Dirk’s Domination Ch. 03

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During the weeks to follow, I spent a lot of time thinking about Dirk. It was clear to me that he didn’t really like me much. But that didn’t keep him from using me. I continued to straighten his apartment and keep his clothes clean. I was hoping that being around him while I cleaned would result in Dirk being a little nicer to me. As far as Dirk was concerned, that would never happen.

Dirk continued to verbally abuse me and continued to tease me with his amazing body. One evening, when I was coming in from work, Dirk heard me in the hall. “Woman, get on in here and help me,” he ordered.

Dirk had begun calling me “woman” right after I moved into the apartment upstairs. He knew it really pissed me off to be called that. It was degrading. That is why he did it! He knew it bothered me. I guess it made him feel superior to me. I think we both knew he was superior to me.

I entered his apartment just as he peeled his tight pants off his muscular legs. I stood there in awe. Dirk didn’t have any underwear on. He was completely naked. I didn’t want to spoil what was happening, so I just stood there staring in silence. Dirk’s ample cock was absolutely fat, long and soft. His flaccid dick was still thicker than my cock when it was a full-fledged boner. His balls were about the size of small chicken eggs. They were hanging low and loose in his hairless sack. I started to get hard. I moved my hands in front of my crotch and hoped he wouldn’t notice. Dirk acted as if he was used to having someone watch him undress. He wasn’t turned on at all. It was like he was in the locker room at the local gym. Having me around, had no impact on him sexually. He was totally straight. But he didn’t mind dominating me and teasing me for his pleasure.

Dirk said, “Get one of my jock straps out of my drawer and put it on me.”

Fuck yeah! I wasn’t expecting that! Fuck yeah I’ll put your jock on you, I thought. I knew where his jocks were from doing his laundry and putting his clothes away. He kept his jocks in his top right hand dresser drawer. He had 12 jocks in varying degrees of wear. I knew there were twelve, because I had counted them. I also smelled them and licked them before I placed them back safely in his drawer. My favorites were the ones that were stretched out from holding his beautiful package. The jocks that had lost some of their elasticity, from being overfilled with his man meat.

I got one of my favorite worn out jocks from the drawer and fell on my knees in front of Dirk. He was standing there, all 6′ 3″ glaring down at me. His dark features seemed to be sadistic. It was a warning, I’m sure. My face was merely inches from his crotch. I was super close to the meat I craved. I took in a deep breath so I could smell the natural man musk that had developed from his crotch being captive in his pants all day. I wanted so badly, to lean forward, and bury my nose in his magnificent basket.

Dirk lifted his right foot and I spread the leg strap so he could step into it. Then we did the same with his left foot. I leaned forward and grabbed the waist band of the jock. Now my face was only a quarter of an inch away from Dirk’s muscle meat. My lips opened and my tongue began to snake out for a quick taste of Dirk’s cock. Dirk must have known what I was thinking, because he reached down and pushed my face away from his crotch. I was so close. If only, I had moved my tongue a little faster. Damn he was so frustrating! I looked up and he had a cruel smirk on this face. One that said, you will service me not enjoy me. I carefully finished pulling up his jock strap up around his waist. I pulled the pouch so it covered his beautifully thick cock and straightened the leg straps so they lay flat against his muscled ass.

I sat back and looked at how masculine Dirk looked. His meat was barely contained in the loose cloth of the jock. He looked so sexy. There was a gap between his body and the cloth of the pouch, where his cock threatened to spill out. I wanted to lean over and run my tongue around his jock. I wanted to taste the sweet sweat that had accumulated during the day. My cock was now hard as a rock. I needed some relief. Then Dirk said, “Okay, that’s all I needed you for. You head upstairs. I want to get going on my arm workout.”

I had been dismissed. I walked up the stairs painfully aware of the hard on rubbing between my leg and my pants. With every step I climbed my dick got harder. Finally, when I got to the 6th step, my cock erupted. It hurt like hell, it felt wonderfully painful. By the time I reached the top step, I was done climaxing. The leg of my pants showed a growing cum stain. Dirk had that effect on me. He could make me cum without me touching myself. That fucker was hot! I had plenty of ammunition for several jerk-off sessions from that degrading jock strap experience. Fuck, I hated him.

The rest of the week I watched Dirk walk around naked in his apartment. I would follow him from room to room, peering through the cracks in the floorboards of my apartment. I never saw pornhub Dirk masturbate. Hell, I did it all the time. But, Dirk, didn’t want to waste spraying his sperm into the toilet, or into a towel. He wanted every drop of his potent cum to be swallowed or shot into a beautiful pussy. His sperm was too good to end up in a toilet! Dirk’s sperm was for human consumption.

Dirk went hunting for his sexual pray once a month. He had a monthly ritual that he followed. During that month, Dirk became very horny, and accumulated huge amounts of cum in his large testicles. When he came, he came like a bull!

Once I saw him overflow a condom with his sperm. The reservoir tip of the condom expanded like a balloon with his man spunk. It looked as though the condom was totally white in color rather than clear because the entire shaft was covered in thick white sperm trapped between the latex and his hard cock. All along the base of the condom, sperm spilled out, flowing over his ball sack and dripping off his nuts. He was a stud, no doubt about it. If he didn’t wear a condom, the slut would end up pregnant for sure. He had plenty to of cum to give. He had the huge nuts to supply the sperm.

Dirk would not use a condom if the girl he brought home was on the pill, or, had some other form of birth control. He said a condom interfered with his pleasure. I think he just wanted to shoot his sperm into a waiting pussy or a sucking mouth. He wanted to share all that he had saved up that month. He liked to hear the comments about how much cum he would shoot, or how they would choke trying to swallow it all, or the way his cum would run out of her pussy after he shot a big load.

One night when Dirk had some redhead that he was fucking, he pulled his rubber covered dick out of her pussy. His condom was full of sperm. He pulled it off his cock and I could see that his condom was about 1/3 full of cum. Dirk tossed it into the trash and then he and Red went into the bedroom. I went downstairs and retrieved his used rubber. I couldn’t believe it was so full of cum. I opened the condom and took a big breath of latex and cum. The smell was stronger than I was expecting. It smelt like man cum. Better yet, it smelled like Dirk cum!

I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and turned the rubber upside down and let his cum slide down the latex unto my tongue. I knew it was wrong, I knew I was a pervert. That it was nasty. I knew I was a sick bastard dreaming about Dirk fucking me, but I gobbled down his sperm anyway. Next, I cleaned out the inside of the condom by turning it inside out and dropping it into my mouth slowly pulling it out between my lips squeezing every drop of his muscle babies from the rubber. I can’t tell you how much it turned me on.

My cock was pointing straight out. Then, I tried to put Dirk’s condom on my own hard dick. I only got it half way on my cock, before, I shot my load. It was like I was shooting all the energy from my body through my dick. I felt like I was going to pass out. Having Dirk’s cum in my mouth, his used rubber on my dick was more than I could take. I was gasping for air and I held onto the sink. Finally when my climax subsided, I sat down on the toilet. Fuck, I really was a pervert. Taking Dirk’s rubber from his waste basket, then, licking the cum out of it, was a sick and desperate act. But, it was so Mother Fucking Hot!

If having Dirk’s cum after the fact got me so worked up, I could imagine the feeling of getting a hot live load directly from his huge masculine cock.

Saturday night came and Dirk asked me one more time to help him dress for his night out. He was going to a country western bar. I chose a pair of worn jeans and a blue tee-shirt with extra short sleeves that would show off his massive biceps. The dark blue color would show off his beautiful smile and accent his eyes. I found a pair of snake skin cowboy boots and a black Stetson hat to complete the look. He looked hot. I would have eaten him!

Dirk asked me to stay there in his apartment for him to return. He wanted to include me in on his conquest tonight. Hell yes! I would stay. “Just sit there in that chair in the corner. Don’t be wondering around my apartment touching my stuff,” he said.

I waited nervously not moving from the chair when Dirk’s truck pulled into the driveway. I sat up straight, anticipating what my role would be tonight. Dirk busts through the door, swearing up a storm. “Holy Fuck, that stupid Bitch! She couldn’t even follow simple instructions and follow me home!” Dirk ranted. “Mother Fucking Cunt! A whole night wasted! Now what am I going to do?” Dirk roared.

I shrank back into the corner of the room, not wanting to encounter Dirk’s wrath. It was evident to me that he had a lot to drink. He was plenty mad! Then Dirk saw me and bellowed, “What the fuck are you doing here? You better not have been going through my underwear drawer.”

“I’m sorry Dirk, you asked me to wait for you here,” I said submissively.

“Never mind you faggot. You porno 92 dumb shit! Get me a beer. Do it quick!” Dirk ordered.

I ran to the kitchen and returned with the beer. He grabbed it out of my hand and drained the bottle down his throat. “Get me another one, faggot,” Dirk said loudly.

I did what I was told. Dirk drank that one down quickly as well. By now Dirk had started to calm down a little. He grabbed himself another beer and sat on the couch. He said, “That fucking woman was all over me tonight. She followed me out of the bar parking lot. But the next time I looked, she was gone. That dumb bitch,” he said angrily.

I didn’t say a word. I just let him rant. He seemed really pissed, pretty drunk and potentially violent. I don’t think that tonight was a good time for me to be here. I weighed the risk with the benefits. Dirk did have all that sperm built up. A whole month’s worth of cum in his swollen balls. He just might take his drunken anger out on me if I stay. I decided to stay and take the risk. After all I couldn’t let all that sperm go to waste! Fuck yeah, I’ll risk it!

“Dirk, I’m sorry that bitch got lost. I know you are upset, is there anything I can do? Anything I can do at all?” I said with as much concern as I could muster.

“Yeah woman, get me another beer,” he said.

I brought Dirk another beer. He was quite drunk by now. I was handing him his beer when he grabbed my arm and pulled me down on the couch next to him. “Hey, you’re a fag,” he said. You want to eat my cum right?”

Fuck yes, I’ll eat your cum. I’ll suck your dick, I do whatever you want you fucking stud! That’s what I thought, but what I said is, “I’ll help you get off, but you have to be nice to me. Treat me with respect. You’re a lot bigger than I am, a lot stronger than I am. I don’t want to get hurt. If you agree to be careful, and gentle with me, then I’ll be glad to help make you forget that stupid bitch from the bar.”

Dirk grinned devilishly, and said, “Of course I’ll be gentle with you woman. You have nothing to fear.”

Oh fuck I thought. He’s going to treat me like he always does. I’m going to be one of his whores.

Dirk said, “Come over here woman and take off my boots.”

I stood up, ready to head upstairs, but Dirk grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me down on the couch. “Don’t try to get away woman,” he says. Just do what I say and you won’t get hurt. Now take off my boots!”

There was the Dirk I knew. Threatening me by saying, “Do what I say and you won’t get hurt.” I had no control. Dirk was calling the shots.

I knelt in front of Dirk and pulled each of his boots off. “Now my socks,” he says.

I pull off his socks and I look at his big feet. I lifted one foot into my hands and begin to massage his foot. I have wanted to touch his feet for a long time. “Put my foot up against your face,” Dirk says.

I pull his foot up to my face and begin rubbing my cheek against the bottom his beautiful foot. Slowly, I begin kissing the bottom of his foot. Dirk has this evil look on his face. He says, “Now woman, use your tongue.”

I begin sliding my tongue over the bottom of his feet. The taste and smell are wonderfully masculine. I decide to slide my tongue between his toes. Dirk moans, “That’s it faggot. Use your tongue.”

I lick between every toe and then slide the little toe into my mouth. I gently suck. Dirk’s eyes start to smolder. I can tell he likes this. I slowly lick and suck on his toes and then slip the four smallest toes into my mouth. Licking and sucking them like they were made just for my mouth. Then I slide the whole big toe in my mouth and suck on it like it was the cock I craved. Dirk moans loudly. I drop that foot and pick up the other and I’m treated to the second muscular foot. I felt like I was dreaming. I had wanted this for so long.

Dirk told me to undress and sit on the floor. He then retrieved a cardboard box from the closet. Dirk took off his clothes and sat on the floor with his back against the couch. “Sit in front of me between my legs. Lean your back up against me,” he said.

With no hesitation I did as he said. Dirk took his right arm and reached across my chest catching hold of my left arm. He squeezed me back against him tight. Dirk said, “This exercise is going to be about trust. Can you handle that?”

I have to admit; I was being hugged by Dirk and pulled into his torso with his face next to mine. “Sure, I can trust you,” I said.

What I was thinking is Hell no I don’t trust you. But, I like where this is going so far. Dirk reaches into the box and pulls out an eighteen inch long double headed dildo. What the Fuck! The dildo was a pliable sponge rubber. It held its dildo shape, but could be squeezed into the tightest areas. This was a complete surprise to me. I had never seen Dirk play with any sex toys, but, I was interested in what he was going to do with it. Dirk said, “Lean your head back on my shoulder and open your mouth. Try to relax.”

I opened qiqitv porno my mouth and Dirk put both of his legs over my legs trapping me tighter in his grip. I couldn’t move much at all. Dirk took one end of the dildo and placed it in my mouth. The head pretty much filled my mouth. “Now remember, this is about trust,” he said.

Alright, trust I get it. Then Dirk forces the dildo farther into my mouth so I start to gag. Dirk whispers into my ear, “Come on, relax, you need to trust me. I’ll take care of you.”

Okay, I’ll try again. The dildo reaches the back of my throat and I am determined not to gag. I feel the pressure on my throat, but I relax as much as possible. “That’s it, you’re doing good, you have nothing to worry about.”

Okay, so far so good. I feel a little more pressure and the back of my throat and the head pops into my throat. I struggle a little but Dirk continues to hold me tightly in place. Dirk pulls out the dildo and gives me more words of encouragement. He continues to whisper softly into my ear. “You’re doing a nice job. Let’s try a little more.”

Dirk slides the dildo into my throat and then pushes in a couple more inches. My throat is completely blocked and I can’t get any air. “That’s the way baby. You want to be my woman don’t you?” he said.

I did feel completely safe. And right now, I did want to be his woman. I had this magnificent man holding me tight. My back was leaning against his muscular pecs. His huge biceps were holding me tight. He was whispering so intimately into my ear that I knew he would take care of me. With that he pushed the dildo down deeper into my throat. I no longer could breathe, but I wanted to show Dirk, that I trusted him. Dirk slowly removed the dildo from my mouth. “That was very nice,” he said. Your trust turns me on. My dick is starting to get hard.”

Sure enough, I could feel his dick starting to thicken against my back. I couldn’t believe that I was turning him on. Dirk said, “Open wide.” He began slowly feeding the dildo down my throat. It inched further and further down my throat and I could feel his dick harden against my back while my own dick was sticking straight out in front of me.

Dirk once more pulls the dildo out of my throat. I begin to miss the feeling of fullness in my throat and I miss the pleasure I was bringing Dirk. As the dildo slipped down my gullet, it filled my throat so I couldn’t breathe. The more that I trusted Dirk, the less frightened I was. When Dirk pulled the foam cock out of my throat, it was as if I was losing a part of Dirk that he was sharing with me. My throat wanted that cock back. I started to like my trusting this handsome controlling body builder. I really felt safe with his arms around me. I was ready for him to slide the fake cock down my throat again.

Dirk whispered into my ear, “You want to sit on my dick? Have my cock inside of you?”

I began to shake. I had been dreaming of this for months. To have Dirk’s muscle dick in my ass was what I was living for. I had fantasized about this since the first day I rented my apartment from him. Dirk loosened his grip on me and reached into the box. He pulled out some lube and some poppers. “You’re going to need some help getting my thick cock up your ass. You take a hit of poppers and I’ll lube up my cock.”

I took a hit of poppers. I lifted my body off the floor and Dirk slid his thick dick in line with my ass. I slowly sat down on Dirks huge dick. Fuck! It was stretching my ass wide and deep. The feeling was incredible. I never thought I would have this studs cock in my ass. Dirk grabbed me tight again and pulled back onto his lap. His cock was pushed into my ass as far as it could reach. The poppers were taking over. I said, “Dirk, I want to be your woman. I need your sperm so bad. I’ll do anything you want.”

Dirk answered by placing the dildo back into my mouth. Pushing it slowly down my throat more and more until only a couple inches was sticking out of my mouth. I could feel it deep in my gut. I couldn’t breathe and I was starting to get dizzy. Dirk growls softly into my ear, “We’re almost there. Hold on for me. Trust me. I’m getting close to shooting my load.”

I nodded my head yes and Dirk begins pushing the rest of the dildo down my throat. I feel his hand inside of my mouth and then I feel his fingers pushing the final bit of the 18 inches in my throat. My throat instantly closes over the end of the dildo. The whole thing is in my throat. My throat is shut. I begin to worry, how we will get the dildo out. Dirk starts to push up into my ass with his thick dick. He grabs me tighter so I can’t get away. “Fuck, you turn me on so much! Taking that dildo down your throat. Trusting me totally,” Dirk said.

He arches his back pushing his big cock deeper into my ass. “Once I start to cum, you can shoot too,” he gasped.

Dirk’s cock begins to throb and shoots his first rope of cum into my gut. I feel the warmth and the volume of his sperm and my dick begins to spray my load unto the floor. The shear excitement of shooting my load makes me squeeze my ass as I spurt out my cum. Dirk feels his cock getting squeezed by my ass and shoots out another thick rope of cum. Then another, and another, until my ass is full of Dirk’s cum. I felt every spurt of Dirk’s sperm hit my insides.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32