“Yes Sir!”

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Based on true events:

Boyfriend, Adrian, and I have been together for a couple months, and our whole relationship can easily be summed up by explaining our first date turning into 10 different sexpisodes over a 24 hour period, bed, shower, couch, outside chair. He also has slowly started introducing me to some kink as I have shown interest. I have found myself easily falling into a Submissive role in the bedroom and accepting him as my Dominant. A lot of our time is spent hanging at my house together. Today was no different.

We are cuddling on the chaise lounge part of the couch, watching a show that honestly does not matter. He reaches over and slides his hand down my pants, starting to tease my clit with his fingers. Flicking, rubbing, vibrating. He continues to touch me as I let out a low moan, as I shake from his touch. His fingers slowly insert in me, to feel how wet he has made me. He then demands I take off my leggings and panties! I willingly escort gaziantep bayan numaraları do as I am told, completely turned on. He stands up and gives me the look that I know means “take off my pants and suck me, now!” I respond verbally with, “Yes sir.”

My tongue starts to tease along his thighs and up his shaft, to the tip of his penis and then my lips surround his fat cock. I continue taking him into my mouth, sucking him, twirling my tongue around, him telling me how amazing it is; the best head he has ever gotten, until he can’t wait any longer. He lays down and pulls me up on top of him.

His thickness easily inserts into my pussy and fills me up. I start rocking up and down on his cock so hard, my thighs slapping against him, my breasts flapping in his face, and my pussy dripping. I lean forward, grabbing the back of the couch, enticing him to suck on my nipple, and escort bayan gaziantep reklamları squeeze the other between his fingertips making me moan out in pleasure. He makes sure not to forget the other nipple, as I feel the tingling sensation throughout my body.

As I’m riding him, staring into his eyes, and having a few smaller orgasms, he tells me to arch my back, as he pushs me upright so that I’m sitting perpendicular on him. I’m trying to control my breathing, as the rush of hormones fills my body over and over again. This position has him hitting the G spot perfectly, and he helps me keep the rhythm going, making me cum a few more times, causing me to scream out in ecstasy.

The sixth orgasm was so overwhelmingly good that he has to help hold me up and then continues to thrust into me, hands on my hips. He is more fit than me, so even on bottom, he is doing a lot of the gaziantep escort kız telefonları work. As we continue to fuck we move the couch slowly away from the wall, inch by inch, in the end the couch moved more than a foot from the wall!

He lets me rest for approximately sixty seconds, I kiss his forehead and tell him, “seven times was enough for me, it is time for you to reach your climax.” He tells me to turn around immediately. I do as I am told with anticipation. He grabs my hips from behind and shoves his long, fat cock inside my dripping wet swollen pussy. It makes me scream out from the immediate rush of endorphins. As I’m on all fours, ass in the air, he pounds into me, over and over again. He smacks each cheek, leaving handprints. Claiming me as his. It makes me moan and tense up, but I like it. I didn’t expect to cum again, but right before he finishes, I climax for the eighth time. He then shoves into me one last time as he fills me with his warm, thick cum.

I lay my chest down on the couch, ass in the air, resting and allowing him to admire my ass, with the red marks from his hand. He loves the color he has put onto my white, round ass. I have to also keep my ass up to try and prevent dripping cum onto the couch. He gets up, helps me up off the couch, grabs me, pulls me in and gives me a long passionate kiss. And then whispers into my ear, “all mine!” And I melt into him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32