Yui’s Arrival Pt. 03

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Yui and Rika lay for some time on the bed, the panting subsiding into soft breathing, the warmth emanating from their bodies cooling slightly in the autumn air.

“It’s getting a little cold, let’s get under the covers,” Yui whispered.

The two naked girls, one slim, slender, golden brown, the other pale, almost voluptuous, slipped under the top futon covering the bed.

“Can I hold you?” whispered Yui. Rika nodded quickly, and snuggled into Yui’s embrace, her slender arms wrapped around Yui’s naked sides and back, her face nuzzling into her soft bosom.

“You know, I used to have a girlfriend who was an auto-eroticist,” began Yui.

“She’s a dancer for music artists. Her body is like yours actually, slim, slender. We used to meet at her dance studio. Lots of mirrors on the walls. We watched each other make love to ourselves for hours there.”

“Mmmm, sounds absolutely delightful. I knew you would enjoy self love. I was hoping you would have some experience, too,” purred Rika into Yui’s beautiful bosom.

Yui pulled her closer to into her warm body.

“Actually, I have been autosexual for a long time, I just never knew that’s what I was,” she continued.

“Tell rus escort me more,” whispered Rika.

“Well, after most of the shoots for the other studio I was with, I would come home, feeling so sexy, so erotic. I would enjoy a long bath, just laying there in the warm water, looking at my body, imagining that there were lots of men looking at the images of my body on the web, and they are so turned on. Actually, that thought was only fleeting, because I think most of them would be gross! I would then imagine there were women looking at my nakedness on their phones, computers, wherever, secretly lusting after me, imagining having me next to them in their beds, running their hands, their tongues all over my body. That’s when my hands would begin to love my body. And that’s when I realized that I am so turned on by my body, and my nakedness.”

Rika tightened her embrace, and one of her sexy legs was now wrapped around Yui’s leg, pulling her thigh towards the smaller girl’s wet pussy. Slowly she began to grind her pussy against Yui’s soft smooth thigh.

“Keep talking Yui.”

“After my baths I would then dry off, light some candles, turn the lights off, get a istanbul bayan eskort glass of wine, and arrange my big mirror over there. Angle it so that I could see myself sitting or laying on the lovely fluffy rug. I would spend the next few hours looking at my beautiful naked body, lightly caressing myself, enjoying those delicious curves and shapes that make up me.”

Rika’s grinding on Yui’s thigh had by now increased. Yui was thoroughly enjoying the sensation of this sexy girl using her leg to pleasure herself. She continued.

“Eventually, I would focus on my nipples, loving them gently, then gradually more intensely. Loving that delicious feeling that seems to go through your whole body as you touch them. I so love my beautiful nipples,” Yui whispered.

On hearing this, Rika stepped up her grinding. Her face buried deeper in Yui’s bosom, smelling her delicious skin, her beautiful face nuzzling into that soft, pale flesh. She had never been this close to another girl before, however much she had fantasized about it, and she knew now that she was going to love Yui, and let Yui love her, the way that she knew only women could love each other.

Yui was once more ukraynalı escort becoming aroused and dizzy with desire. Her arms wrapped around Rika’s slender body, her hands gently caressing this new skin. She continued.

“My nipples, so sensitive and aching, would soon have my whole body feeling warm, tingling… I would get on my knees, in front of the mirror, the dim light making my beautiful body seem to glow. Close to the mirror, I would watch myself loving my beautiful nipples more intensely. Soon, I would be so close to the mirror that I could kiss myself. And so, I would stare into my eyes, gaze at my full lips, and kiss my reflection, first gently, then passionately, my eyes open the whole time, wanting to watch my reaction, gaze into my eyes as I love myself…”

“Oh Yui, this is exactly what I love to do too,” moaned Rika.

“My bed is surrounded by mirrors,” Rika whispered, looking up at Yui. She looked so gorgeous, her face so cute, her eyes so dark and full of sensuality and lust.

“I would like you to visit me sometime, come to my room of mirrors and we can worship our beautiful bodies together,” she said, her voice quivering ever so slightly.

Yui held her new friend tightly, wrapping her whole self around her sexy little body as much as she could. She leaned down to kiss her new friend’s beautiful full lips, eyes open to take in the intoxicating vision of this gorgeous girl.

“I’m free all this weekend my darling girl,” she whispered.

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