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Big Tits

I’d seen her now maybe four times walking her kids to school and pushing a stroller. She was a small Asian woman, always wearing very short skirts and tiny tops in the warm weather. She looked very pretty too. I wondered why she never seemed to have a man in tow. So I started to follow her one day when she walked back from the school, keeping a good distance from her. I soon saw her turn into a driveway of a house. I noted the number, went back to my place and looked up her address on the Internet.

It was a standard 4×2 with a nice large outdoors area and a swimming pool. I imagined her lying outside in the sun, or swimming in a tiny bikini. I was soon extremely aroused.

The next day, she was there at school again and I was going to interact with her somehow. I managed to time my walk past the school at the moment when she came out of the gate. She almost bumped into me with the stroller.

“So sorry!” she apologized, smiling such a lovely smile at me.

“No problem, Mrs.???” I queried.

“Oh, I’m Suzie,” she smiled again. Her accent was heavily Asian, probably Thai or Malaysian. “My sons go to school here.”

“My son too,” I replied, “but he must be in a different class.”

“I guess so. Sorry again,” she turned to go.

“Can I walk with you?” I asked, “I live not far away.”

‘Husband waiting,” she smiled, “but thank you.”

“I’d still like to walk with you,” I persisted.

I was decidedly aroused – by her presence, by her sexy smiles and by the fact that she was wearing an almost see-through top, with no obvious bra underneath. Her nipples became quite pointy while she was talking with me.

“Husband not like strange men,” she insisted, again turning to walk on.

“I’m just being friendly,” I said, smiling.

“I know, but husband very jealous. He says I dress too sexy and will get into trouble,” she giggled.

“You do look very sexy…and nice,” I added quickly.

“Too many girls from my country sexy but tarts, not nice girls,” she went on.

Now she started to walk along the road, heading towards her home. I fell in step beside her and she didn’t stop me. In fact, she turned and smiled.

“Which country are you from?” I asked gently.

“From Thailand. My husband from Malaysia – he works there still,” she replied.

“Your husband works in Malaysia?” I queried, quite surprised.

“Yes. We bought house here but he not find job, Have to get money where he can.”

“I can’t believe he’d leave such a lovely girl alone here with 3 children,” I murmured.

“Oh, it’s not too bad. We have maid. Husband home every month for a week.”

“You have a maid?”

“Yes. Nice girl. Only 18. She waiting for me now. She does housework while I take kids to school, then look after baby.”

“How interesting. You enjoy life here then?”

“Get lonely. Miss husband. But it’s OK.”

My plan seemed to be working. We were now almost at her house, although I didn’t indicate that I knew that.

“I live here,” she giggled, turning into the driveway. “Goodbye. It was nice to chat with you, Mr.???”

“Oh, I’m just Jim,” I replied. “But maybe I can come in and chat further?”

“Baby needs sleep now. Not good time.” She looked up and down the street. “Husband not like this, but I like your chat. Please to come inside….Jim!”

Her soft velvety laugh had me so aroused I was almost ready to fall on her immediately. Somehow I controlled myself. I followed her up the driveway as the front door was opened by a stunningly pretty Asian girl.

“This Jane,” she introduced us. “Jane, take baby for sleep. Jim will have – coffee or tea?”

Jane curtseyed to me, her big eyes looking adoringly into my face. She looked so tiny, I doubted that she was even 18. I smiled back.

“Tea, please, green if you have it please, Jane.”

The girl fluttered her eyes at me and nodded.

Suzie ushered me through the house, passing the stroller to the girl.

“We can sit in garden. You like?” she asked softly.

“Of course. Spending any moments with you is better than being alone at my big house,” I replied.

She blushed.

“You naughty to say that. Husband very jealous,” but she was smiling broadly.

She dropped into a lounge chair, her little skirt leaving nothing hidden. I had a lovely view of her tiny white panties. She made no attempt to hide anything.

“You like what you see?” she giggled, watching my eyes roam over her body.

“Sorry, but yes. I like very much what I can see. You are beautiful woman.”

“Thank you….Jim. But your eyes look at me …. like a tart,” she giggled but then frowned.

“I’m sorry. I cannot avoid looking when I see such a lovely woman. You are sexy, pretty and sweet. I wish you were not married.”

“Maybe not really married,” she murmured, grinning. “Maybe lost husband. Maybe just use for protection.”

“Or maybe your husband is just away and you are feeling lonely? I always see you walking to school looking very sexy. Many men must try to talk with you.”

“Baby frightens men away. Think I am safe married woman. Scares them!” she chuckled. “But not gaziosmanpaşa escort you!”

“Oh, I was scared to talk with you. I thought I might get involved in a jealous husband scene. But you are too pretty to resist.”

She smiled very sexily and shifted so that her legs moved apart even further. There was a clear wet patch between her legs. She was getting very aroused. I suddenly wondered whether she’d noticed my extremely hard erection that must be bulging in my clothes.

“Yes. You big already!” she giggled looking directly at my crotch.

Just at that moment, the young maid came out carrying a tray. I now noticed that she was wearing similar clothes to Suzie, perhaps her skirt was even shorter. Despite her small size, she had a perfect figure, nicely rounded, with slim legs. My cock lurched strongly.

“I see Jane interests you too,” laughed Suzie.

“I’m sorry. Am I that obvious? She is very beautiful too.”

“Hard cock very obvious,” giggled Suzie, as the young girl looked down and smiled broadly too.

“Jane, you put baby sleeping?” she asked the young girl.

“Yes, miss,” replied the girl, flirting with me with her eyes.

“Go to shops now. List on fridge. See you later.”

The girl’s eyes went sad, but she walked slowly away. Some moments later she called out ‘bye” and the door closed behind her.

Suzie smiled at me.

“So we now alone. You like me?”

“I think you are lovely. Are you inviting me?”

“I am, how you say, very horny. Not had husband for several months. He has other girl at work. Jane not enough for me,” she laughed. “She tries hard but need hard cock like yours.”

I was astounded. Here was this beautiful woman I’d lusted after offering herself to me freely. My cock was almost bursting.

“You like swim?” she giggled, beginning to unbutton her top.

“I love the water, but I have no swim shorts.”

“No matter. I go naked.”

By now, her top was hanging open, her gorgeous tight breasts enjoying my feasting eyes. She laughed.

“You burst soon! Take off clothes.”

It was less of a suggestion than a command. I began to unzip as she cast her top aside and began to drop out of her little skirt. Her panties were barely that – just a tiny sliver across her pussy. She pushed them off too, standing naked before me. There was a tiny amount of well-shaped hair at the top of her legs, but she looked delightful.

As I pushed down my trousers and jocks together, I heard her gasp. My huge cock sprang out in full erection.

“You biggest!” she giggled, seeming to want to take me inside her mouth immediately. “We swim so you calm down.”

She ran through the garden and dived expertly into the pool, her beautiful naked body carving a perfect arc into the water. She surfaced and laughed at me still standing there with my cock at full erection.

“You come in – NOW!” she cried.

I pulled off my top quickly and soon stood beside the pool.

“Come on!” she commanded, from the far end of the pool.

I dived in, less expertly, but managed a few strokes towards her. She reached out her arms and I moved between them, our slippery bodies crushing instantly together. I could feel my hard cock pressing between her breasts.

“You so hard!” she murmured, “and so horny now.”

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I gurgled as she sought for my mouth and kissed me passionately.

She took my hands and moved them onto her small tight buttocks, squeezing her body against me. My cock felt like a steel rod and it was throbbing almost uncontrollably.

“You not cum in water?” she giggled.

“No!” I replied, “I hope not!”

“You cum now?” I couldn’t believe that she was so open about this!

“I need to cum very soon,” I agreed. “You’ve made me very horny.”

“Have good mouth,” she suggested.

“That would be wonderful,” I smiled, almost cumming instantly from just the thought of her sucking my cock.

“You sit edge of pool,” she suggested.

I did as she said, my cock sticking out quite obscenely far towards her. She moved between my knees and close to me. Her mouth opened as she grabbed my cock.

“Huge!” she giggled, as her lips struggled to get the big cock-head inside.

She wriggled, struggled and squealed as she finally managed to get part of my cock inside her mouth. I heard some mumblings and the friction of that was enough for me. I exploded into her mouth in a frantic orgasm, shooting huge amounts of cum into her throat. She sucked and swallowed eagerly, her eyes wide with surprise.

“I said you can cum now!” she laughed, “But you already cum!”

“Sorry, I couldn’t stop it,” I replied, sadly.

“No, no. Don’t be sorry. Suzie enjoyed. Biggest ever for me!”

“Really?” I asked gently.

“Husband only other man. He quite small. You huge!” she giggled again, her little hands gently fondling my shaft. “And stay hard!” she exclaimed as my cock refused to go down, even firming more under her gentle touch.

“You like to cum too?” I asked her.

“Always service man. No time to enjoy.”

“But you do cum?”

She haymana escort giggled naughtily.

“Cum often, fingers, dildo, Jane tongue!” she admitted.

“Would you like me to lick you now?” I was struggling to control my extreme arousal with this exquisite woman.

“Men don’t like,” she murmured.

“I like – very much. Now your turn to sit here.” It was my gentle command now.

She clambered out of the pool and was soon sitting on the edge, her slim legs wide apart. I moved between them, smiling up at her.

“Maybe you lie back and enjoy,” I suggested.

The beautiful woman did just that. With her legs splayed wide apart and her feet on the edge of the pool, she looked so desirable. My cock was throbbing again.

“You are beautiful. Your pussy too,” I murmured as I bent my face towards her.

“You gentle?” she asked, innocently.

“Just enjoy,” I murmured, my tongue touching the soft skin on the insides of her thighs.

She murmured and then groaned as I gently teased apart her pussy lips. Suddenly, a shadow came over us. I looked up to see a large sunshade now positioned over us. Suzie sat up in surprise, then grinned.

“Jane, thank you,” giggled Suzie, smiling down at me with her eyes alight with pleasure.

The young girl must have returned from her shopping trip. She was naked, beautiful and smiling at me. Her eyes opened wide when she caught sight of my big cock under the water. She gasped and grinned.

“Perhaps later,” Suzie scolded me. “Now my turn!”

She lie back, now on a towel cleverly put there by Jane. She urged me to lick her and I was not slow to oblige. Her pussy was delicious, small on my tongue as I pushed inside. Her juices started to flow quickly and they tasted lovely too. She soon had a hugely engorged clit. This was one very horny woman.

Above us, I could see Jane watching eagerly, her hands, when not struggling to hold up the big sunshade, stayed down between her legs, where there was a light covering of black hair. I could see, even through my mouthful of Suzie’s pussy, that Jane was aroused too. Her tiny breasts were peaked by hard large nipples.

I began to stroke Suzie’s clit with my tongue, luxuriating in her aroma and enjoying the sounds as she began to build towards an orgasm.

“No man made me cum!” she grunted, then squealed after a few moments.

As she exploded into a big orgasm, I had to hold her down to prevent her falling into the pool. Jane cried out too, obviously cumming at such an erotic sight.

“You made me cum!” Suzie cried with pleasure.” So good!”

“Jane too,” giggled the young girl, smiling down at her mistress.

“You swim now!” ordered Suzie, pointing at me.

Reluctantly, I turned and swam down the pool, looking back when I reached the far end. The woman and girl were in each other’s arms, kissing passionately and their arms caressing each other’s bodies. I wondered whether Jane could taste my cum on Suzie’s lips. They broke apart and talked for a while, glancing at me often and grinning.

Then Suzie swam towards me, her little body sliding into my arms and crushing against my very hard cock.

“Jane likes too. She watches us?” asked Suzie.

“She wants to watch us? Doing what?” I asked.

“You make sex with me now?” she giggled.

“Jane wants to watch us have sex?”

The woman nodded and Jane smiled and waved from the other end of the pool.

“Here?” I queried.

“No, silly man. We make sex in bed. Best place. Most fun!”

In seconds, the deliciously naked Suzie was out of the pool, beckoning me to follow her. I clambered out, my cock still erect and throbbing. I walked after the woman, knowing that the young girl was very close behind me.

“Right!” said Jane when she realised I didn’t know where to go.

I turned right along a short corridor, into a huge room with a giant bed. In the middle of the bed, with her legs spread wide, was Suzie.

“Now want to be slut!” she cried, opening her arms in invitation.

Jane came into the room and sat at the head of the bed. I approached the gorgeous naked woman slowly, savouring every part of her exquisite body.

“Suzie tiny. You huge!” she giggled, her eyes locked on my hard cock.

“I’ll be gentle,” I assured her, as I climbed onto the bed between her open legs.

Her juices were flowing profusely. I wanted to lick her again, but I could see her need was now for my cock. I was afraid that my huge size might cause her considerable pain.

“Suzie had babies. Won’t hurt!” She must have read my mind.

With my cock at such full erection, I did not need to guide it. She lifted her body to follow the head and soon I was pressing gently against her wet opening.

“Now!” she gurgled, pulling me towards her.

My cock pushed against her tiny body, forcing her pussy lips to open and then her pussy began to suck it inside. She groaned with pleasure.

“So big! So good!” she managed to cry as I pushed slowly further and further inside her tight pussy.

Jane was moaning too beside us. I couldn’t spare a moment ankara escort to look at her as I was concentrating on sliding my cock into Suzie’s pussy without hurting her. But she was right. The fact that she’d had babies must have helped. Slowly, her tiny body took more and more of my big cock inside, until I was amazed at how much she could take.

“More?” she cried.

“I think so,” I replied softly, gently pushing against her.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” she gurgled. “Full now!”

Having such a tiny woman on my cock was just amazing. The feeling of her tight pussy clamping along my cock shaft was exquisite. The gentle feathery touch of what I guessed was her cervix on the sensitive head of my cock was incredible. I knew I could do anything with her now. She was completely at my mercy if I wanted to be rough. I thought carefully about the fact that, when I first met her, I was intending to rape her. Now she was giving herself to me, and maybe her lovely young maid too.

However, the pleasure she was obviously gaining from our union was sufficient to calm my aggressive thoughts. Here was a woman to be enjoyed; ravished, yes, but hurt, no!

My cock was fully inside her now, seeming to be up between her tight breasts, my balls touching the insides of her thighs. She groaned.

“You in now?”

“Yesssss,” I gurgled, pushing just that little bit more.

“You make baby, You in womb,” she giggled. “It’s OK. I’m on pill now.”

I grinned, pushing even deeper inside her and moving her legs up higher.

“I make baby soon. So good!”

I suddenly remembered that the young girl Jane was in the room and watching us. I’d been so engrossed on giving the woman pleasure, I’d forgotten about her.

I looked over to her and my mouth opened wide in surprise. She was now lying on the bed with her legs spread wide. Deep inside her pussy was a huge dildo, which she was using enthusiastically.

“Jane cum soon,” giggled Suzie as she also looked over to the girl.

With my cock pressed deep inside this woman, it was extremely arousing to watch her maid bring herself to a shattering climax on the bed nearby. As she heard Jane explode into orgasm, I felt Suzie’s pussy also go into spasm on my cock as she too enjoyed a huge orgasm.

‘You have sex now?” queried Suzie as she returned to this world after her big orgasm.

“You want me to?”

“Yessss!” she cried as I began to slowly pull my hard shaft back along her tight pussy tunnel.

It seemed to go on for ages as I watched my long cock shaft sliding out of her.

Then she groaned deeply as I started to push back in. Gently we began to move together in a wonderful rhythm, her pussy muscles massaging my cock to an exquisite feeling. It seemed already to be ages since I’d exploded into her mouth beside the pool. Now I could feel another wonderful orgasm building rapidly as her tight pussy caressed my hard cock. I wanted to enjoy her in every possible position, but for now I also wanted to fill her up and quickly.

“I’m cumming!” I cried as my cock throbbed deeply.

“Fill me!” she giggled as she felt me thrust deeply inside her one last time.

My cock erupted wildly, shooting out jets of hot cum right up into her womb, as far as I could tell.

She orgasmed again as I just kept on spurting, squealing with extreme pleasure. I was holding my still hard cock deep inside her as we both calmed down somewhat.

“Me too full!” she giggled as we both felt hot cum oozing from her pussy. “Jane!”

She called the gorgeous naked girl over.

“You lick, please!”

Suzie pushed me backwards so that my cock slipped out of her pussy. Jane looked at my huge cock for a moment but then bent her head to lick clean her mistress’ pussy. I moved aside as she gurgled from the taste of my cum. Masses poured out into her waiting mouth.

Suzie watched me looking at the young girl.

“You have sex with Jane now?” she asked innocently.

“She is too young!” I said bluntly. “I could go to jail.”

“OK, maybe later,” Suzie said, disappointed. “Now, Jane, clean his cock!”

The young girl came up from Suzie’s pussy, her face covered in a mixture of cum juices. Suzie sat up and the two women kissed.

“Your cum tastes good!” giggled Suzie. “Lick him please!” she commanded Jane.

Now I was in another place in paradise. The youngest girl ever for me was now starting to lick my hugely engorged cock, cleaning off my cum and her mistress’ juices. Of course, there was no way my cock would go down, despite two big orgasms, especially not when there were still two gorgeous naked females before me.

Jane’s small tongue slid up and down my cock shaft, cleaning off the mixture of our juices. She really seemed to enjoy the taste, while her tiny hands massaged my balls tenderly. I wondered if she knew what she was doing to me. It was ecstatic.

I lie back on the bed, letting her administer to me like a king. The only thing that this did was leave my big cock sticking up in the air every time she licked her lips with pleasure. I felt the bed moving beneath me, then the small shape of Suzie rose above me, straddling across my body. I watched closely as she slowly lowered her pussy towards my throbbing cock. Jane sat back and watched too, holding my cock even more upright for her mistress. The older woman could easily spread her legs wide and settled down until my cock started to push into her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32