawled up to kiss my lover, my cousin. I kissed her between gasps and collapsed. Annie wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. “You’re the only one I love, Annie,” I whispered, “It’s only you.”

Annie just lay thee, breathing hard and holding me tight.

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