Work and Play

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It had been a long week getting a new release out prior to the annual training conference. I’d been part of a team working on a new feature that we were going to debut during one of the technical sessions. A few other developers and I had been up late every night all week getting everything working just right.

But it had paid off. I sat in the session watching Tina present the app and when she got to the new features we had just finished, a murmur swept through the room. I felt good. It was rewarding working on something people were excited about. Plus we were in Las Vegas for the conference and I looked forward to some down time after working hard.

I watched Tina finish her presentation. She was naturally beautiful and I had had a crush on her since we started working together. But today she was especially alluring, dressed up for the presentation in high heels and a skirt. After she finished, there was a round of applause and about a dozen people lingered to ask her questions about the new feature. I stayed as well, listening to the questions and feedback and waiting to talk to Tina.

After the last customer headed out and Tina was packing up her computer I approached her and said “That was great! It was really exciting to see everyone’s reactions.”

“Thanks! I thought it went well. All those late nights paid off.” And then she added “Do you want to grab a drink?”

After the week I’d had, I was ready for more than one drink. “Sounds great!”

We headed out and found a bar nearby in the conference hotel. There were already a lot of attendees out drinking. We ordered drinks at the bar and talked about the conference. After another rounds of drinks, she checked her phone and found an email from one of our largest clients. Her face clouded over.

“Uh oh. Sounds like there might be a problem with the update. I better look into this.”

“Now? Can’t it wait until tomorrow? It’s after 8 o’clock.”

“No. They have a deadline coming up and it could be critical.”

“OK, let me help.”

I followed Tina back to her hotel room where we could troubleshoot the problem. She was able to reproduce the customer’s issue on her computer and we worked together to track down a workaround until I could fix the problem in the source code. When it got to be close to 11pm, we ordered room service, including a bottle of wine. Finally, close to midnight, we had a solution for the client. Tina emailed the user and closed her laptop. She poured us both another glass of wine.

By this point, we were sitting on the floor with our shoes off. Tina looked tired. I was pretty buzzed and a little cheeky from being tired. Without stopping to think, I moved behind Tina and began massaging her shoulders and back. She moaned softly to let me know she liked it.

I asked her about Seth, a guy in sales she was seeing. I’d wanted to sleep with Seth since he came to the company 3 months ago, but Tina had started dating him before I had a chance to get to know him better. She told me about their relationship and then said “I almost forgot. He was planning to stop by tonight after taking some customers out for drinks.”

I continued to massage her shoulders, enjoying the feel of her body under my hands. Her neck looked so lovely, I leaned down and kissed it. I immediately felt my face flush and found myself apologizing to her, but she turned her head to face me and kissed me on the lips. I hesitated a moment and then kissed her back. Her full lips were soft and warm against mine. I parted my lips and licked her softly with my tongue. She opened her mouth to me and I moaned.

My hands traced her face, then trailed down her neck to her breasts. She kissed me more urgently, her hands in my hair, holding my face close to hers. I unbuttoned her blouse as we kissed and gently slid it off her shoulders. I caressed her back and arms, then reached back to unclasp her escort tanıtımları bra. She helped me to remove it completely. I looked down to see her firm breasts, her nipples erect. I couldn’t help myself. I lowered my head to take her nipple into my mouth. She gasped as I sucked on her hard nipple. I bit her lightly with my teeth and flicked her nipple with my tongue. I found her other breast with my hand and rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She leaned her head back against the couch and moaned.

My mouth returned to her lips as my hands continued to play with her breasts. She pulled my shirt over my head and unhooked my bra. I leaned back so she could pull it all the way off. I watched her face as she looked down at my breasts. Her fingers found my nipples and she leaned forward to kiss me again. I leaned into her, feeling my breasts press against hers, her skin soft and warm.

There was a sound at the door and before we could respond, the door to the room opened and Seth came in. We were sitting on the floor, our arms wrapped around each other. We stopped kissing and looked up towards Seth, but there was no denying what had been going on. For the second time, I felt my face turn red, both in embarrassment at Seth finding me topless, and in guilt over hitting on his girlfriend.

But Tina seemed unphased. She smiled at him and asked “How was your night?”

Seth smiled back and said “Not as good as your night, I see.” Then to me he said, “Hey, Jewels. How’re you doing?” My name is Julia, but Seth had taken to calling me Jewels shortly after we met.

He walked into the seating area of her suite, refilled one of our empty wine glasses, and took a sip. Tina told Seth about our late night troubleshooting and filled him in on the reaction to the new features from her session that afternoon. Seth kicked off his shoes and sat on the floor next to Tina, as if it was totally normal to find her half naked with another woman. I watched the two of them talking, trying to figure out what was going on and whether I should leave, but Tina was holding my hand as we sat next to each other so I knew she wanted me to stay.

When Tina finished relaying the day’s events, Seth leaned in to kiss her and said “It’s good to see you.” She squeezed my hand as they kissed and I reached my other hand up to caress her breast. Then Seth leaned over and kissed me. I was startled and cut the kiss short and looked at Tina for her reaction. She was smiling. She excused herself to the bathroom and Seth moved closer to me and began to kiss me in earnest, one hand around my back, the other on my breast, then squeezing my nipple almost painfully. My head was spinning, trying to process the turn of events.

When Tina returned, she was naked and she looked amazing with her long dark hair hanging loose against her pale, milky skin. She reached her hand down to me and pulled me to my feet. Leaving Seth where he was, she led me to the bed. She reached down to unbutton my jeans and slid them off. She hooked her hands into the sides of my underwear and eased them down, too. When she stood back up, I kissed her and ran my fingers over her soft skin, enjoying the feel of her body. My fingertips grazed her nipples as she ran her hands over my ass.

Seth undressed himself by the coffee table, his eyes on us. Tina pushed me back onto the bed. I walked myself backwards on my elbows until I was completely on the bed and Tina crawled on top of me, her hair falling onto my face. She leaned on her right arm as she moved her hair aside with her left hand, then she bent over to kiss me. I pulled her into me and entwined my legs in hers, loving the feel of her body against mine.

Her hair kept falling in my face until finally I flipped her over onto her back and straddled her. Her hair fanned out around her head on the bed. I leaned gaziantep escort tanıtımları down to kiss her, my short hair out of the way. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I felt my nipples brush against her breasts. I moved so that my right thigh was between her legs and pressed it against her as we kissed, and explored her breasts with my hands. She reached her hands down to my ass, pressing me into her as she moaned. I kissed her breasts, circled my tongue around each nipple, savoring the taste of her skin.

Seth joined us on the king size bed, lying on his side, propped up on his elbow, watching us, his cock already hard. I glanced at him, as I crawled backward, my tongue trailing down Tina’s stomach to her mound. I opened her legs wider and ran my tongue down her slit, between her labia. She moaned louder. I pressed my tongue into her opening, tasting her juices. I moved up to lick her clit. She squirmed and pressed one hand to my head as I continued to use my tongue on her.

With my head between her legs, Seth leaned in and kissed her mouth, his hand on her breast, pinching her nipple. I remembered the feel of his fingers my nipple and I moaned in desire as my tongue explored her folds. I felt myself getting wet and reached down a hand to rub my clit.

Tina was breathing hard now and I could feel her body responding to my mouth. I heard her whisper something to Seth and he moved behind me. I moved my hand away from my mound as I realized where he was going. Kneeling behind me, he pressed his face between my legs and I felt his tongue touch me, hot and wet. My body shuddered and I cried out from the unexpected pleasure, but I quickly returned my attention to Tina as she grasped my head with both hands.

Seth only had his mouth on me for a moment before I felt him press the head of his cock against my entrance. I wanted to tell him that I wasn’t on the pill and that he needed to use a condom, but Tina’s orgasm felt so close, I hated to pull my mouth away from her sweet mound. I slid two fingers into her wet pussy and sucked on her clit, flicking my tongue over her tender bud. My own pussy was so wet, Seth easily slid his full length into me in one thrust. I gasped, but kept my tongue moving. I could hear Tina make sounds similar to ones I make when I’m close to getting myself off and the thought of making her climax drove me wild.

Seth slid in and out of me gently so as not to disrupt Tina’s pleasure. But not long after he began fucking me, Tina arched her back, pressed her body up against my mouth and let out a scream of pleasure. Her body convulsed under me and I continued to lick her, feeling her juices running down my chin. When Seth saw Tina climax, he increased his pace, pounding into me harder. I heard him start to moan and realized he was close to cumming himself. I needed him to pull out before he came, but Tina had wrapped her legs around my neck and my face was planted firmly against her body, making it impossible to talk. Besides, it was too late. Seth’s orgasm overtook him and he grabbed my hips hard as he pressed deep into me and groaned. Breathing hard, he partially collapsed onto my back as waves of pleasure washed over him.

I felt his seed spilling out of me even before he pulled out. I silently cursed, wishing I’d brought up condoms before we’d started. But I hadn’t realized Seth was going to fuck me. That Tina wouldn’t mind if he did.

When he rolled off of me, onto his back, I propped myself up on my elbows and looked up at Tina. Her eyes had been closed, but she looked down at me and smiled contentedly. She pulled me up to her and kissed me, tasting herself on my mouth. She smiled and turned me onto my back as she inched her way down my body. She took an elastic band from her wrist and wrapped it around her long hair. Kneeling between my legs, she spread my gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları knees and looked at my wet and engorged labia. “Yum” she murmured as she lowered her face and began to run her tongue over my slit. Her darting tongue felt so good where Seth’s cock had just been pounding into me. I moaned and opened my thighs wider as she ate his cum from my pussy. The thought of her tasting not just my juices, but Seth’s as well made me suddenly glad he hadn’t used a condom.

I reached down and rubbed my clit while her tongue explored my opening. I looked over at Seth who was watching my reaction to Tina. He moved closer and leaned in to kiss me. Then he lowered his mouth down to my nipple and bit me while squeezing my other nipple with his fingers. I cried out. The sensations on my nipples and my pussy were overwhelming. I felt my lower body tense up as my orgasm washed over me. I reached down and pulled Tina’s face into me, completely caught up in my ecstasy. I screamed over and over until my climax subsided and my body went limp. I lay there, my chest rising and falling as my breathing gradually slowed back down.

Tina looked up at Seth and smiled. He leaned down to kiss her, licking her lips, tasting the two of us on her mouth. He moaned at the taste and I looked over to see his erection returning. She crawled up the bed and straddled him next to me, sliding onto his now fully erect cock. I watched his shaft disappear into her pussy, feeling aroused again at the sight, despite having just climaxed. She planted her hands on his chest and raised and lowered herself onto him.

I watched, mesmerized, enjoying the sight of his penis glistening with the wetness from her pussy when she moved up his shaft. Each time she sank down onto him, she let out a groan of pleasure. She moved her hands to either side of his neck as she leaned down over him, her breasts hanging down to graze his chest. As she ground her hips against him, her moans grew louder and her breathing intensified and I knew she’d found just the right angle. Her hips began to move faster, her cries of pleasure grew louder. Seth began to moan as well, his hands gripping her hips. Then she screamed and collapsed down onto him, shuddering, her arms unable to hold herself up.

When she rolled off him, between us, I thought about eating her out again, hoping to taste his cum on her pussy. But seeing how hard his dick was when she slid off of him, I realized he hadn’t climaxed yet. He was slick with her juices, though, and my mouth watered. I climbed over her and lowered my mouth to his cock. I ran my tongue over his shaft and tasted her pussy on him. I reached down and gripped the base of his cock with my hand as I sucked on him. I ran my tongue over the underside of his glans, enjoying his groans in response. Then I slid him as far into my mouth as I comfortably could, feeling him hit the back of my throat.

Tina watched me. I removed my mouth from his penis and invited her in for a taste. I watched as she sucked him. Then she kissed me on the mouth keeping one hand on the base of his cock. I licked one side his cock and she leaned in and ran her tongue along the other side, our tongues meeting at the top and we kissed again. After a few minutes of sharing, I got greedy and began to blow him on my own again, leaving her to watch. I wanted to feel him come in my mouth. I wanted to swallow every drop. With one hand wrapped around the base, I moved my mouth up and down the shaft of his penis. It didn’t take long. I felt his balls tighten beneath my hand and he cried out as I felt warm cum fill my mouth. I swallowed it as quickly as I could, trying to keep any from spilling. His spasms died down and I swallowed the last burst of cum that shot out of him. I pulled my mouth away to take a deep breath and Tina quickly replaced my mouth with hers, eagerly milking him for anything I might have missed. I licked my lips and watched her.

When she was satisfied that there was nothing left, she removed her mouth and kissed me, pressing her tongue into my mouth, kissing me hungrily. We moved away from Seth and continued to kiss, our bodies entwined. It was late and we were exhausted. Our kisses became slower until finally we laid our heads down, foreheads touching and drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32