You Can’t Deny Your Nature

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Hello all, this is your ever so humble, nearly omniscient narrator here with the story of Jane Forsyth. She is a self described middle aged ex-wife and mother.

For twenty years Jane didn’t smoke, drink, or have fun. Her husband put an end to all that once she had their first child. He wanted her to be the stereotypical wife and mother from the nineteen fifties.

Her life was perfect in his eyes, but she was miserable. When she complained saying that she didn’t want to be a boring prude, she wanted to have fun and fuck. He responded by saying she was a wife and a mother, not a who’re.

To add insult to injury, as soon as their youngest child left home for college, he left Jane the very next day for a 23 year old woman with multicolored hair, tattoos, and an oral fixation for older men with money.

After a moment of grieving, Jane decided the best way to get over her ex-husband leaving her, was to live her best life.

And so, she’s trying to do anything and everything she hasn’t done over the last twenty years.


The ladies of Fairview

Jane is the latest member of her group of girlfriends to get divorced. Their love and support has helped her through the rough patches, but she’s haunted by the thought that she’d wasted years of her sex-life by denying her true nature.

She was determined to make up for lost time, but she didn’t know where to start. The one thing she didn’t want to do was find another husband like many of her girlfriends were hoping for. She wanted good, clean sex with no strings attached.

She was swiping right when a man’s voice startled her. “Hiya Jane,” said a smiling Rex, standing over her as she worked on the computer at the reception desk in the mall’s business office. “Sorry to interrupt you from your phone.”

“Hi,” responded Jane, looking over the rim of her glasses at the strikingly good looking younger man. “No worries, I’m waiting while some software is loading.” Jane was a department of one, serving as administrator for the mall’s Local area network.


“I see why Alice tried for a whole week to get his attention, he’s gorgeous” she thought. “Where was he when I was younger?” Then she cleared her throat. “He was probably in diapers, is where he was.”

“I’m Rex Ryan,” he said offering his hand to Jane.

His grip was firm, but it was the size of his hand and long thick fingers that took Jane’s breath away. It took all her self control to keep from blushing at the image that popped into her head. “No wonder the women in the mall management office where he worked call him Rex ‘The Stud’. If the myth is true, with fingers like those, he’s hung like a horse,” she thought.

In spite of the sexual tension she was feeling, her expression didn’t show it when she said, “Hi Rex, it’s nice to meet you.”

For the next few minutes or so Rex did most of the talking, while Jane mostly responded politely, only mentioning the fact that she had two adult children, the clear implication being, she was old enough to be his mother.


A short time later she’d finished servicing the receptionist’s computer, and headed toward her office. A bubbly Alice walked up beside her, as she walked toward the data center.

Alice was one of her best friends, as well as one of the few people who knew how sexually active Jane had been back in the day. In fact they both loved giving head, and had blown men together, but that was when they were in college. All the wild sex stopped for Jane when she had her kids. After they were born, she didn’t get to suck her husband’s cock for years, he’d told her she would be kissing their kids with that same mouth. He also didn’t have much sex with her once she gave birth; he’d said the thought of sticking his dick into her birth canal left him feeling cold.


“So, I see Rex ‘The Stud’ likes you huh?” said Alice, teasing. “He certainly wasn’t interested in me. I fanned my pussy scent under his nose for a week. He never even looked at me.” And then she laughed.

“I want a dick pic when you give him some.” she said, before going into her office in H R. “I have a bet with the girls in the business office about the size of his cock.”

“I wouldn’t count on me finding out that information,” said Jane, before giving her a quick peck on her lips.


Everyday that week Rex found Jane sitting alone in the food court, and asked to join her. Jane would smile politely and move her laptop, making room for him.

She found him to be good company in spite of the fact that she was determined not to encourage him to continue to pay attention to her.

Rex was a real talker, and try as she might, she couldn’t resist looking at him; he was so damned handsome, with a toned body and genuine personality, and then there were those big manly hands of his. She couldn’t help but smile to herself, when she thought about taking a look at the size of his feet.

By the time lunch was over she realized she had been smiling, laughing, and enjoying his company porno izle much more than she intended to. She’d even caught herself playing with her hair at one point.

It had been a long time since she’d thought about a cock as young as Rex’s, but spending time with him was stirring emotions she forgot existed.

He was twenty eight, which was older than Jane thought he was, but he was still too young for her. He lived in mid-town, and hung out in the funky bars, clubs and sidewalk cafes that were plentiful where he lived. When he asked her to go out with him she was flattered, but she said no.

She thought it was ridiculous for a man young enough to be her son to want her, or that she would think of him that way. And so she did nothing and said nothing to encourage him, hoping he would move on to someone his own age before people started to talk.

For his part, Rex always smiled easily and maintained eye contact when they were together. He had a thing for older women, and he’d wanted Jane since the first time he’d laid eyes on her. He knew from past experience that the secret to pulling older women was getting them to see him as a man, instead of a young man they could have given birth to.

In spite of her better judgment Jane continued to allow him to talk with her. “He’s not cocksure, or arrogant, but I feel this type of confidence coming from him,” she thought. “And I just can’t control my subconscious desire to be around him.” This frustrated her.


Friday afternoon.

Jane was talking with Alice about Rex again when she said, “I have to admit to being a bit disappointed that I haven’t seen Rex today. Even though I think I’m happy if he gave up chasing me.”

As usual Alice’s response was upbeat and positive. “I know you don’t mean that. It’s only one day, and you already miss him,” she said to Jane, while laughing. “I bet he didn’t give up because you were playing hard to get. It’s good for a man’s ego if they think they pulled you. I do it all the time. Don’t worry, you have plenty time to allow him to seduce you

“Thank you, Alice. I appreciate the pep-talk,” said Jane with a half hearted smile “And thanks for the advice, but I wish you would have told me to forget about him, and be glad he’s moved on.”

Alice laughed and then said, “Ah yes, I thought about saying that, but I would have been lying. So I decided to tell you the truth. Look it, it’s not always the case, but sometimes age truly is just a number. Rex may be younger than we are, but he’s a man.” Then she raised both eyebrows and gave Jane a reassuring look.


Later that afternoon shortly before quitting time, there was a knock on Jane’s partially open office door. “Yes, it’s open,” she said. “Give me just one second.” Then she held up her index finger to illustrate the point.

“No worries,” said the voice she instantly recognized as Rex’s.

‘Hey you,” she said, responding in a flirtier manner than she intended. Then she smiled at him.

He smiled back at her and then said, “I thought I’d surprise you, by stopping in and inviting you to have a beverage, and a bite to eat with a few of the people from the mall management office.

“They’ve tried to keep me entertained since I moved to town. If they see I’ve made a friend maybe I can get away from them this weekend.” Then he laughed.

“Sure that would be great,” she said, barely maintaining her composure. “Where’re ya meeting them?”

“It’s a wine bar in mid-town, ‘Mashed Grapes’ I think is the name,” he replied.

“Yeah, I know where it is,” she responded.

It had been quite a while since she had been out with a man. In fact she hadn’t been out with anyone in a long time, unless you consider chatting online with a couple of regulars in an online chat room going out.

So she smiled and said, “Save me a seat.”

He looked at her for a few seconds, then smiled, and said, “I will see you in a little while.”

After he’d gone, she was processing her response to seeing him a few minutes ago. She had been caught off guard, when he showed up at the door. Her subconscious feelings had come to the surface before she realized it.

She was losing the battle to resist him. He was sexually arousing her, even though she didn’t want to admit it.


At ‘Mashed Grapes’ in the early evening:

The six members of the mall management office staff was crammed in one booth. The boss was sitting at the open end, in a chair borrowed from a nearby table.

There was a sophisticated feeling in the bar, as well as a good sized Friday night crowd. The food was good, especially for a quasi restaurant. Everyone had said they enjoyed their meal, and a good amount of wine was consumed by the group. Their boss paid for everyone’s dinner except for Jane’s. Rex insisted on paying for hers, saying, “I’m the one who invited you,” looking at Jane, and smiling.”

The party broke up a short-time later. Everyone wished Rex a good weekend, and said feel free to contact one amatör porno of them if he needed any assistance with anything.

After they’d gone outside Rex looked at Jane and said, “I guess it’s just you and me.”

“Yep, you and me,” she responded, her eyes glued to his.

Her expression hid her true feelings. She knew it might look like she was relaxed and in control of the situation, but she was anything but. Her heart was pounding, and all she could think of was dropping to her knees and worshipping his cock.


He decided he had read her right, his sixth sense is never wrong, he was sure Jane wanted him. It was just a matter of breaking the code.

It was obvious from her body language, she didn’t want the date or whatever it was they were doing to end, so he invited her to do a pub crawl.

Over the next couple hours they popped into a few of Rex’s favorite spots. He introduced her to several friends of his, who complimented Jane, and told Rex his date was beautiful, which made her blush. By the time they’d reached their last stop for the night, he was seeing the side of Jane he’d been waiting for. She was fun, playful, and silly, all while maintaining an air of sophistication. She’d started to touch him with her hands as well as leaning against him when she talked to him.


It was only around midnight, but Jane was exhausted and she needed to call it a night, but she really didn’t want to. She’d forgotten what it was like to be carefree, and she didn’t want it to end, but she remembered what she’d learned long ago. And so she decided to leave too early, rather than stay to late.

As they were walking towards her car there was a battle being waged inside her. Rex had invited her to crash at his place instead of driving home to Fairview while she was tired. Part of her wanted to, and another part didn’t. In the end the mature Jane, convinced the impulsive Jane, to give them time to wrap their head around what they were thinking of doing, before being alone with him.

And so when she was safely in her car, she let him kiss her through the window, and then she invited Rex to meet her in the park for her Saturday morning run.

He jumped at the invitation.


Saturday morning in the park’s parking lot.

When Rex pulled into the parking area, Jane and Alice were stretching.

He walked over to them, and offered to shake hands with Alice before he opened his arms to Jane.

Alice bit her bottom lip before she responded with a warm smile and a firm handshake, and said, “Hiya Rex, how you’re doing?” Then she winked at Jane.

After hesitating and glancing at Alice for a second, Jane stepped into his embrace while smiling.

After they waited for Rex to get a quick stretch, Jane and Alice started their run. He followed a couple strides behind them on the narrow surface. He was being a gentleman by letting them take the lead, but he was being a perv, because he had a perfect view of Jane’s ass as she ran. She wasn’t as slender as she used to be, but that was OK with Rex, he preferred curves.

Unfortunately for Alice, she had a bit more curves than he liked. Although she was cute, and fun, in his mind she was a slump buster.

The trail circled the perimeter of the park, and everyone was quiet as they ran around it again and again. The outing was routine, they all kept pace with one another and finished the run within a few seconds of each other, after covering a little over two miles.

When they were all back together in the parking lot, they thanked each other for the run and then they said their goodbyes to Alice.


As they stood only a couple feet apart, Jane scented Rex’s manly essence from his sweat, and it made her lower stomach flutter. Up until that very moment she’d always thought pheromones were a myth, but suddenly she was a believer.

They were leaning on her car while they were talking, as he towered over her. He was talking to her, but she had no idea what he was saying.

She was busy fantasizing about saying to him, “Rex, Um, would you like to come to my home tonight, and have dinner with me, maybe drink some Ciroc, and then I’ll suck your cock before you fuck me?”

Instead she reached out and touched his arm and raked her fingernails over it for a moment. His cock felt a bolt of electricity surge through it, and then he grunted like a big ole bull moose, before he said,”if you keep doing that, I’m not going to be responsible for my actions.” This made Jane laugh out loud.

And then she licked her bottom lip before she bit it, while giving him her best fuck me look, and then she said, “Don’t threaten me Mr. Unless you intend to back it up.” The look on her face backed up what she said; there was no doubt what she was feeling.

And then she said, “Meet me at my place around 6 pm. Give me your phone so I can text you my address. I live near here.”

Then her gaze bored into his before the two of them went their separate anal porno ways for the rest of the afternoon.


As Rex drove back to the city his dick was so hard it was hurting. He knew he would be getting that pussy tonight, and he loved that Jane was allowing him to have all afternoon to build his anticipation. That’s one of the things that made older women so desirable to him. They knew how to set the mood for sex.


During her walk home, Jane was shaking her head at the thought of how much things had changed for her in a week. The attention from Rex the last few days had been totally unexpected, but exactly what Jane needed. She’d been trying to break out of her funk since her husband dumped her, and now she was happy and smiling for the first time in nearly a year.


Alice’s ringtone sounded on Jane’s phone an hour or so later, after she was back at home, she answered saying, “Hello nosey,” and then she laughed.

Alice laughed before she said, “Oh my god, isn’t he yummy? Even his calves are sexy. What did y’all talk about after I left.”

“Take a breath,” said Jane, laughing. “Yes he’s yummy, and we didn’t talk about anything, really.”

After huffing, Alice called out her friend, saying, “Don’t you dare pretend you don’t want to fuck his brains out. I saw how you looked at him, and I saw how he looked at you. You know I know how much you love cock.,” and then she laughed out loud.

At that point Jane started laughing too, and then she said, “Oh my goodness Alice I cannot believe this. I want to fuck a man who’s young enough to be my son. A week ago I wouldn’t have believed this could happen.”

Alice sounded more serious when she responded, saying, “Janey stop it. Men our age want young women, so why can’t we want younger men? Stop acting like a mother and start living your best life by riding his big dick,.” After pausing a second, she said, “And don’t forget to take a picture of it for me.”

After exhaling deeply, Jane said, “OK, OK, OK. But I’m not taking a picture if his cock for you to show those pervy girlfriends of ours,” and then she laughed.


When he drove up into her drive way a few hours later, Jane was looking out the window. He texted her to let her know he was outside, and she opened the garage door to let him park inside.

A minute later she was walking in his direction with her arms reaching for him, saying, “Welcome to my home.” She rose up on her toes when they embraced, and stuck her tongue as deep into his mouth as she possibly could.

After she finished kissing him, she looked into his eyes and said, “C’mon in.”


The evening went much as she’d planned, other than having to fight the urge to treat him like someone she was interested in dating. She didn’t give him a guided tour of her home, or show him how to use the television remote. She fed him a simple meal of chicken, rice and beans.

After they’d eaten their meal, she pulled out the bottle vodka and poured him a drink, and then she made herself her third double of the evening to help forget his age.


Carrying both drinks in her hands, she walked over to join him on the couch and said, “Is there anything you’d like to watch on TV?” But to be honest, she wasn’t interested in watching it. The only thing on her mind was what he had between his legs.

“No,” said Rex, taking the remote from Jane’s hand, and placing it on the table, without taking his eyes off of hers “I want to talk with you.”

She stared back into his eyes with equal intensity, and then she looked inside herself. She was facing all the emotions she use to experience the first time she’d give herself to a man. She was surprised she still felt the same way she’d felt over twenty years ago.

She licked her suddenly dry lips to moisten them, and then said, “What do you want to talk with me about?”

Without saying a word he ran his fingertips along her cheek, before sliding his hand down to her neck, and massaging it, while staring into her eyes.

That felt so good to her, her clit began to harden, and it was becoming harder to breathe, and she couldn’t move or speak, she wanted this, no needed this.

Her lips were open before he leaned in for a kiss. When he pressed his lips to hers, she opened her mouth and dared his tongue to enter the arena. His mouth and tongue accepted the challenge. His tongue pushed between her lips and engaged with hers in a battle of lust.

He kissed and sucked her lips, as he pressed his body against hers until she was lying back on the couch. Her legs instinctively opened and he shifted his body to lie between them.

Jane pulled Rex to her, and attacked his mouth with her tongue. Their tongues dueled with each other. Sometimes the battle was waged in his mouth, and then the fight moved into hers.

He could smell the faint scent of her musk mixed with her perfume. It was clear how much she wanted him. There was no question he was going to fuck her.

When she started to pull at his shirt, he lifted himself off of her, and let her undress him as much as she could from the position she was in. She looked at him with a mixture of submission and dominance, when she said, “I want to suck your dick?” Then she just looked at him.

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