Family Holiday Ch. 02

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Back outside, we were greeted by wolf whistles for Jerry’s newly shaven manhood.

Anne, Mike and Sandra all took turns feelings Jerry’s smooth sack and they all agreed it was much better.

Jerry seemed slightly surprised at three people touching his manhood and inspecting it at close quarters, but I think the number of empty beer bottles probably had something to do with it. While we had been away they were all way in front of us on the beer front, and therefore rather uninhibited.

“Looks like we’ve got some catching up to do!” I said to Jerry.

Anne, Mike and Sandra had set up a patio table and chairs while we’d been away and the sun was setting fast. The moon was already visible in the clear sky and the air was still warm. We all sat down and drank more beer. Sandra was getting very loose with her tongue and asked Jerry if I had agreed.

“Agreed what?” demanded Anne.

Anne and Mike soon dragged it out of her – that she wanted me to fuck her while Jerry watched.

“I want to watch too,” said Mike.

“Me too,” agreed Anne.

“What do you think?” Sandra asked Jerry.

“Fine with me!” replied Jerry.

“Perhaps we should just sell tickets!” Sandra said, “and I’d certainly need more of this.” As she said this she picked another beer up and opened it.

“Plenty more where that came from,” was Jerry’s only comment. He didn’t seem to care who was going to watch.

“I’ll need a wee first,” said Sandra.

“I still think erzincan escort we should be allowed to wee out here,” said Anne.

Sandra looked at Jerry.

“Pee where you like!” Jerry said.

“I haven’t peed outside for years!”

“I’ll lick it clean, if you like?” I offered.

“You dirty bastard!” Sandra’s grinned.

“I know,” I said.

“Will you lick mine?” Anne asked.

“Of course!”

With that, Anne got up from her chair and stood on the grass, legs apart, and with a familiar hiss peed straight down onto the ground. Obediently, I knelt down in front of her and lapped at her pussy while she held my head with both hands. She moaned softly, then turned to Sandra.

“See – much better than going up to the house!”

“My turn,” said Mike and stood up.

“Here, let me,” said Anne, and took hold of Mike’s dick while he also peed copiously.

Jerry and I didn’t need to pee right then. So all eyes were now on Sandra.

“I don’t know whether I can.” She protested.

“No pressure,” I said, “just relax and have another beer.”

She did so and we all chatted some more. After two more beers I was bursting and said so.

“Can I hold it for you – it might help me?”

“Sure,” I said.

We stood side by side and Sandra gently held my cock and soon I was soaking the grass in front of us.

“You really needed to go!” She observed.

“You must have a huge bladder,” I replied, “you’ve erzurum escort had more beer than me!”

“I’m so full it hurts,” she whispered to me, “I’m just don’t think I can.”

“You can, just relax.”

I stood beside her and put my hand round her waist. A cool breeze blew around us and the trees rustled. All was quiet, and then I heard a little hissing sound. A trickle turned into a torrent as she finally relaxed and allowed her bladder to empty onto the ground at her feet. She giggled at little as she finished peeing and I dropped to my knees in front of her. I lapped up the last drops from her womanly cunt and then tasted her juices beginning to flow. Her knees buckled and so I lowered her gently onto the grass and began lapping her cunt hungrily. Her clit was swollen and felt good under my tongue. Soon I felt and heard her climax and she thrashed about on the grass.

Now I wanted to plunge my cock into that warm wet pussy. I helped her to her feet and got her to rest her hands on the table so that I could take her from behind. For a few minutes, I had forgotten about the others. Now, as I fed my cock into her hungry wet hole, I was face to face with them.

Jerry was slowly wanking his fat cock and staring at the scene intently. I turned to Mike, and he was also staring, but Anne was holding his cock in one hand and fingering herself with the other. I slammed my cock into her Sandra’s hole rhythmically, taking in the whole horny scene. bursa escort Sandra gasped with every thrust.

Soon I wanted to cum desperately. I remembered how horny Jerry became when I said I might cum on Sandra’s face. I slowed down and tried to control my breathing.

“I need to cum,” I gasped.

I stood back, and my hard, wet dick bobbed about in the gentle breeze. Sandra flopped breathlessly onto a chair and I line up my dick with her face. Sandra read the scene perfectly, closing her eyes and opening her mouth. I had an idea and motioned to Jerry to stand beside me. Then, I unloaded my balls. The first big squirt landing on her cheeks and then the rest in three streaks on her chin and neck. Jerry followed my lead and added more dollops, and he grunted and groaned. I looked up to see Anne milking the last drops of cum from Mike’s cock. Most of his load was now on Anne’s firm breasts.

Sandra sucked at mine and Jerry’s cocks in turn, cleaning them up with her tongue. Several times my nob touched Jerry’s, sending weird tingles through my groin. Anne was now bucking her hips as she frigged herself to orgasm furiously, one leg up on the table. I went over and ran my hand through Mike’s cum pool on her breast, just as she went over the edge.

Eventually, we all sat back down and cracked open another beer, laughing and giggling.

“The pool should be warm by now,” said Jerry.

We were all a bit messy and needed no encouragement, we all dived in the pool together. I was a bit warmer than it had been earlier, and felt great. We dried off and headed of to bed – after all, this was our first day and we were all shattered now.

As I said goodnight to Mike I had the feeling this was going to be a great week!

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