WSG Enterprises, Part 1

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The CEO was waiting for his ordered shipment in the receiving area. The receiving area was one of the newest constructions. Over the years the compound had become quite large. Whenever the company realized that they were operating in “over capacity” or whenever they realized it would make sense to put some operations in separate areas, they just built. They had 100 acres of remote land to work with. It could go on forever.
WSG enterprises had at least 60 different facilities. The isolation chambers, training rooms, extended stay outhouses, the pharmacy, operations, meeting halls…on and on. Whenever they had a new need or new idea they just built more. It was a very, very expensive business to run, but it was also extremely lucrative.
Payroll was enormous. The masters alone made 2 mil a year with the added perk of selecting a new slave each year…and that was expensive for WSG to loan out for a whole year. The Pharmacists pulled down 1.5 mil. Trainers were one mil. Handlers made $300,000. These and other various staff as a whole were 103 strong and currently running 67 million dollars annually. And they needed more staff. WSG also needed new inventory. With that in mind Brandon Milloy, CEO of WSG ordered a shipment of a whole family.
The subcontractors handed Milloy many dossiers to go through. 4 weeks previously, he had selected the Farmer family. And now he was anxiously awaiting their delivery. He could barely contain his excitement. He was very good at what he did and he knew a winner when he saw it.
The father, Mark Farmer was 35. He was in excellent shape and from his medical records, had top notch genes…but you could tell that just from looking at his children. His internet browsing habits showed that he had a very strong predilection for child porn. If he was broken correctly, he might be a master someday.
The mother, Emily Farmer also had desirable genes. She was gorgeous and petite. She was 34. But from the videos of her you’d swear she was 24. And it’s just impossible to believe she has 3 children, Milloy thought. She would make excellent breeding stock for a couple of years. She would also facilitate the breaking of her husband and oldest son.
Mark Jr. was 15. A high school jock. Heavily into online porn, but of the straight laced variety. It was noted that the females he lingered longer over were the ones that most looked like his mother. He might be used in construction or breeding or psychological experimentation if nothing else.
The twins were the crown jewels. Boy and Girl twins: nearly identical. 12 year old Alex and Ashley. They would make WSG a lot of money. They were both small with exquisite features. Mother Emily kept Alex’s hair almost as long as Ashley’s and that would be helpful, because the company was going to make sure it was grown out to look exactly like Ashley’s.
And then the delivery truck pulled up into the dock. Milloy could barely contain himself. The subcontractors opened the back of the 18 wheeler and rolled out five carts each occupied by a member of the Farmer family naked, gagged, and strapped to the cart.
The father was beaten up and was unconscious…that’s to be expected and in no way detracted from his value. He was a fine specimen. Well-muscled and well endowed.

Milloy moved over to the mother for closer inspection. She was crying and shaking quite a bit. Milloy wasn’t too concerned if she was beaten up a little, but she looked fine. Wives usually crumble when the husband goes down. Milloy reached out and examined each breast…no sag…..very perky 38c’s he thought. Her face was lovely and framed by shoulder length, golden hair. Perfect symmetry in her body. Wide hips, narrow waist, and a flat, taut belly. Lovely.
Mark Jr was next. Defiant, angry eyes. Very good Milloy thought. The kid was in great shape..already becoming a man. Milloy reached down and examined the cock on this product. Probably a seven incher erect. It had good weight. Milloy thought the father was probably a thick eight incher so that might be the young one’s ceiling.
Alex was crying terribly. Milloy examined the product. Perfectly feminine, he thought. Small body; little girl hips. He had the same golden hair as his mother and twin. He had sexy, little lips and bright blue eyes. He had a pretty little dick with no hair. This will be a profitable family, Milloy thought.
Milloy approached Ashley just as the medical examiner was removing an instrument from her young cunt. The medical examiner nodded his head. These subcontractors are reliable, but it never hurts to check, thought Milloy. She was an angel. Beautiful body with budding little breasts just beginning to sprout. Milloy touched them. She didn’t have any pubic hair yet and her little pouty pussy lips were tantalizingly. He patted her pussy. You might make me more money than your brother. Milloy was seeing balance sheets in his mind.
“Take them to isolation,” said Milloy as he casually walked away.

WSG kept all of their product in separate isolation chambers, they learned long ago…bad idea to keep new product in the same room. They work together to keep sanity. Through various torturing regimes, depravation, and psychological trauma, you can have children broken in two weeks and adults broken in four. With Children, the masters pay particular attention on having the children believe that their parents are dead and that they, the masters, are their protectors.
WSG found that adolescent boys require the specialized skills of a female master. Rachel, WSG’s only current female Master was used for this. She kept them isolated and deprived of necessities for two weeks. And then she would beat them mercilessly. She would have them begging for mercy for a week of beatings. And then the fourth week she would mother them…heal their wounds. Finally she would fuck them while they were bound. And they were reborn for training.
Adult females required being taught how useless they were. Slapped around, pissed on, and fucked up the asshole. They were told their children were sold and husbands killed and they would be sucking cock for the rest of their lives. Many of the Masters vied for this job…they loved it. It brought them great satisfaction.
Male adults sometimes didn’t make it through isolation and WSG hated losing product. They learned to tailor each breaking to the male. Along with the standard depravation and torture, Mark was shown videos of his wife being fucked up the ass and then he was beaten. He was shown videos of little girls smiling while they were being fucked up the ass while he was given a blow job.
Mark, Mark Jr, and Emily were broken in a month, as usual, and removed from isolation ready for their drug regimen and training. Their masters explained to them that they were property of WSG and that the rest of their lives would be spent in the sex industry. If they ever failed to follow orders exactly, they would be sent back to isolation.
They were taken to their individually rooms naked and unaware of each other’s fate. All of the drugs administered to them where in clear liquid form and dispensed in their servings of water. Almost all of the inventory kept at WSG were aware that they were being medicated, but the cocktail also contained a mildly addictive drug. Almost all of the inventory learned to love what they were becoming so much that they shook euphorically when they drank their water.
These three were no exception. The males were given a cocktail of increased sexual excitement and mild aggressiveness. The woman was also given sexual excitement with some drugs that induced uncertainty and submissive qualities.
Each of their small rooms were lined with monitors that played porno movies 24/7. They were muted at night so they could sleep, but they were never turned off.
Their doses were gradually increased.
By the end of the first week, the males were constantly erected and masturbating eight to ten times a day. The female was always wet and rubbing her sex on every surface she could find and she cried constantly.
All of them became so comfortable in their new lives that they almost forgot about their past. But they didn’t. That was the value of product brought in from the outside, they contained parts of their old selves. The material developed in house were purely sexual beings. Sex was the only thing they knew and they loved it. Outside materials could feel other, special emotions like: depravity, regret, remorse, and sorrow. And to the right customer, this was worth extra money.
And then, exactly 41 days after they were taken, each of them were delivered, for one night, a sex slave and they were fucked for hours on end. They slept happy.
The next two weeks would find each of them on highly elevated arousal medication and they were all bound in chastity belts by handlers, so that they could not find any relief. And they tried.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Alex were beginning their new lives.
The children’s master, Ryan, took Ashley out of her cell, across the sunlight grass. She walked barefoot in a nightie. He held her hand as he walked to the office building. They walked through the sliding glass doors. There were people in business suits walking about and all this sudden input confused Ashley. What was happening?
Ryan said, “Don’t worry sweetie, everything is going to be ok.” That made her smile. He took her up an elevator and in to an office where he directed her to sit in a chair. “Now honey, this is your new life. You’ll like it. You are now owned by WSG. WSG is your company, ok?”
“Ok,” she said, “but I don’t understands what that means.”
“It means that you are our product; you are what we sell. And honey, you’re going to make us a lot on money.”
“I guess that’s good…how do you sell me?”
“We will be selling your services to anyone who can afford you, and you’re going to be expensive. Your whole life from now on is going to be making men cum. You will learn how to excite men to near heart attacks as your service their cocks in every fashion imaginable.”
“I don’t know what that means.” She was confused.
“Don’t worry dear, we’re going to teach you. But don’t doubt it, you will learn to love your job. Sex is the only thing you are ever going to think about.”
Ryan took her to her new room in the dormitories. Then he went back to collect Alex from isolation. He explained to Alex these things and added, “Alex, you are going to be one of the special and rare creatures. You are going to be a young transsexual; a tiny little shemale, do you know what that is?”
“No, but I will do my best for the company.”
“You will Alex. And Alex…”
“From this day forward, your name is Alexa, ok?”
Their drug regimens were begun. Both received mild sexual stimulants. Alexa received the body changing hormones that would alter his body. He would become for all intents and purposes female. Except he would have a cock.
Alexa and Ashley were fitted in their gold collars. Gold collars were the most desired. It meant they were the most expensive items to be bought.
Alexa started showing nipples after only two weeks of medication. She had a feminine wardrobe and was taught how to walk in high heels and how to apply makeup. Her training was intensive and very expensive to WSG. The attention paid to her development Merter Escort by pharmacists, trainers, tutors, stylists, and wardrobe cost $121,000 in the first week.
Ashley was shown pornos and learnt what it was she would be doing. She was shy, but she like the idea of being expensive and wanted to please her new company. She learned that she was very valuable and desirable.
They were reunited after they had accepted their new life. Ashley was a little confused and Alexa was jealous that her sister had more than just perky nipples; she had a spoonful of developing tit too. They wore matching wardrobes: halter top, micro mini skirt, pink panties, knee high stockings, and high heels. They both had shoulder length blonde hair, styled in the same fashion. They both had blood red lipstick, heavy mascara, and blue eye shadow. The only difference between them in appearance was Ashley’s slightly larger buds. They looked the same. They both had gold collars and they both noticed that.
Ryan watched as they hugged each other and sized each other up as lost family, friends, and challengers.
“Okay girls listen up. From here on out you have a lot of work to do. Here is your schedule and a map of the compound. Follow your guidelines exactly; deviate and you will go into isolation. Remember that?”
“Yes master.” They chimed in unison.
“Don’t worry master, we won’t make a mistake, we want to do good,” Alexa said. Ashley smiled.
Ryan pulled out a small whip from his back pocket, told them to turn around, and gave both of them a shot across the ass, “Good. Now read your curriculum and begin immediately. Fail, and I will come back for you. Trust me, you don’t want that. I have other properties to work on.”
Each of them studied their curriculum. They compared. They were the same, except for today. Alexa had
1pm Make-up in hall 1, room C.
3pm High heels advanced in hall 1, room l.
6pm dinner, cafeteria.
7pm Porno study hall 1, room k.
Return to room.

Ashley’s simply said: 1pm Auction, Auctionhouse.
They hugged and parted.

When Ashley arrived in the auctionhouse she was dressed by her handlers in a small bikini and high heels. They spent hours perfecting her makeup and styling her hair. They perfumed her. CEO Milloy appeared; smiling. “Well Ashley, today you are going to make your company a tidy sum. I know you haven’t received any real training yet, but you must understand that in this condition, you and your little pussy are worth so much.” He caressed her ass. He looked at her 4’11” frame and seventy pounds of pure sex product. Blonde hair and blue eyes, little tits with the nipples pushing the fabric of her top.
“What do I need to do?”
“Just follow instructions, you really don’t need to do much, except let these men look at you and then lie down and let the winning bidder take your virginity. Don’t worry you’ll be fine. You had to lose your cherry sooner or later….we may as well make the most money possible doing it. We have already invested so much in you. I f you can fetch at least one million dollars I will be happy and I shall reward you.”
An hour later she was standing on a dais under a spot light. There were maybe 30 men there as far as she could tell. She understood the numbers being said over the loudspeaker. From what she heard someone bought her for $ 1,400,000. She was so happy, she was smiling.
In no time at all, a foreign looking man was undressing her and laying her on a soft bed. He undressed. He licked her everywhere and she thought it felt nice. He knelt before her and opened her legs. She felt her pussy being probed and looked down and saw the first real live cock of her life.
This is what I am meant to do, she thought. I may not know anything about sex yet, but I will be good at this. She bit her lip.
It hurt pretty bad. She could feel blood leaking out of her. The foreign man held on to her little tits and arched his back and then grunted. She could feel his cum filling her little pussy like she had seen in the videos. He made strange sounds… and she thought, this is easy. So easy.
They told me it would hurt this first time but that soon I would love it.
She kissed the foreigner on the lips and the handlers came in and helped her up. They cleaned her with soft towels and helped her walk to an examining room. Then a doctor checked her to make sure her valuable pussy was not harmed.
The next day, at 9 am, Ashley and Alexa met in the cafeteria. They were dressed in just pink panties, little pink bras, and high heels, as the curriculum dictated. They sat alone and they noticed how the other product looked at them with a mixture of envy and lust. Of the 40 or 50 other pieces of inventory that they noticed, there were no other gold collars just blues and whites and browns and green.
Milloy saw them and walked towards them. They looked so good and were adjusting beyond expectations. They were beautiful; almost mirror images except for Ashley’s tits and Alexa’s little bulge in her panties. Milloy sat down with them. “Well ladies I am glad to see you.”
Ashley blushed thinking of the money she brought in for the company. Alexa didn’t know who this man was. “Ashley you did fabulously last night!” Milloy exclaimed.
“What did you do Ash and who is this man?” Alexa had to know.
Ashley beamed, “I made 1.4 mil for the company last night and this is Mr. Milloy, the chief of the masters and the head of our company!” Alexa registered that. She was suddenly speechless…1.4? head of the masters?
“Don’t worry Alexa,” Milloy patted her back, “over the long run we expect you’ll make even more money than your sister. Ashley had something very valuable…a cherry. You don’t have that Alexa, but now neither does Ashley.” Alexa stuck out her tongue at Ashley. Ashley fumed and made a mental note to make sure she was the one that made the most money.
“Mr. Milloy?” asked Alexa.
“Yes Alexa?”
“Why aren’t there any other gold collars here?”
“You are the only two we have in training right now Alexa. The other golds are sleeping in or playing video games or fucking whomever they like. We don’t have any sales scheduled for the golds today until…I think 1 pm.”
“Golds can fuck whomever they like?” Ashley asked.
“Golds can do whatever they want, within reason my dear, as long as no product is damaged and they are not scheduled for anything. ” He replied. “And golds are the only ones without electrodes in their collars. You, my dears, are the only ones free.”
They both thought about that and felt so special.
“Now Ashley,” Milloy said, “ You have made enough money to pay for your entire family’s training and then some. So I want you to think about how you would like to be rewarded. If it is something I can do, I will.”
“I’ll catch up to you later on, let me know.”
The girls went to their classes.
Basic cock sucking
Erotic dancing
Basic role playing
And…cock insertion exercises.
Both girls were naked and straining over inserting the stationary dildos.
“No. no. no!” shouted their trainer. “Don’t try to force it in! This isn’t a competition. We want you to get used to it…not see how much you can shove in!”
Alexa stopped forcing it in her ass; she was up to 7 inches…so was Ashley. They looked at each other naked and panting. Alexa’s little penis was erect…all four inches of it. Ashley still felt sore from the fucking she took in her hairless cunt the night before. Both of them had sweat covered little tits and were panting.
“Listen to me,’ the trainer said, “your pussies can not get damaged, they are worth too much to us. We want you to get used to fucking, not used to shoving the largest thing possible inside you.”
The girls relaxed and realized they were being foolish.
“Take it easy,” the trainer spoke smoothly, “it will be at least two weeks before you are scheduled to work and we want you to be ready for enjoyment, not for a 2×4 being shoved inside you. At max, Alexa will take 10 inches and Ashley 9. We will not let a cock bigger than that buy you. So take it easy. You will both probably end up in the range of,” the trainer studied his charts, “an eight inch cock of decent girth for maximum enjoyment. That will change over the years of course. For now we want to make sure you are comfortable with something larger than that. But, we will not sell you to penises larger than your max.”
After an intense day, Milloy met the girls in meeting room f as scheduled. “Ashley, have you thought about your reward?”
“Yes I have.” Her pussy was a little sore, but she had been thinking about something, “You said earlier that I had made enough money to ‘pay for my entire family’s training’.”
“Yes.” He replied expectantly.
“So then, they are all still alive and on the compound. I would like for Alexa and I to see our family.”
“Pick just one Ashley.”
She bit her lip, “Ok…mommy.”
“Tomorrow, before classes. This same meeting room, 8am.”
A master fit Emily Farmer with her white collar. He explained to her that white collars meant “breeder.” She just nodded her head, but inside she was on fire. Her pussy had been wet and running for so long she was mad with the idea of finally getting some relief. Her handlers were having to clean her up at least 3 times a day. And she had to be fitted with a new chastity belt each morning. The handlers were concerned about chaffing and rashes so they had a doctor examine her cunt. When the doctor had lightly touched her lips, she had four orgasm.
The master explained to her that she would be given some light duties around the compound and that she would be delivered these instructions every day. First and foremost, however, she would be working on her body. She would be fed specific diets and be in the gym or exercising at least 4 hours each day. Then she would be free to relax in her room. He told Emily her first breeding partner had been picked but that was some days off. But for now he had a surprise for her.
“What is it?”
“Put on these clothes and come with me.” He handed to her a sheer bra of little triangles, a micro mini skirt and a pair of sandals. Her tits stood straight out and her nipples pressed against the material.
“Get cleaned up and apply make up like a whore. We can’t have you walking around the compound unpresentable.”
When she was done, he attached a chain to the hook on her collar and attached the other end to a band on his wrist.
When Emily sat down in the meeting room, her head was still spinning from what she had seen on the compound. Men in business suits, little girls dressed up like hookers, teenagers being fucked right on the lawn. And she saw big erect cocks…she couldn’t get them out of her mind and her pussy started flowing heavily; leaking out of her on to the chair.
The door opened; Emily turned around. In walked her darling Ashley! And…who is that… Ashley again? Ashley was smiling and she was wearing a set of panties and bra in the same thin fabric that Emily wore. She also had a garter belt and stockings and high heels. Emily couldn’t believe this. She looked Ashley up and down and saw her little breasts with the erect nipples and then she noticed her little pussy through the sheer material and her long, lean, sensual legs. Emily was so confused. She looked at the identical Ashley attired just the same and noticed Escort Bayan the little penis folded up and pressing against the material of her panties. And then it dawned on Emily. No! oh, what is this! She thought.
Emily stood up with her mouth open. “Hi mom!” they yelled in unison. They each ran to her and hugged her close. Emily was so shocked she didn’t know what to think. My children are going to be whores and my little Alex is a girl now, she thought.

She pushed them both back to look at them again so she could make sure. Yes. They were both beautiful and feminine and they smelled so good. She looked at Alex, he was definitely forming little tits and his hips were more feminine…actually he looked exactly like Ashley aside from the….the penis.
Alexa noticed her mom’s concern, “Don’t worry mom! It’s ok, really.” She put her hands on her waist and stuck out her hips erotically to the side, “I like being a girl mom, the doctors said I was probably meant to be one anyway.”
Emily thought about that, he always was effeminate…and I guess subconsciously I was kind of tailoring his haircuts and wardrobe to that. She looked at him again. I guess this is right, she thought. She looked down to his little penis and thought about hard cocks and she started to cry.
“Oh Alex….”
“Alexa mom, Alexa.”
“Of course…of course.”
“Mom, you’re not going to believe it!” exclaimed Ashley.
“what honey?”
“I made 1.4 million for the company already!”
‘You what?”
“Some man bought me for that much! It wasn’t a record, but it was in the top one percentile!”
“Oh my..I…I just don’t know what to think.”
“Be happy for us mom. We are very valuable to the company and it’s all thanks to you and dad and your genes. Thank you so much mommy.” The girls were smiling and gave her a hug again. Emily could feel their young bodies pressing against her. She could feel Alexa’s penis on her thigh and she subconsciously started rubbing against it. Emily just started shaking and had an immediate orgasm.
“Un…ungh….oh my oh my.”
The girls stood back shocked and then started giggling. “Shit mom they must have you hopped up! Ha! You had an orgasm just by being touched!” laughed Alexa.
Emily was so embarrassed she just started crying all over again. “Awww mom,” said Ashley as she rubber her mom’s shoulders.”
Alexa said, “Ash, look at mom’s tits. They are so nice.” Alexa reached out to hold one from the bottom and lift it up and down, “Do you think we’ll get tits like this Ash?”
Ashley reached down to lift up the other one, “Probably, but let’s hope not too soon. We’re worth so much more the way we are Alexa.”
“I know but these are really nice.” Alexa grabbed both of her mom’s nipples and tweaked them. Emily had another orgasm and fell to the floor sobbing and shaking.
“She really does have a sexy body Ash.” Alexa knelt down to her mother and pushed the golden hair back from her face. Alexa reach around and spread her mom’s thighs open. Alexa looked at Emily’s legs and then ran her hands over her mom’s perfect belly and waist.
“Alexa, stop toying with her!”
“I’m just saying, isn’t she hot?”
“Come on we have to be in class in 15 minutes,” chided Ashley.
Alexa reluctantly dropped her hands from her mom’s waist and stood up, “oh ok.” Emily was trembling with excitement and felt so much shame. She looked up to see two, cute little asses in g strings sauntering away. They really are working their hips, thought Emily.
Ashley turned around with her hands on the door, “By the way mom, the whole family is still here on the compound. We’re all owned by WSG and we are all in the sex industry forever.” Ashley waited while this sunk in, “Bye mom, love ya.” Ashley leaned back sensually through the door, blew a kiss, and left.
Emily got up and wiped under her nose with the back of her hand. A master came and got her and reattached the chain to her collar. He led her to the cafeteria where she was stared at and sized up by everyone. They noticed her white collar and tended to lose interest in her.
She was led to the gymnasium where an instructor took command of her with several other whites. They exercised in unison for 4 hours. She felt so much better. Emily felt good. She returned to her room and feel asleep immediately.
While Emily was exercising her girls were in an erotic dance class. Elena, the 10 year old gold was their instructor. So she was a money maker and also making money…and at 10! She wore nothing but a black g-string a diamond necklace and black high heels. She was a Latina beauty. Her skin was olive, her hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail, and her body undulating unbelievably. She just had little pert nipples. Her waist was wide and her legs were a gift from heaven. She had the best ass Alexa and Ashley had ever seen. Her face was very serious and she was a taskmaster. Ashley and her were to become close friends.
Mark Jr and Mark Sr were two frustrated males. Master Rachel would visit them and tie them to the bed while she undressed and masturbated in front of them.
Masters were always visiting them and telling them WSG had big plans for them….but the masters would never say what that meant.
Eventually they were giving jobs to do. They would travel around the compound in only their chastity belts and sandals performing menial tasks. Once , Mark Sr thought he saw his daughter, but she was with an identical twin, so that couldn’t be her.
All of the scantily clad females, old and young, took great pleasure in torturing them with their bodies. Little girls in g strings would bend over and show their perfect ass to Mark Sr. he was able to cum several times in the belt just by looking at them.
Emily was doing excellently in her courses. It was really simple- just stay in shape. One day a master came in to talk to her gym trainer. They spoke in hushed voices and looked at her while her perfect, voluptuous body used a treadmill.
The trainer came over, “Ok that’s enough, get down. Come over here to master Adam. Take off your gym shorts. She did as she was told.
Master Adam bent down with a key and unlocked her chastity belt. Go to the showers, and do not masturbate, we’ll be watching. Get cleaned up and put on these clothes.” He gave her a bag.
Master Adam collected her after she was done. She wore a lace push up bra and lace panties. A garter belt, stockings and high heels. She didn’t need to be told to put on slutty makeup…she just did it.
“You are going to see CEO Milloy.” She was led to the executive building.
There was a knock at Milloy’s door. “Come in.” The master escorted Emily into the room and pointed at the chair in front of the desk.
Emily was so excited she was trembling a little. It felt sooo good to be out of the belt. She was so wet. She was also excited that she was called in by the CEO. Maybe her mating would begin soon. She sat there waiting.
Milloy put down the phone and examined her. “Stand up Emily.”
She did. What a perfect specimen, he thought. Her body was in great shape. Very desirable. He began to rethink breeding her. She could make $5000 a night like this. Hmmm. But no her children would be making 50,000….so it just didn’t make sense. “Turn around let me see your ass.”
God she has the most exquisite hourglass shape. The trainers are doing so well….I must remember to send them something. “Take off your panties.”
She bent down and did this immediately. What a perfect little tummy, Milloy thought. “Now come over here, around the desk, to me..that’s it…get on your knees and take down my pants….good girl…schooch under the desk a little…now pull out my cock and start sucking.”
Emily couldn’t believe the CEO would let her do this! She pulled out his cock. It looked so nice…she was going to lick it…but no…he said suck. She opened up her mouth and put his cock in. She began bobbing her head up and down while his cock filled her mouth. She was so hungry for it, she never let it leave her mouth. She just sucked the whole thing in and then backed her head off of it still using all the suction possible.
There was another knock at the door.
“Come in,” said Milloy. “have a seat.”
Emily heard someone enter the room, but she didn’t care, all she could think about was cock. I hope he will fuck me! She thought. Maybe if I just do a really good job sucking, he will fuck me. With that thought in mind she redoubled her efforts. She could here Milloy talking to someone about something…
“We want you to understand Mark, you can be in a position of great power and make a lot of money with us….that is why I am watching you and your development with interest. Now Emily…Emily…if you can stop sucking on my cock and just stand up.”
Emily heard this command, she was so reluctant…but he said to. Mark heard “Emily.” Emily. Suddenly his wife immerged from under the table. He couldn’t believe it! She was dressed very scantily and my god she looked so hot! Hotter than ever. He wanted to fuck her right there but..wait, Milloy had just said, “Stop sucking on my cock…” What? Her face did have a strange hungry look to it. She was sucking on his cock! That was the slurping noises I heard. Mark thought all of this.
Emily looked at her husband. She felt strange emotions that she couldn’t place. This was the man she loved. And her pussy was needing cock so bad. Maybe Milloy would now let her husband fuck her? She was breathing fast and her perfect 38c’s shook and jiggled.
Mark was feeling anger rise, but also looking at this female shape…he wanted her sooo badly.
Milloy pushed his chair further back from the desk, “Ok Emily, it’s time for you to mount up.”
Emily didn’t know what to think. She looked down at Milloy’s cock sticking up in the air. She looked at her husband. She decided. She stradled her legs over Milloy and reached down and grabbed his cock.
“You see Mark…I want you to understand this is all about money. We make and sell the product. And your wife is a perfect breeder. Isn’t that right Emily?”
“yes, “ she said while she lowered her cunt to his prick, “I am a perfect breeder.”
“Go ahead and enjoy a fuck then, we just have to make sure I don’t cum in you…I am not your mate.”
Emily inserted the cock into her pussy and immediately started trembling. She felt as if her legs would give out.
Mark stood up and yelled and reached across the table to grab Milloy. He was immediately shocked and fell to the table hitting his head.
He lay there unconscious with his head bleeding.
Emily looked at her unconscious husband and then slowly lowered herself on to Milloy’s cock. “OOOwwwwww…ummmmmm.”
When she had lowered herself completely on the cock she just trembled with joy. “Good girl Emily, now go ahead fuck yourself silly, I won’t cum in your pussy.”
Emily looked at her husband and started to cry, “I am so sorry.” She then proceeded to have orgasm after orgasm on Milloy’s huge cock. She would rock her hips up and down and cum and cum and shudder and cry.
After an hour of orgasms, Milloy told her to get off and get on her knees.
“Open your mouth.”
She did with her huge tits heaving in the push up bra.
“Don’t let a drop of this get on my carpet.” She didn’t. he shoved his cock against the back of her throat and she sucked it dry like a vacuum cleaner. She felt puddle after puddle istanbul Escort hitting the back of her throat and she just sucked it all down into her belly. He removed his cock from her still sucking mouth with a “pop,” and it bobbed back and forth in front of her face. She was happy.
Two days later, Ashley had her first paying customer. He wanted the “little girl doing homework with Daddy” routine. Ashley was well trained. She called him, “daddy.” He asked her to sit on his lap. She wore penny loafers, knee high white socks, a black pleated miniskirt, and a short sleeve white button down.
He started rubbing her leg while she pretended to look at a schoolbook. He ran his hands across her little tits. She asked, ‘daddy, what is that big thing in your pants.”
She screamed, “daddy, this feels so good,” while he fucked her doggy style. She felt him jerk, heard him grunt, and felt his cock letting stream after stream into her pussy. She liked it.
She liked the idea of making men feel the things she did to them. She liked being powerful. She liked being expensive. She smiled. She was worth $50,000 that night.
Alexa also had her first date. The man was kind and gentle. He picked up Alexa and carried her to the bedroom. He undressed her down to her panties. He sucked on her nipples and she gasped. Alexa sucked on his cock while he fingered her asshole. He told her to move around. So she got on her hands and knees and put her head down. She felt her panties being pulled down. She felt a slippery finger enter and probe her ass. Her dick got very hard.
First she felt the head enter her and rest there in her ass. He spoke softly to her and played with her nipples. She squirmed around in ecstasy. And then it slowly slid all the way in. “ooooowwwww.”
The man pumped away at her for an hour. Doggy style, missionary. He finally came in her ass when she was mounted on top with her small cock slapping against his belly. He held her tight and impailed her. He held her still while he pumped her full of his cum. She moved her ass back and forth to get it all in and she smiled. She was worth $60,000 that night.

The following day Emily was headed off to her gym class wearing tight black spandex shorts, a tiny black sports bra and nikes. She saw Milloy with a colleague and waved. The colleague pointed at her and they both laughed. “Emily! Come here!” shouted Milloy. I wonder what they want, she thought. She was so much happier now that the chastity belt had been removed. She constantly had a wet spot in her panties, but it felt so much better. She could masturbate whenever she wanted to. She approached them.
“Hello Emily, this is my associate Ron, we were just admiring what a fine piece of ass you were.” The men grinned. “Emily take off your clothes and get on your hands and knees.” Milloy felt her pussy while she was untying her shoes. Ron grabbed her tits while she was shimmying out of her shorts. She got down on the grass on her hands and knees. “heads or tails Ron?” asked Milloy.
“Hmmmm,” Ron examined her perfect body, “I think I’ll take tails.” He moved behind her and dropped his pants.
“ok buddy, but you can’t cum in her, you see the white collar, right?” Milloy dropped his pants, pumped his cock a couple of times and inserted it inot Emily’s slurping mouth.
“Yeah, I know already.” Ron positioned the head of his cock in Emily’s slit, “God, she’s already so wet.”
“She is a breeder Ron. She already has two fine little cunts in the system,” he said as he fucked her head, “we’re hoping to get atleast two more whores out of her cunt.”
Ron jammed his cock up to the hilt inside her, “unngh…what a perfect cunt… shouldn’t breed this one,” Ron said as he reached around to grab luscious handfuls of tit, “I’ll give you..ummm….ungh….1 million for this cunt, Brandon.”
“No fucking way, are you crazy? She’s not for sale,” Milloy said as he arched his body, shoved his dick all the way down Emily’s throat, and held her head against him while he unloaded a wad down her throat. She sucked it all down.
“Mr. Milloy!” Milloy heard a voice. He saw the farmer twins running across the grass to him dressed in tight little leotards that ran up their cracks. “Hey girls!” he relpied as he was emptying his cock in their mother’s mouth. “See Ron….those are the jewels this cunt makes.” Ron looked and he was impressed.
The girls were standing in front of Milloy while he finished. “Hi mom!” said Alexa. Emily was just finishing off Milloy. His cock slipped out of her mouth. She licked her lips. She put her head down and meekly said, “hello girls.”
Ron kept hammering away at her cunt. He held her by the hips while he looked at Emily’s offspring. Damn, he thought. That is fine! I wonder how much they are going for. Ashley put her hand on her mom’s back and leaned on her as if she were a bench, while she looked at Milloy, “Did you hear about our first job’s last night Mr. Milloy?”
“I sure did girls, I am so proud of you,” he said while he was zipping his pants up. “I only hope your mother can produce some more fine product like you.”
Ashley looked down at her mom, who was panting. She leaned harder on her mom’s back and looked at Ron, “Is this her breeding partner?”
“Haha no my dear no, this is my associate Ron. We just happened to see your mom and we wanted to fuck her.”
“Oh. He’s not going to cum in her is he Mr. Milloy?” asked Alexa.
“No, don’t worry girls. Well, come on Ron we got an 8:30 meeting coming up.”
“Hold on.” Ron thrust into her a couple of times, then unmounted. “Turn around bitch.”
Emily turned around and sat up on her knees and opened her mouth. Ron grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock in her mouth. His balls were resting on her chin and he said, ‘ahhhh…uh uh,” as he spasmed down her throat.
The girls watched appreciatively as their mother swallowed everything without a drop wasted.

Ron zipped back up his pants and walked away with Milloy.
Emily sat there nude and panting on the grass.
“So, do you know who your breeding partner is mom?” Ashley quizzed.
“No.” Emilly replied as she was trying to catch her breath.
“I do!” laughed Ashley.
Both girls hopped and skipped away.
Emily got up and put her clothes back on. There were some men watching her appreciatively, but they knew they couldn’t touch a white. She felt good about herself to know everyone wanted her body and what it could produce.
Ashley and Alexa did an hour of cock insertion exercises. The trainer was happy with the results. They were no longer panting. Instead they were doing it slowly and both came at nearly the same time on their maximum insertion level. The naked girls looked at each other and laughed as they were impaled on their stationary dildos.
They did three hours of advanced role playing and proved to be diligent students.
They had lunch and then finished off the day with one hour of BDSM and two hours of dance with Elena.
Elena was so impressed she took them both back to her private home. She danced and glistened for them. She revealed her perfect, naked, hairless body. She gave them both the most intense orgasms with her tongue and tight little cunt that both girls nearly passed out. They slept together on a big feather bed.
Emily awoke at 7:30 and got up for a cup of coffee. She took a shower and put on her makeup. She put on a satin bra and panties and examined her itinerary. She was to wait for a master and then accompany someone to kitchen work. What? And then at 11 am go to the gym. Return back to new room at 4.
What? New room?
Her door opened and a master walked in. She was shocked into reality. The master bound a chain to her collar and to his wrist strap. She followed demurring and excited. They went down the hall to a room three doors down. He opened the door. The room had two beds on opposite sides. The one on a left and double; the one on the right a king. There were two adjoining bathrooms on each side and a line painted on the rug down the middle. The master shut the door.
“This is a shared room. The left side is yours. Do not cross the line unless a surperior orders you too, otherwise you will feel the pain.”
She nodded.
“Now I will go to get a roommate of yours.” He left and Emily was so excited her knees shook. In 40 seconds the door reopened. She had her head down and looked up to see the master kneeling on the floor, unlocking a chastity belt from….from her son, Mark.
Oh my god. He was shaking. My son, she thought.
The master held the removed chastity belt. “Your clothing for the day is in the drawers as always.” He looked back and forth at them, “read your curriculums.” And he left and shut the door.
Mark Jr stood there by the door hardly believing his eyes. It was his mom! He thought she was dead. And she looked…so healthy. She was wearing a satin bra and panties…and she was…something to behold.
Emily looked at her son. He looked so happy to see her. And he was naked, and glistening, and muscular, and he had a giant raging hardon. Emily was happy to see him, but then she blushed and put her head down.
“Mom!” he yelled and ran to hold her in his arms. She felt his embrace and returned his hug. She felt his muscles enfolding her. Mark felt his mom’s warmth and her large breasts resting against his chest. She smelt so good. He held her close.
“Mom! Mom! I thought you were dead!”
“Oh my son!. Mark. My mark.”
Emily felt her son’s hardon pressing against her belly. She felt him hold her close and rub against her and then she felt him spasm and cum on her belly.
He jerked back, “Oh my god! Mom I’m so sorry!” They both looked at the mess on her belly.
“Oh don’t worry don’t worry,” she said as she went to the bathroom to find some paper towels, “they have us so drugged we can’t help ourselves.” She just started to wipe off the cum when she dabbed her finger in the cum on her belly and put it in her mouth. “How have you been?’ she asked from the bathroom.

“Ok..I guess,” he said as he was still shaking from the knowledge he had finally cum…and on his mom, “they keep me busy.”
She looked at herself in the mirror, she was perfect. Every young boys dream. She felt her pussy throbbing and beginning to get moist. “Well I am so glad to see you honey,” she adjusted her tits in her bra, “lets study our itineraries and see what we are doing today.” She walked back into the bedroom with her hips swaying. She saw her son’s cock was still erect and she liked the sight of it.
Mark saw his mom looking at his cock when the same master opened the door and came walking back into the room. “I almost forgot…you two stand next to each other.” They did not hesitate. Emily stood beside her son with her lovely breasts jutting out. He was a good 7 inches taller than her and his well muscled body was still shaking from the experience of his orgasm when the master pulled out a 3 foot long chain and grabbed Mark’s collar. He snapped one end on to Mark’s collar clasp. Then he held Emily’s neck and pushed it back and to the side painfully. She heard the snap of the chain being attached to her collar. They were attached.
“Follow your itineraries.” Was all the master said. He left the room.
They both stood there side by side for awhile. Emily was breathing very rapidly and her breasts heaved. Mark’s penis was beginning to get hard again. They were bound together. Emily let that sink in. She looked out the side of her eye at her son’s body. She saw his cock throbbing back to life.

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