Dream Lover Pt. 23

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Note: while I hope you’ll enjoy this story without reading all of the previous parts, I also hope it is good enough to inspire you to want to read at least some of the previous parts.

Chapter Twenty-nine

When the pandemic first hit the U.S. in early 2020, I doubt any of us expected things to happen the way they did. After all, the world had experienced SARS, H1N1 and Avian Flu pandemics but they’d hardly affected most us at all. Next thing you know, we’re all in lockdown, working from home and not even able to see family and friends, much less go out for a meal or a drink. Of course, with the abilities I’d developed, I was free to leave home whenever I wanted and, initially, I was just checking out locations that were usually quite busy and experiencing them with almost no one around. Seeing places like Times Square and Disneyland devoid of human activity was pretty eerie and it wasn’t long before I switched to visiting and observing other people in lockdown, working from home while also taking care of their kids or just binge-watching TV shows, to see how things were going.

Since I was still able to work full-time from home, I wasn’t spending my days binge-watching any TV series so these visits became my bingeing. Seeing families trying to work, clean and make sure their kids were attending virtual school and doing their schoolwork definitely had its share of drama with some comedy thrown in. Couples without children in the picture were at least initially more of an adult-oriented drama with a lot of sex but also two people trying to get their work done in close proximity to their partner and learning a lot about each other. Was it entertaining? Absolutely. Was it humorous? Sometimes. Did I help out if it was possible? Of course. It also broke up the monotony of my day by taking breaks and visiting various other households.

It also became clear pretty quickly just how exhausting all of this was for most people. The window to catch someone for a “dream” visit was smaller because so many women with families were just dropping right off to sleep as soon as they were in bed. I had to shift my focus to single women or women who lived alone but even that wasn’t completely foolproof. There were still plenty of opportunities, of course, especially among those women who had no other outlets for sexual release aside from their own fingers or toys. There were a lot of people adapting to a lot of things with the pandemic so I had no complaints about having to adapt my routines in order to continue having dream sex.

I found that social media was helpful with planning my activities and dream visits since, with everyone stuck at home, there was a lot more information being shared and a lot more interaction. This led to a completely unexpected and admittedly unconventional series of dream visits that I have no doubt were as satisfying and pleasurable for the dreamer as they were for me. In this unique situation, the dreamer just happened to be my cousin, Corinne.

It started innocently enough with a comment from her about how, when she was very young, she was frightened by a KISS poster my older brother had hanging up in his bedroom and that she and her sisters saw on a visit to our house. My brother’s room was right next to the upstairs bathroom so it was no surprise that she’d seen the poster. My bedroom, shared with our younger brother, was on the top floor of the house, one more set of stairs up from where the bathroom and the KISS poster were. As I was thinking about it, I couldn’t recall if she and her sisters had ever ventured all the way up to that bedroom during any of their visits. Corinne was younger than me but older than my younger brother and her sisters were both younger than him so it wouldn’t have been unlikely that they’d all have been up there at one point or another, playing or whatever.

When I asked her about it, Corinne couldn’t recall either if they had been up to that bedroom. I did a little digging but the only photo that I could find was one my mom had taken from the top of the stairs when she’d been trying to finish up a roll of film (remember those days?). At that point, the room had been just mine after our older brother had moved out and our younger brother had taken his old room. I was probably around 21-years-old and, unfortunately, I was in the middle of the photo, lying on my bed shirtless, after having just arrived home from my summer construction job. I guess I should have been glad she didn’t catch me stripping down to take a shower but it was probably only by a matter of a few minutes.

In any case, since I did still have a pair of shorts on, and I was in good shape from working so hard that summer, I was okay with Corinne seeing the photo. Of course I didn’t share it publicly and apologized for the young, sweaty guy in the photo that was meant just to show her what the room looked like and maybe jog her memory. Her response was the first thing that triggered me to start thinking about her differently. She replied that I was cruel to send that photo given that she can’t see her boyfriend, Kıbrıs Escort the implication being that it got her worked up and she wanted to take out her sexual frustration on him. I was thinking maybe I was reading too much into it so I responded that at least it was her cousin and not someone to get too worked up over. Her reply to that was brief and suggested maybe she was rethinking having said what she’d said so I let it drop.

I didn’t stop thinking about it, of course. I wasn’t sure that I could confirm or refute whether the picture of me was getting her fired up but, if she was fired up and couldn’t see her boyfriend, how she was dealing with that could be something I’d be interested in witnessing. We were both adults and our relationship had matured over the years but somewhere in the back of my mind she must still have been my annoying younger cousin because I’d never considered that she was actually an attractive woman. Like most of our family, she had blond hair and blue eyes and, as it turned out, she also had big boobs, which I realized when I decided to pay her a visit.

It was the middle of the day the first time I popped in so I found her and her pre-teen daughter at their dining room table office, both hard at work on their laptops. Her older daughter, who was a college student forced to finish out the semester at home, presumably required less supervision to get her work done and, during my initial recon, I found her at work in her bedroom. I got to thinking that, not only did Corinne not have access to her boyfriend for sexual release, she also had limited freedom to take care of it herself with both of her kids at home. I hung out for a little while, long enough to realize that Corinne’s boobs were pretty substantial, before deciding to come back later in the evening to determine whether she was a pre-bedtime reader or tablet junkie.

Since I was stuck at home, too, it was no big deal to pop in and out of her house randomly throughout the evening until she headed to her bedroom and closed the door behind her. I watched with rabid interest as she undressed, releasing her big boobs from the confinement of her bra (which I assume she was wearing only because of the Zoom meetings she’d been on earlier) and revealing her large, light pink areolas and hard nipples. I was mesmerized by the bouncing and swinging as she moved around the room topless before taking her pants and panties down together, revealing her well-groomed and very blond bush. I was hard as a rock seeing her undressing and naked but I knew it was too soon to try anything with her so I figured someone else would be getting a visit later that night to relieve my own sexual tension. I soon found out that it was just going to continue to build as Corinne released hers.

She pulled a nightshirt on, cracked the door just slightly then slipped into bed and woke up her tablet. She exchanged some messages with her boyfriend, looked through her photos of him then surprisingly opened up the shirtless photo of me from back in the day. She gazed at it for a while, zooming in a bit, then looked through some of my other photos on social media before going back to it again. When she slipped a hand under the covers, I took a peek under there and confirmed that her fingers were alternately caressing her clit and fingering her pussy. As worked up as this was getting me, it was also making me think that the probability of a dream visit working with her was pretty high.

Naturally, I stayed and alternately peeked beneath her covers and up at the expression of lust and relief on her face until she had a very silent but obviously very satisfying orgasm. Returning to my body soon after, I had to think hard about how to make this work, as well as how to stay in her head so that a dream would make sense. I decided to continue to visit her and assess how horny she was as well as whether her interest in my photo that night indicated anything. Based on that, I’d determine if a sex dream was more likely to be a welcome outlet or would end up making her feel guilty or creeped out. Having seen her naked, I also wanted to figure out whether that happened on a regular enough schedule that I could take a peek whenever I was feeling the urge. With thinking about all of that not lessening my own horniness, I figured out a plan to get my own rocks off that night and put Corinne out of my mind for the moment.

The next morning as I was beginning to wake up, it occurred to me that, because she was two hours ahead of me where she lived, I may have missed her getting showered that morning. I got myself into the right state of mind then popped into her house again. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was still wearing a robe and drinking coffee as she got her pre-teen started on her schooling for the day. Naturally, I hung around and waited until she said she was going to shower and get ready because she had a Zoom meeting later that morning. She went to her bedroom and closed the door behind her then went into the master bathroom. She slipped out Lefkoşa Escort of her robe, revealing the same nightshirt from the previous evening, hung her robe on the back of the door then pulled her nightshirt up over her head as I gazed upon her naked body again. She hung up the nightshirt, too, then got in the shower and turned on the water.

Seeing her undressing and seeing her naked were both highly arousing. Seeing her lathering up her big boobs, as well as the rest of her body, was even more arousing. What I completely was not expecting to see was when, after spending additional time lathering and caressing and massaging her tits, she reached down and began to give her pussy another working over. I was right in there with her, watching as she massaged her clit with one hand and fingered her pussy with the other. It was pretty quick, which I’m sure she was practiced at out of necessity, but her quiet orgasm appeared to be so intensely pleasurable that her legs nearly gave out. She hurried through the rest of her shower but I remained, watching her dry off then get dressed. Once it was clear that would be all the nudity and masturbation I’d be seeing for the moment, I returned to my bed and started my own day.

Over the next several days, I was making recon at her house a priority, in part just because I liked seeing her naked and in part to see how much she was masturbating as a measure of just how fired up she was. Online, I continued to engage with her regularly, just checking in with her without flirting or being suggestive. I was pleasantly surprised to see how frequently she was bringing up my shirtless photo before masturbating and was quite aware how good this was for making a dream work. At the same time, I knew that she and her boyfriend were getting into some really suggestive conversations and sharing the occasional photos, but even that was difficult to pull off with her girls in the house and she kept letting him know that. It was seeming more and more that a dream visit would allow her some freedom that she didn’t currently have.

Once I finally decided that the time was right for a dream visit, I figured that my attic bedroom where the shirtless photo had been taken would be the appropriate location. I’d seen her nighttime ritual enough times by then that, when the time came, it was a smooth transition from her dozing off to us standing at the top of the bedroom stairs where the photo had been taken. I immediately crossed over toward my bed, wearing only the same cut-off denim shorts that I wore to work back then, as she tried to figure out exactly what was happening. I’d thought long and hard about what to have her wearing for the context of the dream since we were both younger and I had us appearing as such. Even though I was in my early twenties, which put her at eighteen or nineteen, I went with something that she probably wouldn’t have actually worn at that age, except maybe to church. My thinking was that, if she was visiting our house, it was likely Easter or another holiday, so I had her wearing a nice conservative Easter-type dress.

I lay on the bed, which was bigger in the dream than what I’d actually slept in back then, and beckoned for her to join me. I’m sure with all the times I’d seen her looking at that photo that she must have thought about what she’d do if she was there so it didn’t take much to get her moving across the floor. She sat on the edge of the bed beside me so I took her hand and placed it on my bare chest, which may have been just slightly more buff that it had actually been in the photo. She caressed my chest and smiled so, as I felt my cock beginning to stiffen, I wondered if her pussy was getting wet. When she leaned down and kissed me, her hand remained on my chest but, as we progressed to making out, her hand slipped down and began to caress my stiff cock through my shorts.

As our making out became more passionate, she got my shorts open and slipped her hand inside, extracting my stiff cock and gently pumping it. I was leaving everything to her since it was her dream so I hadn’t placed a hand on her yet but I fully intended to take everything nice and slow once I started pleasuring her so she could savor it, unlike what she’d been experiencing recently. If she wanted to rush through anything that she was in control of, that would be fine with me, but I kind of doubted that she’d be in any kind of rush at all. That being said, I think eagerness was another thing entirely and, when she started kissing her way down my chest and over my abs, I suspected that she was just eager to get my stiff cock in her mouth. She licked it briefly then decided to remove my shorts completely before positioning herself between my spread legs. I propped my head up on my pillows so I could watch as she gripped the base of my cock then wrapped her lips around it.

As she slid her lips down, we both moaned though I’m confident that I was feeling more pleasure than she was. While I was a little surprised that she’d gone right for sucking my cock rather than riding Girne Escort it or otherwise getting some relief for herself, I obviously had no complaints and figured she was just going to end up even more fired up so that, when I finally did start taking care of her, the level of pleasure she’d experience would be even higher. In the meantime, her cocksucking skills left nothing to be desired so I was just savoring the pleasure I was feeling as well as the visual of my stiff cock disappearing repeatedly into the mouth of my cousin. As eager as I was to get her naked, explore her body and pleasure her, I knew we had unlimited time so I was just going to relax for the moment and enjoy this blowjob.

She was doing a stellar job, not only of providing a high level of pleasure, but also of drawing that pleasure out so that I could experience it for longer. I had no idea whether this was just her technique that she always used, if she was taking the opportunity to hone her oral skills or if she just wanted to have my stiff cock in her mouth for as long as possible. Whatever the reason, I certainly appreciated the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure for longer rather than just blowing a load and being done. That being said, however, there came a point when, regardless of her ability to draw out the pleasure, it just felt too damn good for it to be drawn out any longer and I could feel my orgasm slowly building. I was okay with it by this point because I knew it was going to feel even better to cum than it was feeling to have her sucking me off.

My cock was getting even thicker the closer I was getting to cumming but she was completely unfazed and just continued to skillfully suck me off. Even when I finally started blasting my load into her mouth, she made a noise but wasn’t even thrown off rhythm as she swallowed it while keeping her lips sliding up and down my shaft. It wasn’t until I was fully spent and starting to soften that she released my cock and looked up at me. I smiled and gestured for her to join me so she crawled up the bed, still fully dressed, and lay beside me.

“That was absolutely outstanding,” I said then kissed her, maneuvering her onto her back while I positioned myself on my side. We were quickly making out again and, after briefly fondling her big boobs through both her dress and bra, I slid my hand down and hiked up the hem of her dress. I ran my fingertips over the front of her panties before slipping my hand inside and through her trim bush. I found her pussy overflowing with juices and, as I lightly caressed her clit, she pulled her mouth from mine to let out a moan. Between that and how hot and wet her pussy felt, I could feel the blood already trying to return to my spent cock. Recovery time was typically a bit shorter in dream visits but I still wanted to make her cum at least a couple of times before we even got to having sex so it was more about the effect she was having on me than about being ready to go again quickly.

She tried to resume making out a few times as I continued to alternately caress her clit and slide a couple of fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy. Eventually, though, she gave up and just lay her head back, breathing hard and gasping when she wasn’t moaning long and loud. I was okay with this and just focused on both providing a high level of pleasure and drawing it out so that she could enjoy it for longer. I had definitely made significant strides with all of the practice to be able to know when to keep drawing out the pleasure and when it was time to push toward an orgasm but every woman was different so I was always attuned to the clues.

In this case, as Corinne started to tense up, I figured it was about time to help her get the rest of the way to an orgasm. I only had to modify my technique slightly and it was very soon after that she was arching her back and holding her breath. She let out a cry as she abruptly went limp and started shaking but I just kept up what I was doing. Her orgasm was long and appeared to be intensely pleasurable so I was happy to have helped get her there and that she’d felt more freedom to express herself than she typically did at home. Once she’d gone still and had let out a sigh, I slipped my hand out of her panties then sucked her juices off of my fingers while she was recovering.

“I needed that so badly,” she said, “Thank you for not being put off that we’re cousins.”

“I’m always happy to help,” I replied, “but I feel like I didn’t really do anything that you couldn’t have done for yourself.”

I got up and moved down the bed until I could grasp her panties and slide them down, revealing her very blond, well-groomed bush. Once I’d cast her panties aside, I spread her legs apart and positioned myself between them. I kissed my way along her smooth inner thighs, alternating from one side to the other, until I was just inches away from her pussy. I gazed at it just briefly since I’d seen her naked many times by then but, since I’d never tasted her, I was soon running my tongue along her slit and she was moaning. I slurped up her copious juices as she began to rock her hips in rhythm then I slipped a finger into her. Since she was so wet, I easily slipped a second finger in along with the first and, as I was sliding them in and out, I started to lick and suck her clit, which had her moaning even louder and longer.

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