And Then I Felt Something Awake Pt. 01

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Chapter 1:

“He was growing into a man” She thought as she looked at her son Kris. He had turned 23 just a week ago.

She (Christine) his mother, watched him mow the lawn through the kitchen window as she was doing the dishes. It wasn’t a particularly hot day, but he had taken off his shirt. She caught herself admiring her sons body, not too skinny, but some tummy to love. A few beads of sweat dripped from his short beard.

Her phone got a text message which took her out of her trance. She had gotten startled a little and she went to see who it was. Her youngest daughter, Andrea who was 22, said that she was going out with friends after work today. She sighed and finished up and made some instant lemonade.

She went outside as her son was finishing mowing, she gave him a glass and he said,

“Thanks mom!” He instantly chugged in front of her and let out a little, “belch”. She smiled a little and said, “You’re welcome.” She brought the glass into the house and changed her clothes to a gardening outfit which was just a purple crop top and some shorts.

When she got outside her son was taking the lawn clippings out of the bag and said he was going to start to, “weed wack”. She began to tend to her garden of vegetables, pruning, soiling and weeding. She noticed from the corner of her eye that her son was Magosa Escort staring at her. She happened to look down and noticed that she forgot to put a bra on before going outside. They exchanged eye contact and he got flustered and quickly looked away. She was a bit embarrassed herself and quickly finished up and headed inside.

She got into the shower and the cool water felt great after being out in the sun for awhile. She noticed that her nipples hardened a little and she brought her hand up to her breasts and gently touched them. She let out a little moan, she heard something and looked out through the opening of the shower, she didn’t see anything. She must imagined it she thought. She got out of the shower and put on some leggings and another crop top. She felt refreshed as she began to cook dinner.

She heard her son from upstairs as he came pounding down the stairs with a basket of laundry. He was in nothing but a shirt and boxers. He said, “Just putting a load in before dinner.” She looked down and saw a big lump in his boxers. She tried not to stare, so she turned around and began cooking.

A few moments later she heard her son come up from the basement and he came up behind her. She felt the, “bulge” in his boxers press into her butt, shivers ran through her body as he kisses Kıbrıs Escort the back of her head and said, “Dinner smells amazing! Call me down when it’s ready!”

She pulled herself together and stammered to say, “O-okay, I-I will sweetie.”

A few moments later, she called him down and he was in the same T-shirt, but wearing basketball shorts.

Dinner time was normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. She was more relaxed as they sat on opposite sides of the couch eating their dinner and watching tv.

She would look over and he was sitting sprawled out on the couch with one leg resting up on the cushions. She noticed he wasn’t wearing any underwear and caught a glimpse of his huge limp dick resting on his leg. She felt sick and ashamed, she got up and brought the dishes in. She noticed him looking at her as she walked into the kitchen. She did the dishes and asked if he wanted any ice cream and he replied, “Yeah! Sure! Thanks mom!”

She returned from the kitchen and handed him a dish of ice cream. They continued to watch their show for awhile, he announced he was getting sleepy and he stood up he walked over to her, his crotch eye level with her, she looked up and he bent down to kiss her on the forehead and he thanked her for dinner and he went up to his room.

She shook Lefkoşa Escort off that feeling again, after awhile she went out for a cigarette, she came back in and headed upstairs to her room, her son’s bedroom was just down the hall and she could see the faint glow of his computer monitor on, she then went into her room and got ready for bed.

She laid down and replayed the memory of her day in her head. She couldn’t shake the strange taboo feeling of what happened, was it just all in her mind? Maybe? But then she thought further back to when he use to lay on her as they watched tv and how he would always lay on her bottom, he occasionally slept in her bed all the way up until he started high school. Or one night when she accidentally got drunk and took off all her clothes to take a shower and afterwards went into his bedroom by mistake and laid down next to him, luckily he was fast asleep and her boyfriend, James woke her up and brought her back to bed, just little incidents that made her overthink what was swirling in her mind.

She didn’t even realize that her hand was between her legs and she had been unknowingly touching herself. She was a little frightened by this, but she felt something sensual and exciting about this. She felt conflicted, but she wanted to experiment with the idea.

So she finished touching herself and went to clean up in the bathroom. She saw her son was still up and heard a faint noise and a muffled, “Oh mom! Oh mom!” She swallowed hard and got anxious. She went back into her bedroom and more thoughts circled in her head, but why was she getting wet again?

End part 1.

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