Wife Controls My First Bi Experience

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Ass Hot

First, let me thank “HeyAll” who functioned as my “volunteer editor” on this story. His assistance was invaluable to the process and to the content itself. I thank you, sir!


Approximately two weeks ago I placed a notice in the Literotica Personals. My “Profile” read as follows:


I am a 65-year-old man and have been straight my entire life except for some minor experimentation in college. I’m just to the point that I would like to know what man/man sex feels like. I’m not looking for a relationship as I am very happily married. In fact, my wife will hopefully decide to watch or even call some of the action between us. Personally, I would prefer that. She is totally aware of this posting.

I’m not sure I can do anal, but maybe that depends on the person and circumstances. I want to give and receive oral at a minimum and see where it naturally goes from there.

I’m not sure of the quality I can give at the start, but I am willing to learn the “art” and be taught.

We thought we might first meet for a drink or dinner, then proceed to our hotel room if we are all in agreement to go forward. This should be fun and hot, and I intend to make sure it is.

My Ideal Person: Experienced bisexual or gay male who is attracted to older professional, retired guys. He is patient, has wit and can enjoy teaching the art of man/man sexual pleasures.”

Well, to our great surprise we got about eight replies over the next two weeks. While some were suspect, most seemed genuine and had good ratings from others. We independently picked out the same man, Steve, who seemed like a nice guy and someone you might enjoy spending time with. He lived just outside of Austin.

We contacted him through the site and told him we would be in Austin for an upcoming weekend and wanted to get together for a couple of drinks and maybe more if we all agreed after having those drinks. So, we decided to meet in the Four Seasons bar on Friday at 6:00 PM. We would have a few drinks and get to know each other.

We checked into the hotel early and went down to the bar early about 5:30 PM and picked out a table in a more dimly lit area where we would have more privacy.

I was nervous as hell and wasn’t sure I even wanted to go through with this. A fantasy is one thing but making it a reality wasn’t something I was so sure about. However, something kept pushing me to the next step. Well, at 6:00 PM on the dot Steve walks in, sees us and recognizes us from the descriptions we had given him earlier.

Steve sits down, orders a drink and we order our second. He compliments us on giving honest descriptions (so far, at least) and we give some sketchy info about ourselves and our backgrounds. He seems very easygoing and likable. After talking for 30 minutes or so, I nod to Carol (our predetermined signal for her to head to the restroom), and she announces that she will be right back.

While she is gone, I explain to Steve that my nod and her “leaving” for the restroom means that we both want to go forward assuming he agrees, of course. While Carol is gone, she is deciding whether she wants to participate sexually tonight or just watch and maybe direct some of the action between the two of us. We will know her wishes by her actions when she gets back. She is taking off her panties, and when she comes back, they will be balled up in her fist.

I explain to Steve that if she gives her panties to him, it means she wants to actively participate sexually in the night’s activities — which may mean that she just wants you to use her vibrator on her, or she may let you pleasure her orally or even want full-blown intercourse. Or, in layman’s terms make her cum, eat her pussy or fuck her! She will let you know step by step how far she wants to take it.

If, on the other hand, she gives her panties to me, it means she wants just to watch and possibly direct some of the action between us. Maltepe Öğrenci Escort Either way, I tell him, I’ll make sure he gets her panties as his souvenir of the night. That generates a big smile from him.

Carol, after what seems a very long time, but probably was only 5 minutes or so, comes back to the table. We can see she does have something in her fist, but no one would guess it’s her panties! She sits down and gives them to ME, then goes on to explain that she would just be more comfortable watching this time, but she warns that she would like to be in control of the action between Steve and me and that she has given some advance thought to this subject! She asks Steve if he is comfortable with her calling the action tonight, and if he will do as she directs and, of course, he says YES! (I have never seen her want to be this in “control” of our sex activity. I’m usually the one making the requests.)

We order one last round before heading up to the room, and we start talking about Austin and how it is changing, etc. etc. trying to deflect our real thoughts! Then, we make a toast to making new friends and to fun things to come that night.

Then out of the blue Carol takes my hand under the table where no one can see and puts it on Steve’s upper thigh. Then, in a low voice, she says “Now, move your hand to Steve’s crotch and tell me if his dick is hard yet!

Then she tells Steve to do the same to me. Surprisingly, we each tell her that they are hard as rocks! She tells us to rub those dicks for a minute through our pants to make sure they are hard, but “DO NOT CUM.”

After a minute or two of rubbing, she announces that we seem ready to go to the room. Carol and I finish our drinks and tell Steve that we’ll go first and get things ready. Carol tells him that he is to give us exactly 10 minutes then come up and knock on our door.

On the way up the elevator, Carol notices my hand is shaking and asks me if I’m sure I want to go through with this. She reminds me I can still say “No” to the whole thing or any part of it even if I decide to go through with it.

“No, we have come this far, ” I said. “And I want to go through with it, even if it is just a one-time event in my life!”

She asks me if I mind if she just watches tonight but directs all the action. I say “no, but it might be nice if you got naked at some point like Steve and me.” She says she’ll think about it!

Once we’re in the room, I make myself a scotch and water, and she tells me to keep my clothes on but to sit on the couch. Then she asks me very firmly, “WILL YOU DO EVERYTHING EXACTLY AS AND WHEN I DIRECT YOU TO?” If so, repeat this back to me exactly, “YES, I WILL DO EVERYTHING EXACTLY AS AND WHEN YOU DIRECT ME TOO”!

I repeat this as instructed, and then there is a knock on our door. Carol opens the door and lets Steve in. She then proceeds to offer him a glass of wine or a drink of the bourbon or scotch that we had brought with us. He says yes to the glass of wine, and she pours one and hands it to him.

She tells him that she is going to direct ALL the action between him and her husband and asks if he is agreeable to that. (She is acting like I’m not sitting right there).

He says sure, but he hopes she will get so turned by the action that she will want to join in. She tells Steve that joining in tonight is very unlikely.

She then says, “Steve, are you prepared to do EVERYTHING EXACTLY AS AND WHEN I DIRECT YOU TO?” They discuss that he always has the right to say, “NO” to any act that he doesn’t want to perform, but absent that he says “Yeah, sure I will give you control of the action.” She says, “no, that’s not good enough, I want a firm YES, I WILL DO EVERYTHING EXACTLY AS AND WHEN YOU DIRECT ME TOO”! He repeats it exactly as instructed, and from that moment on, we are both under Carol’s complete control.

And so, the night I have fantasized about so many times Maltepe Çıtır Escort begins for real! Carol tells Steve to go over to the couch where I am sitting and sit down. I want to see you make out for a while and get your juices flowing. Kiss and fondle each other like a couple of teenagers in heat before we move on.

After a few minutes, she says, “Bill, rub his dick through his pants and make sure he is totally hard.” “Tell Steve what you think of his dick based on what you feel.” I do as told and tell Steve his dick feels nice and thick and long.

I keep rubbing his hard dick until I can feel him throbbing through his underwear and pants.

Carol then says, “Bill, tell him what YOU WANT to do to his dick.”

“Steve, while Bill describes what he would like to do to you, take off your pants, but keep your underwear on. Then I want you to tell him what YOU WANT him to do to your dick!”

For my part, I tell Steve I want to suck that beautiful dick and before the night is over “make you explode in my mouth and give me the biggest load of cum you have ever shot” (figured why hold back now!).

Steve starts to tell me that he wants me to do just that and suck his dick for all it’s worth.

Carol interrupts and says, “No, Steve, I want you to describe specifically what you want, where you want him to lick. Now tell him exactly how you like your dick sucked. Then tell him how you rub your dick when you jack off. You do jack off, don’t you Steve?

Steve says, “Sure I jack off. Everybody does”.

Carol then goes on to say:

?”Tell Bill how often you jack off thinking about someone like him sucking that dick.

?Do you jack off every day?

?Where? In the shower? In bed?”

oSteve tells us he jacks off almost every day, mostly in the shower, and his favorite fantasy is getting his dick sucked by a man, sometimes by both a man and a woman.

?Carol keeps on, “Do you eat that good cum, Steve?”

o”I swallow it about half the time,” he says. I like the taste of my cum.”

?”Do you use toys, Steve?”

oSteve says he uses a fake dick most of the time which always makes him cum hard.

?”Now tell Bill exactly how you like it? What makes you ALMOST cum? BUT DO NOT CUM YET!!” (Steve is getting hotter now that he has been asked all these questions that he has never, ever answered out loud before in his life. He starts telling us the answers while his underwear has a growing wet spot from his excitement and my rubbing.)

?”Bill, suck that wet spot that I see on Steve’s underwear. We mustn’t let any of that wonderful precum go to waste.”

After a couple of minutes, Carol says, “Ok, Bill, your turn to tell Steve a few things about you, but first take Steve’s dick out, bend over at the waist and with the tip of your tongue lick up that precum that is oozing out of his dick. That’s it, stick your tongue in that slit”.

After 10 minutes or so of me just licking the head of Steve’s dick, and swallowing a fair amount of precum in the process, Carol tells us to take our remaining clothes off.

“Bill, while you are taking your clothes off, and leave your underwear on, by the way, I want you to answer each of the questions Steve just did, and I want the absolute TRUTH!

?Tell Steve how often you jack off thinking about someone like him sucking your dick.”

oI tell him it’s been one of my favorite fantasies, especially for the last couple of years.

?Carol then says, “Tell him a little about the kind of porn you watch while jacking off. (She knows I watch gay porn, either masturbation videos or long dick sucking ones.)

?”Do you jack off every day, Bill? Where? In the shower? In bed? In your closet?

?Have you ever jacked off in some other room of our house?”

oI tell Steve it’s more like every other day, usually in the shower, in bed or while sitting on the toilet watching Maltepe Elit Escort a hot video.

oI say, “yeah, I have jacked off in other rooms, like the living room and maybe the Media Room on the rare occasion I watch a Porn movie up there.”

?Carol says, “What do you use when you jack off? Have you ever used a dildo like Steve did and fucked your ass with it?

?Do you always eat your cum, too? I know you like it, don’t you, because you always want me to feed it to you. Now, tell him the truth here.”

oI say, “yes, I have used a dildo, but I haven’t found one that really fits or feels great yet. They are either too big or are hard to get in. I haven’t had much luck yet. I want Carol to use a “strap-on” with me, but she is resisting that one. As far as eating my cum goes, I have tried in the last year or two, but when I start to cum, I chicken out, maybe half the time. It has to be the first couple spurts, and then I like it and am glad I did it.

?Carol asks, “What makes you ALMOST cum? BUT DO NOT CUM YET!!”

oI say “a finger in my ass rubbing my prostate will do it for me, but that is very hard to do by yourself.” Steve agrees!

“OK, once your clothes are off, I want you to stand facing each other. Bill, pull Steve’s dick out of his underwear at the bottom and do the same to yours. Now, take his dick and press it against your own and very slowly put them together and jack them off as one. Yes, rub that precum over both dicks. Ooh, that’s hot looking. Steve, gently play with Bill’s nipples while he is rubbing your dick. Remember, DO NOT CUM!”

After about 5 minutes of this, Carol says “OK, let’s get on the bed and lay down on your sides opposite each other in a 69 position. Now you get to do what you have been fantasizing about, Bill. Suck that dick just like you have imagined. Lick it up and down. Take what you can in your mouth. I want to see you taking that precum in and swallowing it. How does Steve taste? Steve, how about Bill?”

I say, “he is delicious, and he can sure produce the pre-cum.”

He says, “You’re not so bad yourself there, buddy. This is super hot! I have never had anybody call the action like this before.”

Carol goes on, “Steve, teach and show Bill how to properly suck a man’s dick. What about his balls? Do all men like them rubbed and sucked? How rough should it be?”

After several minutes, Carol asks, “Shall we take a little break at this point and have another drink or keep on going?”

I say I could use a break as my jaw is starting to hurt a little.

Carol says, “OK, but first I want each of you to grab one of the cock rings on the nightstand and put it on. I want to see those nice hard dicks stay that way. Go ahead and play with yourself for me if you need to to stay hard. Let’s go back to the living room and sit down”.

(After we all move back to the bedroom)

Carol begins, “There is some lube on the bedside table, Steve, why don’t you spread some of that on Bill’s ass when you’re ready?

“Bill, lay on your stomach and give Steve access to your ass.”

“Steve, I want you to massage Bill’s ass now and after a few minutes, put one finger in his ass to start to open him up. After a few minutes of getting some lube up there, move on to two fingers. Then try using that vibrator there on the nightstand but put a condom on it first. Bill can show you how it works. Ok, once Bill gets that in his ass, Steve, then I think he’s ready for you next. Get your dick good and hard, put on one of those condoms and insert it in his ass. Go slow at first until he is used to you. After he is used to you, you can fuck him for all your worth! Just go for it.”

“Bill, are you ready for this? Do you want Steve to fuck you now in your ass?”

I say “Yes, I’m ready.”

Carol says, “Then tell Steve how much you want him to fuck you!”

I say, “Steve, please, man, go slow, but fuck my ass right now.”

“Alright, I’m going to be quiet for a while now and just watch you two enjoy each other.”

Alright, this is where my fantasy ends for now. Based on the reaction I get, and if there are enough others that enjoy this type of story, I may be encouraged to write more on this topic. I hope you enjoy it!

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