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This is a story about when I married my first wife we were young and had been sexually active for several years before we married. We were wild she loved sex. And was up for anything. We both worked so we had plenty of money which allowed us to travel on weekends. She had a exhibition side and I was a vouyer so it was perfect.

On our honeymoon she couldn’t wait to get wild so we left for a nice drive out to the countryside to a bed and breakfast on a small farm we got a cabin. The first thing she did is get out of her clothes then suck my cock. Me still dressed and her naked not even closing the blinds on the windows. After I came she said she was going to get us some food a0nd slipped on a sour skirt and see-through top I just smiled and told her I would get a shower while she was gone.

She got back just as I was getting out of the shower. She was giddy and as we ate she said she flashed a couple of boys and they followed her around the store I could tell it had turned her on because as we sat there eating she kept sizzering her legs open and closed flashing me all the while.

That night I closed the blinds turned on the air and we watched some porn we brought with us. It was her favorite she loved to masterbait to it. it was about a girl that gets tied up naked in the woods and raped by 2 men and their dog. She loves being tied up it feeds her fantasy to be helpless. I brought along all of our sex toys including some new ones.

In the early 70s everyone we new played with weed and cocane so did we. She got really horny on coke and would do stuff that she wouldn’t do sober like the yavuzeli escort time she ate her girlfriend while me and her girlfriend’s husband watched or the time she blew my poker buddies because she was horny thats agood story for another time.

Anyway as we watched the movie she laid back on the bed and started sliding her favorite dildo in and out of her trimmed pussy it is big and black although interracial was not real popular back then it still fueled rape fantasies back then. Now I’m well hung at 11inches and as big around as a coke can when hard. I think sometimes that’s the reason she married me.

I love watching her cum and have got her to name her dildos as it feeds my fantasies of her being fucked by other guys as she knows I love watching her get fucked by others just like she loves watching other woman trying to suck me when I’m hard.

She looks at me and says fuck me you stud so I turn her over and fuck her doggy style till we both cum. As we are laying there she cuddles up and says she loves me with all her heart. I tell her I love her too. We drift off to sleep.

As the sun is comming up i start to stir I noticed she has showered and dressed in a light sun dress I put on a tee-shirt and shorts both grab flip flops and head for town to get breakfast we find a place that says home cooking we enter and find it is packed so we set in the backs he sets wigh her back to the wall and I set next to her so we can talk while we wait on food.

After eating we buy enough food for a nice picnic. At the car I put the basket in the trunk yavuzeli escort bayan I stick rope in the basket and a blindfold and a new bad dragon dildo. Anyway as we are driving out to the park nearby she starts rubbing she pussy and says she hopes we can find a secluded spot to picnic. Man is she always horny, I say we will try as I haven’t had a blowjob outside in a while.

We get to the parking area and park I grab the basket and a blanket and we head down the trail marked lake 2miles about a mile down the trail we see a side trail and decide to see where it goes down it a little ways is a clearing with everything I need to one side is a fallen tree with roots exposed on the back side and big oaks on each side of it.

We spread the blanket and set down I break out a little coke and we both do a couple of lines s0he looks at me and asks if I would like her to take off her dress I say sure she can get some sun as no one is around she smiles and says too bad they would get an eyeful with that she takes off her dress I take off my shorts leaving my shirt on. I have lay across the fallen tree where I tie her hands to the roots.

Next I tied her feet spead eagle almost at 90 degree angle her pussy is dripping and her nipples are rock hard and her breath is shallow she turns her head looks at me and says please fuck me, I tell her soon enough. I then blindfold her and start locking her pussy as she moves her pussy around I tell her she could end up getting fucked by strangers. She just moaned already having her first orgasmn after she calms down I start escort yavuzeli to rub her with the dog dildo she humps back at it trying to get it in her pussy but I just tease her finally she says please fuck her so I slowly insert it into her a little at a time she moans and says oh my God it feels so different and is going in deep after I pump it in and out for about 5min I start to squeeze the inflation ball making it expand the knot inside her she tenses up for a second then starts cummming.

I step around to the front of her and stick my cock in her mouth which she sucks in her mouth till I cum. As I deflate the dildo it pops out of her pussy.just then I’m taken back as this large German Sheppard steps out of the woods. Mind you she is still tied down he steps up right behind her and starts licking her pussy she is still blindfolded and as I debate about removing her blindfold she has another orgasmn and says fuck me you stud as if the dog understood her he jumps up and grabs her sides and shoves his cock into her pussy.

As he fucks her faster than any man she just keeps saying oh God don’t stop. Over and over. I l just sat there amazed how hot it looked and how turned on my wife was getting fucked by a dog suddenly she says oh shit he in my womb and cumming she starts cumming nonstop I move over to her and remove her blindfold her eyes are rolled back in her head and she just keeps saying fuck me good lover.

I untie her and she just lays there not moving much I look and the dog is still tied to her and her pussy is milking his cock. After about 15min he pulls out and I see the longest cock with a not the size of a tennis ball so i can only emagine how big it was inside of her.he looks at me and runs off back to where he came from. As she slowly comes down off her high she snuggles next to me kisses me and says we need to get a dog I say the bigger the better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32