Alex’s Lessons

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She stared at the skyscraper in front of her. The city had so far been everything she had dreamed of. Settled into her apartment, she had easily made friends with the ladies that lived across from her, as well as the couple with three kids just two doors down. Now Alex found herself crossing the street and walking into the Tucker Modeling agency. She was to meet her mom’s old college friend Rita, to see if she would help launch Alex’s career in the business.

Alex paused at the front desk, received a pass and directions as to the agency’s office, and soon found herself wedged between business suits, and tailored blouses. She felt out of place and very uncomfortable. Her life was taking a sudden change and it was as if she were holding on for dear life, in order to keep control. The elevator made several stops, and people jockeyed for position until she finally was able to reach her own floor, and weave her way out.

The doors almost closed on the tall, slim woman, but she managed to escape, with all her limbs in tacked. Alex noticed a bathroom off to her left and hurried inside. She smiled shyly at the beautiful creature who glanced at her, then looked away. While she moved into the stall, she stopped and turned to look at the woman again. The woman this time looked back at her through the mirror’s reflection and winked. She grabbed her purse, wiped her hands dry, and waved goodbye to Alex.

Alex finished her deeds and washed her hands, the whole time not quite believing she had just seen one of the country’s top super models. She had posters of that woman on her bedroom walls back home, with little signs that read: “This is me, I’m her, She is so cool!”

Brushing her fingers through her hair, the 18-year-old beauty made her way to the next desk she had to pass before getting to what she hoped was her final destination. “Hello,” she greeted the pretty brunette behind the blue marbled counter.

Sheila looked up and grinned, “Hi, may I help you?” She took in the black haired lovely, and knew she was another face looking for a job. Sheila waited for the young woman to answer and set her face to deliver the usual appointment needed through a private agent, and a portfolio–the usual, “let them down easy speech.”

“I’m Alexandra Blythe, and I have an appointment to meet with Ms. Tucker.”

Sheila cocked her brow, and swallowed her surprise. “One moment and I’ll sign you in.” She clicked on the series of windows, verified that Ms. Blythe did in fact have an appointment, and waved her toward a seat in one of the lobby chairs.

“Someone will be up here shortly to take you to Ms. Tucker’s office.” Sheila went back to work, and kept her thoughts to herself concerning Ms. Blythe. Pretty yes, beautiful even, but the next super-model? Only with some work, and some tuning. Sheila had seen them come and go and this one in her opinion had country bumpkin written all over her.

Carl walked through the cubicles and out into the open lobby of the agency, smiled over at Sheila, then glanced around for his boss’s appointment. The delicate faced woman was looking like a deer caught in the headlights of a fast moving semi. He walked up to her and extended his hand, “Ms. Blythe?”

Alex looked up into a pair of chocolate-colored eyes, and smiled, “Yes.”

“Ms. Tucker is ready to see you now. If you’ll follow me.”

She stood, and did as she had been instructed. Alex felt herds of butterflies ripping through her belly as she followed the tall man past rows of beautiful oak doors and large open windows. Cubicles that had all sorts of people sitting behind them were on the other side of her, and she felt as if they were all staring at her. In reality, barely any of them looked up to see her. This kind of thing happened all the time, and usually ended with the girl never being seen again.

Carl knocked lightly on one of the doors that resembled the rest and peeked inside. “She’s here, Rita.”

Alex heard the sound of a woman behind the door say, “Wonderful.” Her eyes took in the enormity of the office and the view of the city, which seemed to stretch on forever from the 67th floor of the skyscraper.

“Hello, Alexandra.” Rita moved from her desk and closed the distance between them. “God, you look just like your mom. I would have sworn it was her if I didn’t know you were the one walking into my office.” She hugged Alex tightly and gave her a friendly squeeze. “Come sit down and tell me about Maddie.”

She smiled at her mom’s friend, recognizing her immediately. “Mom’s shared her pictures of you, and you look the same as you did when you and she were modeling together.” Alex moved to the leather couch that Rita had all ready sat down on.

Her stomach was still nervous, and she placed her hand over the peach colored blouse that she had worn that morning. Her long legs were crossed at the ankles and the black skirt, fell to her knees, it still happened to be free of lint.

“Well, your mom and I go way back. She and I graduated high school together, came out here to the city, fought tooth and Kartal Escort nail to get jobs, and then once we made it big, she falls in love, and leaves it all behind, while I change course and start my own agency. But I don’t think she regrets her decisions, by looking at you, I think she chose the right path for her.”

Alex blushed, “She and dad are very happy.” She slid one leg up under the other, and felt herself relax even more. “Ms. Tucker, I appreciate your doing this for me. I know it is for mom, but I’ll try hard to do what you tell me to.”

Rita placed her hand on Alex’s leg, “Hon, first it’s Rita, not Ms. Tucker, and that goes everywhere. Ms. Tucker projects images of my mother into my head, and we so don’t want that to happen.” She chuckled, and removed her hand from Alex’s thigh. “Also, if I didn’t think you had star potential, then I would have put you behind a desk and told your mom that you’d always have a job here but I wouldn’t just put you in front of a camera if I didn’t have some faith in your ability.”

A grin a mile wide, lit up young Alex’s face, and she thanked her mom’s friend again. “I think we’ll get along great, Ms… I mean Rita.”

“So do I. Let’s look over the portfolio your mom sent me and we’ll talk about how this is going to work out in the beginning.”

The two women moved from the couch to a small table with four chairs surrounding it. The polished brass, reflected through the streak free glass top, and Alex was soon pouring over photos of herself. There were ones from commercial shots she had done, advertising for her towns’ local businesses, a few shots of her doing the usual display of flesh for a new car. Her favorite had been the shots of her that were taken when she was “supposed” to look as if she wasn’t modeling.

Those pictures were ones that had her speeding down the road, hugging some hunky guy in a leather jacket, while the wind whipped through her hair. She was usually on a Harley or in some convertible on the lap of a friend. Her smiles were genuine in those shots; she loved the freedom those kinds of activities gave her.

Rita looked over the photos and then reached for the phone at the center of the table. She punched in a series of numbers and asked the person on the other end to come to her office. Alex was curious who was coming up to join them, and sat nervously wondering what was going to happen next.

After a few minutes of conversation, the door to Rita’s office opened and a bright smiling woman walked into the room. Her blonde bobbed hair bounced back and forth as she rushed over and greeted Rita with a kiss on each cheek, and then pumped Alex’s hand up and down in greeting. Alex chuckled at her exaggerated greeting, and returned the hearty smile to the young girl.

“Wow, Rita! I’m taking this one down to the studios right now,” the short petite girl said, her blue eyes sparkling.

Rita laughed. “Well, that is why I called. Put Alex in a suit, and a few evening gowns, do head shots, full shots, and do some stilettos also. I think she’ll be able to do a number of photo shoots for us.” Rita’s eyes roamed over her friend’s daughter, taking in her full breasts, long legs, and overall down-home girl appearance. “Yes I think we’re going to enjoy having Ms. Blythe with us for quite sometime.”

Alex blushed over the perusal of her body, but understood it was necessary in order for her new employer to get the overall picture of her. “Thanks again, Rita. I hope I do you proud.”

“You will, sweetie. I have a feeling were going to become great friends, just like your mom and I were years ago.” She touched Alex’s cheek. “At least I hope so.” Rita’s fingers pressed softly against her lips, “Call May, and tell her we have some fresh lips for that shoot we’re doing tomorrow morning. Alex’s lips are very kissable.” Rita felt a tremble in her stomach, pulled her fingers from Alex’s lips, and smiled softly, “Yes, I have a feeling there will be many that will envy the person that kisses these lips.”

With a questioning look, Alex cocked her head and blushed lightly, “Thank you.” She had thought she saw something in Rita’s eyes, but she quickly dismissed it as nerves. Alex was very nervous. She didn’t want to see something that wasn’t there, and ruin a friendship that showed signs of being a long lasting one.

Rita waved goodbye to Alex, and watched as she left the room. She got back behind her desk and went back to work. Her mind drifted back and forth between the work on her desk and the portfolio on her table. Finally she called it quits for a moment, went back to the table, picked up the pictures of Alex. “She is lovely.” Her fingers glided over the glossy prints and she felt a pinch in her stomach. It had been a while since Rita had felt a connection with someone, like she was feeling now, and she wondered what would happen if she acted on it.

Moving back to her desk, she buzzed Carl. “Yes,” his voice came back to her over the speaker.

“Get me a dinner reservation for two at Gina’s tonight, okay.”

“Sure Kartal Escort Bayan thing. Anything else?”

She thought for a moment, “Tell them in a quiet place, a corner preferably.”


Now, Rita was able to concentrate on her work. For the next several hours she accomplished many things, all the while keeping her mind on the evening ahead and the possibilities of more.


Alex followed the chipper woman to the elevator, and then down a couple more floors. While in the lift, she had learned that the girls name was Rebecca but that everyone called her Becky. They were both 18, and Rebecca was an understudy to the photographer that would be taking her pictures.

Once they got to the floor they needed, Becky led Alex through a maze of halls and doorways, until finally they entered a huge white room. Lights were strewn all about the floor and the ceilings. In one corner were mock living rooms and dining areas. In another section were different kitchenettes. It seemed that the studio room was actually half the floor by itself.

Alex’s eyes seemed to fly from one part of the room to another. The windows were huge and covered with thick sheets of velvet material that also was white. “Goodness, it’s like walking into the white light of God.”

Becky laughed, and grinned wide. “It’s a bit like waking up and seeing ‘The Light’ and wanting to follow it.”

“Are you making fun of my work place again?”

Alex turned to the voice, and swallowed as she saw a Greek Goddess turn the corner. The woman looked to be about 6’2 and had the most perfectly bronzed complexion a girl would want. “Hey, Deb…this is Alex; and yes, I was making fun of your studio.”

Deb smirked and rolled her eyes, “You just want to splash pink everywhere and call it yours. I’m not stupid. Hey there, Alex, nice to meet you.” She extended her hand, the long slim fingers painted a beautiful shade of rose.

“It’s nice to meet you also,” Alex said as she took Deb’s hand. Alex felt a jolt of electricity hit her and she pulled her hand away as soon as she could without looking offensive. “What was that?” She thought to herself.

“Rita wants the works for Alex, and I’ve got to schedule her to do some shots with May in the morning for the lipstick shoot tomorrow.” Becky turned to Alex. “You’re in good hands, mate. I’ll swing by later and let you know where and when tomorrow for your first shoot. Have fun. And Deb,” Becky winked, “play nice.”

The little blonde bounced out of the room, her attitude reflected in her steps. “She seems nice,” Alex said once the girl had closed the door.

“She’s a blast to work with, a bit on the corny side, but a keeper just the same.” Deb looked back to Alex, and walked around her body. Slowly her eyes absorbed the young woman, gauging her size and coloring and mentally calculating her color scheme.

“Let me get Richie in here so he can get you all set in costume, and then we’ll do the shots.”

“All right,” Alex agreed. She found herself wiggling her finger in her ear for seconds after Deb yelled, “Richard!”

A loud, “I’m coming,” came from behind Alex, and she saw a skinny man with glasses approaching her. “Clothes, right?”

Deb nodded, and then introduced Alex to Richard. “Wardrobe and make-up,” she told him.

“I don’t like doing the make-up, doll. You know that,” he sighed.

“Well, until Sammy is back from maternity leave, you do the make-up,” Deb told him. She laid her hand on Alex’s shoulder and leaned down to whisper in her ear, even though Richard could easily hear her, “Richard got our make-up girl knocked up so this is his punishment. Don’t worry. He’s quite good at both wardrobe and make-up.”

Richard blushed, “Let’s go to the dressing rooms, love. I’ll have Debbie drooling over you; that will make her sorry for picking on me.”

“Now, Richard, why would I be sorry for drooling over a beautiful woman. I don’t think you’ll have to work too hard. Alex is beautiful enough without your handy work.” Deb let her eyes roam over Alex’s firm, taut body, already wondering what Richard would be having her wear. “I’ll get the lighting done and the cameras ready. Just shots of her today; we’ll do group photos sometime later.”

Richard led Alex to another room, this one just to the left of the first kitchenette. “I hope you don’t mind all this unexpected fuss?” she told him.

“Fuss? Mind it?” Richard laughed and shut the door behind them. “I live off the unexpected.”

Alex chuckled, and soon found her hands full of different suits and shoes. “Let’s try the blue one-piece, with the royal blue crystal studded stilettos first. Next, we’ll have you go with the scarlet two-piece with the high cut thigh and red sandals. Last will be this hot pink thong and bikini set with the laced up stilettos,” Richard told her as each piece was cradled against her breasts.

“Not very practical, huh?” Alex giggled.

“Nope, but who needs practical when they only want to look at your body,” Escort Kartal Richard shrugged. “You’ll do great, babe. No worries. And Deb likes you; that alone is a plus.”

Alex took her clothes, and changed behind the screen. The spandex material hugged her body, and the curve of her breasts was easily distinguished. Her nipples were perked slightly due to the friction of the material and her own nervousness. She slipped her feet into the 5-inch heels and then sat down to allow Richard to toy with her hair.

After what seemed to Alex to be hours, but was actually only 45 minutes, she found herself in front of a drop cloth that had been painted to resemble a beach. “Lovely,” Deb kept telling her as Alex went through the motions of posing with beach toys and building sand castles. The morning went on, each suit producing new photos and new smiles.

By the time the swimsuit shots were done, Alex was ready to promise never to wear heels again. Deb could see that this was new to the young woman, so she sent Richard out to grab lunch for the three of them. Alex slipped into a robe, and slipped out of the laced-up heels before cinching the robe tight around her waist and closing off the hot pink view of her thong bikini. She grabbed a seat on the sofa beside Deb and took a deep breath.

“Give me your feet,” Deb told Alex, her hand outstretched and waiting.

Alex looked down, not knowing she had been rubbing her aching toes and heel. “I guess I’m not used to the heels.”

“Oh, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Now give them up and I’ll ease the tension. I don’t mind, and I won’t make fun of your feet.” Deb grinned widely and winked as she finally saw Alex give in. Before long, she was working the knots from the black-haired girl’s feet.

“So Alex, what brought you here?” she asked, her fingers massaging the toes of the young woman’s feet.

“My mom and Rita went to school together, and well, I’ve done some modeling work in my town but wanted more. So mom contacted Rita…and yes I know it was cheating… but she said she’d get me started if I showed potential.”

Deb nodded, and began to work her hands over the top of her foot and over Alex’s trim ankle. “No need to apologize for getting a head up on the business. Any girl in this industry would have taken a pass around the hoopla if they’d had one. Once you’re in, you still have to be the one who proves you can do it.” Deb loved the way her fingers glided along Alex’s skin and she continued in a slower manner, easing her fingers up to Alex’s calf muscles.

“Oh, that feels great. I didn’t even know they were tense and sore,” Alex felt herself lean back on the couch, and scoot herself so her head rested on the arm of the leather sofa. “If you ever decide to leave the camera scene, you’d make an excellent massage therapist.” Alex closed her eyes, and allowed Deb’s hands to ease the pain from her body. She sighed as the hands moved up to her thighs, and began to work the tight muscles that were there also.

Deb was watching Alex’s chest rise and fall, and she knew that soon the young girl had fallen asleep. With slow moving hands, she reached up and gently untied the loops of Alex’s robe, and then with careful ease she opened the robe up, and gazed upon the slim body of her newest photo job. “Fuck your hot,” she whispered to herself.

Her fingers slipped back to Alex’s thigh, allowing them to brush against the covered sex, and she felt the heat of the woman’s pussy radiating up to her. Deb’s own sex was getting more aroused, as she went back to working the muscles and skin underneath her touch. She licked her lips in anticipation, and then found herself releasing Alex’s legs and placing a small kiss on the center of the sleeping woman’s cloth covered cunt.

She took a deep breath of the body beneath her, and ran her tongue softly over the material. When she heard the hiss above her, Deb’s attention flew back to Alex’s face. They stared at each other for a long time, before Alex said or did anything. Deb watched Alex slid her hand down her stomach, and over to the ties of the bikini bottom. Her heart beating in her chest, Deb watched the fingers untie the straps, and slip between the material and her body, and pushed the cloth away.

Alex licked her lips in encouragement to Deb’s mouth. She had been shocked to say the least when she woke up to see the beautiful blonde’s mouth hovering over her pussy. Alex knew about her mom’s Bi-sexual needs, so Alex wasn’t scared to experience her first one, with this woman, because she had always been curious. So when the blonde had licked her covered pussy, Alex had known she wanted to experience more.

She swallowed hard, as she felt the heat of Deb’s mouth on her sex, and a shiver ran through her. Her eyes took in the blue ones of Deb’s and then she closed them when she felt the first touch of Deb’s tongue.

Deb slipped her tongue over Alex’s pussy, allowing the girl to grow accustomed to the idea of Debbie’s mouth so close to capturing her. Her finger moved to expose the clit, and Deb let her nose inhale the musky fragrance. She flicked the nub with her tongue several times, before licking it softly. Using her tongue, she massaged the rosy bud, then began to lap it up and down. She knew that Alex was enjoying the attention; little whimpers were escaping her as Deb’s warm breath hit her skin.

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