Eve of Dominance

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I blow out a huge exhausted breath as I pull my car into my driveway, glad to finally be done with my shopping.

“Ahhh,” I sigh, back to the welcoming security of my home. I hit the button opening the garage door while fumbling to get hold of my bags and purse. Exiting my car I walk through the garage toward the inside door of my house. I quickly push the button to close the garage door before turning the doorknob to release my pair of energetic puppies.

Preoccupied with juggling my bags and getting in the door without dropping something, it hit me. Where is my exuberant welcoming committee? Two very spoiled Chihuahuas, are usually jumping around my feet insisting on my undivided attention.

Wait, my ears perk and the fine hairs at the back of my neck bristle. I hear them whining and barking from somewhere toward the back of the house. I begin setting down my purse and bags of groceries on the bench seat by the front door to go investigate, worried they had shut themselves in the bedroom again.

All at once arms slide around me from behind, one clamping over my mouth to stifle my scream, the other trapping me like an iron band around my waist.

I freeze, a scream trapped in the back of my throat my heart thundered against my rib cage. My attention is pulled to the heavy breathing against the side of my neck as a deep growling voice next to my ear orders.

“Don’t move a single muscle, not even a twitch. I don’t want to hurt you but I will if you fight me, nod if you understand.” I nod my head in a jerky motion, the intruder pats my cheek.

“That’s a good little sub.”

Sub? What the hell is a sub?

Swiftly, before I have even a second to ponder the question in any depth, something is wrapped around my eyes. Whatever it is tugs pulling at my hair, as it’s tied tightly at the back of my head. I am plunged into total darkness; I am left with only my other senses to depend on. My whole body begins to tremble with a mix of fearful anticipation.

The intruder gruffly whispers next to my ear, raising the fine hairs at the nape of my neck.

“Now then, let’s take a look at what we have here.”

He roughly grasps my upper right arm.

“Turn around so you’re facing me.”

My arms are pulled up over my head.

“Clasp your hands together on top of your head.”

I’m scared out of my mind and hesitate at first, but obey him afraid of what will happen if I don’t.

His voice harsh, “When I give you an order,” he growls, “I expect you to immediatly obey me.”

He pinches my cheeks together painfully with one large hand, pursing my lips brutally pressing his mouth to mine in a possesive kiss. Continuing to hold my chin, he slaps my face with his free hand.

“Nod if you understand.”

Stunned from the sharp blow, I nod without hesitation.

“Good girl, much better,” he praises me.

Nicholas appraises his prize, perusing Eve’s body. Soft voluptuous curves, firm generous uplifted breasts set in a 5’4″ package. Her skin soft and the color of cream, flawless, her mouth plump and pouty just made for kissing.

I shouldn’t be aroused that I’ve pleased him but I can’t help myself. From the moment I’d heard his low intoxicating voice my pussy had a mind of it’s own growing wet and aroused.

Eve moaned low, deep in her throat. Little did this stranger know, this was one of Eve’s favorite fantasies she’s masturbated to frequently. Eve shivered, hearing his profound masculine chuckle. His hand glided down her body, aggressively cupping her sex through the thin material of her summer dress.

“I can feel your heat,” he groaned appreciatively his nostrils flared sucking in her sexual scent. “Your fucking hot for me, aren’t you little one?”

Now in hindsight, Eve wished she’d worn jeans today instead of a flimsy summer dress wearing only panties underneath. ?

I can’t prevent myself from whimpering,”who are you and what do you want?”

The man ignores my questions and roughly leads me further into my house. He abruptly jerks me to a halt.

“Stand still,” he barks out.

I know we are in my kitchen from the sound of my sandals on the tiled floor. My skin tenses feeling his hands slide down my body stopping at my breasts. He pinches my nipples hard, through the cotton of my dress and I squeal.

I’m spun around and bent over what I assume is my kitchen table.

“Reach your arms out over your head. That’s it, good now grab hold of the edge of the table and don’t let go no matter what I’m doing.”

I do it without complaint because beside the fear churning low in my belly I’m burning up with the thrill and expectation of being dominated by this stranger. How bizarre is that?

I feel a draft of cool air on my skin. My hips jerk forward as he raises the hem of my dress up and over my ass.

“I said don’t move!” He growls in my ear, “If you do it again without permission you will be punished severely.”

His large rough hands smooth over tecavüz porno my ass cheeks, his fingers hook into the elastic band of my panties at my hips. Sliding them down my legs, slowly, they halted around my knees.

“Now that,” he hesitates and whistles low, “is as pretty an ass, as I’ve ever seen, mmm hmm.” His hand wedges between my legs testing my readiness, he blows his warm breath on my heated pussy lips. “Look how moist and wet and ready your pussy is for me.”

He kisses my ass cheeks one at a time and continues removing my panties, carefully releasing them from each foot.

Thick meaty fingers slide between my legs again slipping along my aroused drenched lips, back and forth, back and forth, but exasperatingly not entering me. His teasing pulling frustrated groans from deep within me, “Oh please. Put them in me,” I breathily beg.

Without any warning, a sharp slap lands on the side of my thigh startling me. I yelp jerking my hips sideways away from his offending hand.

“I said be still Eve don’t move again.”

Shocked I suck in my breath and gasp.

“How do you know my name?” He must be someone I know, racking my brain I can’t place his voice. My attention jolts back to my present predicament, feeling three fingers abruptly thrust deep into my unprepared pussy. Grunting long and low at the full force of his assault stuffing me to the hilt. My hips have a mind of there own and push back onto his fingers taking them deeper still. I’m so close to cuming my hips move with a mind of their own, humping his hand. One touch to my clit is all it will take, which he has maddeningly avoided touching, and I will be gone, soaking his hand fucking me.

“P-lea-ease…I neeeed…” My face flushed and I’m sweating, ready to plummet over the edge into orgasmic bliss.

I jump from the shock of another stinging slap to my left ass cheek, “No!” He scolds, abruptly pulling his fingers out of me.

I whimper at the loss.

“I haven’t given you permission to cum yet have I?” Another crack sounds through the room, with his hand coming down on my right ass cheek this time.

“You will hold onto your orgasm no matter how hard it is to do so, until I’ve given you my explicit permission.”

He slaps my left ass cheek once more, harder, I cry out.

“Do you understand me?” He growls, sounding very pissed off.

I stay silent but can’t hold back a tear from escaping down my cheek. “Say it Eve,” he commands. His cheek against my cheek, his scratchy stubble making my skin tingle.

“I want to hear you say the words to make sure that you understand what I’m telling you, is sinking in.”

Cringing I swallow nervously trying to clear the lump stuck in my throat, still unsure of what to think of all this and how this man knows my name but at the moment, I was beyond caring.

“I understand I can’t cum until you say I can, and to obey every command you give me or I will be punished.” All I want is to have him stuff his huge hard cock into my now aching pussy and pound a screaming orgasm out of me.

“And are we forgetting something Eve?”

Damn, it’s unnerving me hearing him use my name.

“How do you address me?”

I stutter and stammer not sure what to say, I gasp feeling his grip tightening on my hips.

“Master or Master Nicholas,” he leaned in closer licking the shell of my ear, “is how you will address me from now on, and when ever I smack your ass for fun or punishment you will say ‘Thank you Master or Master Nicholas.’ You will count out the number of the swat and ask, ‘May I have another Sir?'” As pleasantly as I could manage I replied, “Yes Master Nicholas, I will do my best to obey and please you.”

At this point I will agree to anything just to have him fill me with his hard cock! Soft kisses travel down my spine; I revel in the heat spreading throughout my body culminating in my womb. I hear him mutter under his breath, the words too low to make out, his breathing has turned raspy. Suddenly I am aware that he’s not the only one in this situation to have power. I thrill at knowing I can unnerve this dominant male.

“That’s a good girl; you deserve a treat for your obedience.”

He slips his finger into my pussy again slowly moving it in a circular motion, growling.

“Girl you are so tight and wet.”

With both hands on the cheeks of my ass he spreads me open wide. My face flushes feeling so exposed to his greedy gaze.

I feel him rub his cock head back and forth through the juices at my entrance, “I’m going to shove my cock into your cunt baby, remember no cuming until I say so.”

With that no sooner said, I feel him take the head of his cock pushing at the resistance muscles of my pussy. Suddenly the large head, pops past my tight entrance, and he shoves it into to me, all at once balls deep. I shudder listening to his coarse curses, groaning as he slides home.

Without a second to enjoy the exquisite sensation üvey anne porno of being completely, gloriously filled to capacity he broke into a frantic, break-neck pace of pounding his hard erection into me repeatedly. It is all I can do to force my pussy to restrain cuming until he gives me his permission.

Ugh! After ten minutes, honestly how much longer does he expect me to hold out? Moreover, what will happen if I do cum before he says I can? Will he punish me? And how? A spanking maybe?

Thinking of him spanking my ass has my pussy aching almost painfully with the need to cum.

“Please let me cum, I c-c-can’t hold it back much longer…pleeease!” It is degrading how pitiful I sound begging, but damn-it, I beg anyway.

“Okay Eve, any second now baby.” Nicholas pumped his cock into her forcefully, his speed increasing. Sweating bullets, he shivered his orgasm was close as well. Holding onto her hips with a bruising grip gritting his teeth with the urgent need to cum, Nicholas groaned. His cocks sensitivity grew so intense it was on the threshold of torture. Nicholas grabbed Eve’s long thick auburn hair, twined it through his fingers and yanked her head back. He slapped his other hand down hard on her rosy red ass again riding her with all the speed he had in him.

“Okay baby, let her go.”

Eve grunted, immediately screaming. Her head tossing wildly from side to side the muscles through out her entire body tensed with the strongest climax she’d ever experienced.

He cringed, feeling her inner muscles clamping down on him and rippling around his engorged aching cock. With a high-pitched howl, he lost it! Nicholas slammed into her one last time freezing in place, as he flooded her amazingly tight pussy with his cum. He remained there splayed over her back sated catching his breath.

What is it with this woman trembling beneath me, she brings out the animal in me like no other ever has. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t get enough of her, or get her out of my mind. That’s what compelled him to search her out and take their relationship to the physical level. She is simply perfect for me and I just couldn’t wait a moment longer, he mused as his cock slowly softened inside her pussy then slipped out after she’d giving him the best orgasm of his whole life.

I lingered, sprawled across the kitchen table for a moment longer after he pulled away from me, my thoughts swirled while taking the time necessary to regain my composure. My legs feel wobbly, unsure what would happen next I don’t attempt to stand up.

Suddenly the blindfold is untied from behind my head and pulled from my eyes. I rose slowly, hesitantly blinking at the bright light of the room impeding my ability to see clearly at first. Cautiously I turned toward the man that had just given me the thrill of my life. I swallowed nervously worrying my lower lip; our eyes locked staring at each other for long moments in silence.

Then the last thing on earth I would have ever expected happened! This mystery man, who somehow knew my name and all the secret things to do to turn me on, introduced himself as Lord-Dom69. My one and only, email and phone sex buddy for the last year, from the East Coast.

Taken aback, I stared at him his pictures had so not done him justice. He’s gorgeous, standing easily at 6’2″, he towered over me his eyes dark and penetrating straight into my very soul. Black hair framed his masculine face. His shoulders wide, his waist trim his body is athletically muscled, overall totally to die for.

Eve’s mouth remained hung open in shock for a second longer, then shook herself from her physical appraisal. What the hell is wrong with me this man broke into my house!

“How did you…”

Nicholas’s gaze focused on Eve’s delicate throat as she gulped and swallowed repeatedly looking confused and irate at the same time. She cleared her throat.

“I mean where did–? Ah hell,” she demanded. “What are you doing here in my fucking house scaring the shit out of me?”

Knowing he had to take control of the situation, Nicholas cut off her tirade with a slash of his hand through the air.

“Enough! Silence woman!” He roared and watched satisfied as she cowered and hung her head instinctively breaking eye contact with him. He deliberately crowded her space towering over her, “you are now my sub and I am your Dom,” she remained silent staring at her feet desperately trying to puzzle out his meaning. He thrilled inwardly witnessing this certain sign of her true submissive nature. He would never do anything to truly hurt her but Eve didn’t need to know that. He wanted to keep her the submissive he knew her to be from all their explicate correspondence over the past year.

After he finished redressing himself Nicholas walked to the kitchen sink and wet a washrag with warm water. He walked back over to Eve and attentively cleaned up her pussy while at the same time informing her.

“You’ve üvey erkek kardeş porno handled this so well. I’m very proud of you and as a treat I have a surprise for you.”

Eve was excited and wary at the same time; she shivered at the slight contact of his fingers against her overly stimulated skin. Nicholas redressed her in the cloths he had brought for her. A clingy purple tube dress, it came just barely below the curve of her ass cheeks, black stiletto heels with purple thigh high stockings. Eve felt self-conscious and almost naked.

Nicholas took her hand in his, tucking it possessively into the crook of his arm and led her outside to his big black Hummer. He held the passenger door open for her and she obediently slid in, warily watching him as he shut her door.

“What the hell am I doing? I don’t even know where he’s taking me and technically I’ve just met him, didn’t I?” Eve mumbled under her breath. She watched him like prey in the sights of a predator, out the Hummers front windshield. Nicholas nearly ran around the front of his shiny black Hummer. He hurriedly yanked his door open and jumped into the driver seat.

Nicholas started the engine but before pulling out, he turned and stared at her grinning wickedly. Apprehensively, Eve listened as he instructed her in detail just how he wanted her positioned in her seat, so he could look over while driving and observe her pretty pussy.

“Turn your body in your seat facing me; spread your legs open wide I want them as wide open as the seat will allow you to spread them.”

He pulled at my right leg impatiently, opening me up wider and told me to brace my foot on the floorboard. “Now let your knee lean against the glove box…how is that?” It was more a statement than a question so I held my tongue.

Despite knowing i shouldn’t be, I was unbelievably turned on. My pussy hot and aroused yet at the same time chilled from my wet pussy exposed to the air. The possibility of discovery while riding around in his Hummer with my pussy exposed out in public was such a turn-on. It was all I could do not to cum, right then and there soaking my seat, but I knew better.

Nicholas settled back in his own seat, and put the Hummer into drive.

“Play with your clit for me use your other hand to pull back the hood of skin so I can watch it swell and get hard as you stroke it.”

He ran a shaking hand through his hair, to cover his own unbeleivable arousal; he reached over and turned on the radio. I could see a fine sheen of sweat forming on his brow and upper lip, “While you play with your clit, stick your finger inside your pussy for me and finger fuck yourself,” he growled.

His breathing increased, his chest rising and falling and his voice strangled and gruff. He ordered me to make myself cum before we reached our destination, “you’ve only got minutes.” Dropping my head back against the window closing my eyes I obeyed happily.

Before I knew it he had parked and cut the engine to the Hummer. Still in a daze with the afterglow of my orgasm, I opened my eyes and looked around. Surprised at what I saw, we’d parked in front of a huge mansion with an excess of cars parked in front. It looked like they were having a party. I searched his eyes desperate for some clue as to why we were here.

Without a word, he opened his door and jumped out of the Hummer, coming around to my side gallantly opening my door for me, with a great show of swooping his arm out low in front of him. Reaching in he took my hand raising it to help me out. His hand moved to my elbow steadying me, giving me a second to get my balance on the unfamiliar stiletto heels before letting me go. I stood perfectly still.

“Where are we?” I asked, waiting in place until receiving permission to walk. Nicholas checked me over, straightening my dress and my hair, which he’d loosely piled on top of my head, anchoring it with a sparkly hair clip.

He smiled as if he were the cat that had caught the canary. “You’ll see,” was all he said, winking slyly at me, then pulled out a silver three-inch tube from his pocket. Before I could wonder what it was, he removed the lid, turned the bottom and I could see it was a tube of bright red lipstick. He brought the tube up to my mouth.

“Purse your lips for me baby,” he said, and then applied the garish lipstick to my trembling lips. Next came, what looked like, oh my God, a dog collar.

Shit, my heart sank, What have I gotten myself into? I felt absolutely mortified and embarrassed allowing him to fasten it around my neck, attentively adjusting it, meticulously.

He slid his hand between my legs entering me right there in front of the house, where anyone could walk by and see us.

“Excellent, you’re pussy is already swollen and wet.”

The impropriety of his intimacy touching me out in the open had me aroused all over again. My embarrassment forgotten, I moaned pressing my thighs together attempting to trap his hand for more contact. A quick hard jerk on my upper arm got my attention.

“Stop that, you don’t initiate your own pleasure, you only get what’s given to you.”

Nicholas gave me a stern look of warning, raising his brows.

“Yes sir, I mean Master, I mean Master Nicholas,” I managed to stutter.

“That’s better, remember that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32