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Big Tits

First post. Be gentle (or pull my hair!)

To begin with my name is Andrew Bucklin. I’m 52 years old, 6’3″, about 245 pounds, with blond hair going grey, and blue eyes which my wife compared to the deep ocean. My friends call me Andy or Buck. Anyway I was coming home from delivering a restored (and enhanced) 1992 Trans-Am when I saw them on the side of the road. Now I don’t know about you but two stranded women waving for help isn’t something that happens to me every day so I slowed down and ended up on the shoulder in front of their Cadillac.

I hopped out and walked towards them while noticing they were both hotter than hell. As I got closer I could see they looked like sisters. Both were petite with the smallest (and oldest) of the two looking to be about 5’3″ while the younger woman was about 5’5″. Both had nice racks, and as I got closer I spotted even more similarities. They each had strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, and pouty lips that (I must confess) would look great wrapped around my cock.

I sighed because they were looking for help, not an old pervert, so I smiled and said “Looks like you ladies need help.”

The older woman (mid to late thirties) smiled back and replied “We do. Our car quit running.” She frowned and added “It over-heated and, I’m not certain, I think we cracked a head.” She sighed gustily and added “We aren’t rich and I suspect fixing it will undoubtedly drain our resources yet it’s obvious we can’t camp out here.” She looked me square in the eyes and finished “We are at your mercy, sir, and I can only hope you will help us.”

The young woman, who looked like she was about 15 or so, just nodded her head. I noticed they both looked exhausted and the girl looked about ready to collapse. I nodded as I made my decision. “Not a problem, ma’am. Oh, by the way, I’m Andy Bucklin.” She shook my out-stretched hand and replied “I am very pleased to meet you, Mr. Bucklin. I’m Tracy Miller and this is my friend Tina Klasinski.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Tracy. Well, I guess we ought to be getting things done.” I said. “It’ll take me about thirty minutes to load and secure your truck for transport. While I’m doing that why don’t you ladies take a load off?” At their quizzical looks I smiled and pointed towards my rig.

“The cab is air-conditioned and the bench seat is pretty comfortable, and since it’ll take about 30 minutes to load and secure your car onto the trailer, I figure you ladies might want to wait in some comfort.” I told them.

Tracy smiled and replied “Thank you, Andy, but with your truck running aren’t you afraid we’ll steal it?”

I laughed and shook my head. “Even if you did you wouldn’t get far. There’s less than a half tank of gas in it.”

Tina touched my arm and asked “Do you have any water? We’ve been stuck in this heat for hours and we’re really very thirsty.”

That got my attention because I knew how quickly dehydration can kill so, like most natives of this area, I always carried a few gallons of bottled water. I have one of those 12 volt powered ice-chests so I climbed into the bed of my truck and pulled out 4 large bottles of chilled water and handed them to the women.

“It’s best if you sip, not gulp, at least at first.” I told them then, in a flash of inspiration asked “Have you got two pieces of cloth long enough to drape around your necks?”

“Why yes, I’m sure we do. Should I get them?” Tracey answered and, at my nod, walked to the passenger side rear door. I looked at Tina and said “Would you climb into the bed and grab 4 more water bottles please?”

She did so and was back out as Tracey walked up holding two t-shirts. “Will these do?” she asked and I nodded before laying them out on the tail-gate. I opened one of the bottles and drenched both shirts, handed them to the women, and ordered them to sponge their faces.

They did so and I drenched the shirts again, emptying the bottle, tossed it into the truck bed and cracked open a second.

Tina looked to be worse off than Tracey so I moved to her, put my hand on her chin, and said “Head back. This is going to be a shock but we have to get you cooled down.” She nodded her understanding so I started to pour the water on her left shoulder.

She squealed a bit and jumped a little at first but steadied down as I moved towards her neck, then across her throat, and continued towards her right shoulder. I timed it just right because the bottle was emptied just as I reached her arm.

She looked at me, smiled, and said “God that feels good.” Then she looked down and giggled. “My goodness, are we having an impromptu wet t-shirt contest?”

Without even thinking about it I followed her gaze and saw the white cotton t-shirt had become almost transparent and molded itself to her form. Her nipples were noticeably erect and I felt myself blushing (and becoming aroused).

I somehow managed to tear my gaze away and looked at Tracey. Her eyes were riveted to the bulge in my pants so I Ankara bayan escort cleared my throat and said “Your turn, Tracey.”

She looked me in the eyes and said “The idea of a wet t-shirt contest has suddenly acquired a lot of appeal.”

I was so startled I dropped the water bottle, much to their enjoyment, and by the time I had picked it up she had her head back, her back arched, and a small smile was on her lips as she waited for her drenching.

My timing was way off, primarily because I was watching her t-shirt turn transparent and the bottle was empty before I had reached her right collarbone. Still, her tits were soaked (her nipples were erect and I stared at them then the empty bottle, and had no fucking clue what to do next) until Tina took the empty then handed me a full one while saying “Finish the job, cowboy, then we’ll watch as you winch our broken car onto your trailer.”

Bless her, it was the kick in the ass I needed and I impulsively gave her a hug. She hugged me back and I could have sworn she rubbed herself against my erection but I dismissed that thought because I had to get things done.

I finished soaking Tracey without once looking at her tits, set them both on the tailgate with wet t-shirts wrapped around their necks, and took care of business while they watched.

Their car was a 1972 Caddy (it was in good condition) which was made of iron and steel, and it took a hell of a lot of muscle to winch up onto my trailer. Half-way through I stopped, took off my hat and my t-shirt, mopped my face with the sweat soaked T, put my hat on, dropped my t-shirt onto the trailer, and continued cranking. Finally it was done and I secured the car to the trailer with wheel straps.

I was doing a final walk around when I noticed the stain left on the shoulder by their car. Oil and radiator fluid mixed together was an ugly mix. “Not good!” I thought, realizing too late I had spoken my thoughts aloud.”

“What isn’t good, Andy?” asked Tracey. I jumped because I hadn’t realized she was next to me. I looked down at her and noticed her shirt was dry, as was the t-shirt around her neck.

I pointed at the stain and said “That. It tells me that your engine block is cracked, which means you need a new engine, which given how heavy this bitch is, is a problem.”

Forty minutes later we pulled up into the driveway of my house. Tina planted an elbow in my side (she was sitting next to me while Tracey sat next to the passenger door) and asked “I sure hope you’ve got a shower here, cowboy, because I’m hot, sticky, and want to cool down.’

“Three of them, as a matter of fact, or you could just hop into the pool.” I replied.

“Oh my god, you’ve got a pool? Is it big enough to swim in?” she gushed.

I grinned and nodded. “Through the gate next to the attached garage, back behind the house, through the door, is an Olympic sized pool.” I replied.

Tracey got out and Tina bolted past her heading for the gate at a trot. Tracey shook her head and smiled at me. “That girl is crazy about swimming.” She walked around the truck to stand near me and said “I hope nudity doesn’t bother you because if I know Tina, and I do, she’s going to skinny-dip.” She looked into my eyes and softly added “I think I would like to join her.”

“Skin doesn’t bother me, Tracey, in fact” and I deliberately looked her up and down “I might just join you.” It had been over three years since my wife and children had died and the thought of a nude romp with two beautiful women sent blood pulsing into my dick. Tracey looked at the lump which had suddenly appeared in my jeans and gave a soft smile.

She reached out and touched my cheek then ran her hand lightly down my chest and stomach before gently cupping the bulge. “We would both like that.” and, taking my hand, she led me towards the pool.

As we walked through the gate we were on a paved walk-way. The wall of the garage was on our left and a stretch of mowed lawn was on our left. Flower beds separated the grounds of the house from the range land. About once a month I would hook a mulching mower to the tractor and cut the range grass down for a quarter mile in all directions (primarily so rodents and vermin didn’t have a breeding ground but also as a fire safety precaution).

The walk-way stretched to the end of the house and terminated in a door which led into the enclosed structure father had built after having the pool installed. This housed the pump station where the water quality, chlorine level, and temperature setting could be tested as well as the filter traps (all of which I checked on a weekly basis). A secondary pump room handled the enormous hot-tub father had had installed at the same time as the pool.

An open door-way led out into the pool area itself. It was, as I mentioned, Olympic sized and the deep end (located at the far end) was 30 feet deep to safely accommodate anyone who cared to use the diving boards. Two of them as a matter of fact: the low Escort bayan Ankara board set at regulation height and the high board 10 feet above it but offset so two divers could use them simultaneously without fear of collision.

To the immediate left of the outside entrance was the large shaded patio which, in addition to three tables with chairs, a dozen lounge chairs, a mini-bar, and a high wattage sound system also held the 9 person hot-tub, granted access into the house proper.

It was a really large backyard because it also held a half-court for basketball, a horseshoe pitching field, a complete playground for kids, a sandy area large enough to have a 2 person beach volleyball game, and even a croquet course. (Mom had put her foot down when Dad had mentioned miniature golf.) Dad had even built a brick barbeque pit capable of roasting, I shit you not, an entire cow.

The house itself was a large 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom laid out on one floor. The kitchen was huge, with ample counter space and cabinets galore (Moms’ one and only demand. She told me later she had become really tired of cooking in a cubby-hole).

I realize this all sounds as if we were really rich but, actually, my parents never had much money. Dad owned a construction firm (which I inherited) and Mom was a stay at home wife. Dad lucked into a series of Federal construction programs back in the late forties and bought 160 acres of land cheap. His crew built the house, pool, and playgrounds at cost.

I’ll admit that changed when I married Lori and she took control of the family finances. I had met her in college. I was studying to be (what else?) a construction engineer while she was going for a business major.

About the only thing we had in common was our height. She was 6’1″ and I was one of the few men she could slow dance with and not have their head buried between her 38 E cup breasts.

My reverie was broken when Tracey gasped and said “Holy cow, Andy, this is something else.” She spun to look at me and asked, quite seriously, “Is there a Mrs. Bucklin?”

I felt the half –healed scar begin to tear open but I answered her honestly. “There was. She and our twins died when a drunk driver crossed the center line and hit them head-on 3 years and 5 months ago.” Suddenly the old wound became fresh and I sank to my knees, sobbing, not caring that I showed weakness in front of a strange woman.

Tracey, bless her heart, set down beside me and dragged my head down to rest just below her chin and comforted me. She held me, and let me cry and sob, until there were no tears left. All the time she used one hand to stroke up and down my back while the other hand held my head close to her chest.

It took a while before I realized she was repeating two words over and over. “I know.”

I raised my head and, through tearful eyes, asked “How can you know?”

“I was a twenty-four year old mother, who doted on her husband and infant daughter, when the earthquake hit.” Her gaze was fearless and steady as she added “I survived, they didn’t, and it took five years of therapy before I realized it was just one of those things.”

Tears filled her eyes as she continued. “Shit happens even to good people, Andrew, and the worst thing in the world is to bury your spouse and child while continuing to live even though you want to join them in death.”

It was like a light-bulb, hell a 500 watt halogen lamp, went on over my head. SHE UNDERSTOOD! The years of loneliness, the lusty desires for what few women I found attractive, the sheer desire to touch (and be touched by) passion again overwhelmed me and I reached out.

“I want you.” My voice was harsh and low, a combination of remembered sadness and exquisite passion. My cock, which had gone soft while I cried, threatened to burst my zipper when she kissed me and moaned “Then take me.”

God, I felt like a teen kissing his first tit, I was that excited. I would like to say that I swept her up and carried her to bed where we made passionate love but, sadly, that wasn’t the case.

I pulled out my dick, she pulled down her shorts, and I fucked her right then and there. 3 or 4 strokes later I ejaculated. I felt like a total shit once I regained my senses. I hadn’t even taken off my boots!

I rolled over so she rested on top of me and tried to apologize but she stifled my words with her mouth and began to ride me. It was then that I realized I was still erect, still lodged inside her, and so I just laid there while she did all the work. I was mesmerized by this woman on top of me, loving me, and I wanted to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming.

Now that my immediate needs had been taken care of I began to register sensations. The tightness of her vagina as it slid up and down upon my erection, well lubricated by our combined juices, the way her firm breasts swayed in time to her motion, the look in her eyes as she gazed down at me, all added up to a timeless moment I will forever remember.

I Bayan escort Ankara reached out with my work roughened hands and cupped her magnificent breasts. She gave a soft moan, leaned into them, and sped up.

I began to manipulate her nipples and she moaned louder, threw her head back, and sped up even more. I looked down to where we were joined, still tugging and twisting her enlarged nipples, and was amazed to realize she was shaved. I watched with fascination as her bald labial lips spread wide on the upstroke and then almost disappeared entirely on her down stroke.

Her lubrication, plus my sperm, caused a white frothy ring around the base of my cock and I was aware of her hands braced on my chest, kneading me as if she were a cat, and when I looked up she had her head lowered.

Her loose hair tickled my chest and her face was one of determination, eyes closed and mouth turned down, a woman intent on a quest, and I could only watch in awe as she found what she was looking for. Her eyes opened wide, her vagina began to spasm around my hardness, and her mouth opened in a silent scream as her climax started.

She rocked back, causing our pelvic bones to meet, and then threw her head back. She didn’t scream or shout but there was no doubt in my mind that she had just had an intense orgasm. She collapsed, her head on my chest, and sighed deeply. Her eyes, when she finally looked at me, were those of a woman who had just been fucked well.

Her eyes widened as she realized I was still hard and she giggled before saying “I guess it’s time for round 2.” She began to fuck me again but Tina had other plans.

I heard her scream “Tracey, you bitch, you got yours. If he’s up for a second round it’s my turn!” I had been so entranced with Tracey I hadn’t even noticed that Tina was sitting next to us!

Tracey sighed, pulled herself off of me, and rolled to the side. Before I could even think of protesting Tina was straddling me and suddenly I was balls deep in her pussy. Unlike Tracey she was a vocal type. She screamed as she impaled herself and then she began to babble.

“God, I love cock. I love fucking. I’m going to fuck you until you cum and then I’m going to keep fucking you.” I know it sounds crazy but all of her shouting and screaming began to annoy me.

Tracey had given me love but with Tina it was all about sex so I rolled us over until I was on top, clamped my hand over her mouth, and shouted “Shut the fuck up, slut!”

As I pounded into her I kept up my verbal abuse. The more abuse I gave the wetter she got and I lost control. I pummeled her pussy while screaming “I’m going to fuck you until you cum and then I’m going to put you on all fours and fuck you in the ass!”

She climaxed at that and I kept my promise. “Get on your hands and knees you slut!” She did so and I rammed my dick into her ass hard. She screamed as I sodomized her but just I grabbed her hair and used it to pummel her tight ass harder.

“You’re a slut who loves taking it in the ass, aren’t you?” I shouted. She managed to nod her head but I wasn’t satisfied with that. I noticed her right hand was under her body, apparently fingering her pussy, so I pulled her arms over her head and was easily able to contain them with my left hand.

Continuing to pound her ass while pinning her hands gave me a head rush like I had never felt before. I added a sideways motion to my fucking and yelled “I asked you a question, slut, and I expect a reply!”

She groaned and her ass clenched down as she climaxed again. “Please, Master, please let me finger my pussy while you take my ass. YES, I’m a slut who loves taking it in the ass. I’m your slut for life if you’ll fuck my ass like this all the time.”

I was getting close, and I really enjoyed her begging, so I kept her hands pinned. Speeding up my thrusts I whispered in her ear “This isn’t about your pleasure, slut, it’s about mine. Tell me you understand.” She just moaned in response as I began to rabbit stroke her.

I’ll admit I was surprised when Tracey grabbed Tina’s arms but I went with the flow and let them go. Tracey forced Tina’s arms behind her back and used my belt to restrain them at the elbows (I hadn’t even felt her take it from me I was that intent on sodomizing the girl).

My belt had a friction buckle so Tracey was able to cinch it tight before she moved to place her bald pussy in front of Tina. “Lick my pussy clean, slut, or I’ll have your Master whip you until you bleed.” she growled. I was startled but when I looked at Tracey she just winked at me.

It dawned on me that they were playing an incredibly erotic game and I gave Tina’s right ass cheek a hearty slap and said “Eat that pussy, slut.” Tina shook her head so I wrapped a hand around the back of her neck and shoved her face into Tracey’s pussy. “Eat it NOW!” I commanded reinforcing my command with another, heavier, slap to her right cheek.

Tina began to lick and suck on Tracey’s pussy like a mad woman and I felt my own climax approach yet I didn’t want this moment to end so I lodged my cock deep into her ass and waited until the moment was past. I slowly pulled out of her then adjusted the angle of my dick and slammed into her wet pussy.

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