Amanda-Christina’s Misadventures Ch. 02

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Amanda and Christina got into their bikinis the following morning and looked forward to a day of lazy sun tanning on the beach. Amanda covered her bikini with a long sundress that was held up by straps tied behind her neck. Christina wore a pair of tight denim shorts over her bikini panties and draped a towel over her shoulders. When the girls entered the breakfast room, everyone’s head turned towards Christina’s awesome cleavage, which was jetting out from under her tiny bikini top. It was so embarrassing for Christina to have everybody staring at her boobs that she returned to the hotel room ten minutes later to put on a T-shirt. Apparently this city didn’t share the “anything goes” atmosphere that the girls expected from a resort town in Mexico.

At breakfast, the girls met another American couple who were on their honeymoon. The couple told the girls that there were some beautiful secluded beaches not far from the hotel. They suggested that the girls rent a motor scooter and check out the areas nearby. Amanda and Christina took the couple’s advice and walked to the scooter rental stand.

When the girls got to the motor scooter stand, they were surprised to find Cortez working there. His brother owned the business and Cortez often worked there when he had a day off from the hotel. When Cortez looked at Christina, she blushed knowing that the boy had seen her naked. No other guy, except for an ex-boyfriend, had ever seen Christina in the nude before.

Christina was particular about not showing off her body, especially since she was a kindergarten teacher. She felt that it was her moral obligation to set a good example for the children. However, Amanda convinced Christina that they were on vacation, and they chose Mexico so they could let their hair (and panties) down for once in their life. After talking to Amanda, it didn’t take long for Christina to loosen up.

Amanda and Christina agreed to rent a motor scooter, and then Cortez offered them a couple of potent tequila drinks for the road. He smiled when the girls accepted the drinks. A half hour of tequila shots and margaritas later, Cortez volunteered to lead the girls on his bike so the girls would not get lost. Cortez said he would take them along the coast on the scenic route. He also wanted to get close to the girls so he addressed Amanda, sensing that Christina was still a bit embarrassed in front of him.

Cortez asked, “Amanda, why don’t you ride with me?”

Cortez smiled confidently as Amanda smiled back, taking in his sharp features and muscular build. She hadn’t had a guy in a long time and this one grabbed her attention from moment she saw him. He was almost six feet tall with broad shoulders and six-pack abs. Amanda would never throw herself at a guy back home, but she wouldn’t drink so much alcohol back home, either.

He took off his shirt and left it at the scooter stand before climbing onto the motor bike in just his beach shorts. Then he asked Amanda to remove her yellow sundress.

“Your dress could get caught in the wheel during the drive so you may want to keep it in your handbag,” Cortez advised.

Amanda smiled at the lameness of his excuse, but she complied all the same and loved the flirting. Christina shook her head in mock dismay as she watched Amanda climb onto the back of the scooter in only her bikini. Amanda had türkçe altyazılı porno never worn such a skimpy bathing suit in public before, but she was determined to live differently in Mexico.

Christina was a little concerned when she saw Amanda’s full titties pressed against Cortez and her crotch pushed tightly against the small of his back. This was not typical behavior for the young school teacher. However, Christina got on the other bike and followed close behind.

During the drive, Cortez asked Amanda whether she and Christina were in Los Cufrado for some sort of modeling assignment. Amanda chuckled because a pretty face means nothing in modeling when you’re only a little over five feet tall. Then Cortez asked if Amanda had a boyfriend. He was happy when she replied that it wouldn’t matter if she did.

A short time later, Cortez slowly let his left hand ride on Amanda’s thigh. He told her that his girlfriend recently ended their relationship after he had hoped to marry her. Amanda had her arms wrapped around his chest and she tightened her grip with her right hand while letting her left hand slide harmlessly down to his navel for the rest of the ride. She also made flirtatious conversation with Cortez during the drive through the howling wind and sea spray.

Cortez was rock hard throughout the rest of the ride with the feel of Amanda’s breasts pressed against his bare back. He also enjoyed the smooth soft skin of her arm against his stomach and the fragrance of her perfume. He knew that she was reciprocating his interest and although he’d never had trouble attracting female attention before, he was thrilled at how insanely hot this little redheaded girl was.

When they finally found a deserted beach, Cortez and Amanda climbed off the scooter. Cortez immediately grabbed Amanda’s hand and pulled her along with him as he ran to the water’s edge. Cortez had an erection that was glaringly obvious. Amanda studied the tent in his shorts while he gazed at her full firm boobs, which swayed from side to side as she jogged alongside him. After splashing into the water, Cortez moved close enough for Amanda to feel the tip of his hard cock against her belly.

Amanda smiled broadly at Cortez as she put the palm of her hand on his erection and said, “Down boy!”

Amanda continued holding his big boner and that was all the stimulation Cortez needed. He pressed his mouth against her wet inviting lips and put his hands on her breasts. Amanda pulled Cortez’s penis out of his shorts and she was thrilled by how long and thick it felt in her soft hand under the water. Cortez pushed his shorts all the way off and held them as he lifted the perky redhead out of the water and headed towards the beach.

Christina was standing at the shoreline and holding both of the girls’ bags as she watched Amanda emerge from the waves with her boobs bouncing gently under the skimpy bikini top. Cortez dropped his shorts and after the naked boy set Amanda down, Christina watched Amanda wrap her fingers around Cortez’s long hard dick. Within earshot of Christina, Amanda asked Cortez if he had a condom. Cortez said that he had one in the storage compartment of his scooter. Then Amanda and Cortez walked towards the scooters where Christina was standing.

As they approached Christina, twitter porno Amanda untied the strings of her bikini top behind her neck and back. Her top fell to the ground, revealing a set of firm natural breasts with delicate pink nipples to Cortez’s hungry eyes. Cortez smiled sheepishly, but he was a bit embarrassed to be naked right between the two girls. His cock was stretching and twitching uncontrollably as he watched Amanda’s breasts spring free from the confines of her bikini top.

He put his hand in front of Christina’s eyes to block her view of his exposed penis. He was embarrassed to make eye contact with her while his boner stood straight out in front of him. His erection was still twitching at the thought of Amanda’s nearly naked body behind him. Cortez was equally stimulated by the sight of Christina in just a scanty bikini.

Cortez turned around and witnessed Amanda bending over to peel off her bikini panties. At the sight of Amanda baring her entire body in public, Cortez couldn’t control his cock from twitching even more wildly than it already was. Amanda left her bikini lying in the sand as she walked towards Cortez and Christina with pure lust in her eyes.

Christina laughed and declared, “Amanda, you’re out of control! You’d better lay off the tequila because I’ve never known you to act like this before. Aren’t you guys afraid of getting caught doing this in public?”

Amanda said, “We’re in Mexico. Anything goes!”

Cortez smirked at her statement. He knew that public nudity was against the law and strictly enforced in the area. However, he figured that nobody was there except the three of them. Therefore, he kept his mouth shut as he struggled to put the condom over his hard throbbing prick.

Christina switched on her video camera and followed the couple as they walked about fifty feet away to the sand at the ocean’s edge. Amanda laid down and spread her legs apart while wagging a finger at Cortez, who was struggling to control his raging hard-on. Amanda’s auburn bush and bare breasts were totally exposed to the camera until Cortez laid down on top of her.

After using his finger to get Amanda’s pussy nice and wet, Cortez carefully inserted his stiff rod into her pleasure place. Once he was inside her, the couple made out with an animal-like ferocity, moaning loudly and smacking their bodies into each other with wet noisy sounds. Then, after what seemed like an hour to Christina, Cortez finally pulled out of Amanda, ripped off the condom and shot four long spurts into the sand. Cortez immediately put his shorts on and then, like a gentleman, he helped Amanda to her feet.

Then disaster struck. Christina watched in horror as shadows emerged over the dune. Two cops appeared behind Christina and started running towards Amanda. Amanda was stark naked and her bikini was lying in the sand almost fifty feet away from her. Sensing that she was in trouble, Amanda tried racing towards her swimming suit, but the police were much closer to her bikini than she was. The police quickly scooped up Amanda’s tiny bikini before she could get there.

Since Cortez had already put his shorts on, Amanda was the only naked person on the beach. Amanda tried to make a dash towards Christina and the motor scooters, but the cops were too quick for her. The police officers, üniversiteli porno one male and one female, forced Amanda’s hands off her breasts and away from her bush. Then the cops handcuffed Amanda’s wrists behind her. With each officer holding an arm, they lead Amanda towards the Police Jeep.

Amanda was still trembling in utter shock when she was suddenly hit with a wave of shame. As Amanda was escorted over the seclusion of the dune, she was met by more than twenty onlookers that had gathered on the street of the small beach town. Amanda was forced to cross the road to get into the Police Jeep and her bare body was almost at touching distance from the motley crowd. Her arms were securely fastened behind her so she couldn’t cover her jiggling breasts and reddish-brown pussy hair.

Amanda demanded, “What the hell is going on? Nudity is legal here, isn’t it?”

The female cop chuckled and said, “Heavens no! We have strict rules against public nudity. This is a peaceful town and we intend to keep it that way. If you wanted to run around naked, you should have gone to Cabo!”

Amanda begged, “Can’t you wrap something around me? I’m naked and all these people are looking at me!”

The female cop sarcastically asked the other officers, “Hey guys, you got anything for this girl to put on?”

The guys all shook their head no, so the female cop turned to Amanda and said, “Sorry girl, no got. Looks like you’ll have to grin and bare it,” which was followed by laugher amongst the crowd.

Amanda gasped in shock at the news. She started screaming frantically because she was not allowed to use her arms to cover her bouncing breasts, smooth butt and soft pussy hair from the crowd. Unfortunately, her shrieks of terror just drew the attention of more bystanders to her naked predicament.

She also suffered from the discomfort of the burning hot road tar against her bare feet, which made her jump up and down. The jumping motion caused Amanda’s medium sized, yet full firm titties to bounce uncontrollably, much to the delight of the all-male crowd. Cortez tried reasoning with the cops, especially the female cop because she couldn’t take her eyes off the still semi-erect penis in his shorts, but the cops would not listen to him. They merely pushed Amanda up into the Jeep.

Stepping up into the back of the open-top Jeep forced Amanda to spread her legs wide, putting her pretty pink pussy lips on display for everyone to see. There was no way for Amanda to cover herself as two male cops waiting in the front seat of the Police Jeep stared intensely at her bare body. They gazed shamelessly at the humiliating beaver shot Amanda was forced to give them.

While the two officers helped pull Amanda into the Jeep, the female cop took the liberty of placing her hand on Amanda’s bare ass. Then she gently pushed from behind. Amanda squealed when she felt the female cop’s finger slide up and down her sensitive butt crack. Amanda wanted to object to the fondling of her ass by the female cop, but she was too horrified by her situation to complain about it.

Amanda looked back and saw the mischievous grin on the Mexican girl’s face. The officer appeared to be even younger than Amanda and she looked very fit in her tight starched police uniform. It seemed as though the female cop was enjoying Amanda’s embarrassing situation even more than the male cops, so Amanda refrained from lashing out at the girl. Amanda was afraid the female cop would take even more liberties with her bare body if she confronted the girl. After all of the cops were seated, they drove off with Amanda’s naked body on full display in the back of the open-top Jeep.

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