Family Affair Ch. 04

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Well, here I am again. Almost six months have passed since my sexual escapades started. Between my mother Anne, Mike’s mother Betty and his grandmother Helen I am having the time of my life. I never go more than three days without one of these beauties wanting to fuck me. If you add in Mike and Bill these women are not being neglected at all.

Speaking of Bill, he and my mom did get together. It turned into quite an evening for the three of us. One night my mom came home from work and told me that Bill had called her and asked her out for dinner. She told me that the women next door were going out of town to a casino and he would be alone for the night. She agreed to go out with him later that night.

“I’m going to fuck him Jimmy, I just know I am,” she said. “Is that OK with you? He is one of the sexiest guys I have seen in a while, beside you that is, baby.”

“Thanks mom, I appreciate that,” I replied. “What do you want me to do tonight?”

“Will you help me get ready? I love your taste in making me look sexy and I especially love the way you pamper me. If you want I will fuck you or suck you right now.”

“No mom. I will tell you what I would like. I want to watch him fuck you and then I want to eat his cum out of you. I promise to not interrupt anything until you tell me it’s OK. I will make myself very scarce when you come home, you can even tell him you don’t think I am here, then when you go into the bedroom leave the door open so I can watch.”

“OK my sweet. I should be back by 10pm, so be ready and be quiet as a mouse,” she grinned. “I will call home first like I am checking to see if you are home. You can answer the phone so you know it’s me but don’t say anything, just listen. Bill will be in the car with me and I am sure you will like what is going on.”

That may have been the longest four hours of my life, waiting for their return. I spent the evening, after showering, just relaxing as I was thinking about his big cock plowing into her and more than anything what the look on her face would be when she saw it.

About 10pm the phone rang like Mom said it would and when I picked it up I heard her say, “Well he must be out, there’s no answer. We can go to my house so I can take care of that big fellow for you. Let me take it out of your pants now so I taste you on the way home. My god Bill, I can’t get over the size of it. I have never seen or held a cock that big. I’m going to make you as happy as you make me.”

“Anne, I’ve wanted you for some time now and I sure am glad you have no hang-ups about me being married and living next door,” Bill said.

I could hear the zipper of his trousers going down as Mom said, “Let me show you I have no hang-ups, Bill.” And then the phone went dead.

I got prepared for their entrance by sitting quietly in my darkened room. To me it seemed like my breathing was as loud as a steam engine even though I knew that it could not be heard in the hall. About twenty minutes later the two of them came into the house and didn’t even slow down as they went past my room, down the hall and into Mom’s room. It took all the will power I had not to follow them. I could hear clearly everything that was going on in there and Mom made sure that she described it vividly.

“Bill, I want you to undress me and then I want to undress you so I can get to that cock of yours. When I felt the size of it in ısparta escort the restaurant I could barely contain myself. I need to feel it and make love to it. That’s why I sucked you off in the car. I wanted to taste your jizz and I figured if you came you would last longer when we fucked.”

“I’m glad you did, Anne. I have been wanting you ever since you moved in. Now that the right opportunity has presented itself let’s not waste it.”

I could hear the sounds of clothing being removed. Since I had helped Mom get dressed I could visualize Bill stripping the clothes off her.

“Goddamn woman, you are sexy, with or without clothes,” Bill told her. “I want to eat that bare pussy of yours.”

He must have dove right into it because all I could hear was him lapping her cunt and her moaning. In no time at all she let out one of those blood curdling yells she does when she cums.

“It’s a good thing Jimmy’s not home or he would come running in here to help you,” Bill told her.

“Don’t worry about Jimmy,” Mom told him, “just worry about fucking me. Let me put this pillow under my ass so your cock can get deep in me.”

His cock must have made it’s initial entrance into her tunnel. Mom’s moans became louder and louder as I heard their bodies slam together. Now I felt it was time for me to sneak down the hall to watch them. Carefully I crept toward her bedroom. Thank god she had left the lights off. It made standing in the hall watching them easier. The way they were positioned I see her legs wrapped around him and her face looking in my direction. Seeing his big cock slide in and out of her reminded me of seeing him with his daughter, Angela. Mom was so wet I could hear her cunt slosh as they fucked. She gave me a quick smile when she finally made out my form standing in the dark watching. It was very difficult to control myself. I wanted to jack-off and I wanted to join them but I promised her I would wait. So here I stand, with my dick in my hand, wanting to fuck her so badly that I couldn’t see straight. Bill must have worked that big sausage in and out of her for a good twenty minutes.

I know I heard Mom cum at least four times when Bill said to her, “Anne I have to cum. I can’t hold back any longer. Here it comes …. Get ready cause it blows hard … here it comes … OH GOD!!!!!!.”

I watched as he reared up and slammed his big cock deep into her. She locked her legs tighter around him as he let out a deep grunt when his white hot cream shot into her. Spurt after spurt blasted into her. Except for the different pitch in their voices it was hard to tell who was making the most noise. Finally he rolled off her and lay flat on his back with his still throbbing pole pointing straight at the ceiling. Mom scrambled onto her hands and knees to more easily get to his cock. As she took it into her mouth she motioned for me to come in quietly and lick her cunt. Bill was so wiped out he didn’t notice that I was between her legs. The only thing he knew was that she had a death grip on his cock with her lips. Each time her lips touched the head of his cock he jumped.

I laid on my back under her pussy and grabbed her ass, pulling it down to my mouth. I was rewarded with a hot, well fucked pussy loaded with creamy cum. When my lips locked onto it I felt her relax those pussy muscles and literally squeeze the cum into my mouth. I couldn’t kastamonu escort help but swallow some of his joy juice even though I wanted to save some for Mom. I also wanted to make her cum some more by licking her clit but too many things were happening at once. When Mom came off Bill’s cock I could hear the sharp intake of breath as he saw me for the first time.

“I hope you don’t mind, Bill, but Jimmy has helped me unlock feelings I never imagined I had in me. I wanted him to be part of this tonight. Share what you have left with me, Jimmy,” Mom said.

Mom put her lips to mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth. As we had done before, we shared the jism as we swallowed it bit by bit. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Bill watching us. By the time we finished he was up on one elbow enjoying the scene in front of him.

“You don’t know how glad I am to see this,” Bill said, “at our house this is a way of life and has been for a long time. Betty’s family was into it when we got married and it has gone on ever since. You two need to attend our family parties.”

“Mom, I am about to explode. If you don’t do something quick I am going to blow my load on my belly.”

She climbed over my body and inserted my cock into herself. I almost blew right then but after an initial dribble I was able to hold on. When she leaned down next to my ear and whispered how good it felt having my cock in her and how great my tongue felt on her pussy I could hold it no longer. My cock blasted away, shot after shot of milky cum exploded against the back of her hole, until there was no more left.

“God Jimmy, I never seem to get enough of that man goo in me. There is nothing like the feel of it as it shoots out and fills me.”

“You two shared my cream,” Bill said, “how about if you and I share Jimmy’s jism, Anne?”

Mom rolled off me and immediately Bill’s mouth was locked onto her cunny. This guy knew all the ins and outs of a woman’s crotch very well too. Now it was my turn to watch him up close. Bill’s tongue was all over her bare pussy, not missing a single drop. As he would get a mouthful of our combined juices he would transfer it to her lips where they would both partake of the nectar. Soon he had her completely clean and in the process helped her to three more orgasms. Mom had my cock and balls in her hand, stroking them as he licked her. She gently pulled me toward her mouth so that she could suck me as he licked her cunt. As I looked down I could see that Bill’s cock had grown back to its enormous proportions.

“Fuck her again, Bill, while she is sucking me,” I told him.

In no time flat he was on his knees between her legs with that huge pole in his hand aiming it at the center of her cunt. As I watched it slide in I was again envious of both he and Mike for the size of their cocks. Though I was no piker in the size department the two of them made me look small in comparison. Little by little it disappeared into her body until they met hairless cunt to hairless cockbase. This was the first time I had noticed that he shaved too but it did not surprise me since everyone else next door did it too. Bill and I got into a rhythm as we fucked Mom’s mouth and pussy. I had a feeling that since we had just recently cum we would last for a while. But I was wrong. The heat of the situation, me watching him and he watching me, had kayseri escort me ready in about half the time. I looked at him and we nodded that we were ready. Our cocks emptied at the same time. Mom’s eyes literally rolled back into her head. She was swallowing my cum as fast as it hit the back of her throat. She wasn’t about to lose a drop of that precious liquid. When the two of us were finished, Bill rolled off her and onto his back. His immense cock was coated with the mixture of his cum, Mom’s cunt oil and the remnants of my cock juice. As my spent cock slipped from Mom’s mouth she twisted toward Bill’s meat. She started licking it like a large ice cream cone. Without even thinking I knew that I had to share it with her. I joined her at the base of his cock and licked just like she was doing. We wrapped our tongues around that pole and worked our way to the head, cleaning it of its sweet juice until we met at the top. Our lips met and shared the juices we had collected and once again went back down on him. It was as if we had done this as a practiced team many times before. We didn’t miss a stroke. I actually liked the feel of his cock in my mouth, soft and yet hard at the same time. I could now understand why women like the feel of it in their mouth.

I miscalculated Bill’s ability to cum. I could tell he was about to shoot again. I looked at Mom and she grinned at me as her lips covered that big head of his cock. She took one shot then pulled my head over so I could have the next one. What a feeling!!! We alternated until he was completely spent.

“Damn what a night!!” Mom exclaimed. “I feel so satisfied I can’t move.”

“So do I,” said Bill. “It’s a good thing I only have to go next door or I would fall asleep on the way home. Thank you both for a great evening. By the way, Betty knows I was going to take you out tonight and she said if everything worked out to invite you to our next get together. I guess this means both of you now.”

“We would be happy to join you,” Mom replied.

Bill got dressed and after kissing Mom goodnight, went home.

“I’ll say it again, Jimmy, what a night!” said Mom.

“Yes, it was,” I answered. “I love it when we share new things and I especially love it when we can fuck and suck like that. Remember when you asked me where I learned to please a woman like I do?”

“Yes, I do,” Mom replied.

“Well, Mike took me to his grandmother’s house for dinner with him and his mother one night. Those two ladies saw to it that I learned more in one night about pleasing women than I could in a lifetime of experimentation. Until that night you and I had together they were giving me some of life’s greatest lessons. They are the ones who taught me to eat pussy, how to fuck a woman properly, how not to shy away from anything sexual and finally they are the ones who shaved my body for me.”

“Well, I appears I owe them a debt of gratitude,” Mom said. “Since you know them so well maybe you can introduce me sometime. I want to thank them personally for what they have taught you. Would you like to spend the rest of the night with me, Jimmy? I love the feel of your body next to mine after we fuck. In case you didn’t know it, a woman likes to cuddle and snuggle in the afterglow of a satisfying lovemaking session.”

“I’ve heard that, Mom. Of course I want to spend the night with you.”

After a passionate goodnight kiss we fell asleep with me spooned behind her, into one of those deep lover’s sleeps that recalls the great parts in your dreams. I held Mom’s pussy in my hand as I drifted off inhaling the mixture of her perfume and the night’s sexual leftover aromas

To Be Continued…

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