Becoming Jack’s Milk Cow Pt. 05

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Chapter 9

Jack was catching an early flight out the next morning, so I spent the night at his apartment. We’d talked about buying the apartment next to his, if it came on the market. The commuting between my house and his was getting tiresome, and we were talking about making our relationship more permanent.

I suggested that I try to sleep in my pregnancy belly (called a ‘sympathy belly’), but before we turned in, Jack took some photos of me in all my gravid glory bursting out of the silk shirt and skirt I’d worn earlier that day. The skirt’s elastic waist allowed me to pull it above my big belly, but the shirt wouldn’t button, and I looked wonderfully slutty with my black lambskin bra displayed under the shirt and the full skirt emphasizing my belly’s new bulk. I could feel how wet I was getting just from our games, and I could also see Jack’s hard cock outlined in his jeans. I knew we wouldn’t be getting much sleep tonight.

Jack downloaded the photos onto his computer, adding them to the file he’d made of me in various poses. We looked forward to tracking my progress becoming his milk cow this way, and we also loved seeing how I was outgrowing my clothing. I had a couple of business meetings coming up, and wondered what I’d find to wear that was suitably professional. Most days, when I worked at home, I wore outfits that Jack chose for me–they certainly wouldn’t work for seeing my old colleagues. Oh, well, I’d think about that tomorrow. I stood up, working to balance myself against the weight of my belly. Jack moved to steady me; standing close behind me, he wrapped his arms around my belly, and moved his hands up to my breasts. As he teased my nipples in that milking rhythm that I loved, I pressed my ass against his hard cock and wiggled. “We need to get you out of those tight jeans,” I suggested. “I owe you some attention after all the pleasure you’ve given me tonight.”

Jack headed to the bedroom unbuttoning his jeans as he went. Hanging on the closet door was a beautiful peach-colored silk nightgown. It looked voluminous enought to fit over my belly. Normally, we went to bed naked, but I knew the silky fabric would feel sexy as it slid over my hard tits and belly. Jack, İstanbul Escort having shed his clothes, helped me change from the clothing I’d worn for his photoshoot into the silken gown. Again, a perfect fit, with maybe a bit more room for me to grow. Immensely turned on by our foreplay, I tried to move to the bed but Jack held me still, stroking my curves, and sliding the spaghetti straps of my gown down to expose my tits. He bent over a bit, lifting one breast to his lips, and tantalizing my nipple with his tongue. His big cock was pressing into me, but Jack didn’t seem to be in any hurry for relief. I arched my back and nearly lost my balance, and Jack laughed quietly. “Maybe we should move to the bed, after all,” he said.

Positioning me on my hands and knees on the bed, Jack stood next to the bed, fondling my ass and raising my gown up to expose my round cheeks, and began to press a finger into my ass. I pushed against his hand, moaning, as two more fingers entered me, stretching my asshole further. “What a beautiful ass you have, my dear,” Jack commented, as he removed his fingers and began to slowly press his big cock into me. “I’m afraid I’ve neglected your ass in favor of your tits, but I promise I’ll make that up to you–would you like that?”

As I pressed against Jack’s hard cock, helping him enter me, I murmured “Oh yes, please.”


I spent the week that Jack was away waddling around the house, enjoying my big belly. Although it was a fake, I liked its weight and the way it made me move–slowly and langurously. I enjoyed the nipple vibrators, too, and used them often. As a result, my nipples stayed long and hard, just the way Jack and I liked them. I was looking forward to our next project–inducing lactation. Before he left, Jack had left me a case of pills, with 4 capsules for each day of the week. They were herbal supplements, designed to help the process. I began to take them the day after Jack left, and I wondered how long it would take to get results, once Jack returned and we began our milking routine. I knew a bit about what was in store for me–Jack had told me that in the beginning, he’d ‘milk’ me 4 times a day for 10 minutes on each breast, Bayan Escort increasing to 6 times a day (including once during the night) for 15 to 20 minutes. He’d also ordered a top of the line milking machine to help things along. It was to be delivered any day, but I was under strict orders to not open it until we’d returned from Chicago.

Meanwhile, I was getting ready for my weekend in Chicago with Jack. The idea of waddling around Chicago, shopping for nursing bras and clothing, excited me. I also continued to ‘eat for two’, and liked the feeling of fullness I had–my breasts filled my D-cup bras now, and as I played with them, I savored their heft. Quickly aroused, I used one of my larger vibrators to bring myself to a luxurious orgasm, fantasizing about Jack’s hard cock pounding into me.

My work continued to be interesting and demanding but I found that it took me a bit longer to get projects done when I was in this perpetual state of arousal. I had not seen any of my old colleagues in a couple of months, and had a meeting set up for the week after Chicago. I wondered if they’d notice how I’d changed. Of course, I wouldn’t wear my false belly to our meeting, but my larger, heavier breasts and my newly rounding belly and ass were obvious when I dressed in my old work suits. I looked forward to seeing their reactions.

Finally, Friday morning arrived. I dressed carefully for the flight to Chicago. I decided to chance going to the airport dressed in my ‘pregnant’ regalia; I didn’t think I’d run into anyone I knew on the morning flight. The D-cup demi-bra barely contained my heavy tits–were they bigger since Jack had left? Strapping on the big belly, and slipping into the silk dress that showed off my girth and my breasts (empire waists are great!), I admired my profile in the big mirror. Jack would definitely be pleased, and my pussy became wet in anticipation of our meeting.

Once on the plane, I settled into my exit row seat. I’d asked for a seat belt extender, and buckled it low under my belly. The man in the aisle seat kept stealing glances my way as I stroked my belly, waiting for takeoff. I smiled at him–he looked to be around 30, an attractive well-dressed Eskort black man.

“How far along are you?” he inquired.

“Five months”, I replied, looking rueful. “I’m awfully big already and I still have four months to go!”

“My name’s Steve–I’m a doctor” my seatmate said, reaching to shake my hand and smiling at me. “I must say, you look like you’re enjoying being pregnant.”

“I am” I conceded. “I’m just growing so fast it’s a little disconcerting–it seems like just last week I had a flat tummy, and now look at me!” Giving Steve my best ‘helpless little girl’look, I smiled to myself at the truth of what I’d just said.

Steve looked and definitely appeared to like what he saw. I leaned back in my seat and arched my back. The weight of my new belly was a bit uncomfortable, in a sexy sort of way. This could be a fun, flirty flight. My nipples were hard just from watching Steve’s admiration of my gravid shape, and I could feel my arousal growing as I continued to stroke my belly.

“How long are you going to be in Chicago?” Steve inquired. “I’d be happy to show you around.”

“Actually, I’m meeting my boyfriend for the weekend, but thanks. It would be fun. Are you from Chicago?”

“I’m moving back to Chicago to join a medical practice–just in case you ever need some attention, let me know.” Steve smiled sexily and handed me his business card.

“Thanks” I said coyly. “You never know what might come up.”

We both had work to do, and once we were in the air, took out our laptops. The tray in my seat was a tight fit, and Steve watched as I tried to get it adjusted against my belly. “Looks like a close thing” he laughed.

“Good thing I wasn’t travelling next week–it wouldn’t have fit at all!” I agreed.

The flight was over before I know it. Steve and I said goodbye–he shook my hand, holding it a bit longer than was technically necessary. “I hope that boyfriend of yours is taking good care of you,” he said. “He better appreciate that nice belly you’re growing.”

“Oh, he does” I answered. “But thanks so much–I really enjoyed your company.”

At the baggage carousel, I saw Steve again, and he insisted on helping me with my bag and getting me into a taxi. His hand rested on the small of my back as I got into the cab and I felt the sexy warmth of his palm briefly slide down to cup my ass. I turned to look at him. “It was a pleasure,” I said, giving him my sexiest smile.

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