Aunt Sabrina Pt. 03

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One of the many interesting things I learned from Chase and Sabrina’s visit to the lake house that summer is that Sabrina has a sister who is a year behind me at UW-Madison. I gave my okay for Sabrina to share my number with Kori, and was actually a little surprised to hear from her about a month into the fall semester.

She seemed really sweet in texts and we arranged a casual date at a local indie brewery and restaurant. Gorgeous genes must run in the family because she was as incredibly beautiful as Sabrina, but a more petite version of her sister, and with a much more innocent vibe. When I first saw her I had our entire sexual history mapped out within 20 seconds, but to make a long story short, the date was a disaster. Turns out we had very little in common other than we both went to the same university and we both knew Sabrina. There was no chemistry between us. She didn’t even like beer, not that either of us could drink legally, and she’d reprimanded me for having a fake ID. Not sure if a sober rejection hurt more or less than a drunk one.

So the last person I wanted to see the weekend I went to hang out with Chase for the Milwaukee Film Festival was the person who answered the door when I got there Friday afternoon: Kori. I could tell by the look on her face that she wasn’t exactly excited to see me either. But there we were.

Aside from Sabrina’s attempt at humor by commenting that it was too bad Kori and I hadn’t shared a ride – pun intended – the four of us settled in to what seemed like a pretty casual weekend. Chase and I had planned out our film fest schedule already, and the girls disappeared to go do, well, whatever it is that sisters do on a weekend visit. Only a little hint of disappointment made my plans with Chase just short of perfect.

I’m not going to lie – the possibility of another hot sexual encounter with Sabrina had been on my mind ever since Chase suggested that I come stay with them for the film festival. Even though Chase hadn’t even suggested any such possibility, I was hoping that something would come up, but I wasn’t about to ask. Didn’t stop me from fantasizing, though. What happened at the lake house this past summer seemed like the beginning of some opportunities for me that were “educational.” I’d already had the confidence to fool around with a couple of girls that I never would have considered in my league before, and based on their reactions I had learned some extremely useful techniques just from watching Sabrina. Unless something had changed in Chase and Sabrina’s relationship since the summer, I had hopes of sex izle spending more time with my newest family member. Little did I know how my wishes would be granted that weekend.

Between the first and second film of the night, Chase and I had to walk a couple blocks. I noticed that Chase was deliberately slowing us down, making some lame excuses about maybe not going to see the second movie. When I suggested that he could go and I could get an Uber later, it dawned on me that maybe he had a date with someone and didn’t want to tell me. His laughter in response was not what I was expecting.

“No, Jason, it’s not like that at all. I mean, there are a couple of women that I do see from time to time, and Sabrina knows them so it’s all good, but…damn. Since you and Kori didn’t hit it off, I’m not sure if I want to tell you. I’m not sure if it’s better or worse this way.”

I looked at him suspiciously. “Why don’t you just tell me and let me decide.”

“Alright,” he said, his grin getting more devious. “Sabrina and her sister, they- well, they’ve been having sex pretty regularly for a while now.”

My eyelids nearly peeled back over my forehead. “Wh-what?!? Wait…and you’re not, like, completely creeped out by that?!?”

“I was surprised at first, like how casual she made it seem. But, now it makes a strange kind of rational sense to me. Sabrina told me that it all started a few years ago when Kori caught Sabrina with a boy in her room late one night, and Kori seduced Sabrina by blackmail – said she’d tell their parents what Sabrina was up to unless Sabrina agreed to teach her everything she knew.”

The image of those two playing naked on a twin bed under posters of soccer players and unicorns, stroking and kissing and pulling hair and caressing curves, got me erect right there on a city street, and I didn’t care one bit.

“Sabrina says that after the first couple of times she found it was so good between them that they just kept at it without the need for blackmaiil, and now they even practice on each other. Like, if one of them wants to try something new they’ll get together and play around and give each other pointers,” he said. “And that is so fucking hot.”

Whatever it is that sisters do on a weekend visit, indeed.

“You know how much she gets off on being watched, right? Exhibitionism is a huge turn-on for her.” he said. I just gulped and nodded, remembering her intense gaze and wild moans from that past summer. I was pretty sure she had told Chase about what happened on that ride to town, sikiş izle but didn’t know how much detail she might have given. I blushed wondering if Chase knew how much watching her turned me on.

“She’s been talking to Kori about having me watch them this weekend, and she had mentioned the possibility of you joining us…” he paused.

“But?” I asked, my heart pounding, afraid to hear whatever bad news it sounded like was going to come next.

“Fuck,” he said with a gust of breath. “I know they’re naked at home right now, and, as juvenile as this sounds, I want to sneak in on them. I don’t want to wait until we’ve worked out the details. I want to see what Sabrina’s like when she doesn’t know I’m watching.”

I grinned. “I can always catch the film online.” Neither of us said another word, just laughed as we made our way to his Jeep. We sang to the radio at the top of our lungs on the way home just so we wouldn’t spoil anything by speculating about what we might encounter.

Chase cut the radio a block from his house, and parked a couple of houses away. I swear his fingers were shaking a little bit as he unlocked the kitchen door with as much stealth as he could. Both of us were trying really hard not to laugh out of excitement and nervousness, and the hard-on I’d had since we’d left the film fest made me move cautiously anyway. I was filled with the same kind of excitement I’d had the night last summer when I’d had to sneak down to the basement at the lake house to watch Chase and Sabrina without arousing any suspicions from the family.

Chase motioned for me to stop in the hallway so he could listen. In the quiet of the house, we could hear little squeals and moans coming from the guest bedroom, where the door was carelessly left open. He waved me forward and the two of us stood outside the bedroom door, slightly off to the side so we could see but not be seen.

It took a moment to figure out what we were looking at, but when I finally made sense of it I felt a solid rush of blood to my groin and my cock went rock hard. Sabrina was laying on the bed, her head nearest us at the foot of the bed framed by two petite feet that were not her own. We could only see the top of her dark head because her face was buried in what should have been a gap between Kori’s thighs. Her manicured hands clasped Kori’s tan thighs, and they controlled the movement of the curvaceous ass that hovered over Sabrina’s gently bobbing head. Kori’s back was to us, giving us a tantalizing view of her tiny waist that curved down to her round ass türk porno cheeks bouncing softly up and down on her sister’s face. Every few bounces she’d pause on the upstroke and rotate her hips, giving us a glimpse of Sabrina’s pink tongue working furiously on Kori’s clit. Moans and sighs let us know that the two of them were thoroughly enjoying every bit of each other’s bodies.

As Chase and I watched silently, Kori leaned forward and began her own tongue work on Sabrina’s pussy, pushing her hips up and back so that her tight cunt spread wide before our eyes. Unlike her sister, Kori seemed to have most of her thatch of soft hair, but neatly trimmed instead of shaved or waxed. Just enough to be tantalizing and hide her luscious sex until roaming fingers brushed it aside. And that’s what Sabrina’s fingers did next: pushed their way into her sister’s wet slit, her own mouth too busy moaning a string of obscenities in sheer pleasure to keep up licking and teasing Kori’s now pulsing cunt.

I could hear the sucking and wet noises of Kori’s mouth on Sabrina, and thought about that day in the jeep when Sabrina had made me watch her fuck herself. I could picture just how dripping wet she must be and had to keep myself from walking into the room around the other side of the bed just to get a look, and enjoy a taste myself. I felt my balls tighten, and a surge of pleasure started making its urgent presence known.

My only option to keep from embarrassing myself at that moment was to get to the bathroom down the hall pronto, but Chase put a hand on my arm to keep me from turning away. Kori’s pants and moans had started to increase in intensity and pitch as Sabrina’s fingers worked furiously in and out, even as Kori kept licking and sucking her sister’s wet pussy. Sabrina adjusted herself so that she could pull Kori’s pussy completely down over her face and began pushing Kori’s hips in a quicker rhythm back and forth. A few moments later, after several high pitched “ah”s, Kori let out a primal kind of scream and gush after gush of clear liquid squirted out of her cunt and drenched Sabrina’s face and hair.

With a gasping laugh, Sabrina pushed Kori’s ass up off her face and slapped it twice. “Fuck yeah, little sis! Now finish what you started,” and she laughed again as Kori bent back to sucking Sabrina’s clit, her dripping pussy hovering over her sister’s face.

Chase turned to me with the biggest grin on his face, and a look that said “Aren’t you glad we came home?” I could feel the pressure in my groin going critical. I just nodded and escaped to the bathroom as silently as possible, pulled my throbbing cock out of my pants, and after just a few frantic strokes let loose a huge load of jizz in the sink as I heard Sabrina cumming as loud and hard as I remembered from that summer day in the Jeep.

…to be continued…

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