Construction Worker Boyfriend

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I slammed the door behind me and kicked off my heels. I was drenched with sweat thanks to this insane heatwave, and was feeling gross and frustrated. Thankful that the work week had come to an end, my hands flew furiously over the buttons on my blouse.

“Kara, can you do this? Kara, has lunch arrived? Kara, where are those files?” All week as the heat ratcheted up, the suits in the office just got more demanding and angry, taking it out on the tiny little girl. Grrrr.

Tossing my blouse aside, I reached behind me to unclasp, before wriggling out of my bra. My C-cups fell free and I immediately felt better. The zipper on my pencil skirt was next and it met with the rest of my clothes. I walked into the bedroom in my panties. Damp with sweat, I peeled them from my skin and flopped down on the bed to air out before checking my phone. Should I shower? There was a text

— home soon —

Chris was my boyfriend, we’d been together for a couple months before getting a shitty little apartment together downtown. I mean, it was nice, clean and affordable- but the old wooden windows only opened halfway, and there was no air conditioning. Turning onto my side, I reached out with my toe and turned on the fan. The relief hit my body in waves, creating goose bumps on my perky bare bottom. I heard the keys in the door jangle, followed by a thud, as Chris dropped his work bag by the door. I hated it when he did that, even moreso after a day of putting up with a bunch of alpha males at work. I rolled over onto my back, propping myself up on my elbows and wearing a scowl.

Chris stepped into the room with his heavy boots and an inquisitive “Babe?” He wore an old red baseball cap, orange reflective vest and cargo pants, his face unshaven. His white t-shirt clung to his chest, soaked with sweat, his exposed skin showing an even red burn. He was covered in dirt and grime, carrying a musky funk into the bedroom. I eyed him angrily, secretly enjoying the look of this 22 year old, trying to look like an older, more grizzled man.

His eyes were wide, and unsure as he held eye contact with me – trying not to notice how crudely I was bonus veren siteler splayed out on the bed, completely naked, legs spread open, confronting him with my bare pussy. I let him hang there for a moment before I crawled up to the end of the bed and got in his face.

“I’ve had a shitty day, and you’re going to make it better, got it?” I reached for his belt, starting to undo the buckle. “And I don’t want to hear a fucking word about it,”

“Babe, lemme shower first, I’m nasty,”

I tore the button off his pants and let them fall to the floor. He stood still, half in construction worker gear, half in tight white briefs, bulging obscenely, waiting for me to fold. I pushed him backwards, crawling off the bed onto the floor, pulling his briefs down to his knees, and pulling his skinny 8″ into the artificial breeze. I took him in my mouth, and nursed him to erection, taking him deeper as he grew. I clutched at his balls, making him jump, and began to really deepthroat him. In response, Chris’ rough hands landed atop my head, slowing my pace. I grabbed his furry ass cheeks, running my nails over his fatty globes. I took him to the edge, before pulling his cock out of my mouth and scrambling to my feet.

I kissed him with the taste of precum on my lips, mashing our tongues together, trying to force a spark out of him. My hands went under and pushed his construction vest off, before moving to the bottom of his wet t-shit. The fabric clung to his sweaty torso, and by the time I got it up to his chest, Chris took hold of the sides to slide it over his head. I growled as the blonde hair on his chest, and under his arms came into view. He stank like a working man, and it made my pussy quiver. I put my mouth to his nipple and tasted the salty, bitterness of sweat, mixed with dust. I bit down on his tit, and he growled back at me – bending over to remove his briefs entirely. As he stood up, I could read the cruelty that had grown in his eyes just before he pushed me back onto the bed. I glared back and spread my legs for him, almost in a taunting fashion. He responded by ambling onto the bed, and planting bahis a big dirty hand on my chest. With his bottom half, he angled himself between my knees and used his other hand to guide his cock into my damp opening.

There was no nuance or foreplay, Chris just jammed his dick into my pussy, stopping only once his pelvis met resistance. I yelped, and continued to glower at him. His rough fingers moved up across my breasts and encircled my neck. I felt the pressure as I drew breath, and his hips began their quickening assault. My eyes were locked onto his, daring him to try and break me, his body heaved with ragged breath. Letting go of my neck, Chris’ hands grabbed my hips and I felt my body lift. His cock pounded away, randomly hitting my g-spot and making me whine like a teakettle. I fell into a trance as I watched the young doe eyed boy from earlier transform into an angry, insatiable beast. His shoulders looked broader, his muscles – in motion – rippled, and the hair on his chest swept downwards to the sweaty tangle of pubes where his engorged cock made a wet, bruised mess of my cunt.

I panted with open mouth in time with his thrusts, and let him have his way with my tiny body. His face screwed up and he closed his eyes. I could feel him pulsate inside of me just before he pulled out and scrambled up my chest to shove his dick into my face. His hand was a blur, and I closed my eyes just as the first blast shot across my face. He covered my face in his jizz, and I felt the warmth as it trickled over my cheek, past my ear and onto the pillow below. He slapped the puddles with his piece, before forcing it past my lips. I sucked greedily and cleaned him off, while trying to wipe my eyes. The bed shifted, and Chris’ weight came off my body. I heard the shower start as I lay there a mess. I tasted the cum in my mouth, and blindly felt around for a dry part of the bedsheet to clean my face with.

Laying back down on the damp bed, I blinkingly opened my eyes. My pussy felt raw, and empty – my body flushed and energized. Yet still…

I moved slowly to the bathroom, watching Chris’ blurred body behind the deneme bonusu steamed glass of the shower. I opened the cabinet, and rummaged around until I found the bottle of lube. I squirted a copious amount into my fingers, and massaged it into my asshole. Taking the bottle with me, I walked into the shower where Chris was rinsing shampoo out of his hair. The white froth fell from the back of his head, streaming down his back muscles. I sidled up from behind, breasts mashing against him, and I ran my fingers down his spine, until I parted his cheeks. Finding his puckered hole, I slid in, defly finding his prostate. He buckled at the waist as I toyed with him, and I could see his arm moving. I removed my fingers and rinsed them in the water as Chris straightened and turned, his cock was stiff again, the knob red and angry. He looked down at me and took the bottle of lube from my hand as I turned against the wall, sticking my ass out.

Chris’ body blocked the water, so when I felt the wet dribble pouring between my ass cheeks, it was clear he had taken the hint. He prodded against my anus with the spongy head of his cock, spreading it at first before slowly pulling it open and shoving his length inside. He slowly pulled out, pouring more lube on his cock before plunging inside once again. The lube was capped and tossed out onto the floor. Hands grasped my hips as the motion gained balance. I fingered my clit as he fucked my ass. Spray from the shower went everywhere as our flesh slapped together angrily. Pressing my face into the cold tile, my fingers flew wildly over my pussy and I bellowed incoherently. I was full with Chris’ cock when I came, propped up against the wall and going jello legged.

Chris pulled out and let me ease myself down to the shower floor. He turned and soaped his cock clean while I recovered. When I was able to stand again, he moved aside to give me the spray, soaping my back and my sore ass . I turned to rinse off, and looked up at him. He had a pleasant smirk on his face, which I returned before softly kissing him. I turned the tap off, and we stepped out of the shower- Chris taking a fresh towel from the shelf and delicately drying me off, before doing himself. I quickly changed the sheets before he met me in the bedroom, looking at each other from across a shared pillow.

“Feeling better now?” He asked me with those soft eyes.

I nodded. “All Better,”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32