You Betcha! Ch. 03-05

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Chapter 3

“Okay, you guys ready? The falafel, shawarma, kefta, and kebabs are ready, folks! Couscous, pitas, baba ghanouj, hummus, and salads, too!” Janine announced, making my stomach really growl.

“Holy smokes, did you really pack all that in your luggage?” I asked her in shock.

“Hey, I’m Iraqi. What do you expect? Well, Kurdish on my father’s side, Chaldean on my mother’s. We Middle Eastern gals come prepared, savvy? I love to make enough to feed an army! Try the wine, too. It’s a sweet Israeli vintage. You’ll like it! What can I say? My mother runs a Middle Eastern-style food market. To simplify things, all the meat is halal these days. Not bad, once you get used to watching exsanguination in person. It turned my stomach the first couple of times,” Janine related while swaying her hips a little more as if to tease me.

“Try not to drool too much, bro,” Becca teased me now as she noticed my response to Janine’s voluptuous hips and swarthy buttocks.

“Well, can’t blame a fella too much that, can ya? He’s only human and half-naked for our viewing pleasure … seeing all this bare female flesh,” Paige spoke up in my defense, though in a very seductive and tantalizing way of her own.

“Oh, I don’t blame him at all. You’re all gorgeous, after all. Fucking ravishing, truth be told! I do have such yummy girlfriends, don’t I?” Becca replied as she stuck her tongue out at me and then planted a lip lock on each of them.

“Oh, my … damn … you kissed Simon’s fiancee without his permission. Now you gotta pay the toll. Sorry, them’s the rules,” Melanie licked her lips after brazenly making out with my sister.

“What … toll?” Becca looked at me and then at Melanie with some anticipation.

“No clue. She didn’t consult me before deciding that she was to be my bride someday. She just declared it as a matter of fact. I’m very tempted to agree to it, though. I mean, hell, guaranteed daily blowjobs for life? Very tempting right now, for a guy in sexual drought and being rather mercilessly cock-teased by his own sister. Yes, there, I admitted it at last. Got it out of my system,” I flirted more freely with Melanie now.

“See? I have a way of getting what I want, babe! Anyway, you kiss the bride, you gotta kiss the groom, too. That’s the toll … sis,” Melanie told Becca, pointing to me, “pay up!”

Becca simply shrugged, grabbed me, closed in so much that I could taste the Cheez Whiz on her breath, and puckered up for a very sultry French kiss. Typical Becca … she wasn’t content with the chaste peck in this case. If she had to kiss me as a toll, she’d go all-out, and she did. That was no sisterly smooch at all. That was a lover’s passionate kiss, make no mistake on that point.

“Now THAT was a proper tongue kiss! Way to go, Becca! If one didn’t know better, one would think that you’re starting to really dig your brother that way, you know. The family way. In more ways than one,” Janine gestured to indicate a pregnant tummy.

“If that doesn’t help sell me as a bride, just consider that I really mean it when I say that I don’t give two fucks what you do with Heather … or anyone else. You can have them … and still have me, whenever you like, babe. I just want to be half of the future First couple, dear. Part of this great new power couple, you know. Power really is an aphrodisiac, you know,” Melanie winked at me with evident thirst.

“So, does that mean that kisses are now … on the menu … for all of us?” Paige pursed her lips eagerly, indicating a certain desire to kiss … someone at least.

“Oh, definitely, but who did you have in mind, Paige?” Becca spoke up.

My big sister looked at me, then at Janine, and then at Melanie. Paige then walked over to me and planted a very wet and sloppy French kiss on me now. Then Janine did the same exact thing, copying even her ardor if that was possible. Melanie licked her lips and slipped me some tongue as well, even grabbing my ass as she made out with me. Some sort of boundary or Overton window or something like that had shifted now … decisively and permanently. I was fair game for kissing, and so was everyone else.

“So … does this mean that I can kiss each of you whenever I like, too?” I inquired, testing the waters now.

“I think that’s … pretty clear to me at least. We’re agreed, I think, that my brother is not off-limits to any of us for kissing purposes, including the use of tongue, right? We can all play tonsil hockey with Simon whenever we like. Deal?” Janine answered, getting nods from each of her friends now.

“And with each other, too,” Becca reminded them of the obvious understanding there.

“So, yeah, lesbian kissing is kosher now. Well, not to most rabbis I’ve ever met, but I mean for all of us. I never claimed to be a good Jewish girl, after all,” Paige Silverman asserted now.

“Alright, well, it’s time to plate the meal, okay? Maybe we should just go buffet style, so we don’t know who likes what yet? This will let you try things out at your leisure without any major culinary İstanbul Escort commitments, you know,” Janine proved more sensitive to the opinions of others on her cooking than I ever guessed.

“So … incest kissing is hip, too. De rigeur, even. Wow, things are even further along with the family path, aren’t they? The love that dare not speak its name. Incest … incest … incest,” Melanie let the word roll off her tongue repeatedly.

“You just love saying that word, for some reason, I think,” Becca rolled her eyes now.

“That’s because incest is best. It’s hot as fuck, Becca. Trust me, if I can seal the deal with Simon here, I’m gonna keep up the pressure on him to take you to bed, Eddie or no Eddie, Heather or no Heather. You’re already kissing him, cock-teasing him, flashing him, mooning him, and now letting him spank you for life … even letting him lick your ass for good! He … could … go … all … the way!” Melanie now sounded suspiciously like a sports announcer.

“All I know is that if you ever fuck him, I want to watch!” Janine declared with indisputable lust in her eyes.

“Just watch? Or do you want to fuck him, too?” Melanie teased her coyly.

“Oh … I didn’t know if that would be … you know … going too far,” Janine explained, biting her bottom lip, “but if it’s cool with you … and him … you know.”

“What about me?” Paige whined now.

“You, too, girlie. Look, it’s ultimately up to Simon. I know that. I won’t force you or him to do anything that you don’t want to do. I’m just saying that if he consents to the match, he has a hall pass from me for all three of you, okay? I can’t promise anything yet at this stage, but I can swear that much to you, as a binding vow or oath or pact … he has a lifetime hall pass for you three,” Melanie asserted, making my eyebrows dance a bit.

“And Heather,” I stipulated while digging into Janine’s delicious shawarma.

“And Heather, yes. So … do we have … an engagement, then? Am I really your fiancee? Not just intentions declared, but promises made and all that jazz? You’ll really take me as your bride?” Melanie’s eyes just about bugged out now.

“Darling, you just became the ideal wife for me, so, hell, yes!” I took the plunge and consented to the match, “Melanie … what’s your last name? I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t know it yet.”

“Spicola. It’s Italian,” Melanie blushed a little now.

“Middle name’s Lauren, if you’re about to do what I think, even minus the ring,” Becca volunteered now, almost as if eager to see me hitched to one of her girlfriends … well, maybe she was.

“Melanie Lauren Spicola, will you marry me?” I even got on one knee, just for the effect, despite disliking the submissive undertones.

“Yes … yes … yes!” Melanie told me, jumping into my arms and peppering my face with kisses, “word of warning, though. I’m Catholic and I hope to marry in the Church. There’s no take-backs now, dear. No divorces. You can’t return me now or exchange me down the road. You’re stuck with my goofy blonde ass!”

“That’s odd, because from where I’m standing, your ass doesn’t look goofy. Just nicely tanned, that’s all. With just the slightest tan line where your butt-crack begins,” I teased, “are you saying that this is now my private property? In that case, let me inspect it a bit.”

“Honey, this is all yours … forever … and yes, I’ll take it balls deep in that hole, too. No holes are barred to you, sir. You’re my intended, my fiance, my betrothed. I’m all yours, all the way, no restrictions, no limits. From now on, I belong to you, Simon Haven. I’m your property, babe, and not just my tush,” Melanie told me while bending over and spreading her cheeks to show me her crack at last.

“Hmm … someone’s in touch with her inner slave girl, ain’t she? That’s awful submissive talk from someone who just invited her way into a man’s marriage bed for eternity. For the record, though, I’m not going to go that far … at least not right now. I’m already feeling … very guilty about cheating on Eddie as it is. That was rather naughty of me, but lately … well, I’m hooked on these dirty games with my own brother, and I don’t know if they’ll stop if this lockdown continues. It’s like a fucking drug or something, the real adrenaline rush of it all.

“I’ve … made commitments to Simon that conflict with my exclusive relationship with my boyfriend. Ergo why I need to get a hall pass from him and give him, too. Simon called me on my bullshit there. That was a pretty hypocritical case of jealousy on my part earlier. Simon, thankfully, held me to account, which is ironic, since the only person that I’ve really cheated on Eddie with so far … is Simon himself.

“I don’t know how far I can or will go, but I do need to have that talk with my boyfriend before this gets out of hand. After supper, that is. I want one last meal before my tense conversation with Eddie,” Becca confessed her conflict over her lustful games Kadıköy Escort with me and her promise of fidelity to her beau.

“The condemned woman’s last meal? Well, how’s it for that purpose?” Janine fished for compliments on her cooking.

“Are you kidding? If I were for any reason to be on death row, I would grovel to have this as my last meal and you as the cook, trust me!” Becca told Janine, making her friend almost swoon at that kind of praise.

“Sis, I think that you just made her whole day,” I told Becca now.

“Yes, well, next you just need some anal sex,” Paige joked, the rest of us waiting for the punchline.

“Why’s that?” I asked Paige, not sure of what to expect in this context.

“Well, that would make her hole weak,” Paige punned, winking at each of us.

We all nearly fell over from laughter at that raunchy jest. It really was the perfect way to cut some of the tension in the air, especially with the growing, awkward sexual chemistry between my sister and me. Janine even spewed out a little of her own wine, it was such a snort-out-your drink moment of raucous mirth.

So far, I thought, this lockdown turned out better than expected, despite the cock-teasing sure to continue during the sleepover.

After all, I had just gotten engaged to a girl straight out of my wildest, steamiest, kinkiest fantasies. Melanie was a woman who wanted me as I was, not as she would like to make or as society would have me be. Now I just had to make sure that Heather, my neighbor with benefits, was on side.

I had a sneaky suspicion that she was that kind of girl. So far, after all, she was loathe to even mention any kind of future or ask me my intentions. She had even made a point that she was a fuckbuddy or booty call, NOT a girlfriend. Unless she was lying through her teeth, Heather would be cool.

Well, it was likely a long sleepover, as Becca noted. I had plenty of time to figure things out, even if it was while being tantalized by so much beauty. All in all, I got lucky. I wasn’t stuck in Orlando like Eddie or New York like my folks, after all. There were worse things than this. Far worse. What a life!

Chapter 4

“You know, strictly speaking, that’s rape,” I pointed to the scene from Game of Thrones that we restarted on HBO.

“I wouldn’t press charges,” Becca confessed now to my shock.

“Me, neither!” Melanie agreed, surprising me further.

“Nor I,” Paige added her voice.

“Nope, not a chance. See how she stops really fighting him after a while. She’s pissed at him, but she still wants the brotherly dick,” Janine made it four ladies all agreed that they wouldn’t object to Ser Jaime Lannister taking them by force.

“So, wait, let me see if I get this straight here. I’ll even pause it for you,” I paused the show to prove my point, “you’re all telling me that if Ser Jaime Lannister, specifically, forced you to have sex with him, if he raped you, you’d be happy with him?”

“That’s one way of putting it,” Becca giggled now.

“What’s another way of putting it, then? I’m a bit confused as to female psychology here. Modern culture repeatedly says that … you know, ‘no means no.’ If you ignore the ‘no’ and go ahead, it’s rape. Period. End of story. Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. Or in Westeros, it’s the knife or the black. Those are your choices. Castration or lifelong celibacy along a frozen wall of ice. Mind you, I would take the black myself, just because there’s some hope there. Castration, that’s the end of all hope. At least in terms of sex.”

“I’d love to be a Mole’s Town whore or a Wildling, especially if I could grab you, yank down your black trousers, and take you by force,” Janine added, which really raised eyebrows now.

“Months later, there’s a little Wildling or Mole’s Town bastard named Snow, too. Simon Snow. It has a nice ring to it, if you think about it,” Paige backed her friend up there.

“Well, I’d like to be the Red Woman. Or a Red Priestess of some kind, anyway,” Melanie told me bluntly.

“Why’s that?” Becca asked her for me.

“So I could seduce Simon and birth a shadow demon to destroy anyone who he hated. I can already tell that, no, whatever else may be true about him, his fires DO NOT burn low! I would connive, fuck, mesmerize people, do whatever enchantments it took, but I would plant Simon’s ass on the Iron Throne where it belonged!” Melanie freely admitted her feelings about me once again.

“Wow, honey, you got it back, sis!” Becca teased Melanie, “not that I blame you. As I said, I wouldn’t press charges.”

“What does Jaime Lannister have to do with that issue … it’s entirely separate matters of Westerosi law,” I objected.

“Um … your sister didn’t mean that she would accept whatever Jaime Lannister wanted to do to her. She meant … something else entirely,” Paige stipulated now, to my shock.

“Yeah, she meant if HER BROTHER did it to her, she wouldn’t press charges, Kartal Escort cutie!” Janine spelled it out for me.

“And last time I checked, Becca only had one brother. His name wasn’t Ser Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer. The Cherryslayer, maybe. But not the Kingslayer,” Paige licked her lips now.

“Yep, she meant you, honey buns! I know your sister. I know how she thinks. She’s into you, far more than she lets on, but she doesn’t dare cheat on Eddie more than she already has. She’s fighting those urges, but only to try for damage control here. She has to give you something, especially now that she’s promised it, but she can’t give up the whole nine yards. Just a little. You know, a little … yardage. You’re not in the end zone for a touchdown, but this is only the first quarter, babe,” Melanie bit her bottom lip and visibly touched herself a little now.

“Yeah’s there’s plenty of downs to go. Just don’t let the defensive line stop you, and no, that ain’t us. That’s Eddie. If anyone sacks you, it will be him. And none of us want you to be sacked here. Least of all Becca,” Paige agreed, even though she blushed, too.

“It’s not dislike of Eddie, either. He’s a swell guy. It’s just that … we love Becca. We have seen that life is short. We’re not … indestructible. We don’t have a future promised to us, one to work for anymore. There is no tomorrow anymore. Sorry, Sheryl Crow, but tomorrow HAS died! The fall of Western Civilization is probably here now. Winter is coming, you know. We want her to live a little before we all die. Yeah, you hear us, Becca, dear. Winter is coming … and so should you,” Janine asserted to my utter amazement.

“It’s the End of The World as we know it, and I feel fine?” I quoted the famous REM lyrics.

“Something like that,” Melanie winked at me as she darted between my legs and started sucking my cock like it was a Habana cigar.

“OH, MY GOD!” Heather cried out as she walked in on us, “I guess that this is what I get for secretly copying your house key, but … damn! Oh … wow … that girl is sucking you harder than a Dirt Devil! I so hoped that you’d get some action, and boy, you really did! That blondie … she’s got smaller tits than me, but that’s easy to do … and she’s … wow, no one can fault her enthusiasm!”

“Oh, hi, Heather,” I smiled at my neighbor, “So, you copied my house key, did you? What for, dear?”

“To walk in on you and surprise you, of course. I didn’t want you to know that I was coming, you see. I guess that I was the one who got the surprise, though! Wow … just wow! So, I see that you know Paige, too. Small world, but she’s in my synagogue, you know. Heather Rosenberg, just for the record. I understand if you can’t rise up and shake my hand yet. You’re a little … busy,” Heather winked at us now.

“Do you typically compare cock size at temple?” I teased Heather now.

“Of course!” Paige supported Heather on this point, “it’s an entire religion where part of the oral Law requires men to sexually satisfy their wives. What do you think?”

“I’m still not sure that the rabbis would approve of that kind of talk,” Janine teased them both.

“Yeah, well, what they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?” Heather told her as she began kissing the back of my neck.

“Heather, meet Melanie Spicola … she’s Simon’s … fiancee now,” Becca now delivered the bad news … or was it?

“Well, then, in Iceland, we’d be ‘stomach sisters,’ now. I love that they’re so cool in Iceland about sexual matters that they actually have a bonding term for women who’d fucked the same dude! Fair warning, stomach sister. You may be his fiancee and get to suck his dick and marry him and all that jazz, but I’m still his booty call and he’s still mine.

“And we didn’t set a deadline or expiration date on that, so I fully intend to keep fucking your intended. You could say that he has a… ‘prior commitment,’ if you will, and in my book, not even marriage releases him from such a binding contract or covenant. Sorry, Dad’s a lawyer. You can tell, right?” Heather notified Melanie, who just winked and licked her lips before she resumed hoovering me with a vengeance.

“I think that’s her way of saying that she approves … especially of your ferocious defense of your mating rights with your fuckbuddy here,” Becca speculated now.

“And do you approve, given that you’re madly in love with two different guys? Oh, yes, I’ve seen how you behave around each fellow. You love Eddie enough, you’re smitten with him, you find him adorable in a cute, timid way. The sort of guy that society tells you is ‘Mr. Right.’

“Eddie Monday is the rom-com version of the man of your dreams. He’s what Hallmark will sell you and that’s okay. It’s warm, fuzzy, mushy, romantic, all that conventional stuff. Gives you butterflies in your stomach. 2.5 brats, play dates, PTA, and soccer matches. He’s safe and stable, at least that’s how he seems to be. And best of all, you actually do have feelings for him! You love him! And he loves you back!

‘That’s all well and good, but I think that it’s pretty clear, both from your viewing material here, from the way that you’re half-naked around Simon, and the way that you’re setting him up with one of your girlfriends as a future bride, that you want … you crave … you need … your brother. He’s like a drug to you and you can’t help yourself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32