Wild Women

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Jenn Heath took in a deep breath of the winter Pacific air and smiled. She was back home. Standing on the bridge at Deception Pass with her boyfriend she gazed out across the chilly grey water toward the San Juan Islands and Victoria Canada beyond them. To her right, farther north, was Fidalgo Island and Anacortes Washington. Behind her cars streamed past over the bridge, impossibly close. And to her left was Ault Field, Swantown, Keystone, and Freeland, down the length of Highway 525, Whidbey Island, her home.

It had been years since Jenn had been there. After graduating from college at Washington State University, she had moved east, following her then fiancée to the Blue Ridge Mountain of Western North Carolina. He was going to start a pottery business in the arts community of Asheville. She had gotten a secretarial job at UNC Asheville and was going to take graduate classes in English Literature and begin the novel she’d always hoped to write. Jenn’s mother had called her boyfriend “a lazy good for nothing,” and she’d been right. A year after settling into a small condo (that Jenn paid for) he still didn’t have regular work. Promises and pleading turned into fights and finally Jenn left and headed back west, without a graduate degree nor a book. She took a job in a publishing house in San Francisco and eventually met her current boyfriend, Jonathan. He was a typical Californian, tall and lean, tanned with blonde hair. Unlike his predecessor, he was a successful software engineer and loved her just as hard as he worked. They were great together and Jenn was confident that she had a life partner.

Jenn was very successful at work and earned a reputation for spotting talent and grooming wanna-be writers into successful authors. She quickly zoomed up the corporate ladder and before long was able to call her own professional shots. When the itch to return to her childhood home in coastal Washington grew strong, Jenn easily convinced the company to allow her to work remotely. She packed up her two bedroom condo overlooking San Francisco bay, her dog, and Jonathan, and headed north.

Whidbey Island was the summer home where her family went to escape the hustle and bustle of Seattle city life. “Our little cabin in the woods,” is what her mother called the three bedroom house where she lived from the moment school let out in May until she returned to the city just after Labor Day. Although she had a group of summer friends that she played and went to camp with, Jenn was also content to wander alone among the Douglas firs, big leaf maples, and hemlocks. There were many firsts that she experienced on the island; a broken bone, the start of her menses, her first kiss (Danny Bishop just beyond the light of the family campfire), her first true love, and, of course, the first time she had sex. All of those life milestones happened under the boughs and atop the soil of her beloved Whidbey forest.

“I’ll race you to the beach,” Jenn taunted Jonathan.

“What beach?”

“Down there,” she pointed to the rocky shoreline a hundred feet below at the far end of the bridge.

“You call that a beach?” Jonathan said in dismay. He was used to California’s sandy shoreline.

“It’s my kind of beach,” Jenn shouted over her shoulder as she took off along the bridge’s walkway.

Jonathan sighed knowing that he’d never catch her. He went back to the lot where they’d left the car and the attached Uhaul, then drove to the parking area at the south end of the bridge. A steep dirt footpath led down to the stone-strewn water’s edge. There he found Jenn sitting on a piece of driftwood staring out to sea.

“You love it here don’t you?” It was more of a statement then a question.

She laid her head onto Jonathan’s shoulder, sighed, and murmured a quiet, “Yes.” It was the sound of deep contentment. “I really do. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a part of me. Being away like I’d left pieces of me behind. Now that I’m back I’m whole. This is where I belong.”

“It’s beautiful, I’ll give you that. And maybe after a while I’ll feel the same way that you do.”

“You will. I know that you will.” Jenn hugged him tightly. They sat for a while longer then walked back to the car to finish the drive to their new home.

The San Francisco condo had fetched a good price, allowing Jenn to get a two bedroom place on a few acres of land nestled amid the trees. It was private and perfect as far as she was concerned. It had a good-sized kitchen, central heating and air conditioning, a new roof, and updated electrical and plumbing. The previous owners had poured a lot of money into the master bathroom and installed a large walk-in shower and outfitted it with natural stone and dual sinks. A large outdoor hot tub and cedar sauna sold her on the house, and they bought it without ever visiting in person.

It was well after dark when they pulled into the gravel driveway. The realtor was waiting for them on the front porch. “I turned on the lights, made sure the heat was working, and left one or cinsel bilgiler two things to welcome you to your home. I hope that you don’t mind,” said the woman.

“Not at all. Thank you,” Jenn replied.

The walk through went exactly as expected. The realtor pointed out the areas needing attention, showed them where all the switches were located, and how everything worked. Before leaving she presented them with a bottle of Washington State wine and wished them well. “Give me a call if you need anything.”

“Our home!” Jenn said excitedly as the front door closed.

“It’s terrific,” Jonathan replied. “And so are you.” He kissed her deeply. They slept on an air mattress that night, too exhausted to empty the Uhaul and because their furniture wasn’t scheduled for delivery until the next day. Jonathan was asleep instantly, but Jenn tossed and turned unable to relax. It was almost three o’clock in the morning before she finally fell into a fitful sleep.

Light poured into the bedroom when Jonathan awoke. He reached out for Jenn, like he always did in the morning, only to grasp an empty pillow. He sat bolt upright, momentarily confused about where he was, then remembered they were in Whidbey. He pulled on jeans and sweater, quickly washed his face and brushed his teeth, then headed out of the bedroom to find Jenn.

“There you are,” he said spying her sitting on the back deck next to the hot tub. “You’re up early.”

“Couldn’t sleep,” she said handing him the cup of coffee she’d been clutching. “I found a bag of fresh ground coffee that the realtor left for us, and dug out the coffee pot.” Jonathan took a long drink, savoring the hot brew. He wrapped his free arm around Jenn’s waist. “I thought there would be more snow here this time of year. It is January after all and we’re almost in Canada.”

“The Pacific Ocean currents block most of that. We’ll see some snow for sure, but not like the Midwest or the Northeast. It mostly gets cool and rainy here during the winter, sometimes not even too cold. Summer gets warmer and rainy.” She poked him the ribs with her elbow. “But when the sun comes out it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. It’s magnificent.”

“Ummm,” Jonathan mumbled. “Can’t wait to see.”

“Can’t wait to see what?”

“Whatever it is that you’re talking about.” He’d been half listening waiting for the caffeine to work its way into his brain.

Jenn snuggled in against him. “I was talking about the weather, but I’ve got something I think you’ll want to see.” Jenn began unbuttoning the knee-length cardigan she’d put on. Beneath it was nothing at all. Her perfect 32-C breasts swung free. Jonathan froze clutching the coffee cup, staring at his brazen lover. “Cat got you tongue, or do you always let it hang out like that?” Jenn teased. She finished undoing the buttons so that the sweater hung loosely from her shoulders. “Obviously your tongue is nonfunctional. Too bad. I was hoping you’d use it on me.” Jenn sighed and tossed aside the sweater. Totally naked in the early morning light she stood resplendent before Jonathan. The heat from her body sheathed her in a light vapor that glowed in the low rays of sunshine. “Ah well, you’ll just have to fuck me senseless then.” She turned, placed her hands against the edge of the hot tub, and pushed her taut rear up in the air toward him. Over her shoulder she said, “That hard dick of yours is working I presume.” He nodded mutely. “Well then lose the pants, and do me like you mean it.” Stunned by her bold demand, Jonathan stood, stripped off his jeans and freed the hard-on that had grown between his legs.

“Mmm, don’t make me wait.”

Jonathan stepped forward and entered her in one smooth motion. She cried out at his penetration. “Yesssss! That’s it.” He rocked back, expecting to relax into an easy rhythm of lovemaking like they usually did. “Harder!” She demanded. “Harder!” Surprised by her command, Jonathan shoved himself forward.

“Oh god, that’s it!’ Jenn cried out. He’d never heard her be so vocal during sex. “Yes! Yes!” She called out. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” He gripped her hips tightly and thrust as hard and fast as he could. Jenn met each penetration with a backward shove and a cry for more. Jonathan fought to hold back his orgasm. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Give it to me,” she cried. “Right now!” As Jenn climaxed, he speared in deep, then exploded. A geyser of scalding semen erupted from his cock and flooded into her. With every spurt of cum, Jenn grunted, receiving it with vociferous satisfaction. “Yesssss! That’s it! Give it all to me!”

Jonathan collapsed onto Jenn’s back spent from the intensity of their mutual climax. He gasped in lungfuls of air. “Wow!” he said after catching his breath. “What got into you? You were on fire.”

“Must be all the fresh air,” Jenn said and wriggled her butt against his groin. “You’d better have more of that for me. I’m gonna have needs, a whole lot of needs” She untangled herself. Rivulets of their cinsellik bilgileri mixed cum dripped down her thighs. She kissed him and began walking toward the sliding door that led back into the house. “You got me all messy. I’m going to test out our shower.” She paused, “And about those needs, I expect you to meet all of them.”

Jonathan marveled at her. Maybe it was the fresh air or something else. He’d never seen Jenn so confident, strong, and sexy. Those were words that described his girlfriend for as long as he’d known her. But now it seemed like she was all of those on steroids “This is going to be a great move,” he thought to himself.

Over the next week Jenn took charge of moving them into the house. Coordinating with the movers, setting up furniture, unpacking the boxes, hanging pictures, and getting supplies, filled their days. Jenn was equally in control of their evenings, many of which were spent making love as intensely as they had their first morning on Whidbey. No room in their home was untouched by their sexual exploits. “I want to make every square inch of this house ours,” Jenn had explained. “And there’s no better way to do that.” The couple had always been erotically adventurous, but they broke new grounds in their sexual exploration that week. As soon as their high speed internet connection was set up (courtesy of Jenn’s publishing house) she hit the web and ordered a slew of new sex toys. Unmarked brown boxes of various shapes and sizes streamed in along with the more typical new home provisions. Jonathan enthusiastically helped Jenn discover the pleasures of every new item, expecting that her amplified sex drive would settle down before long.

“God I love this place,” Jenn exclaimed wiping the sweat from her brow after she and Jonathan finished cavorting in the outdoor sauna.

“I’ve noticed,” he replied settling back on the cedar seat.

Jenn smiled crookedly. “Problem with that?”

Jonathan held up his hands in protest, “No. It’s just that I’ve never seen you so pumped up.”

Jenn took a long drink from the water bottle they were sharing and nodded. “Every morning I wake up and see the trees and the water, feel the cool air, smell the forest, and know that I’m exactly where I belong.” She squeezed his knee. “And you’re the person I belong with.”

They sat silently for a while savoring the afterglow of sex and basking in the heat of the sauna. “I hate to break the spell, but I’m going to have to find a job soon,” Jonathan finally said.

“I know. That’s not going to change how I feel about this place or about you though.”

“I certainly hope not.”

“And it’s not going to change what I said to you our first morning here.”

Jonathan raised his eyebrows questioningly.

“That I’ve got needs, and I expect you to meet every one of them.” She smiled then reached for his flaccid penis. “And right now I need to feel your dick in my mouth.” Jenn pulled him out into the cool air of the deck. She dropped to her knees and engulfed both his cock and balls. In moments he was once more rigid. While it took him a bit longer to climax, having just done so in the sauna, the semen that she coaxed out seemed to satisfy the craving she’d just spoken of. Jonathan marveled at her appetite.

Jonathan landed a great job in Oak Harbor, working for a company that contracted with the Naval Air Station on the island. It was a mix of office and home-based work, as well as local and national travel. The pay was excellent and the work interesting, even if he did wind up on the road several days out a month. Jenn didn’t seem to mind the alone time. She had plenty of her own work to do, and enjoyed hiking through the woods with their dog. That was where she met Anna, who was about the same age as Jenn, also lean and athletic, with a head of flaming red hair. They struck up an immediate friendship.

“How long have you been on the island?” Anna asked

“We moved here in January, but it’s more like coming home for me.” Jenn explained her history as they walked. “There’s something about this place that calls to me. I can’t explain it.”

“You don’t have to. I know what you mean,” Anna replied. The women’s friendship grew tighter as the weeks went by, and they wound up spending many afternoons together, walking in the woods, or talking on Jenn’s front porch. When Jonathan was away, they’d often spend the entire day together. One evening, after a long hike, they were in the hot tub and more than halfway through a bottle of wine when Jenn began describing how her sex life had exploded after their move to Whidbey. “Jonathan says it’s like I’m on fire,” Jenn took a swallow of wine and refilled both of their glasses. “Let me tell you it feels like I’m on fire. I get so desperate that I practically attack him.”

Anna smiled and took a drink. “Unh huh.”

“I hate it when he’s away … even with all of my toys,” Jenn giggled. The wine had loosened her. “My pussy sometimes feels like cinsel bilgi it’ll explode. That’s when I need Jonathan’s hard cock the most. Nothing feels as good as when he enters me.” She took another drink. “Except when he cums. I absolutely adore it when he cums.”

“What about when you cum?”

“I’m pretty much in love with that moment too,” Jenn snickered. “I’d marry my own climax if I could.” Both women laughed. “I’ve had the best sex and the most intense orgasms since we’ve come to Whidbey. I don’t know why, but it’s true.”

“I know why,” Anna said under her breath.

Jenn didn’t hear her, “Do you know what I mean?” Anna gripped her glass tightly, about to repeat what Jenn hadn’t heard. “Is it the same with you and your husband?”

“Oh yes, very much so.” Anna decided not to say any more about the truth she’d almost revealed. “Mark and I screw like wild animals. And like you are with Jonathan, I go crazy when he’s out of town on business.” Anna reached for the wine bottle on the edge of the hot tub. She brushed up against Jenn’s breasts bobbing in the churning water. Jenn didn’t pull away. “Our sex is so amazing, and the ache for more is real, almost painful.” She drifted closer to Jenn so that their faces were inches apart. “I’d do anything for relief, anything at all.”

Jenn’s heart was racing. Floating in the hot tub next to her beautiful friend as they both talked about their heightened sexual desires had deeply affected her. Passion welled up. Her own words came to her, “I’m gonna have needs,” but Jonathan wasn’t there and another night alone with one of her vibrators wasn’t going to relieve her. Her head spun. Desire surged. She leaned forward and kissed Anna on the lips.

Other than a few times in college when she and her girlfriends had “made out” with each other to tease their dates, Jenn never been with another woman. This was new territory and Jenn felt out of control, but she didn’t care. Anna melted into Jenn when their lips touched. Her entire body, breasts, belly, arms and legs pressed into Jenn’s, conforming and enveloping, touching, electrifying all at once. Jenn opened her mouth and invited Anna’s tongue to explore hers. Anna’s tongue danced with hers, teasing and caressing, silently declaring her desire. It was very different than anything Jenn had every experienced with Jonathan or any of the other male lovers she’d had, and it was wonderful. Jenn returned Anna’s ardor.

After a few moments, Anna broke their embrace and held Jenn at arms length. She undid the top of her bikini and let it float away in the bubbles. Her breasts, larger than Jenn’s moved, sensuously in the surging waters. Jenn was mesmerized. “Please,” was all the Anna. Jenn reached out and gently cupped Anna, reflexively running her thumbs over the rapidly elongating nipples. Anna gasped in pleasure at the touch. Emboldened by Anna’s response Jenn firmly massaged Anna, coaxing more blood into the pink nipples until they swelled to their full splendor, almost a half inch long. Jenn had never seen such beautiful breasts. “Yesss!” Anna exclaimed and rose farther out of the water. Jenn lowered her mouth to Anna’s right breast, and engulfed as much of the succulent flesh as she could. It felt amazing, warm, full, firm, fantastic. Anna moaned louder and clutched a handful of Jenn’s hair, holding her tight. Without taking her mouth from of Anna’s right breast, Jenn caught Anna’s left nipple between her fingers and pinched hard while simultaneously flicking with her tongue. Passion overcame Anna. She tore Jenn away, pinned her against the edge of the hot tub, then savagely kissed her until they both ran out of air and pulled apart. Panting, she gripped Jenn’s waist, lifted her up, and sat her on the edge of the tub. Anna didn’t hesitate or ask for permission. She gripped the waist of Jenn’s bikini bottoms and tore them off, discarding them as carelessly as she had her own top. With her hands planted firmly on Jenn’s bare thighs she looked up and wordlessly declared her intent. Jenn offered no resistance and let Anna spread her legs wide.

At the first swipe of Anna’s tongue on her labia, Jenn gasped and practically fell off her perch. Regaining control she braced herself and spread her legs farther apart. Anna responded and drove her tongue deep between Jenn’s folds. “Oh my god, yes!” Jenn exclaimed. She gripped the back of Anna’s head and pinned Anna against her pussy. The whole world seemed to spin. Unbelievable waves of pleasure enveloped Jenn as Anna licked and sucked with abandon. She’d never felt anything like it before. It was as if her entire body was singing a chorus of deep delight. “Yes, Yes, yes!” she cried out as a powerful orgasm rose. An unintelligible animal roar and frantic jerking signaled Jenn’s cataclysmic release. Anna lapped furiously as Jenn rode the waves of her long orgasm.

At last Jenn begged her to stop, verging on overstimulation. “Oh my god,” she moaned over and over until her breathing slowed to normal. “That was the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever had.”

“I’m glad.”

“You’re really good at that.”

Anna threw her arms around Jenn’s waist and hugged her.

“Anna,” Jenn began hesitantly. “Can I? I’ve never done anything like this before, and I don’t know if I’m any good. Surely not like you were. But I’d like to and make you feel as good as you did me.”

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