Babydoll Ch. 12

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The following is my twelfth submission in the Babydoll series. I truly appreciate those who have supported the series and especially those who have written me offering encouragement or giving me constructive criticism.

I appreciate all feedback. I was somewhat disappointed with the reception of the last submission. It seemed to receive some negative votes, but without feedback. I am truly interested in why people gave negative scores. I believe it was because they were disappointed with the direction of the story and not because of grammar or composition.

In the end, this is my story and I take ownership of its praise and its flaws as decided by you. I have enjoyed telling this tale. Apologize that I haven’t been able to put it out at a faster pace.

When I sat down to further this a few years ago, I wrote what amounts to three or four chapters and now they are ready for release. As I have finished, I have had to go back and fill in the gaps to maintain the continuity. Just like with a movie script, you don’t always know where the direction of the story will lead. The further you get down the road, the more intricate the details become and demand attention. You know where you started and where you would like it to end, but the getting there means that you have to go with the ebb and flow.

Each chapter lends itself to the big picture as a sequel — just like a movie. Of course these are fictional accounts. Please read the previous chapters, if you haven’t. This is purely fantasy. Hope you enjoy the fantasy.


It was December 21st as I waited for my girlfriend Jill to finish up at her work. My finals in school had finished the week before and it was time to head home for the holiday. We were both Sophomores at one of my home state’s universities. Jill was coming to stay at my house, with my family, until the day after Christmas, when I would be putting her on a flight so she could be with her own family before the winter break ended and the start of the Winter semester would begin as we prepared to finish our sophomore year.

I had been home just 4 weeks before at Thanksgiving. That was a tumultuous time that I needed to get out of my mind. I only stayed for parts of three days, because of the events that had taken place. Before that, I hadn’t been home for 8 months. At Thanksgiving, you could say that I had gotten my come uppance for the previous dalliances that I had had with my sister and my mother. Now here we were and it was time to head home again. While there was certainly a reluctance, as if playing dangerously with fire, I was drawn to what I understood was a necessity.

Originally, being in college had been hard, because of being away from my family and mostly Ashley, whom I thought of all the time. I was always concentrating on my studies and Jill had helped pass the time by being my friend and study partner.

I always looked to please my grandfather since he had done so much to take care of me. Don’t think that thoughts didn’t enter my head to cast my responsibilities off and run away. Many times it felt like I was just going through the motions. I was only a year and a half into the journey towards earning a Law degree. That is troublesome many times when your path has been laid out for you.

I lived in a single room apartment just off of campus. You know what is basically a glorified off-campus dorm room. That helped a lot when it came to having peace and quiet. Jill had gotten to where she spent most of her time with me at the apartment, although she kept a place of her own and she had roommates. I think she was enamored with how independent I was. It helped to have a partner to work with to accomplish our goals. Sometimes I felt Jill was clingy, but I never mentioned that to her. In some ways I enjoyed it, although it could be uncomfortable, when you know what I had lurking in the background.

The car was packed and the tank was full as we got ready for the 300-mile journey across the state. It would probably be 3pm before we could leave and we probably wouldn’t arrive at my home for nearly 6 hours after that.

I spotted Jill driving up in her little Ford Focus as she parked it next to my car in the designated space for my apartment. I met her halfway to greet her with a kiss, as she entered the apartment, “You ready to get going babe?” “I just left work and came straight here. Would you mind if I take a shower and freshen up a little before we leave.”

“OK, but I’m wanting to hit the road before it gets too late,” antsy to get a move on. ” It’s already going to be 9pm when we get there.” She tugged my hand, “Come on, I need you to wash my back.”

“Jillllll, I’ve already taken a shower,” I responded.

” Yooou haven’t taken one with meee,” she smirked as she insistently pulled us towards the bathroom. Once we got there, Jill held interlocked my fingers as she leaned her back against the counter of the hand washing basin.

“Have you been thinking travesti porno about me today?” she asked seductively. “I’ve been thinking about you all day long… Thinking about our trip.”

“Of course I think about you Jilly,” I confided as we began nibbling on one another. The touching and feeling aroused me, as Jill reached down and grasped my burgeoning woody through my pants. “Oh my. We can’t have you driving around for 5 hours like that can we. I think we better take care of this, don’t you agree?” as she pushed in and hungrily consumed me.

“You’re the boss,” I breathed in her ear, as the provocation began to consume me . “So what are we going to do about it?” I snickered anticipating what was next.

She took my hands and pulled them to the buttons of her blouse, “I want you to undress me honey.” And I started at the top button and began releasing the little catches. As I did so, she released the belt on her skirt and slid it and her panties past her hips, letting them fall to the floor before kicking them to the side. She put her hands on the edge of the counter and lifted herself so that she was sitting on it as I leaned into her, and then she spread her legs open to reveal her smooth pussy to me. Her little pink labia peaked out from behind the swollen lips; thin and rosy brown.

She pulled at the buckle of my belt until it released, then uncinched the button of my jeans as she deftly pulled the zipper apart and let them fall from my waist. She then wrapped her toned arms and athletic legs around me and pulled me in for a closer embrace. We were face to face, looking each other straight in the eyes as we once again let go in the raw passion of our kisses.

There was a certain look on her face as we resigned ourselves to where this moment was heading. I could feel the heat of her flushed skin against my own. There was a wetness a to our salivating mouths as we savored one another. The taste of her skin and the sensations of our movements excited me to know end.

Jill slowly slid off the counter and headed towards the shower, where she turned the water on and waited for it to warm. As she stepped in, she motioned for me to join her, “Come on baby, I need you.” As I stepped in behind, Jill pulled the shower curtain forward to enclose us and then turned to face me. There was a twinkle in her eyes as we stood nude together with the hot water pulsing over our bodies.

“I’m sooo excited.” Jill sparkled as she revealed. “Thank you for taking me home with you for Christmas,” as she took the soap and began lathering my chest.

“You’re welcome,” was the only thing I could think to say.

She smiled, as she put her face and hair under the water. As we stood pressed against one another with our naked bodies touching, she reached up and kissed me, then she grabbed the shampoo and started lathering her hair, before reaching up to lather mine and rolling her hands down thoroughly washing my chest, which she seemed to enjoy. Seeing the positive joy she expressed caused me to pull her close, feeling her torso against my own, while I proceeded to kiss her. Our faces melted together under the hot stream of water with tongues exploring and enjoying one another. I started massaging her now slippery wet breasts, before taking the soap from its holder, working a lather in my hands and washing her back as she wriggled within my clutches.

Eventually she asked, “Jim, will you wash my hair.” As she turned away towards the showerhead it only made things better. I massaged her scalp with the sudsy foam before turning my attention to her shoulders. Tenderly washing her, I continued down her back, her bottom, her thighs, and her calves as the water cascaded down continually rinsing the soap away. At eye level I kissed her fine derriere and gave her a light smack before standing back up to admire her firm, toned figure as it glistened with water. She certainly had me turned on.

She reached up and changed the shower setting until it emitted only a fine mist of spray. I was surprised when she reached back and took my shaft in her hand and began rubbing the tip along the folds of her warm labial opening. It was all the encouragement I needed. As she gazed back at me over her shoulder, the look of seduction on her face was enough to make any man weak in the knees and I had no doubt about who was in control of the situation.

“I want to feel you now. I want that hard dick inside me,” she commanded.

With each pass of her pink tenderness, I felt the crown of my root nudge its way further and further into her honey pot until I was just deep enough so that she could release her grip. My cock was now firmly embedded inside her sex.

I strode forward with light thrusts as her fleshy petals opened up and took me deep inside and straight to where it seemed she desired. My bloated member instinctually took this encounter to the next level.

Jill leaned forward and placed her hands on the shower wall. I wasn’t alt yazılı porno sure if I was pressing into her or she was pulling against me, but as she placed her foot on the shower ledge, it really didn’t matter who was taking the lead. This was truly a sensual pleasure. As she slowly stepped backward with one foot and then the other, her firm ass pointed upward in an exhibition of sexuality I had never before encountered.

As her warm honeycomb completely enveloped me, she once again receded back against my torso and I knew she expected to be rewarded with kisses, which I obliged. We were connected in the most erotic way possible, oblivious to the water raining over us. She seemed to enjoy the feeling of me deep inside her, not moving, but simply enjoying the feeling of the union. As my excitement grew, I rhythmically began sliding my cock in and out of her gracious love.

I found a rhythm bumping and grinding into her luscious backside, cupping her breasts as her back melded into my chest. Now and then the water from the shower would splash into my face making me fully conscious of the reality of this blissful copulation. She was grunting as my own guttural moans escaped my eternal being. She joined me as her hips raised and lowered on and off the protruding purple headed monster. She had found the perfect spot as she continued humping the hard shaft.

“Ohhh fuck!” she exclaimed. “That’s it!!! That’s it. Right there. Fuck me, I want you to do it,” she bellowed as she threw her head back, panting as my hands grasped her hips tightly causing her cervix to tighten even more firmly onto my thick piston as it rutted in and out of her love. There was nothing that was going to be done slowly or gently now. I began pounding myself hard into her velvet. There was an awareness of the bare skin slapping together. I grabbed her hips and forcefully pulled her to the base of my cock, filling every inch of her sex.

With each thrust of my cock, Jill seemed to grunt with a higher level of animal sexuality associated with the purity of copulation. I began to feel that familiar tensing of her inner being, only this time it seemed to be to a level neither of us ever could have imagined. Her pussy was kneading my shaft from tip to tail, repeatedly clenching and releasing with a sensuality that was quickly bringing me to the edge. I held on for dear life as I continued kissing her neck, even as I felt the shudder from her cumming and crying out in ecstasy. The tension soon wound down until she slowly raised her hips and slipped herself off of me.

Turning to me, she rested her head on my chest, leaning on me, and simply hugging me, enjoying the moment. My hands went down to the beautiful globes of flesh of her bottom, massaging and rubbing. We stayed in this position for what seemed like an eternity, until she slowly slid herself down my body and onto the shower floor looking up at me the whole way down, “Now it’s my turn,” she proudly boasted as she began stroking the rigid serpent.

The softness of her hands on my engorged tool combined with her the wetness was invigorating. My manhood was now bobbling in her face. She took it in hand, feeling the twitches, as she lathered it with soap. She let the water rinse it off, stroking it as she did so. When she slid it into her mouth, I let out an obvious gasp. She was sucking me off very fast and deep; bobbing her head up and down very quickly causing me to groan.

The water continued to stream down, hitting the top of her head, matting her bangs to her forehead and over her eyes, as I slunk back against the shower wall. She pulled her mouth off my cock and continued stroking, “I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum,” she said with a tone of aggressive provocation.” She immediately resumed, moving her head rapidly, in and out, while her tongue caressed my glans. The slurping noises were too much, I was ready to blow. After all of the excitement, I could feel a huge percolating in my testes.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said, arching my back, knees weakening. She kept her mouth on me, but stopped stroking. She just massaged the cock head with her tongue as it exploded violently inside her mouth with jets of cum shooting out from what seemed to be the depths of my soul. As I came, Jill pulled my ass, making sure that I had no escape and everything I had to give was given to her.

I gently held her head for a few seconds until the vacuum that was surrounding my cock extracted the final spasms of seed. I finally had to reach forward to grab a hold of the curtain rack to steady myself, lest I fall in exhaustion. Jill slowly looked up, giving me the same smile she flashed when this session began.

At that moment I realized how pretty her green eyes were, I had known her for two years and had not really enjoyed them like I did at this moment. I knew that she was truly in love with me, by the way that she had devoted herself to me to the extreme. You understand how üvey baba porno much a girl has a thing for you when she has your cum dribbling down her chin.

I leaned over and turned off the shower’s now tepid water. As Jill stood, I kissed her forehead telling, “I love you Honey.” Sure, I always thought of Ashley, but Jill was certainly a goddess in and of herself. In any way and by any right. I pulled the shower curtain back, stepped out of the tub and grabbed one of the towels from the rack and reached to Jill and proceeded to start drying her back and legs before she grabbed the towel to finish. Then I grabbed another towel and did the same for myself.

We shared a kiss before I went to my room to get myself ready, “I’m going to go get dressed now. We need to get going pretty soon. It’s already close to dusk. I’d like to be home before everyone is in bed.”

Jill smiled and nodded in the affirmative, “Twenty minutes.”

Well, as usual 20 minutes turned into 45, but I wasn’t going to dare belabor that point. It was 4:30 when we left. I drove through the drive-thru of a burger joint as we headed out of the edge of town so that we could get something to eat, but keep moving. As we pulled onto the interstate, the shadows were long and the sun was flashing directly in my eyes as we headed west.

I put my sunglasses on and put the car in cruise control at 70 mph. I let Jill pick out the music she wanted and after she finished her burger, she leaned over and kissed me a few times and told me she loved me and then she settled back in her seat, curled up a little to the side and fell asleep.

I looked over from time to time catching glimpses of my slumbering girlfriend. I had Jill with me on this trip, but my mind was on a trip of its own, thinking back to the past few years and Ashley. She was a part of my life that I longed for. I had not spoken to her since Thanksgiving. I remembered times in the past when she had always been there to encourage me about life. I had encouraged her to date other guys and then after everything blew up and I went home at Thanksgiving, my heart ached when I saw her with David. I wanted her to be belong to me sexually, but I hadn’t been faithful and knew that I deserved what I got. I had a very hard time with the thoughts of her being with another guy.

Of course the relationship that we had had was totally taboo. Then there was the sex with my mother that had dealt a death blow to what Ash and I had. Looking at Jill in the passenger seat of my car made me think of my mother and the little mating ritual that had taken place on Thanksgiving night. That was the wildest night of sex I had ever had in my 21 year reality.

And now I was going back home, which had always seemed to bring some level of apprehension. Ash had told me that she needed me in her life, but what about all that had happened? We would never have a normal sibling relationship. Could we? Jill and I had slowly progressed from earlier times where I had kept her at a distance to where now I willingly accepted her as what I felt was a permanent status. Ash seemed to have turned a corner where she wished to be with someone in a normal relationship.

I pretty much always desired Ashley since our first time together; to the point that sometimes when I was making love to Jill that I would see Ash when my eyes were closed and my cock was gliding in and out of Jill’s honey.

About an hour into the trip, the sun had descended below the horizon until there was a purple haze with the other cars surrounding me. The cold winter night took on a life of its own under the moon and stars that twinkled above.

Jill would rustle every now and then bringing her presence to my attention, but eventually I would settle back into my own thoughts and reality. Once again feeling a twinge of me against the world.

I thought about the trip home that I had made the year before. How I had taken my time… stopped at the stores… bought the perfect gifts… schemed plan after plan… and everything had fallen so perfectly into place until I got everything I wanted. I was focused then. I had it all.

And then I got greedy. My mother interjected herself into the situation and little did I know what a fool I was. I thought I was flying everything under the radar, but we were soon to find out differently, didn’t we? It all blew up in my face, but that is how life goes and you have to learn how to adapt in order to survive.

It wasn’t like I was doing without. The sex with my mother was torrid. It wasn’t the love I had with Ash. It was purely animalistic. She was a teacher of life in many ways and I loved her even more for it in a twisted sort of way. We would always have a special bond because of what she had done to me, but it was over. I had tasted that fruit and I was now passed it. I had my fill and I didn’t want any more. I think she understood that when I called her a couple days before and let her know to expect my arrival.

As mile after mile went past, I felt a rush of nerves, as I got closer to home. I figured my mother, like at Thanksgiving, would be the only one home when we arrived. As I pulled into town it felt natural, because it was apparent that nothing had changed. There were the landmarks still intact and all the places I frequented were still in business.

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