Whose Hands

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Big Tits

This is a short, real life-ish story where a friend has fun with a couple. It’s the sort of drawn out tension that gets me off, so I hope you enjoy it. There’s a little bit of non-consent/reluctance here, but my intent is for it to be mild and only due to some confusion and not unwillingness between participants.

“Hey Babe? Do you still have that air mattress in your closet?”

Eric was changing into some lightweight shorts in his closet when he heard the question from his girlfriend, Tara. He shouted back towards the other room, “Uhhh…Yeah, looks like it’s still in here. Why?”

“You remember that girl Katie?”

Eric came up blank, “No, I don’t think so.”

“Yeah, I didn’t figure…you only met her once. Anyways, she’s Tiff’s friend and she needs a place to stay for a few nights.”

Eric hopped out of the closet on one leg, his foot finally broke free from the elastic material and he was able to pull the shorts up to the correct position. He made his way into the living room and plopped down on the couch beside Tara. “Tiff doesn’t have room for her friend?”

“She’s got an extra room or two, but she said they were packed full of crap.”

Eric raised an eyebrow, “Didn’t she just brag online about ‘spring cleaning’ and finally having a clean house?”

Tara snorted, “Yeah, she donated like four shirts and a pair of shoes.”

“That sounds about right. Is this girl coming over tonight? It’s already nine.”

“Yes, and it’s Katie. She’ll be here anytime. Will you go ahead and blow it up?”

He sighed and hefted himself back off the couch. Eric grabbed the mattress from the closet and opened up the spare bedroom. He raised his voice again, “Our extra room isn’t much better I guess.” He stacked a few boxes, and slid them away to make room for the mattress. In short order he unrolled the thing and plugged in the cord to the pump, turning it on.

The doorbell rang at about the same time and he could faintly hear the girl’s greetings, but their murmurs were quickly drowned out by the hum of the little motor.

He twisted the air release closed and rolled up the extension cord and was almost to the door, when it swung in and bumped him. He dodged back but was stopped by some boxes as Katie entered. She had a mass of clothes and bags in her arms and was struggling to get inside with them. She had bumped the door open with her butt, a plump little thing, and was backing inside the room. Katie dropped as many items as she carried, the door frame scraping several of them out of her hands. Eric was a little dumbfounded by the stumbling mess in front of him, and was slow to realize she was about to collide with him. He cleared his throat just in time for her outthrust bottom to bump against him. “Whoa!” She spun, dropping the rest of her pile.

“Shit! You scared me! Sorry!”

Eric repeated “Sorry,” back to her and knelt to help her pick up, but paused when he realized the first thing between his fingers was the tiny string of a neon green thong. He flung it back down and looked up to see if Katie had seen…she hadn’t…only to have Tara standing in the door with a big awkward grin on her face. Eric’s face heated, and that grin turned into puffed up cheeks like she was about to burst. It was going to be a while before he lived this one down.

Eric was still relieved Tara was there, though, and it gave him an out when she began helping Katie sort. He quickly vacated the room and shut the door behind him. Eric sat back down to watch TV while the girls did whatever they were doing in the bedroom. There was an occasional gasp or giggle that drew his attention, but nothing out of the ordinary. About an hour later, they emerged from the bedroom wearing different clothes. Tara had on a long shirt, and probably only a shirt, while Katie was wearing some loose sweats and a short, cut-off top that showed off her stomach.

“I’m going to get us some ice cream.” Tara said excitedly, sliding into the kitchen on her sock-covered feet. Katie sat down cross-legged opposite of Eric on the sectional and raised an eyebrow at the TV. “Whatcha watching?”

Eric nodded at the guy on screen, “That’s Mike, and he’s an alien detective.”

“So he investigates aliens?”

“No, he’s the alien. He inves-“

Tara glided back into the room, handed Katie a bowl, and looked to Eric while hurrying back to the kitchen. “Would you like some, Love?”

“No, thanks. I’m good”

Tara was standing back at the fridge, putting the ice cream away and giggled to herself before speaking back up, “Would you prefer some Greeeen sherbert?”

Eric nearly choked, “I-uh…actually I think I’m going to let you girls play and I’m going to go get on the laptop in the bedroom.”

She grinned wildly as he fled, with Katie puzzledly looking between the two.

“We’re not going to keep you up are we?” Katie asked.

“Nah, nothing bothers him.”

Eric rounded the corner into the bedroom, but Katie continued, “Oh me neither, I pa-ass out at night. Nothing can wake me once I’m asleep.”


“Nope, no-” Katie faded out when Eric shut the door to the eskort gaziantep bedroom.

A while later, cool air and rustling sheets announced Tara coming to bed, and she nestled up close. He put away the laptop earlier, but wasn’t quite asleep, and could see her dimly by the hall light shining under the door.

Tara smiled, “Hey there, baby.”

Eric grinned back at her, “Hi, leaving the light on?”

“Yeah, I thought she might need to find the restroom at some point.”

She planted a kiss on his lips and Eric narrowed his eyes on her, “And did you find some alcohol after I came to bed?”

“Maaaybe…I might have found something else too.”

He cocked an eyebrow at her mischievous tone and let her take his hand. She brought it to her mouth, running his fingers across her lips, and dragging a moist trail over her chin. She lingered with them on her neck, softly stroked her collarbone, and made quick circles around one of her nipples. The little nub rose to meet his finger, making her giggle.

Tara stared intently at him when his fingers reached the bottom of her shirt. She gave his hand a little tug, and Eric lifted the night shirt up and over her head. Temperatures rising, Tara pushed Eric’s hands back down, taking the blankets with them. Their eyes followed his hands, and when they reached below her stomach, he was surprised to see more than skin. He stared in confusion until he registered the bright green thong she was wearing. Tara burst into laughter.

“What the heck!?” Uncertainty was clear in Eric’s voice.

She pushed his hand down between her thighs and grinned at him,”Do they feel better on or off?” His fingers glided along the soft material over her mound and she giggled some more.

“Does she know you have these?” Eric was suddenly whispering as quietly as possible.

“Your face is too much!” Tara was trying to laugh quietly, but had tears in her eyes.

She caught her breath after a moment and nipped at his ear. “She has no idea, but I couldn’t let this chance go after catching you earlier.” Her voice was husky, filled with desire.

Eric’s fingers were pressing the material firmly between her already moist lips as he probed, “She’s not goin-” Tara’s tongue dove into his mouth and she kissed him deeply. She brought her legs up and rolled on top, trapping his raised thigh between hers, and grinded against it. Eric brought his hands around and grabbed her ass, squeezing and spreading her. Her grinding turned into a single, slow movement as her cheeks spread and she savored the feeling. Eric pictured the tiny string between her cheeks, and his fingers followed it down her backside until she let out a little gasp. “Again,” Tara breathed, and this time he lingered over her dirty little hole. She growled into his ear, and pushed back against his finger.

There was a sudden creak and they both froze. A short moment later there was another creak.

Tara’s eyes went wide and she yanked her shirt on before not-so-calmly running to the door.”

“It wasn’t closed all the way?” He started, but she shushed him and stepped out into the hallway.

After a moment he heard a few murmurs. A long minute passed before Tara returned with Katie in tow.

“What’s up?”

“The air mattress went flat, babe. She was trying to get set up on the couch, but I told her she can just sleep with us tonight. We’ll get things sorted later.”

“Damn, I’m sorry…I’ll get it patched up tomorrow”

Katie didn’t say anything, but didn’t protest either while climbing into the bed behind Tara. Eric tried his best not to notice Katie was no longer wearing the sweat pants. Tara snuggled back up against his chest, and Katie was somewhere behind her. With the mood back in check, it wasn’t long before Eric fell asleep.

Eric woke up to fingers tracing along his abs. His stomach was always a bit ticklish, and he wondered what game Tara was trying to play. The hand moved up and cupped a pec before diving down to the end of his shorts. The caress began on his thigh but worked its way up underneath until she was brushing against his member. A single finger traced the length of him, and his breath caught. The fingers retreated in a rush, and the sudden movement sent his adrenaline pumping. Something about the movement was wrong, and Tara’s breathing was a little too steady.

Eric opened his eyes to take a look. A soft glow still dimly lit the room, and his eyes were a little better adjusted to the darkness now. He could see Tara facing him with her eyes closed, and her loosely hanging shirt displayed ample cleavage. Katie was cuddled up close behind her, and the covers were pushed down low on the bed. Nothing moved, though, and he couldn’t confirm the hand’s origin.

Whatever was happening had stopped. He decided he would have to wait and ask Tara about it in the morning.

Eric was almost back asleep when Tara shifted, then shifted some more. He would have thought it nothing, but something was tugging at his attention. He listened for a minute or so before he realized that her breathing was a little gaziantep eskort bayan quick, a little loud. And then he heard the soft slick sound.

Eric’s eyes shot open, but Tara was lying there with her eyes closed. She was unmoving, but there was motion behind her. The slick, rhythmic noise was gaining speed and Tara’s breathing becoming more erratic.

The movement near his groin was unmistakable now, Katie was taking advantage of his sleeping girlfriend. Eric had to stop her immediately. He reached out and firmly took hold of Katie’s wet hand. It froze in place, and for a moment everything was quiet. Tara’s soft murmur broke the silence, “Mmm, don’t stop.”

“Shhh,” Katie whispered in Tara’s ear, flashing a grin at Eric.

Eric was shook. Tara knew it was Katie all along? She cheated on him right there in the same bed?

Katie’s hand slowly began moving again and Tara’s pleasured breath made him release it. This wasn’t really happening, was it? No…Tara would never do something like this. This was all wrong.

Mind spinning, Eric did the only thing he knew to do in the moment and pulled Tara’s head in for a kiss. The hand between her legs retreated and his hand took its place. Tara’s kiss became more confident until he grabbed her ass, pulling the thong aside and moving his hips forward, positioning himself to enter her wet folds.

“What are you doing?” She whispered.

Full of confusion and lust, “I need you,” was all he could manage before thrusting the tip inside. Tara didn’t resist, she just moaned and pushed her head into his chest, lifting her leg slightly to give him better access.

“You’re going to wake her.”

Wake her? Shit! Now Eric didn’t know what to believe. Did she know it was Katie or not? He thought she knew and was reeling over his relationship, but if she didn’t know, he needed to tell her she had just been molested. He started to speak, “She…She-” but realized it was impossible to tell her now. He pictured it, “She was molesting you so I decided to fuck you.” Tara was looking right at him, waiting for his response.

“She said nothing can wake her up.”

She smiled, “She’s right up against me, there’s no way.”

He thrust in slowly again and Tara put her head on his shoulder, warm breath on his neck. Behind her, Eric could see Katie’s head raised, watching. He thrust again, and Tara kissed his neck. Katie’s mouth turned up in a smile. Again, and Tara nipped at his shoulder with a soft moan. Katie’s smile was all teeth. Again, and Tara grinded into him…Eric’s hand on her ass was rubbing against Katie’s thigh. Tara was panting, soaking wet, and biting him to suppress her moans, but with little success.

Trying to move slow enough to keep Katie asleep was the only reason they hadn’t both exploded already. “Sleeping” Katie’s wide, lust-filled eyes were still staring directly into Eric’s. Tara had never felt better to him, but he was seething over what Katie had done, and what she was still doing. He wanted to reach out and squeeze her. He wanted to shake her, and he nearly yelped when her hand grabbed his balls. She massaged him gently while Tara struggled to keep humping him. Katie gave them a tug, and he did yelp then. Her smile was predatory.

Tara froze at the noise and everyone held their breath. Katie didn’t move, but kept smiling. Tara started to turn her head but Eric brought the free hand from underneath her up and buried her face back into his neck.

The soft fingers on his sack were caressing small circles. They took a gentle hold and the massage began again.Tara’s hips were rolling again, too, gyrating in sync to the squeezing hands.

Tara’s heavy panting signaled she was nearly finished. Katie disappeared behind her, and Eric sighed in relief. Maybe this craziness was about to be over. Tara brought her lips back up to his and kissed him hard, “I’m there, baby. Make me cum.”

Eric managed to thrust one hard thrust before a groan was heard behind Tara and they both froze again. Pain flared in Eric’s lip as Tara’s teeth dug in, and he was sure she drew blood. Hair tickled the back of Eric’s hand. A moment later soft flesh pushed hard against it, Katie rolled over and placed her thigh across Tara’s, wriggling until Eric’s pinned hand was between her legs. An arm came around and took a grip of Tara’s half exposed chest and Katie nestled her face on the back of Tara’s neck, directly over Eric’s other hand. Katie’s lips smacked a few times before she came to rest.

A few moments passed before Tara giggled into Eric’s mouth, Her eyes were wide and Eric could barely hear her whisper, “Seriously?…I’m so fucking close”

“Looks like we’re stuck now”

“Nooo…I can’t stop now, babe” She whimpered.

She giggled again, “She has my tit.”

Eric wanted to laugh at the situation but he was still unsure how to feel, he was still angry at Katie, and upset with himself.

Her eyes were pleading, “Use your hand”

“Both trapped,” he frowned.

That was putting it very mildly, one hand was drenched between Katie’s thighs and the gaziantep eskort other had her tongue flicking back and forth across it. The strokes felt deliberate and he imagined she was writing taunting words with her saliva.

Tara’s pout subsided and her gaze turned into something of cold determination. Eric’s eyes grew big when her hips rocked, less from her boldness and more from his knuckles sliding between Katie’s lower lips. The tongue stopped moving, replaced by Katie’s shuddery breath. Tara took his surprise as confirmation, and was steadily rocking her hips. He felt Katie start mimicking the motion. He tried to stop her, hold her steady, do anything, with his hand, but trying to move it only made things worse as his fingers inadvertently explored more of her.

Grabbing Katie’s thigh only gave her something solid to grind on, and when Eric furiously pushed at her, his fingers slid easily inside her slippery hole. Katie’s body tensed at the sudden intrusion, trapping his fingers inside. Her wet noises only mixed with the others, and heated Tara’s desire, who was humping in earnest now to finish, with no regard for the “sleeping” friend behind her. Eric’s fingers pumped Katie with every bounce of Tara’s ass, and Katie bit down on his other hand to dampen her moans.

Tara growled into Eric’s mouth in another deep kiss, “Fuuuck, I’m going to cum baby!”

He felt Katie shudder on his hand when Tara spoke, and Tara’s body convulsed an instant later. Tara groaned aloud in ecstasy, but Katie’s soft whimper filled Eric’s ears.

Tara kissed Eric on his cheeks and lips in quick succession, radiating a beautiful smile. She turned and looked at the stilled Katie for a second before throwing a hug around Eric. “I guess she wasn’t lying, she’s still knocked out.” She rolled herself off the bed and stretched, “If she can sleep through that, I might as well shower…and wash this thong, it’s a mess.”

The moment Tara’s undulating hips left the room, Katie rolled to look at him. Eric’s brow wrinkled up in anger, “Just what the fuck are you trying to do here?”

“I did a lot more than I hoped for. Thanks.” She smiled.

Eric raised up, looking down on her. “You think this is funny? You molested my girlfriend. I should put your head through the wall.”

“Calm down, everyone had a good time.”

“Good time? Are you kidding me?” He took her wrist and pulled her upright. “This is serious.”

Her brow furrowed, “I can tell, you’re hurting my wrist.”

“How do you think she would feel if she knew where your hand had been?”

She grinned and made a squeezing motion with her fingers, “Probably aroused, and maybe a little jealous.”

Eric was put back. He meant Katie’s hand was touching Tara, but Katie wasn’t wrong in her taunt. Cornered, he had let her touch him, and he had touched her, too.

“Don’t change the subject, we’re talking about Tara.”

“She’s fine. She’s out there glowing..and probably ready for round two.”

Katie’s lips turned up, and Eric flung her arm away in frustration. She was tossed back down on the bed and let out a little excited squeal.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?” She teased. She was flat on her belly, and turned to watch the hallway with her arms underneath her chin. Her bare back glistened with sweat. When had she removed all her clothes? The shower was running in the bathroom and Tara hummed a happy tune.

Eric fumbled for words, fumbled for actions. He was angry at this stupid, cocky girl on his bed. He wanted to protect Tara, but he felt frozen. He was to blame for much of this, too. His eyes drilled into her back, thoughts lost in his frustrated mind. Katie lazily kicked her legs, and hummed along with Tara’s shower tune. One curvy cheek flexed, and then the other, in a hypnotic movement of bare flesh. Eric’s eyes had lowered from her back at some point, and only her pause brought him back to reality. Katie’s body flushed red under the pressure of his eyes, but her confident smile returned.

One thought broke through when all the others failed. He wanted Katie to know how Tara must have felt. He wanted to get back at her for her games. He wanted her to feel that pain. Eric straddled her. She tried to turn, “What ar-” but Eric put a hand firm against her back. With the other, he lined himself up and pushed. She was still dripping wet, and his hips rode hard against her plump cheeks.

“Oh fuck!” She jerked away but he took hold of her hip with his other hand and yanked her back to him. “Wait” she squawked, but his mind was set.

Eric leaned forward, laying his weight on her and moved the hand on her back up to her head.

She opened her mouth to speak, “Hold o-” but he tangled his hand in her hair and pushed her face into the pillow. He thrusted hard and fast and she gasped into the pillow with every push. Now she would understand, Eric thought, pumping her tight hole as fast as his muscles would allow. He tried to force all that violation and humiliation upon her, and he could feel her whole body writhing beneath him, but she wasn’t resisting. Her ass was bouncing back and matching every thrust. Her panting and moaning was full of want. His anger flared and he yanked her hair, snapping her head back. Her loud yelps filled the room, in sync with the slapping of his hips against her backside. “Don’t you get it?” He barked, but all Katie could manage through his continued pounding, was an ecstatic “Fuuu..uuuh..uuuh..uuck!”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32