A Game of Cards

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There was a quiver in Willow’s body as she stood before the bedroom of David and Sally. She’s never gone as deep as this before. This was daring and erotic in a way that she had never felt.

She looked down and realised that she could risk exposing her body a little more. Slowly she opened her robe even further until the slit down her front revealed most of her caramel coloured breasts and abdomen. Enough to give David a massive hard on but covered up so that Willow could control his excitement.

She knocked on the door. There was no answer. Willow was about to try again when she decided that there was no point waiting and she opened the door. What met her eyes astounded her. David was dressed in a robe, similar to her own. At that moment he was kissing Sally on the neck, his hands round her body which was clothed in a dressing gown. One of David’s hands was between her legs, almost as if he was trying to find a way through the silk to Sally’s hot pussy. His eyes met Willow’s gaze and held it for a second before he broke the kiss on Sally’s neck and roughly pushed her away. Sally looked disappointed.

“I was beginning to enjoy that.” she said.

“Our guest is here.” replied David “I couldn’t fuck you while she was in the room, could I?”

“Why not? It isn’t the first time she’s seen both of us naked.” said Sally.

Willow looked round the room, lit only with a multitude of scented candles. The bed looked soft, warm and inviting with its sheets and a brass bed stead like a cage. She could just imagine her hands clamped around the struts as David or Sally went down on her. Beside the bed on the floor was a bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket. Next to that was some scented massage oil and what in the darkness looked like a vibrator although Willow couldn’t be sure. There was also a comfortable chair next to the bed.

Sally walked over and looked Willow up and down.

“You look good, Willow.” said Sally, her eyes blazing with impudent pleasure “it covers your tits well.”

Willow smiled and opened her gown wide, letting Sally feast her gaze on her well developed breasts. The nipples were still hard from Willow’s time in the shower. Sally kissed her on the lips, a deep, passionate kiss. Sally slowly felt down Willow’s cleavage before tweaking her nipples.

David stepped between them, forcing them apart.

“Later, ladies. First we will play cards.”

“And then?” asked Sally.

“And then we will play for real.” he paused. “The prize is Sally.”

“I’m the prize” whispered Sally. “What’s the game?”

“The game is pontoon. Willow and I will play. Whoever wins each round will choose which garment you will remove. For example, the first round will see you remove your gown. What ever is beneath, and belive me I know what Sally’s wearing, will be removed by our choice. Is everyone clear on the rules?” There was silence.

“Then we will begin.”

Willow and David sat down whilst Sally stood in the centre of the room, a big smile on her face.

“What happens when I’m naked?” asked Sally.

“Then whoever wins the final round gets to fuck you in whatever position they like. You are our play thing and will do what ever we ask.”

The cards were dealt kayseri escort and Willow picked them up.

In her hand was the three and ace of clubs. Willow counted the Ace as one and took the first card off the deck. A three of hearts. She repeated this two times. First there were a six of hearts and then a King of diamonds which made 23. She had busted.

David laid his cards on the floor, an Ace of diamonds & 5 of hearts. The next card he drew was the King of hearts. He decided to stick, thus winning the first round.

”Take off your night gown,” David commanded. With a look of erotic pleasure in her eye, Sally pulled the cord at her waist and opened the gown before letting the silk garment slide to the floor. Underneath she was wearing a black slip which showed off all her curves. With a rustle the gown fell to the discarded to the floor.

David collected the cards and dealt again.

This time Willow had the ten of spades and the nine of hearts. She decided to stick.

David had the King of clubs and the seven of diamonds. He decided to risk it drew another card from the deck. This turned out to be the nine of spades which busted him.

Willow took in a long breath and smiled at Sally in the centre of the room, standing alone, almost quivering with excitement.

“Can’t I help her take her clothes off?” asked Willow.

“Not for the moment.” said David.

“When can I?”

“When I say so.”

Willow sighed in mock disappointment. She longed to help Sally take off her clothes, enjoying the slow erotic movements and the touch of the other woman’s naked skin beneath hers.

“Very well,” said Willow, “remove your nightdress.”

Sally needed no further encouragement and her hands were immediately at her shoulders, slowly pulling the spaghetti straps down and easing the garment to the floor. Willow had expected Sally to be if not totally naked by now at least to be naked from the waist up. Instead, Sally had a half cut bra and French knickers on as well as stockings and suspenders. More cards were dealt and Willow realised that the game would continue for a few more rounds yet.

She picked up her cards and saw that this time she had the six of spades and the four of hearts. Willow reached over and took the nine of diamonds. She decided to stick.

David had the Jack of spades and the six of diamonds. He took another card which was the three of diamonds and decided to stick.

“I haven’t decided what to do in the event of a drawn round.”

“Then you do something for me.” said Sally, “You take off both your gowns.”

Willow realised that whilst sitting on the floor, her gown was open even further and her breasts were almost totally on show. ‘What the hell,’ she thought, ‘it’s not the first time both of them have seen my tits.’ She stood up and peeled off her gown, enjoying the admiring gazes of both David and Sally as she stood there naked except for skimpy black panties which were already soaked with her wetness. David too stood up and removed his gown although he kept the cord and gestured for Willow to surrender hers. Underneath his gown, David wore nothing more than a pair of boxer shorts but his manhood was straining hard kıbrıs escort against the material.

“Very nice.” said Sally, “now play some more. I want to be naked before the night is out!”

Willow’s fourth hand consisted of the Jack of diamonds and the two of spades. Two more twists revealed the two of diamonds but she went bust as the second twist was the Jack of hearts.

David revealed his hand as the ace of spades and the Queen of hearts. A straight pontoon.

Sally unclipped her suspenders and pulled off her tights.

David took the sash from Willow’s gown and took Sally by the hand. Roughly, he pushed Sally onto the bed tied her hands to the railings of the bed. He then took his own sash and tied a blindfold around Sally’s eyes.

“Comfortable?” he enquired.

“Fuck you.” said Sally jokingly.

“We’ll take that as yes.” said Willow, enjoying the spectacle of Sally spread before her on the bed.

Rapidly, David delivered more cards.

Willow now had the seven of clubs and the Queen of spades. She chose to stick.

David revealed his hand as the ten and eight of clubs.

He walked over to the bed and looked down at sally’s submissive form. David lowered himself to the floor and kissed Sally’s stomach, gently flicking her navel with his tongue. Sally’s breasts heaved up and down, slowly, as her breathing became ragged.

“God, I’m almost ready to cum. Who is that?” gasped Sally.

“It’s me,” replied David

Slowly, with deliberate and calculated movements, he unclipped the bra at the front and bared her breasts to the night. Her nipples stood proud and true, aching to be pinched and tweaked, sucked and flicked with someone’s tongue. David almost allowed his hand to invade her most intimate area when he remembered that the game was completely finished yet. He sat down on the floor and gestured for Willow to come over and to bring the pack of cards over for the final round.

For the first time in the game, Willow dealt. Willow had the nine and Queen of clubs. She decided to stick. David flipped his cards over, showing the seven of spades and the ace of hearts. He took a card which was the eight of diamonds. A final card was the ten of hearts.

“You have won the game.” David said. “Claim your prize.”

They both stood and gazed into each other eyes. Willow nodded and David reach out his hand to touch her bare nipple which was as hard as rock.

“You both deserve a prize.” said Sally “Do with me what you will.”

David sat down next to the chair as Willow climbed onto the bed and began to pull off Sally’s French knickers. Sally arched her back and they came free with a short, sharp tug. Willow enjoyed the freedom of being able to feast her eyes on Sally’s beautiful, delicate, naked form. She so wanted to make love to this woman but first she would extract as much pleasure as she could from the other woman.

Willow reached down from the bed and picked up the bottle of scented oil. Taking off the top, she poured a little onto her hands and began to massage it into Sally’s breasts with gentle movements. Sally convulsed in pleasure as Willow moved up and down her body before moving to her sex. Willow realised that Sally konya escort was completely defenceless, lying on the bed naked, her arms bound securely above her head. Willow poured some more oil onto her hands and began to massage Sally’s tits, gently manipulating them with her thumbs.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum!” gasped Sally from between her teeth.

“Do you like that?” asked Willow

“Of course I do.” Willow bent her head and bit Sally hard on the nipple. Sally yelped, a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“I’m going to take off my panties,” whispered Willow as she pushed her hand into her knickers, finding the whisp of curls around her cunt and began to rub herself with smooth, easy movements. She could feel her juices leaking around her fingers.

“What are you doing?” asked Sally.

“I’m masturbating.” breathed Willow “I’ve got my hand inside my panties right now and I’m rubbing my pussy for all it’s worth.” Willow removed her panties, letting David see her in all her naked glory.

“I wish I could see you.” said Sally.

Willow climbed onto Sally, her legs around the other woman’s head.

“Sally, I want you to eat my pussy out.” commanded Willow.

Sally did as she was told, despite her blindness. Willow thrust her cunt into Sally’s face and then let Sally’s tongue pleasure her clitoris until Willow could hold back no longer and she climaxed explosively all over Sally’s face.

Willow then knelt down on the bed and slowly traced around Sally’s lips with her fingers before letting Sally gently taste Willow’s cum on her fingers. She then kissed Sally again, her face moving down, nuzzling her breasts until she eased Sally’s legs apart and licked around the wet, inviting cunt, enjoying the soft fuzzy mound around the pubic area.

Moans of pleasure escaped from Sally’s mouth as Willow gently grazed her clitoris with her teeth, the moans increasing until Sally erupted, releasing all the pent up orgasmic juices that had been building all night. When Sally’s climaxes had subsided, Willow stopped licking.

Willow heard a buzz from behind. She glanced back and saw David, now naked, his cock erect, advancing on them with a vibrator in his hand. Willow nodded and spread Sally’s legs wide and invitingly. He turned the vibrator up to it’s maximum setting and slammed it hard into Sally’s waiting pussy. Sally’s back arched and she screamed in orgasmic pleasure as it shook her too her very being. As she climaxed again, Willow took the vibrator from David and pulled it out, before pushing it in again. Sally thrashed about on the bed, her body climaxing again and again, expecting the vibrator to pleasure her some more when she felt David’s rock hard manhood slam into her pussy, her body accepting smoothly.

“Oh God,” Sally screamed “Yes, Yes YESSSSSS! Argh!”

Sally’s pussy squeezed hard on his cock, forcing him deeper and deeper until finally he shot his load into her, in shuddering bursts, filling her hot, sticky interior with his cum. Willow sucked the other woman’s nipples, increasing the pleasure until Sally’s orgasms had finished and she lay on the bed, gasping for air.

David and Willow slowly untied Sally and took off her blindfold. Sally kissed them both, wrapping her arms around them as all three collapsed onto the bed, exhausted but happy. The last thing that Willow heard before sleep took her, was Sally gently kissing her on the lips and nipples. When morning came, they would still be naked in each others arms.

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