Coach, Daddy, Sex God

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The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home.

This story was specifically written as a fan request for Chris.

* * * * *

Cindy had been a very little girl when her mother left. She couldn’t understand it when it happened, and she still couldn’t understand it years later when she was eighteen. If anything, it made even less sense now. Her “Daddy,” as she still thought of him, was a god. He was a coach at her high school, and he coached both the boys and girls basketball teams. He had coached her older brothers’ soccer teams and even hers for two years.

He was an excellent coach, by all accounts. He was also an imposing physical specimen, well over six feet tall and with tremendous muscle and balance. In his younger days, long before he had kids, he had been an accomplished athlete. Cindy had heard whispers that he could have been a professional athlete if her mother hadn’t “dragged him down.” She was very young when she heard that, and didn’t know what it meant at the time. She kept picturing her father trying to swim while her mother grabbed his feet and pulled him underwater.

Cindy had three older brothers, all of whom had been successful athletes from an early age. She had watched her father and brothers for years and envied the special bond they shared. It always felt like she was left out of it to some extent. Being the only girl in her family felt like a curse.

When she was twelve years old and had to get her first bra, she felt terrible about it. Her father had been so embarrassed to take her shopping for it, and had looked completely out of place in the young girls’ underwear section of the store. She had no idea how excited other girls were to get their first bra—for her it had been a traumatic experience rather than a rite of passage. As her burgeoning bosom expanded over the next six years, she hated to even ask him to take her shopping. He even looked embarrassed when she quietly told him she needed to buy a larger size of bra.

Her big tits felt like a curse in another way. They completely got in her way when she tried to play sports, and being that top-heavy threw off her balance. For three years she tried to get sports bras that kept them pressed flat against her chest, but by her sophomore year of high school that was no longer an option. Her tits were just too big to allow it. It had also become downright painful. She had thick, thumb-sized nipples that were very sensitive, and the soft skin of her breasts always felt crushed beneath such tight restraint. They throbbed and ached for nearly an hour every time she finally peeled off the sweat-soaked sports bra.

* * *

Because her brothers were such excellent athletes, they were recruited by major universities all over the country. By the time Cindy was in her junior year of high school, her brothers were all hundreds or thousands of miles away, spread out across the country. All three got married very young, and they were having kids of their own. They were so busy with their own young families that they almost never came home to visit.

Her father decided to sell their house, since they didn’t need all that space. That decision turned out to be very fortuitous; they managed to sell it for a lot of money just before the housing market collapsed. As a result, they shared a very nice apartment and had enough money that they could travel during the summers to visit her brothers and their families.

The only downside to those visits was that it served to emphasize for her how much her father loved her brothers more than he loved her. At least, that was how she saw it. They always laughed and joked and had more fun together than she and her Daddy did. She never complained about it, “knowing” it was just part of her “curse” of being born a woman.

Eric, her father, never saw it that way. He loved his little girl dearly, and his sons had certainly seen the way he doted on her when she was little and they still lived at home. Like so many dads, he had a tough time picturing his daughter as anything other than that precious little girl who had lit up his world when she laughed and bounced on his knee.

Now he was increasingly uncomfortable around his daughter, but only because he felt out of his depth. She had blossomed into a lovely young woman at such an early age, and he wasn’t ready for it when it happened. At least, that was what he told himself. It hadn’t been an issue when other high school girls in his classes and on his teams had the same issues, but that had been his job. He had taken it in stride and done his best not to embarrass those girls.

When it was suddenly his own daughter, he felt awkward all the time, and he struggled to handle it. He had never been awkward before in his life. When Cindy told him she was going to quit playing Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort basketball after her sophomore year, he was completely flabbergasted.

“Pumpkin, why would you do that? You’re one of the best players on the team!”

She blushed furiously and looked down at the floor. “It’s…” She gathered her strength and looked up at him, forcing her mouth to make the words. “My tits are just too big. They seriously get in the way. I turned the ball over twice in our last game because my arm caught my boob—” she swung her arm around in an arc and he saw her bicep catch on the swell of her breast. “Just like this.”

His eyes were wide for a long, silent moment. Nothing in his life had prepared him to deal with this. Finally he swallowed heavily and said, “Okay, Pumpkin. I’m sorry.”

It made him miserable because there was not a damned thing he could do. He had always been a man of action, the coach, the man with a plan. Now he felt helpless and it just killed him. He loved his little girl dearly and never wanted to see her hurt. Cindy saw the sad look on his face and once again felt like she had disappointed her father. She managed to keep it together until she retreated to her bedroom, but then she buried her face in her pillow and cried her eyes out.

After that, neither of them wanted to broach the subject again.

* * *

For most of the next year, Cindy just felt worse and worse. Her father became increasingly distant. She couldn’t even talk to him about sports anymore. He would try to hold that conversation for a minute or so, but then he would invariably find a reason to walk away and do something else. She wondered if she was just too stupid for him to talk to. It really bothered her because she thought she had a decent understanding of the sports they watched.

Her grades in school were good. It was only because she held her father in such high regard and knew he was something of a genius when it came to sports that she assumed he was out of her league.

The “problem” was her incredible tits.

Cindy had worn tight t-shirts her whole life. Those had been her uniform shirts, what she wore to school, and what she wore to play when she still competed on the playground. She wore less revealing tops by the time she reached high school, but as soon as she got home she would peel off her blouse or pullover, unhook her uncomfortable bra, and put on one of her soft, comfortable t-shirts. They made her breasts impossible for her father to ignore.

The constraining bras Cindy bought for herself dug into the soft flesh of her breasts all through the school day, often leaving angry red welts. She usually came out of her bedroom still massaging her breasts and trying to work away those stubborn creases in her skin. Her sensitive nipples always responded to that stimulation and stood out proudly from her chest for hours afterward. She was genuinely unaware of the lewd display she was putting on for her father.

Once again, Eric found himself in a situation he was not equipped to handle. He could not figure out how to broach the subject with his daughter without making it seem like he had been checking her out. He considered asking his longtime girlfriend what he should do about it, but quickly dismissed that idea. He could just picture how that would go. “Hey, Tessa, my daughter has these huge, mouth-watering boobs and she insists on wearing tight t-shirts around the house with no bra. What should I do about it?” She would call him a pervert and dump him.

He invited Tessa over to their apartment less often; worried that she would see Cindy dressed like that. It wasn’t what led to them breaking up, but it certainly didn’t help. Tessa wound up taking a promotion in a different state and moving away. Eric didn’t really try to find another girlfriend after that.

* * *

Late in her junior year of high school, Cindy finally had that “eureka!” moment that would change her life.

Most of her friends had been boys when she was younger. She was so competitive in sports that they offered her a better challenge. Plus, growing up with three older brothers had made her something of a tomboy. Only a handful of really athletic girls shared her competitive drive the way young boys did. Over time, and particularly after her breasts started growing, those boys just seemed to change. They were simply not friends anymore, and she couldn’t figure out what had happened.

She had fewer and fewer friends as high school went on. Other girls seemed to dislike her for no apparent reason. She was once accused of trying to steal some girl’s boyfriend. It came out of nowhere—she didn’t know either of them. Cindy did the best she could, and she tried to be nice to everyone, but she was becoming a loner by the time she hit the eleventh grade.

Then one day, that magical moment: She was sitting in English class, bored out of her mind, when she glanced over to find someone looking at her. His name was Harry, but he had been called Hank his entire life. They had been friends years earlier. Hank was staring at her tits. He looked terribly embarrassed to be caught looking, and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

Cindy gasped when she noticed his straining erection in his lap. She wouldn’t even have noticed if he hadn’t tried so hard to hide it. Her teacher looked at her and asked if she was okay. Her mind worked rapidly as she processed not only what Hank had done, but dozens of little things she hadn’t put together in her mind until that moment. She smiled sweetly at her teacher.

“Never better,” she replied.

* * *

Being a girl with delicate looks and big boobs had felt like a curse for so long, it was difficult to accept her newfound power from those very same qualities. It was shocking for her to discover how easy it was for her to captivate young men with a smile and a subtle shrug. Her Daddy didn’t complain when she asked him for money for a new wardrobe. She was accustomed to doing her own clothes shopping by then.

For his part, Eric was relieved when she asked him. He assumed that she was going to buy some larger t-shirts and less revealing clothes. It stunned him when he saw her dressed for school in her new outfits. The new clothes she wore to school only showcased her assets. Worse, he realized her big boobs weren’t her only mouth-watering quality. His daughter’s spectacular ass drew stares from students and teachers alike when she wore her new form-fitting outfits to school.

It took all his self-control for him not to stare at his own daughter at school, when she was wearing a bra. At home, he had no chance. Again and again, he caught himself staring at her sexy body and was disgusted with himself.

When Cindy started dating, she was around the apartment less often. That was a relief to Eric. When he was home alone he could relax and let his guard down. He didn’t know she was usually out with guys. She was eighteen, and he didn’t pry into her social life since she was now an adult. What he didn’t know was that while he was home alone relaxing, his gorgeous, busty daughter was learning the intimate ins and outs of dating.

It gave her such a thrill to turn a guy into a quivering mass of gratitude like that. It felt amazing to feel a hard cock erupting inside her, once she was on the pill. Cindy wasn’t a slut; she didn’t sleep with every guy she could and she never tried to steal another girl’s boyfriend. It was enough for her to know she could do it.

Several months after she turned eighteen, she realized her new-found “superpowers” even worked on her own Daddy. That moment was a revelation that shook her to the core.

* * *

Eric had really been struggling ever since the weather turned warm. After they got home from school each day, Cindy started stripping off her school clothes as soon as they were inside the front door. She seemed oblivious that her father could see her as she pulled her snug top over her head and unfastened her bra en route to her bedroom. Her breasts had gotten even bigger her senior year, but she hadn’t bothered to buy new t-shirts to wear around the house. It made those shirts seem even smaller and more transparent as they were stretched across her chest.

What made it worse was that since the weather had turned warm, Cindy had stopped wearing pants or shorts when they were home. She was only wearing panties, and some of those were downright tiny. Most of her t-shirts were long enough that he only saw her panties when she bent over or stretched out on the couch. Those shapely curves seemed to draw his attention all the time. His iron self-control was the only thing that kept her from noticing earlier.

When she finally caught him looking, he didn’t even know he had been caught.

Cindy was bending over in the living room to pick up a piece of paper that had been knocked off of the coffee table. She had just turned off the television, and she saw her father’s reflection in the screen. He stared at her ass for just a second, and then he sucked in a breath, turned, and walked to his bedroom. It was so quick that afterward Cindy wasn’t sure she had even seen it.

Over the course of the evening, she started subtly teasing her Daddy the way she had the boys and some of the male teachers in the school. She had to admit he was really good at keeping his glances discreet, but he was definitely looking. It was so exciting that it made her nipples noticeably harder. He certainly noticed.

It wasn’t the same as the reactions the boys in her school had—he wasn’t getting an obvious hard-on and stuttering as he asked her out on a date. Still, it turned her on something fierce to know that her perfect Daddy wasn’t immune to her charms. It was like finding out you had some sort of hold on a superhero, like Superman or Captain America.

For his part, Eric had been so intent on not getting caught looking at his daughter inappropriately that he never noticed the way she looked at him. As much as her tight t-shirts bothered him, he was oblivious to the fact that he usually wore t-shirts or tank tops that showed off his muscular chest and shoulders. It just never occurred to him that his tight shirts would have the same effect on her—that seeing his bulging chest muscles would turn her on. He had a regular workout regimen that he maintained daily, and his daughter often saw him right after he returned from the gym—still glistening with sweat and with his muscles bulging.

Now that she had become sexually active, seeing her father like that got her wet every time.

It still took three weeks after she had first caught him looking before Cindy realized that she actually wanted something to happen between them. The catalyst for that change was simple enough. She saw her father naked in the shower. Once again, Eric was unaware of the moment when it happened.

He was in the shower, washing his hair and he had his eyes closed. He didn’t hear the door open when his daughter came in. Normally she wouldn’t have, but she desperately needed to pee. She thought she could just sneak in and use the toilet, as long as she didn’t flush it afterwards, and he wouldn’t know. She was right. However, while she was sitting there trying to take a quiet piss, she realized she could see into the shower through that gap in the end of the shower curtain.

Her father’s body was the embodiment of male perfection with that hot water cascading over him. What she couldn’t quite believe was how well-endowed he was. That long, thick shaft hung down in front of him in the shower and it made her mouth water. She finished peeing quickly and got out of the bathroom without him even realizing she had been there, but the damage had been done. Cindy couldn’t get the image of her Daddy’s naked body and magnificent cock out of her mind.

* * *

At the time, Cindy was seeing two high school seniors on a casual basis. They were both athletes, and were aware she wasn’t their “girlfriend.” They appreciated the time she spent with them, and loved how horny she became after she had seen her father in the shower. They didn’t know that was what had happened, of course. Nor did they understand how badly they suffered by comparison. Her father was bigger and more impressive in every regard.

Cindy loved taking their hard cocks in her mouth or in her pussy, but what was increasingly getting her off was the thought of taking her father’s impressive member. She started thinking of it as her “daddy-cock” and it fueled her desire more and more.

Eric thought it was a bit odd that she started calling him “daddy.” She had done it when she was younger, but suddenly she was using it all the time. The fact that she also spoke to him in a slightly higher-pitched voice barely registered at first. He was so accustomed to trying hard not to pay too close attention to his voluptuous daughter that it took him a while to figure out it was happening. By then, it was how she addressed him all the time.

It was also subtle when she started touching him and brushing against him more often. He noticed immediately the first time she came up behind him in the kitchen and hugged him tightly. The way her breasts mashed against him was unmistakable. He was pleased to see her smiling face, and he tried to ignore the way his dick stiffened in his shorts whenever she did that.

Cindy was delighted to see it. She understood, though, that her father refused to admit she was turning him on. That only made it more enticing for her. Daddy was the ultimate forbidden fruit, and she was determined to have a taste.

That taste started with kisses.

Eric had a tough time putting his finger on the moment it started, but Cindy started giving him kisses on the lips more and more often. It made him happy to see her happy, and her beautiful smile was a joy to behold. He certainly didn’t mind hugging her, and he tried to ignore how nice it felt when her breasts mashed against him. When she smiled and said, “I love you, Daddy,” it felt perfectly natural to share a quick smooch.

Those brief pecks on the lips gradually became soft, lingering kisses. When Cindy first slid onto his lap facing him and gave him a kiss, it was brief and he loved the way she smiled down at him before she got up and went to bed. He welcomed it when she did it again the next night, and sighed happily when he watched her walk away. He only felt dirty when he realized he was staring at her sexy little bottom.

Those nightly kisses got longer and longer, and Eric felt guilty when he felt his dick hardening beneath his daughter’s hot, panty-clad crotch. It shocked him when she slid her tongue into his mouth. He pulled his head back and finally managed to say something.

“Pumpkin, that’s not appropriate,” he chided her softly.

“Oh,” she replied, blinking her huge eyes at him. “Okay, Daddy.”

There were a handful of times when he felt her tongue brush his lips after that, but he kept his lips tightly together and broke off the kiss with a quick peck each time. She managed to contain her frustration and smiled at him lovingly instead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32