Ch. 01: Twosome

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Jennifer flew in to Sea-Tac airport at 7:45 pm. The teacher’s conference wouldn’t begin until the next morning, and she knew Donald’s photography class finished around 9 pm tonight. These “old friends” had a lot of catching up to do first. She hadn’t told him she’d be in town…wanted it to be a surprise. Luckily it was a three day conference, the district paid for the full ride. Little did her employer know just how much of a ride she would be getting!

Jen arranged for her rental car and drove out to the Community College where Donald taught. It was a bit of a risk — he might have another lover slated for the night — but she wanted the element of surprise on her side. He could always reschedule the other woman. A quick look at the campus map showed her which building was his, and since it was one of only a few night classes, the illuminated windows indicated his room.

Her guess proved correct. Donald was at the overhead projector, giving instruction on proper lighting and framing of subjects. The room was dark and he didn’t see her walk in and select a seat in the back of the room. After a few minutes, Donald concluded the class with an admonishment to turn in final projects next week. The lights came on and the students filtered out. Then he noticed her. After 15 years, he still recognized her chestnut hair, hazel eyes, and regal carriage. She stood up slowly, and said, “I warned you I might be coming!”

“You’ll do that and more, my dear, I can promise you that,” he said as he quickly advanced down the row of seats to grasp her in his arms and bury his head in her cascading locks. They turned their heads in unison and he kissed her long and deep, a kiss that spoke of the longing of the years. Theirs had been a chemistry that overrode all common sense and wisdom. Their bodies recalled each other’s touch, and a flame was rekindled with that deep, soulful kiss.

“You have an office in the back, I hope?” She whispered urgently.

“Right this almanbahis way…follow me.” He replied.

In the dark office, he turned the lock on the door and adjusted the blinds. They met again in an embrace, fiercer this time, with urgency and promise of fruition. Fumbling hands unbuttoned and unzipped jeans and pushed them down over hips. Her hands grasped and stroked his length, already turgid, and he slid his hands down around her ass cheeks, underneath her underclothes. “I need you, right this instant!” she breathed into his ear, accompanying her words with a lick of his earlobe.

Her jeans were only down as far as her knees, hampering her movements and binding her legs close together. No time to take off shoes…I want to feel him deep inside me, she thought. She turned around and kneeled on the floor in front of him, presenting her pretty alabaster ass. He grasped her hips with both hands and then slapped her ass cheeks hard, leaving a red handprint. “That brands you as mine, wench!” he said, as he found and put on a condom.

Then his cock head eased between her legs and found her wet, slippery cunt. He teased her, sliding his prick up and along her slit, back and forth for a few times. She gasped and mewled with complaint, begging him to dip it into her honey hole. He slapped her butt again and again, and then shoved himself in up to the hilt.

He was balls deep in her pussy, and the sight was amazing. As he slid out, he could see his glistening cock, smeared with her juices, and her white ass riding high in the air. She rested her head on her arms and bucked back onto him, unhappy that he was taking so long to slip his meat back in.

He spread her ass cheeks and happily noticed that her pucker was looking very tight, and obviously freshly shaved and clean. He spit a glob of saliva onto her crack and worked his thumb into her ass, caressing and massaging as he went. She felt around for her purse and pulled out a bottle of personal almanbahis giriş lubricant, and tossed it back to him.

She looked over her shoulder back at him, her hair cascading down her back, her eyes luminous and wild with lust, and she said, in a throaty voice, “My ass is all yours tonight, baby, give it all to me…as hard as you can manage it.”

He thrust and bucked into her pussy, causing her to catch her breath, and she reached forward and grasped onto the legs of the desk in front of her. “Ram it!! Fuck it!! Give it to me hard, you fucker!” He thrust and slammed hard and long, and began to feel the tingling in his balls that meant a huge load was coming.

He abruptly stopped, and reached down between her legs to stroke her engorged clit. He could feel his cock stretching her pussy lips, and stroked slowly in and out. Her hand met his and she slid her fingers around his girth, wanting to feel with her hands what she was getting in her snatch. He stroked her clit and she began a high-pitched squeal, low, and in the back of her throat. She stuffed her fist in her mouth and gasped for air, trying to muffle the sounds of her ecstasy.

“I’m not ready to come just yet, sweetheart. You’ll know when I am, make no mistake…” he whispered into her ear as he leaned over her backside. He grasped her right tit and squeezed, making her jump, and then he extracted his cock from her pussy. “You stay right like that,” he said, “I like to see you a little helpless.”

Jennifer was fairly trapped by her own jeans, and he was straddling her calves so that she could not move. He squirted lubricant all along her ass crack and slipped his cock up and down along the crack just as he had with her cunt. His fingers slipped now easily into her hole, and he loosened her up so that she could take his meat stick.

“I’ve been practicing…with my soapy fingers in the shower,” she said. “I can almost do three, but only around the opening. I can get almanbahis yeni giriş five inches of hairbrush handle up inside, though.” He laughed a low guttural laugh. “Oh, baby…you’re going to get a lot more than five inches now…”

The head of his cock pushed against her ass pucker. It met resistance, so he pushed harder. It began to slide in, slowly, and she gave a gasp…followed by a groan of longing. Another inch, and “gasp! Mmmmmm…” another inch, and “gasp! Mmmmm.”

On and on she went, accommodating his cock until he was buried deeply in her ass. He rested there a moment, letting her adjust to his size and length. Then he began a piston-like action, and squirted more lube on her hole. “Aaaaahhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmm. Oh, yeah. Fuck it like that, baby…oh, yeah….right there…give it all to me….oh yes, yes, yes…”

Her encouragement fanned his desire and he grasped her by the hips and slid joyfully in and out, in and out, in and out, until with a roar, he shot his load into the condom, and slapped her ass a few more times for good measure.

“Yeah,” he said, “just (smack!) like (smack!) that! (smack!)” He extracted his cock slowly and slipped the condom into the trash. He helped her to her feet, but her knees were weak and shaky, so she sat down gingerly on the edge of the desk chair. “Follow me to my motel room?” she asked. “Or should we just take my car? You have, what, about another couple of hours before it gets hard to explain, right?”

“Right, doll face. I have until about midnight before Deb starts getting bitchy. I’ll call and tell her I’m going to grab a bite to eat with a fellow teacher, she knows the one, and that’ll be fine.”

Jennifer knew, as he did not, that she had another surprise waiting for him at the hotel. Donald may be to pull together a gang bang party for the weekend, but on short notice, she though she’d arrange her own. Tim had secured the room about the same time she was landing at the airport, and he was waiting in her room for her and Donald to arrive. He had plenty of vodka, juice, and condoms at the ready. His instructions were to hide in the closet until she gave him the cue. The night was still young, and there was much more to come.

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