Zena Pt. 05

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Dear reader, I’ve included the last few paragraphs of Zena Pt. 04, so you can get a sense of what is happening without needing to read the previous part. To fully appreciate this, it’s best to read all previous parts.

Zena went downstairs, very quietly. She knew her father would be in his study. She giggled inside, thinking it should be called his wanking room. She peeked around the doorway and saw her father dressed in Penny’s panties. This was the time! She walked in.

“Dad, what the fuck!?”

Bill didn’t know what to do. Should he try to hide his erection, that could be seen through the sheer transparency of the panties? Should he try to hide the fact he was wearing panties? Where was his robe? He needed to cover up. How could he explain this?

Zena’s pussy twitched at her father’s predicament. She was surprised at that, but then thought what a genius her Aunt Penny was. She let her pussy relax and she orgasmed. Her pussy leaking masses of juice into her own panties.

They were both so caught up in the moment it took them some time to realise that they’d heard the front door open and footsteps approaching them. They were both rooted to the spot when Aunt Penny and Uncle Nic entered the room.

Bill knew he had nowhere to hide, but his erection still didn’t subside. He felt a mix of emotions. Embarrassment, horror, humiliation and sexual excitement, especially when Penny walked up to him and stroked his hard cock through the sheer panties.

She cupped his panty clad balls and whispered into his ear, “Do your little plums feel nice sitting in my wet cunt juices? Did you sniff them? Did they smell good?” She didn’t expect any answers, his cock throbbing and jerking in her hand were answer enough.

Penny turned to to Zena to see Nic embracing her from behind, one hand fondling her left breast through her silky blue nightie, his other under the hem of the nightie, toying with her pussy. Penny could imagine his stiff dick poking into her pillowy arse cheeks. The look on Zena’s face showed she was in seventh heaven.

“Nic, I don’t think Bill appreciates what a gorgeous, sexual being his daughter is, why don’t you show him what hot body she has?” Penny teased.

As Nic revealed his Silivri Escort daughter to Bill, Penny caressed his balls, cock and arse cheeks through her panties he was wearing. Nic took the spaghetti straps of Zena’s blues silky nightie off her shoulders and slowly lowered the top to reveal her gorgeous breasts.

He fondled them lovingly and lustily. Zena’s head went back and she groaned. Penny said to Bill, “Here you’ve been, wanking over women on the internet and all the while you’ve had this magnificent pair of breasts staring you in the face.” She gave his arse a hard smack.

“I mean, look at them, they’re so full and perfectly formed. They must be D cups.”

Zena interrupted, “Double D, Auntie,” before groaning at Uncle Nic’s ministrations.

“Double D, makes you a double dope, Bill,” Penny continued, “And look at those succulent stiff nipples. Show him how hard they can get Nic.”

Still holding her from behind and grinding into her wonderfully full arse, Nic supported Zena’s large breasts in each hand, kneading and massage them while deftly taking each nipple between his thumbs and index fingers, gently pinching them, pulling them and twiddling them, causing them to stiffen even further.

Zena groaned and sighed, “Oh, Uncle Nic! You really know what a girl likes. You make my pussy so wet!”

Bill squirmed internally and externally. Penny fondled him, careful not to ‘pull his trigger’ because she wanted this to last, while keeping Bill on a knife’s edge. She whispered in his ear, but loud enough for everybody to hear, “See how my husband pleases your little girl? See how sexy she is? See how turned on she is? Your gorgeous daughter will soon be begging for your brother in law’s big hard cock. She’ll be begging for him to fuck her like a bitch on heat. You’d like to see that, wouldn’t you?”

Bill just responded by nodding his head. He couldn’t peal his eyes away from the erotic sight before him. His mind wanted to look away, it was torn between the fact this was his daughter, being seduced by her uncle and aided & encouraged by her maternal aunt and the feelings of lust and excitement that kept his dick erect.

Nic turned Şirinevler Escort Zena to face him. Bill could guess they were kissing and Zena was pressing her wonderful tits and crotch against his brother in law’s body, but he couldn’t tear his eyes from his daughter’s smooth back as Nic lowered the silky material down to her hips, exposing the top of her g string panties disappearing into her arse crack.

Nic pushed the nightie over Zena’s hips and it fell to the floor, exposing her full cheeks. As this had unfolded before Bill’s eyes, Penny removed her own loose sheer dress and now stood naked next to Bill, pressing her hard, small nipple against his arm and her hairy, dripping bush against his leg.

Nic took Zena’s perfect arse cheeks in his hands and explored them before Bill’s eyes. He stroked the smooth skin, squeezed and fondled her firm flesh. He teased Bill, “Your daughter has the most delectable arse, Bill. It’s firm but pliable, it feels so good to play with. It makes my cock so fucking hard.”

Nic pulled Zena’s cheeks apart, exposing the string that split them. Penny slipped her right hand into the back of Bill’s panties and between his cheeks, toying with his puckered brown hole. Again she whispered, “Look at Zena’s lovely little rosebud peeking out from her g string, Bill. Did you know she adores having it licked? But not as much as she gets off on having a tongue being pushed in there and having her arsehole tongue fucked. I know, because she squirts her cunt juices on my face when I do it for her.”

While they’d been concentrating on Zena’s delectable arse, she had been busy undoing Nic’s shirt buttons and trousers, he was now naked. Penny led Bill to the side of them and said to Zena, “Get on your knees sweetie and show your dad how much you adore your uncle’s big thick cock and what a wonderful cocksucker you’ve become.”

Zena immediately dropped to her knees, took Nic’s hardness into her mouth and made a show of licking and slurping around the head of Nic’s cock with relish. Bill was transfixed and his cock was leaking precum into the front of his/Penny’s panties.

Nic said, “Your daughter is one helluva cocksucker Şişli Escort Bill. She was taught by the best, my own Penny. What a pity you’ve never experienced either of their mouths on your cock.”

Penny’s finger had resumed stroking Bill’s prostate and the precum was now streaming from the eye of his cock, now soaking his panties. Penny stopped for fear of draining him. She had bigger plans for his cum.

As Zena started sliding her mouth up and down Nic’s shaft, taking him in up to the balls, Penny directed Bill back behind her. “Push your arse out girl and show your father the crotch of your panties,” Penny directed her. Always the one to please her aunt, Zena did as she asked. She knew this was turning her Aunt on immensely, especially because of her father’s panty fetish.

Penny’s pussy was doing somersaults! She was having multiple orgasms without even being touched. Watching her husband and her niece being so naughty and humiliating/turning on her brother in law had her sexual senses jumping. She was enjoying this far more than she thought possible and the best parts were yet to cum.

Penny led Bill behind Zena. “Mmmm, look at that big wet patch in your daughter’s panties, Bill!” Penny said with an enthusiasm that even surprised her. “I’ll bet you’d love to get down there and sniff those juicy panties,” then she pushed him aside, “but not before me,” she giggled cruelly. She’d never considered sniffing panties before, even those pressed tight against her adorable niece’s cunt, but she now found it irresistible.

She got down there and sniffed and the aroma was unbelievable! She wanted to taste it, but she preferred to wait until she could taste Zena’s unfettered cunt. She pushed Bill’s head down and said, “Smell you daughter’s wet cunt, Bill. See how much sucking my husband’s juicy cock turns your daughter on?”

Bill immersed himself in his daughter’s wet panty crotch and Penny stroked his impossibly hard cock. It only took two strokes and Bill sprayed a huge load of cum through his panties and onto the floor, 3,4,5,6,7 huge spurts of creamy spunk.

When he was spent, Penny ordered him to lick it all up as the three of them watched. When he had, she tongue kissed him, snowballing what remained in his mouth and she came again herself.

When she’d come down from her orgasm, Penny gathered herself. “Come on kiddies, we’re off to a party. Zena, you can wear that lovely nightie, Bill you’d better put your robe on, unless you’d like to walk to the car in just your little panties,” she said, clearly in charge as usual.

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