Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

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When my divorce was final and I relocated to the Midwest, I had no idea how lucky I was to move in next door to you, Cat. I loved the house, loved the neighborhood and was pleased to see my next-door neighbors were so open and friendly. Enjoying a glass of welcoming wine with you and your husband, I was surprised to learn that he lived away so much. Little did I know I was going to find out how happy that would make me.

It was awkward sitting in your living room sipping wine with your husband. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. I tried not to stare, and I don’t know if I succeeded. You sat there, oozing sexuality. Wearing a low-cut blouse straining to control a pair of magnificent breasts, a gorgeous face, ruby red lipstick coated lips, legs for miles and stylish heels in early evening. I think your husband is accustomed to men staring at you all the time, he took no notice. You however, smiled appreciatively my way when you caught me imagining my face between your breasts or those luscious lips wrapped around my cock. I didn’t know if you were teasing me when you bent low to refill my wine, giving me a glimpse down your blouse, or when you bent at the waist to pick up a napkin, revealing that you weren’t wearing any underwear. To make matters worse, I am in the habit of not wearing underwear, so I was struggling to sit in such a way that my raging boner would not be obvious to all. You grinned at my discomfort. I managed to get home with a modicum of dignity, but you had me so aroused I had to get out of my pants as soon as I got in the house and spray cum around my new bathroom. You caused me quite a mess.

The next couple weeks were beautiful torture. I was unpacking boxes and getting settled, moving empty boxes outside for recycling, stealing glances at your house hoping to get a glimpse of you. One day you knocked as you entered through the unlocked back door. It was late spring, already warm, I was a sweaty mess, wearing only a t-shirt and gym shorts. You were gorgeous, wearing a clinging stretchy top and short yoga pants. When you hit the air conditioning in my house, your eager nipples protruded through your top. I could have cum right then. I quickly picked up an empty box to hide my rapidly growing erection. You laughed a bit—you knew what my problem was. You offered to help me unpack, as it looked like I had a long way to go. I happily, eagerly accepted, but I excused myself to change into bicycle shorts that I thought would make my hard cock less obvious. I knew I was wrong when your eyes dropped to my crotch when I reentered the room and I saw you bite your lower lip. The tight shorts plastered my cock against my stomach, but instead formed a perfect image of my cock and balls on the fabric, the head reaching almost to the waistband. Bad choice, I thought.

We chatted pleasantly the rest of the afternoon, unpacking boxes, stocking the kitchen mostly. I found the bottle of tequila anejo I had been saving for something special. Seemed no time like the present. You said you weren’t a tequila drinker, but you matched me shot for shot as the day progressed. We were happy, but we weren’t drunk. When working on the same cabinet, our bodies brushed against each other. We both paused for a second. I felt electricity. I hoped you did. When it came time to leave, you asked if I needed your help the next day. Of course I did. You gave me a little hug and a peck on the cheek in farewell. Your leg slipped between mine and your thigh rubbed against my imprisoned cock. I’m sure your bare skin touched the wet spot of precum that had been growing on my bike shorts all afternoon. I watched you bounce across the yards between our houses, your lovely ass outline by your tight shorts. I found myself wondering if you were into ass play…

I was so aroused I didn’t even bother running to the bathroom. I scrambled out of my shorts, grabbed my cock and shot an impressive load of cum onto my kitchen floor.

You came to give me a hand the rest of that week. After we finished the tequila, you would bring bottles of wine—impressively good wine, I might add—to make the work go more quickly. I know we both felt the growing sexual tension between us. Somehow you kept finding shorter and shorter yoga pants. I started wearing looser pants, as my erection could not stand being confined all day. I saw you check out my crotch several times a day, especially when my precum stained the front of my shorts. I don’t know if you realized why I had you work on arranging the lower cabinets and shelves. Anything to get you to bend over. Sometimes I think you wiggled your perfect bum when you thought I was looking. I swear I saw a wet spot growing on your shorts as the day progressed.

Our banter became less innocent and neighborly and more suggestive and corny as the week wore on. I was trying to put away a large platter and remarked that I needed a hole to put it in. You said you had just the thing. You were hanging a picture with a nail I gave you. You said that you didn’t think I had one that was big enough. Story of my life, I replied.

I was crazed. Literally crazed. I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t think of anything but you. Pure lust was part of it, but mostly you were fun, smart, witty, and sweet. You gave me feelings of love and lust and joy that I hadn’t felt in a long time, if ever. It was so frustrating I couldn’t do anything about these feelings.

On Saturday you were late coming over. I was sad, I enjoyed your company so much, but I knew that you needed to spend time at home. Early afternoon I saw you coming across the yard together with your husband. My heart sank a little to see you holding hands, but I understood my place. You said you wanted to show him what we had done in the house. He looked around, said things were falling into place. He said he wanted to see the house now because he was heading back east today to get back to work. My heart jumped a bit when he said he wouldn’t be back in town for a couple of months. He said he was glad that someone lived next door now who could keep an eye on things while he was away. We shook hands, you two kissed, and we watched the limo pull away, taking him to the airport.

Wine won’t do it today, you said, and you ran back to your house to retrieve a bottle of Russian vodka. I found the shot glasses. Neither of us were big drinkers, but I think we needed it then to relieve the tension in the room. I still didn’t have any place to sit in the kitchen, so I put my hands under your arms to boost you onto the kitchen island. As I placed you down on the counter, my hand slipped and slid across your right breast. Mortified, I started to blurt out an apology and withdraw my hand. You covered my hand with yours, pinning it to your gorgeous breast. It’s okay you said. I moved my thumb across your nipple. Rock hard, and it wasn’t the air conditioning. We did the third shot, linking arms and toasting something. Your knee brushed up against my rigid shaft. We both froze for a second. You didn’t move your knee. I didn’t step out of the way. It’s okay I said, trying hard not to cum right then. You moved your knee back and forth, stroking my cock. I reached out and took a hard nipple between my thumb and finger and pulled. We both moaned a little. Our eyes locked expectantly. But we knew if we did what we were both thinking, we were going to ring a bell that could not be unrung. Still staring at each other with lust in our eyes, I said that we should probably get back to work. You nodded agreement and the spell was broken. Except my cock was still hard, and the kitchen was taking on the distinct smell of fuck.

We went back to work, but quieter than before. Our hesitating did nothing to scratch the itch that was driving us crazy. I occasionally took another shot of that delicious vodka, trying to head of the aching case of blue balls I knew was in my future. I didn’t need to see that your crotch was wet. I could smell the heady smell of hot fuck from twenty feet away. That only made it worse.

We didn’t plan it, but at some point we worked in different rooms. The only way to relieve the tension. I was starting to calm down when you called my name. I asked where you were, as I didn’t know, having lost track of your movements. In the laundry room, you answered, adding that you needed my help with something. I left the kitchen and headed down the hall, the laundry room being at the end. As I approached, I saw that I had dropped a piece of clothing in the laundry room doorway. I wondered why I hadn’t seen it before. As I got closer, I saw that it wasn’t my clothing at all. Your tiny yoga pants were crumpled on the floor.

I picked up your shorts and turned to walk into the laundry room. My eyes widened at the unexpected sight that greeted me. You were sitting on top of the washing machine, knees pulled up, legs spread wide, fingers playing with a lovely pink and very wet pussy. You looked at me sort of apologetically. You said you couldn’t stand it anymore, you were going to sneak off and take care of it yourself, but you really wanted my help. Before you finished speaking, my arms laced under your knees and I buried my face between your legs. You didn’t know at the time that I love eating pussy. I love making a woman cum, and I love tasting her cum in my mouth. You also didn’t know at the time that I have never in my life wanted to eat a pussy as badly as I wanted to eat yours.

My tongue quickly landed on your pink clit. I rubbed the flat of my tongue slowly across your clit, you moaned loudly, grabbed my hair and pushed my face deeper into your crotch. I used the tip of my tongue and flicked it rapidly on the underside of your now-swollen and eager clit. Your hips ground your pussy into my face. My face was coated with your delicious juices. I needed to taste you cum in my mouth more than Sex hikayeleri anything in the world in that moment.

You granted my wish. You cried out, your body trembled in my hands. You ground into my face so hard I couldn’t breath. That’s okay, I am going to ride this one out. Your body is vibrating like a violin string as the waves of pleasure cascade through your body. You are whispering your approval—oh yes—shit—fuck—yes—as you begin to come down to earth. Your pussy juices are running down my chin and dripping on the lid of the washing machine. I love it.

I lift my face from your pussy, but keep a wet finger massaging your clit. Just enough to keep you breathless. More, I offer you? You know now—and take advantage of—that I will lick your pussy and ass for hours. Make your legs so rubbery you can barely stand in the shower to rinse off my cum. But today you just hop off the washer, give me a peck on the check and whisper that it is your turn now.

You drop to your knees and tug on my gym shorts, which were doing nothing to hide my excitement, and they drop to the floor. My stiff cock dances in front of your face. You lick your lips and look up at me to make sure I am watching. Then I see my cock disappear down your throat. What I know now that I didn’t know then is that you are a complete cum addict and you don’t quit until you suck a man dry. That’s a roundabout way of saying you gave me the most sensual, sexy, tormenting, gratifying, explosive blow job of my life. And I would add dirty as I feel your finger push inside my tight asshole. I love how you use your nursing skills! While I was embarrassed to cum so quickly, my cock was no match for your hungry mouth. My cock explodes in your mouth. I feel your throat muscles work as you guzzle down my cum. Your lips, your tongue your teeth make my cock pump more sperm down your throat. Your finger in my ass touches just the right spot and more cum spurts from my cock. I hear you swallow after swallow. You know now how much I love to hear you swallow my load.

You stand up, pull me close and kiss me hard. You slide your cum-coated tongue into my mouth. The taste of my salty semen mixed with your pussy juice is delicious. I pull your hair, tilt your head back and scour your mouth with my tongue for more of my cum. You grab my cock and start stroking it, looking for signs of life. Good. You know I am not done with you today. I take you by the hand and lead you into the living room. I slide your top off, watching your lovely breasts bounce in their new-found freedom. I make you kneel on the couch, elbows on the back of the couch, facing out the front window. Someone will see, you object. Good, I reply. I want the world to know I’ve made you my fuck toy. Do you care, I asked, as my tongue slid inside your wet pussy. Not anymore, you moaned.

My tongue probed deep inside you while my finger massaged your clit. Your pussy was dripping onto the couch. I get to lick that up later, I thought. My tongue was in so deep, my nose was up against your cute asshole. You’re next, I thought, still wondering if you would give me your ass. Your hips started gyrating, using my tongue and finger as your sex toy. Your breathing gets more rapid. Fuck me, yeah fuck me, come on, as your body builds to another body shivering orgasm. I already know that I want to make you cum any time and any way I can. Your body ignites and you squirt in my face. A first for me. I clean up your pussy with my tongue. Honestly I don’t know the post-squirt etiquette, but it tastes good, so who cares?

The moment of truth has arrived. I want this cute ass so badly, I hope you let me have it. My tongue slides out of your pussy, and slowly across your taint. You must know by now where I am going, so if you’re going to stop me, now is the time. I lick along your crack. No objection. I slide my tongue deeper into your crack. Still okay. I spread your ass, exposing your tight little bum hole. I want it. Badly. Just then you told me to eat your ass. YESS! I put my tongue on your asshole, feel it flex under my touch. God I love your ass. I rim your bum hole gently while my finger strokes your clit. You moan loudly at the stimulation. I push with my tongue, trying to get inside. Too tight. You reach back and spread your ass wider, opening your asshole just a little. You feel the tip of my tongue at the entrance to your bum. We both moan with anticipation. I stroke your clit a little faster, coaxing a little orgasm from your hot body. Now I take my finger and slowly push it into your asshole, slowly in case that is too far for you. You push with your hips, taking my finger deeper inside you. Do you want to fuck my ass, you ask? Hell yes, I reply, slowly finger-fucking your asshole, getting more excited by the second.

My cock had quickly gotten hard again, all from playing with your ass. But I wanted to savor this pretty ass, and help you relax before taking my thick cock inside you. I added a second finger, pushing both slowly inside, gently pushing back and forth. You moved your hips, taking my fingers deeper. Go slow, you asked. I could play with your ass all day, I told you. I kept one finger massaging your clit, keeping you in that nether space between orgasm and reality. You gasped a bit when I withdrew my fingers and you felt my warm wet tongue slip into your asshole. I sensed that you were about to object, but then sighed and pushed your ass onto my tongue.

I stood up and grabbed your hips. Play with your clit I said. You obeyed. You felt the tip of my cock up against your anal opening. I pushed. It is so tight. Relax baby, I asked. You pushed back, and your asshole slowly started to open. I moaned…

You moaned softly as you massaged your hot clit. We pushed together and your tight asshole began to accept my cock. My cock is not enormous, but it is on the thick side, and the amount of stimulation I had that day made it seem thicker than usual. I wanted your tight asshole badly that day, but I could tell already that my cock was going to give you a good stretch. Fucking awesome, I thought. I hoped you agreed because I was going to cum in your ass no matter what.

Watching my cock slide in and out of a tight wet pussy is a major turn-on for me. Watching my cock push open and violate a tight asshole is about the hottest thing ever. My fingers had relaxed your asshole a bit, but I still had to go slowly. I slid the engorged head of my cock halfway in and out of your asshole, partly to relax it, but mostly because it is so fucking hot to watch. I push a bit more, my head is almost inside. You gasp and wince a bit at your ass being stretched. You okay, I ask? Oohhmmm, yeah, you reply. Do it. Fuck my ass. Give it to me. One more push and the head disappears inside. The stretching is done. That’s it baby. Relax. Let me in. Let me push all the way. You don’t reply, but you push with your hips and another two inches of cock disappear inside you. Damn. Your ass was just built to be fucked.

Just then you turned your head towards me and smiled. Tight enough for you, you asked. Mmmm…was the only response I could muster. I start slowly sliding in and out of your ass, two or three inches at a time, going a little deeper with each thrust. I’ve never let anyone cum in my ass before, you tell me, breathing noticeably faster. This day just keeps getting better, I say. I want to cum in your ass, baby. Is that okay? You nod, thrust with your hips and my balls slap against your wet pussy. I want your cum in my ass. Now. Give it to me, stud. Your ass starts moving, sliding it along the shaft of my cock. Fuck you are tight. I’m the one who has to gasp now. You are going to suck the cum out of my cock again, but this time you are fucking me with your ass.

I’m not letting you take control that easily, sweetheart. I grab your hair, make a mental note to cum in that silky hair, and pull hard. You want me to cum in your ass, I ask, pulling harder. I smack your ass hard with my free hand. If you want my cum you have to fuck me with this ass. Smack. Come on, squeeze my dick, baby. Smack. Squeeze the cum out of my balls, sweetheart. Make me fill your slut ass! Smack. Your ass cheek is bright red. I grab your hair with both hands and pull your head back like a race horse as I start slamming my cock inside your ass. You cry out. Ow! Oh! Yeah! Fuck me! Slap my pussy with those balls! Fuck me, baby!

By now we are both sweating with exertion, despite the air conditioning. We both grunt loudly with each thrust. Each thrust ending with the sounds of my balls slapping against your smooth pussy. I feel your muscles contract and squeeze my cock. That’s it baby, squeeze it! Take it! Make me cum! Your ass is so tight hot and nasty, I just want to fill it with cum. I squeeze your lovely red hair between my fingers and tighten my grip. Fuck me! Fuck me! You are calling. I am dizzy with passion.

I let out what I could only call a roar as hot semen shoots from my cock into your ass. I slam my cock all the way inside you as my cock pulses and spurts. You reach between your legs and squeeze my balls, wet from repeatedly slapping against your wet pussy. Come on baby, cum in my ass, you implore. Cum for me…give it all to me sweetheart…fill my ass. Come on. Your ass squeezes the last drops of cum from my cock. God you feel so good, everything about you.

My spent cock begins to slide from your stretched asshole. My cum oozes from that beautiful asshole. I am on my knees admiring your beautiful, bent over pussy and ass, when you ask playfully if I am going to clean up the mess I made. I answer by grabbing your hips and plunging my tongue all the way up your stretched asshole. You flinch. You were not expecting that. I feel your body tense as you decide to tell me to stop or not. Your hips Sikiş hikayeleri gyrate, fucking my tongue with your ass. You must have decided you liked it, as you reached back, grabbed my hair and said eat it bitch, or something similar. I spread your ass a bit farther and inched my tongue deeper inside you. I don’t think you’d ever been with someone who loves ass as much as I do.

While I am tongue-fucking your ass, I am playing with your clit. My cum is dripping from your ass, coating my face, running down along your taint and dripping onto my hand and fingers. Taste this I said as I showed you my handful of cum. You hungrily lapped up my semen from my outstretched hand. Mmmm, more please you asked me. I dragged my tongue along your taint, loading my tongue with a big wad of cum. I stood, pulled your head back roughly by your hair, and plunged my tongue into your mouth, letting you taste my cum and your ass. If you minded the taste of ass you didn’t show it as you cleaned the cum from my tongue and swallowed your reward. I licked your ass a few more times, depositing the cum in your mouth, eating some myself.

You slid off the couch and saw the large puddle of love juices that had fallen on the couch. I said I would go get a towel and start to stand. You stop me with a smile and tell me you love a good dessert. You bend over and set to work licking up the puddle of cum, sweat and pussy juice from the leather cushion. You are full of surprises today! Just when I think you could not get any hotter or nastier, you prove me wrong. Sweetest sexiest woman I have ever seen.

We stretch out on my large Persian carpet and cover ourselves with a blanket from the couch. You snuggle up against me with your head on my shoulder while I caress your fine ass. We smell of sweat and desire. My nose is buried in your red hair. It smells amazing. We just had what would have been a year or two’s worth of sex in my former life, well except for the amazing blowjob, cum swallowing, pussy eating and ass sex. Oh, and sex from behind. Nothing like that in my former life. And it wasn’t even dark yet.

After a bit, you suggested that we should get back to work, maybe after a shower. Hmmm…working or lying naked under a blanket with a gorgeous redhead, I said. Door

please. You suggested we compromise and go back to work, but we work pantless. Good God you are a genius! You jumped up, picked up only your top (your bottoms eventually turned up) and said you were going to shower. You looked back at me invitingly. We headed upstairs to the shower.

The house had been remodeled and the new shower was almost the reason I bought the house. It was a large glass enclosure with multiple shower heads and a steam function. There was a small bench where one could sit if you wanted just a steam bath. You got the shower set up just as my phone rang. Thinking it might be my son, I went to answer the phone as you stepped into the shower. I loved the sight of your hot ass, still dripping cum, disappear into the steam of the shower.

Call turned out to be the realtor trying to sell my house back east, so the call didn’t take long. I opened the door and stepped into the shower. Your red hair was wet and clinging to your shoulders and back. Your foot was up on the seat, your head was thrown back and your fingers were in your pussy again. I think I need your help again, you said. Is she trying to kill me I thought? One hand in your pussy, you reached out with the other and grabbed my semi hard cock. Yes she is trying to kill me. And I’m okay with that…

I grabbed your wet hair, pulled your head back and kissed and bit your neck. My hand pulled and played with a wet slippery nipple. You had one hand in your pussy and another stroking my cock. It felt amazing, but no way was I going to cum or even get hard again. I guided you to sit on the bench. I got on my knees, and pulled you towards me. The bench was too narrow so I put your lovely legs on my shoulders and put my hands on your tight, recently fucked ass. I put my head between your legs and inhaled the heady smell of wet, steamy pussy. I licked long strokes across your taint, dipped my tongue in your wet hole before continuing on to sucking on your clit. You grabbed my hair and held my head on your pussy. Like I wanted to leave…

My long slow tantalizing strokes were driving you crazy, as each stroke would bring you to the brink, but start over before you came. Make me cum, you begged. Are you going to squirt in my face again I asked? Uh-huh you moaned. Good I said as I quickened my pace, giving special attention to your swollen and throbbing clit. You cried out as you pushed my face into your pussy and squirted me full in the face as you came hard. I licked your pussy clean as you recovered from your orgasm. You lifted one leg off my shoulder as you pushed yourself up onto the bench. You smiled down at me, still somewhat dazed by how hard you came. Where did you learn to eat pussy like that you asked me? In my experience, you said, only another woman knows her way around a pussy like you do. Only another woman has ever made me cum and squirt like that. I made a mental note that you eat pussy. I want to watch that sometime. Experiment, I said. If something makes your partner moan, do it again, and save it for the next time too.

You sat up straight on the bench. Let me suck your cock, you said. I laughed as I stood up. You got it all baby girl. No more cum for you tonight. Wanna bet, you asked as you licked the head of my cock, making it twitch with signs of life. With one hand wrapped around my shaft, the other hand playing with my balls you put my cock down your throat. Good God you have the most amazing mouth lips and tongue. My cock sprang back to life, to my amazement, as you bit, kissed licked and sucked me into oblivion. Just as I felt like I might be able to cum again, you slid your finger up my ass and rubbed just the right spot. I cried out as my cock began to spew cum down your throat yet again. It wasn’t a lot, but more than I thought I had. Your mouth and fingers played me like a violin.

You kissed me hard again, letting me taste my sperm in your mouth. You found the bar of soap and started soaping up my cock and balls. I took the soap, got on my knees and slowly began to soap up your legs and thighs, kissing each piece of skin as it was cleaned. I washed the remnants of your cum from your pussy, spread your ass and washed the remnants of my cum from your asshole, kissing that gorgeous asshole once again. I stood behind you, put my cock in the crack of your ass as I washed your stomach and breasts. I kissed your neck as I washed those lovely breasts.

You took the soap from me and got on your knees to wash my cock once again. You turned me around so you could spread my ass and wash my asshole. I had no idea that you loved ass so much. I felt your tongue rim and probe my asshole while you soaped my cock and balls and stroked me. No cum left, but that felt completely amazing.

We finally rinsed off, shut the water and steam and dried off each other before leaving the shower. I got a couple of t-shirts from my room and we put them on, in keeping with the pantless theme. You looked so sexy with those large tits filling out my t-shirt. I wanted to fuck you so badly, but there was no way. We pretended to work a little bit, but in reality I just wanted you to bend over again and again. You laughed and obliged me. Soon you said you needed to go back to your house. I offered to look for your clothes, but you said you would pick them up tomorrow. You slipped into your shoes, squeezed my cock as you pecked me on the cheek, and I watched you cross the yard between our houses, my t-shirt totally failing at the task of covering your ass.

Once you’d gone, I closed up the house and shut the lights as I realized how exhausted I was. I put your top on the kitchen island and retrieved your yoga shorts from the laundry. I was going to place them on the island with your top, but then I decided to smell them. They smelled of you. I licked them. They tasted of you. I took them to bed with me and fell asleep smelling your lovely scent.

The next morning I awoke to the hot musky smell of your yoga shorts. I slept in a bit. Truthfully, I had never had sex so hot and nasty in my entire life. I lay there awake, morning light streaming into the room, reliving the unbearable sexual tension between us, and the exhilarating sensation when that tension was released. I had never met or been with a woman anything like you. While I was lying there wondering if this was just a one-time fit of passion or something else, my phone buzzed with a text message: Hey sexy, you awake, you asked? I had an amazing time yesterday. You said that you were having lunch with a friend at noon, so could not help me work today. It was only 10:30. Not that I had a drop of jizz left in my body, but having spent the night inhaling your scent, I had an inspiration. I responded that it was only 10:30. I was offering free tongue rides for the next hour. I thought you might get a laugh out of it.

Your phone buzzed. You had woken up earlier, taken a long shower, washed and dried your hair and were just checking out your dress in the mirror. Short, displaying those lovely legs. Deep cut, displaying those large lovely tits. Shiny pendant resting in the cleavage for anyone who didn’t get the message that your breasts were magnificent and deserved all of the attention they received. Some spiky heels finished the look, which would fit right in with your friend’s club set. Satisfied that you were looking hot, you turned to my message. You smiled, reflecting on how quickly we had become good friends, not just hot and nasty lovers. He is so silly you thought, getting ready to laugh off my offer.

As you continued to gather your things, Erotik hikaye your mind drifted back to the previous day. The new neighbor had a talented tongue; bringing you to a strong orgasm on the washing machine, on the couch in your ass, and on his knees in the shower. Some guy’s dicks didn’t make you cum so hard. After a few minutes of idle thought and preparation, you noticed that your pussy was really quite wet. You’d even stopped for a moment in the bathroom and touched yourself, if only a little. It wouldn’t hurt to drop by and say hello. But you couldn’t stay.

Removing the stilettos to keep them from sinking into the grass, you crossed the yard and tiptoed in the unlocked back door. You slipped your shoes back on. Didn’t want to leave the wrong idea. I didn’t hear you coming up the carpet stairs, as I was still in bed, naked on top of the sheets, stroking my cock and thinking about cumming in your ass the day before. You stood in the doorway watching me pulling on my cock. Why hello! You said. I see you found my shorts you said, spotting the wispy pants on my pillow. I startled, instinctively tried to cover up until your hotness stopped me cold. I smiled and laid back on the bed, stroking my cock that was pointing straight at the ceiling. Your eyes fell to my stiff shaft, and you instinctively bit your lower lip.

Here for the tongue ride? I asked. Your focus on my cock broken, you laughed and said no, you just stopped to say hello. You had a lunch date and didn’t have time for any playtime. You did, however, sit down on the edge of the bed, taking over the stroking of my cock. You are so much better at it than I am. We talked for a couple minutes about your lunch date, what I needed from the Home Depot and the projects I had plans. You then said you have to go and stood to leave. I stood to say goodbye, my cock and balls bouncing, your eyes locked on them. Sure you don’t want that tongue ride, I asked, taking you in my arms. We kissed hard, our tongues intertwining. My hand lifted your dress off your ass while you continued to play with my balls. No panties. Damn woman you are hot. Sure I can’t give you a lift? I can’t go to lunch smelling of fuck you said. That ship has sailed, sweetheart. You knew your pussy was already wet. We kissed again as I started pulling down the zipper on back of your dress. No, nope, stop that you protested, before kissing me again. With the zipper all the way down, I started sliding the dress off your shoulders. I can’t, you said. Your dress fell to the floor with a swish of silk. A sexy bra, stiletto heels and a pendant were the only things between you and nakedness. I pulled you towards the bed. I laid down and you straddled my face, still protesting that you didn’t have time. I wasn’t listening, concentrating on the wet pink pussy coming down on my face. You took my hands and placed them on your lace covered tits. I extended my tongue, letting you decide where to put it. You drew a sharp breath as you felt my tongue part your labia.

You lowered yourself onto me and my tongue slithered up inside you. You grabbed my hair and forced my face into your pussy. Another first, you were fucking my face with your wet pussy. I massage your hardening nipples through your sheer sexy bra. I pinch a nipple and pull hard. You look down at me and smile. You slide your pussy off of my tongue and rub your clit against it. You still have a death grip on my hair, holding my head in your pussy. Keep your tongue out, you say. Your pussy is dripping on my face and running down my cheeks and onto the bed. So hot. I am never washing these sheets.

Without warning, your body convulses and your pussy squirts, catching me in the face and going in my eyes. It stings, but I am going to finish the job. I flick my tongue on your clit, coaxing more cum out of your pussy. I slide the tip of one finger into your asshole. Did I mention that I love your ass? Your body is trembling on top of me. My face and hair are soaked with your cum. Greatest. Morning. Ever. You slide off of me and sit on the floor, legs spread, knees up, back against the bed. Your stiletto heels are dug into the carpet. Your pussy is still dripping onto the rug.

Still breathing heavily, you start to apologize for squirting and making a mess. Are you kidding, I ask? I love that my room will smell of you all day! Seeing those spiky heels dug in the carpet aroused me in a new way. Don’t move, I said, climbing off the bed and kneeling on the floor between your legs. I want to suck your cock, you said. Nope, I replied, laying down on my stomach and putting my arms under your legs and my face in your crotch. I need you to do something for me, I said. I am going to eat your pussy, and I want you to wrap your legs around me and dig your heels into my back. Hard. Merciless. Leave bruises. Hurt me. You looked at me quizzically for a second, then your face transformed into a what-the-hell-it-will-be-something-new look.

My face went back in your wet pussy and I could feel those sexy calves slide along my back. You brushed the tips of your heels along my back. I’d never done anything like this before, but I could feel my stiffening cock creeping across the soft carpet. For some reason, the anticipation was incredibly exciting. I winced as you dug your heels into the skin of my back. You retreated. No, harder, I said through a mouthful of pussy. You dug in again and dragged your heels across my skin, leaving deep scratches. I moaned loudly as my tongue massaged your clit. You added to the arousal by talking smack as you dug in your heels: Who’s the bitch now? Stick out your tongue and eat my nasty pussy, like you licked my asshole, perv. Who’s the fuck toy now? Answer me bitch!

Believe me, I don’t know where the idea about the heels came from, too much porn I guess) or why it turned me on so, but I suddenly felt that I was about to cum. I stood up quickly, interrupting your trash talk, sticking my hard cock in your face. Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue, I said. You obeyed. I laid the head of my cock on your warm, wet outstretched tongue. Instantly, a stream of sticky semen shot into your mouth and hit the back of your throat. You gagged a bit in surprise, but swallowed it down. You were ready for the load of cum still being deposited in your mouth, holding it there, even as a bit dripped out the side. I stood you up. Don’t swallow yet, show me your mouthful I said, as I licked the stray sperm from the corner of your mouth. You tilted your head back and opened your mouth displaying a beautiful mouthful of my lovely cum. Swallow it now baby, I said. You gulped down my load. It sounded so hot I almost came again. You grabbed my head and slid your salty tongue into my mouth. Fuck this woman is nasty. I love it.

I’ve got to get going, you said suddenly. I’ve got to clean up. You get dressed, I said, I’ll find something to clean you with. I went to the bathroom, got a warm wet washcloth and a hand towel. You were sitting on the edge of the bed, still no dress on, you didn’t want to drip anything on the silk. You reached for the washcloth. Let me, I said. I slowly cleaned each thigh, knee to pussy. You closed your eyes as I cleaned around your pussy and labia before gently parting your lips and slowing cleaning around your hole and still swollen clit. You’re supposed to be cleaning me up, you moaned, squirming a bit. You’re going to get me all wet again. You took the hand towel and patted yourself dry. I helped slide the dress over your head, and we embraced as I pulled up the zipper. Your fingers traced the scratches on my back from your heels. You looked at me. What got into you? You asked. You did, I replied simply.

You brushed your lovely red hair into place, replaced the red lipstick that was smeared on my dick, pecked me on the cheek, grabbed my cock and you were gone in an instant. I showered, totally in a fog, pulled on a t-shirt and tried to work pantless. The events of the last 36 hours played and played in my head. My cock stayed hard, a perpetual boner not ever part of my experience before you, and I couldn’t concentrate. I was going through the motions. I tried to cover up at the last minute, but I think the FedEx guy saw me stroking my cock through the front window. I finally gave up, poured a stiff whiskey and went to sit on my front porch. It has a brick ledge that is opaque obviously, and is screened in. It would have been hard for a neighbor to see me move bottomless on the porch. Impossible to see me stroking my cock once I was seated. I tried to figure out my life. Figure out why I had spent more time playing with my cock in the last two weeks than I had in the previous ten years. Tried to get you off my mind with whiskey, but all I could think of was fucking you up against the brick pillar of my porch.

I saw you drive back in your driveway about 3:00. I saw you glance at my house as you entered your front door. I didn’t see you come out the side door, across the yard and in through my back door. You called out hello when you came in, I answered that I was on the front porch. You laughed when you saw me pantless yet again, sporting yet another throbbing erection. Is your dick hard all the time you teased? Only since I moved in next to you, I replied. Totally truthfully. My mind and my body are not like this usually. I’ve never had a woman dominate my consciousness like you.

Welcome to the neighborhood you said with a sly grin as you moved over to my chair. You grabbed my cock, leaned over and kissed me hard. Your tongue tasted of semen, and it wasn’t mine. So, Cat, did you have cock for lunch I asked. You reddened a little bit. Maybe…you said. Holy shit girl, I exclaimed. Tell me all about it I asked excitedly. Maybe… you said again. After I have dessert. With that you dropped to your knees took my cock in your hand and swirled you tongue around the head, eating the bit of precum from the tip. I’ll tell you more when I am finished sucking your cock, you said, as my swollen cock disappeared down your throat again…

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