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Oh, I shouldn’t be doing this…but here I was, naked, kneeling in a hotel room with a guy I had just met an hour ago, staring at his 9-inch dick, rock hard and ready for sucking.

I was supposed to be a happily married wife, traveling for her job, and letting my fingers and my vibrator get me off when I was all alone in a hotel room. But the rising tide of forbidden lust spreading through my body as I got ready to smash my wedding vows just made me hotter.

He had sat next to me at the hotel bar, and we had chatted for a while. I had told him that I was a married woman, and at the time he seemed to accept that fact. He had offered to walk me to my hotel room door. Once in the elevator, he pressed the button for the 8th floor and pushed the button for the 10th floor when he asked what floor was I on. Halfway up, he hit the STOP button. He spun me around to face him.

I could see the lust in his eyes, his head darted forward, his lips plastered against mine, pushing me back against the elevator wall He grabbed my ass, pulling me tight against his body. I felt that solid length of rock-hard cock that I was now looking at wedge between my jeans, right up against my vulva.

I broke the kiss and gasped, “I can’t do this, I’m a married woman.”

“That doesn’t matter to me baby, in fact, I relish that fact!”

“I really shouldn’t do this, please stop.”

He released me, and said, “Okay baby, it’s your call. Do you want to go to your room, all hot and bothered, without my 9 inches of rock-hard cock to fuck you?”

I couldn’t stop, I looked down and gasped as I saw the big bulge that I had created. I felt my body getting ready to surrender, while my mind tried to fight it. He brought a hand down and gently stroked at the outline of my vagina through my jeans and panties.

“Or would you like to come to my room, and let me scratch that horny itch that’s building up inside of you, right now?”

My mind’s protests were overruled, and I whispered, “Take me to your room.”

Once inside he hadn’t wasted time, he had me stripped in a few moments, his clothes quickly followed, and he said, “Suck my cock baby, you know you want it.”

I didn’t know myself at this moment, as I submissively opened up, letting my lips clasp around the head of his dick, I let my spit coat his cock head, before sliding down his pole, enjoying his encouraging, “Oh yeah baby, suck it” as I got into the familiar rhythm maltepe escort of a hot wet blowjob, sucking and slurping, looking up at him with his cock, another man’s cock, in my married mouth. Naked, kneeling in a hotel room with a guy I had just met an hour ago, sucking his cock like a whore.

My husband is home, all alone, making sure the house will be neat and clean for when I get home, and stroking his 6-inch prick to get out his small spurt of cum, dreaming about being able to dump his meager load into me.

“Lay back baby, I want to fuck your sweet married cunt. I don’t want to let this go in your mouth.”

On the bed, he pulled my hips down to the edge of the bed, standing above me, he mounted me and in one thrust, I was split open, letting out a loud growl of pleasure as 9 inches of bone hard cock impaled me, I felt his swollen balls smacking my ass, my loud cry of pleasure rising up. He opened up what my husband’s little wiener couldn’t reach, I could feel the rising tide of lust as I got a solid, hard fucking.

As he rammed me, I gasped, “You like this, don’t you, fucking another man’s wife, taking what doesn’t belong to you. Ummm, Oh God, I should feel so terrible about this, ohhhh, so guilty, ummmm.”

My gasps and growls of pleasure did not hide the fact that I was getting fucked just right, and he grunted, “Oh yeah baby, just as much as you like taking it, if you’re having second thoughts, tell me to stop, and you can go to your room, all alone.”

He paused with his prick almost out, just the head against my pussy lips, and said, “Go ahead, tell me, baby, tell me to stop. I’ll let you go.”

“I should feel so terrible about this, so guilty, but I don’t, FUCK ME!”

He rammed it back in and really started to fuck me, picking up the pace as he drove it in with lust-driven charges. He pulled out, lay back, and ordered me.

“Ride my prick baby!”

Mounting him, I grunted, driving my hips down, letting out a loud cry of pleasure as I was fully stuffed again.

I thought Look at me, riding another man’s prick like a lust-driven slut, if my husband could see what I was doing right now, he’d just die, it would break his heart.

I could hear my voice, not giving a damn what my mind was thinking, “Oh yeah, ummm, yeah, unnh, hunnh yeah, ohhhm oh yeah, feels so good, so big, unnnh, oh fuck, cumming, fuck FUUUCCCKKK!”

I could feel the wrenching mamak escort grip of orgasm, a hard spasm wrapping around his prick, ohhh fuck, he grunted “Oh yeah, gonna flood you baby, fuck, FUCK!” and the hot wet bloom deep inside me as I was flooded with another man’s cum.

As I pulled off, my mind was still thinking, I should feel terrible about this betrayal, but deep down inside, the truth, I don’t fucking care.

He put me on my hands and knees, and drove his still hard cock in from behind, bringing more grunts and growls from me.

“Oh fuck, I feel so alive, this is the best sex I’ve had in years, and I don’t want it to stop. Oh yeah fuck me, use me, mmmm, ooh ahh, fuck me, fuck me!”

Gripping my hips, he really opened me up, hard, ramming plunges, it was fucking fantastic.

He pulled out, grunted, “On Your knees baby, let me paint your face.”

I was quickly on my knees, playing with my tits, his cock inches from my face, watching him stroking it, ready for a creamy explosion.

I grunted, “I may be my husband’s wife, his darling, perfect little wifey, but tonight, I’m your Whore, your filthy, married WHORE!”

I opened my mouth, giving him a target to aim at. He exploded a moment later, I felt two thick rushes of cum fill my mouth, my married mouth took another man’s cum to swallow, and he kept stroking, oh yeah, thick pelts of cum splattered my married face, another man’s cum was marking my body. Oh yeah, marked as a married, horny, needy cum hungry whore, I thrilled to that notion.

He was eager to take advantage of the night, he was insatiable, it took just a short time before he was ready to go again. I descended into a red haze where nothing existed except the need to get fucked.

“Take my ass, I’m still an anal virgin, my husband is too much of a gentleman to even consider soiling me, his perfect little wifey with such depravity, but tonight, like your filthy married whore, do it!”

He happily accepted, I felt the cock head against my ass, and I let out a pained cry as it forced its way into me, giving up my virgin asshole to him. He had just pulled out of my soaking pussy, so he was well lubed up, it was still slow, a grunting reaming as my ass walls opened reluctantly to the cock pushing slowly into me. With a final lunge, my ass got the maximum stretch, and I let out another pained cry as his 9-inch cock was driven into the hilt, his ankara escort balls swung down and smacked against my pussy. My tight little asshole got drilled for the first time, I welcomed the stinging pain of my anal deflowering, a married cock driven whore like me deserved it, and it didn’t take long before I was moving my ass wantonly backward as 9 inches of prime cock was plunging deep between my cheeks. I started to rotate my hips backward, just like he was corkscrewing into my cunt, rotating my ass around and around his hard-driving shaft in sexual need, grinding my tightly clinging asshole back over the dick plunging into me. I was so lust-driven, I hardly recognized myself.

“Like it don’t you, Whore?” he growled.

“Oh fuck yeah, I love it, give me what my husband won’t paint my married tight little asshole with your load.”

“Oh yeah, virgin tight, nice” he grunted, “my 9-inch ass buster cock will stretch you out nicely.”

He really gave me a long hard ride, my ass getting stretched out with every ass filling plunge. I was playing with my tight little pussy, masturbating wantonly. I let my imagination take me, my husband seeing me, my new slut whore persona in full bloom. What would he do? Want to shoot me? Want to stare at every detail? Want to take out his little prick, and jerk off to watching me?

I heard my lover grunt, “Oh fuck yeah, gonna flood you baby, fuck FUUCCKK!”

I could feel his ass jerking dance, then a hot bloom of cum as he burst deep inside me, the jetting rush of white-hot spunk painting my bowels, he pulled out, and shot two ropes of spunk all over the tight rim of my ass to finish off the deflowering of my last virgin hole. My flying fingers polished my clit to an orgasmic explosion, my tight no longer virgin asshole being christened by another man’s cum made me cum like a train.

I lost track of how many times he fucked all my married holes, my body was filled with loads of another man’s cum, my shrieks, and howls of orgasmic joy, the true hallmark of a married whore. He escorted me to my hotel room door.

He turned me to face him, and said, “Now that you have found that new part of you, do you think you can be satisfied with just your husband?”

I didn’t have to say a thing, he saw it, handing me a business card, he said, “Here’s my name and my number baby when you need to let your married whore out, call me. If you want more, I know some friends who’d love to join in. Call me when you want it, baby.”

Inside my hotel room, I had just enough strength to strip, crawl under the covers, and collapse, virtually passing out, my mind whispering married whore, married slut, then the voices went silent as I tumbled into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32