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To be young and uninhibited.

Alena and Jed had both recently turned twenty-two. While they had jobs, neither thought of their current employment as a career. Therefore, they convinced themselves it was more important at the moment to spend some time living life than earning a living.

They left their jobs, loaded Jed’s old minivan and set out to tour the country. The road trip involved camping, hiking, biking and living cheaply. Seeing the back roads and the natural and manmade highlights of the country was educational and eye-opening.

Sharing the intimate confines of the van and their tent was equally exhilarating and educational. Their youthful trysts were vigorous, creative and satisfying. While it didn’t generate a deep and lasting love, the loving created a warm and relaxing bond.

Six weeks into the adventure, the couple reached Yellowstone National Park in early September. The Crown Jewel of America’s National Park System is a magical mix of geysers, waterfalls, pristine rivers, thermal hot pots, rolling meadows and primeval forests.

Wolves, elk, antelope, coyotes and other wildlife call the park home. But, the most impressive residents are the large herds of roaming bison. The powerful animals are massive, hairy and wild. Majestic. If someone crosses the country and doesn’t make a point to see these magnificent beasts, they should have their citizenship revoked.

After several days hiking, seeing Old Faithful and the other impressive sights, the couple stopped in Hayden Valley. The valley is an expansive and largely treeless meadow sprawling along the Yellowstone River. The open vistas provide views of the ancient caldera and the endless western sky.

While the nights had the cool bite of Fall, and even a hint of Winter, the bright sun at this elevation made for a warm afternoon. Alena had stripped off her fleece jacket and wore old cut-off denims, a thin white blouse and running shoes with pink tasseled anklet socks. The shirt was tight across her chest and the jeans were short, threadbare and comfortable. Jed wore baggy, tan cargo shorts, a pro football jersey and river sandals.

Post Labor Day traffic was light, but there was a scattering of other cars in the parking lot of the roadside viewpoint. The pair relaxed in the van with cool drinks and a light snack of fruit and cheese. Hundreds of buffalos roamed across the rolling grasslands.

A light breeze ruffled the yellow-green grass. The wind also carried the sounds of the herd: low guttural growling; the stomp of heavy paws on hard packed ground; the dust-stirring scratch of the huge beasts wallowing in large dirt pits. The sound rolled and resonated across the long grass prairie. Oblivious to the tourists, a number of the animals moved slowly toward the parking lot while munching the grass.

Fall is mating time for bison and signs were obvious. There were displays of aggression as males tried to demonstrate dominance and attract mates. There was some head butting and jabbing with horns. Much persistent pursuit of females. A thick air of sexual tension hung over esat escort the herd.

While the couple watched, one of the grand beasts reared up on his hind legs and mounted another. With his massive weight leveraged and his front legs pinning his partner, the bull started humping furiously. Some of the tourists, particularly those with children, turned away and left. Jed and Alena were riveted by the pheromone-driven and timeless cycle. They laughed and made snide remarks, but were riveted by the carnal display.

The coupling was contagious, or just what buffaloes did during rutting season, as others followed suit over the next several minutes. Set against the captivatingly beautiful landscape, the animals seemed especially natural and wild. The usually slow moving goliaths moved quickly in their single-minded chase of a cow to separate her from the herd and to stave off competing males. A driving urgency was apparent. Huge dark heads were shaking. There was sniffing and huffing. Pure sexual desire. Not a bit of subtlety. A hot lecherous fire burned in the large brown eyes.

Without realizing it, Jed and Alena were drawn in on more than an observer level. They watched with breath slowing and a subconscious warmth growing.

Alena reached out and placed a hand on Jed’s leg. They eyed each other. He leaned forward for a long breathy kiss on her delicate and creamy neck. They pawed playfully at each other as they continued to watch the creatures copulate.

They were both aroused and became flushed. Their bodies generated heat and the sun stoked their passion. Just liked the animals in the meadow, Alena coyly resisted. Selective. Rolled to the side. He pursued. She pushed him off and climbed over the seat into the back of the van. He laughed and followed in a flash. Instead of lying on the mattress, they remained seated so they could continue to watch the herd outside. Jed pursued Alena with increased vigor. She responded in kind.

A pair of bison ambled near to the van. They were too hormone obsessed to notice the vehicles or anything but their lust. The animal sounds of snorts and sneezes, roars and bellows wafted through an open window, accompanied by a musky fragrance. Twenty yards away, the bull bucked and mounted his mate. Alena gawked as the massive penis grew and penetrated. She gasped at the size and the fierce assault. The cow attempted to move, but was ensnared and accepted the deep thrusts from the piston-like rod.

Jed was equally entranced and shifted from his polite groping to more aggressive mauling. He nuzzled her neck while uttering indecipherable moans into her ear. Oblivious of the other cars in the lot, he removed Alena’s tee, clutched her breasts and toyed with her stiff nipples. Alena buzzed with excitement. Her hands went under Jed’s shirt and she whispered encouragement.

He ripped off his jersey and pulled her close. Their warm skin rubbed together and fueled their passion. Lips joined and libidos soared. She felt a wantonness in her core.

As her hands roamed his skin, she grazed his groin. etimesgut escort Jed’s penis was stiff and straining. Outside, the herd was closer and buffalo pairs were humping furiously. Watching the primal scene, Alena squeezed Jed’s cock through his shorts and felt herself moisten. When he opened her bra, her attention was momentarily diverted from the bucking frenzy outside. A flash of propriety made her scan the other cars. No one seemed to be watching them. Her inhibitions dissolved and she relaxed back into her randy bliss. Now topless, she pushed her excited tits against Jed’s squeezing palms.

Jed was panting with desire. He kissed her ear and his tongue licked Alena’s nipples. When he said, “Their fucking excites you.”, he was projecting his own feelings. He was often a gentle lover and sensitive to his partner’s needs. But, the straightforward rutting of the beasts was stripping his own actions down to the basics. And, he could sense that Alena didn’t need a slow build-up. She was writhing against him and burning.

The couple usually made lots of eye contact in their foreplay. Today, they shared quick and horny glances of approval and affirmation to proceed. Mostly they stared at the animals and their attention moved from the coupling of one set to the next. It was both oddly voyeuristic, and somehow a channeling of a shared bestial sexual hunger. The ardent beasts and wilderness setting unleashed an atavistic strain in the young couple.

Alena felt as if she was in an urgent estrus. She tore open Jed’s zipper and clawed the shorts down his legs. Jed was a second behind in removing her shorts and panties.

Now naked, their own pheromones mingled with that of the nearby buffalos. It was a heady sexual mix. Watched by the mountains, brilliant clouds and Ponderosa pines, they fondled and caressed. Their flesh mingled and excited. Their hands roamed and lungs heaved. The hair of their loins ground together in an incendiary fervor.

Alena attacked his body and demanded, “Enter me now.”

“Not yet, my beautiful creature” Jed replied. With a dominant growl, he gripped her body and lifted her around so she was on her hands and knees. On all fours, she replied with a welcoming bay.

Watching the bison romp and breed, Jed reached and fondled Alena’s dangling breasts. Hard and eager to take her prize, his fingers climbed up between her thighs. His hips pressed against her buttocks.

Needy body afire, her eyes were riveted by a ferociously copulating pair silhouetted against the ancient grandeur of the mountains. She reached down and moved her fingers along her swollen slit. Alena gave a guttural moan matching those from the throng surrounding the van.

Jed splayed on top of his captured lover and rocked along her back. He grabbed a handful of her flailing mane. His distended cock slid along her haunches generating and sharing scorching intensity.

Past words, Alena spread her legs and elevated her butt in eager invitation. Her spicy scent filled the van. They were both sex-fogged and animalistic. Carnal ankara escort creatures pursuing their fate.

Following the rough example of the nearby beasts, Jed found her steamy slit and placed his engorged penis against the opening. With no hesitation, he drove deep into Alena. It was no gentle push. He plunged with all the weight of his body and power of his muscles to meet an overwhelming desire.

Eyes wide and tongue lolling, Alena grunted and accepted the thick shaft. Each deep thrust jolted her body and swayed her udders.

The joined pair rocked and rutted to the ancient beat of lust and want. Like their shaggy neighbors, they were obeying innate and irresistible urges. The lovers reverted to a basic, irrational level. Their flesh ruled and their minds rode along.

With his paws on her hips, Jed rammed inside. He flexed his shoulders and shook his head. His nostrils flared and slid along her passion sweat.

As if she were a fecund cow in heat, Alena welcomed the fierce and hard mating. She relished the fullness that came with each deep penetration. Alena’s spirit rose with unbridled lust.

Stark and naked, their warm bodies molded together on the savage plain. Jed’s hand massaged her fleshy mound and stroked her furry slit to push her toward climax. As he forced himself far into her sensual meat, her muscles squeezed and his panting increased.

Staring out at the wild beauty, Alena arched her back and came in a feral gush and yelped a joyous bleat.

Jed rode her and pumped her dripping gash. With a final push, his body stiffened and exploded. He jetted in spasms and squeezed her tight. They simultaneously roared a guttural bray.

Spent, they collapsed onto the mattress. Hot breath panted. Muscles relaxed. Minds soaked in the mindless and beastly rapture. When some semblance of sanity returned, they hugged and kissed. Jed blurted that it was one of the wildest experiences of his life.

Alena turned to see that some of the bison were still nearby and still pairing off. Then she saw that an official vehicle pull into the lot and a female Park Ranger emerged. The Ranger fixed her hat and approached one of the two other remaining cars. “Oh, shit.” Alena muttered, shook Jed and pointed.

They both scrambled to locate their clothes and pulled them on. They were barely covered when the Ranger started toward their van. Alena climbed into the front seat and Jed tumbled after her. They were both still flushed and breathing a little heavy.

When the Ranger reached them, Jed lowered the window.

The Ranger smiled, “Howdy, folks. You having a good time?”

Jed smiled and Alena blushed involuntarily.

The Ranger didn’t seem to notice. “We just want to remind people to be careful and keep their distance from the bison. Sometimes, people forget they’re wild animals. It’s especially important this time of year when they are in heat. They only have one thing on their mind and are unpredictable.”

Jed gave a knowing, and almost lascivious, laugh. He nodded and said, “I fully understand, Ma’am. I was just telling Alena, there’s no telling what can possess animals out here in the wild.”

Alena gave out a little snort.

The Ranger gave them a strange look. She noticed Alena’s mussed hair and half-opened and mis-buttoned blouse. Then, nodded and said, “Well, enjoy yourselves.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32