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My door bell goes. I don’t who it is so I throw on my basketball jersey and head down stairs to answer the door. My ex girlfriend is standing there, full of fury after hearing a vicious rumour and is here to confront me.

This is a surprise to me, and to be honest she is the last person I wanna see right now. But she’s here for a reason. I tell her to come in but as she steps one foot over the threshold she slaps me across the face and yells, “What is this I’ve heard you cunt?!” Perplexed and in shock, I demand to know what she’s on about. She hits me again but I manage to somehow get her inside and shut the door…

She pushes me against it and goes for another strike. I dodge it and reverse her into the door. I hug her to try and calm the rageful ex. I grab hold of her by the mouth and she then spat at me.

I kissed her; for some reason this was a turn on. She kissed me back. As we were kissing we could both taste her tears falling. Her hands went up my vest feeling the dents on my 6 pack.

Was this just a passionate kiss? I grabbed her by the firm tight petite arse and Halkalı escort picking her up, she wrapped her legs behind around me. I could feel the heat from within her swollen hot pussy. She ripped my vest over my head and started furiously kissing, scratching, biting. During the motion we both fell backwards and landed on the stairs but still in the same position, only the ex is now on top of me.

She can feel the bulge in my pants getting bigger and bigger and plants her right hand over my big now throbbing cock. She starts to vigorously rub. My hands turn to her small but plentifully tits- I know how much she loves me on them. I remove her top and concentrate on her tits, sucking and kissing. She looks me in the eye and I can see her in to her soul. We just know each other, we know how to respond to the others body and what we need…

She almost hits climax point and gets off me. Confused why she did this but not for long, as she rips my football shorts down in one fell swoop. My rock hard dick springs out and she moans. She needs this. There’s no time Halkalı Escort Bayan to tease her way down my body like she usually would; non handed she takes me in her mouth. She sucks deeply, making her way down as far south as she can without gagging. I know how much she wants to take all of me but can’t. Holding the base of my shaft, she makes her way back up with nice slow strokes, kissing, licking, gently teasing my bell end. Still pumping my cock she heads to my massive balls. I knew this wouldn’t last long. She could sense me ready to explode. I grabbed her hair almost pulling it, maybe she was in pain by it I don’t know. I was now face fucking her By now she knew I was about to cum. She went deep down me one last time and within half a second I shot my warm love juice all over in her mouth. She swallowed it all up. Every last drop. It was so warm and thick. Not one drop escaped from that perfect blow job mouth. She knew what the fuck to do to me! I was red raw and it was now the ex’s time for a good seeing to…

She knew how good I was at this. So without Escort Halkalı a word muttered she took off her shorts and soaking thong. I could smell that sweet nectar. Fuck how I’d missed that pussy of hers. I stayed laid somehow on the stairs. She climbed onto me and moved up my body with her tongue, finally laid to rest her smooth wet cunt on my face. I didn’t need to breathe. All I wanted was her taste and for us both to taste. She rubbed her nipples in a circular motion. Her legs were shaking. I knew after only 30 seconds that this was the final whistle. She got wetter, literally dripping in my mouth as my tongue went from East to West in super fast speed on her swollen clit. She gripped the banister and i could hear her nails scrape in to the wood. She began to do some kind of shake and I knew this was the point of no return for her. With one hand on the rail and the other on the step above she began bouncing on my mouth, not hard but couldn’t control herself. And she came. She screamed my name over and over while her pussy erupted with my tongue still in her. I could feel hot cum drip down my chin. Her nails dug into the carpet, I was laid motionless. My face was covered in her. She kissed me, gently licking up her lost nectar. We both laid there like punch drunk boxers.

We got into each others arms and just looked into each others eyes. For that 10 minutes we forgot the world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32