Games Daddy Plays

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Daddy calls it Poke-Her night and the really naughty boys love it. Trust me, I am not complaining either.

Once a month, the day always starts off with preparing the snacks for the guys to enjoy along with making sure the bar is stocked and the sodas and beer are chilled. I do some light cleaning but since it’s just the two of us, the mess in our home is minimal.

Anticipating the rest of the evening, I really get excited when daddy pulls me into the bedroom for grooming. He lays me back naked on the bed and tells me to spread my feet wide apart. Carefully he applies the cool, soft shaving cream over my pussy lips and then skillfully shaves me smooth.

We head to the shower together afterwards. Touching me everywhere, he soaps every crevasse and even washes my hair. His tender yet strong hands radiate his love for me. His beautiful cock is always thick with anticipation for the wild night to come and on occasion he will allow me to feast on it and his delicious cum right there in the shower. Afterwards daddy will even paint my nails while my hair dries. Before the grooming is complete he always enjoys brushing my locks until they are smooth and silky. I am forbidden to wear clothes for the rest of the night.

Daddy is like MacGyver in that he can build anything and his imagination is endless. We have a special table we set out, in addition to the regular poker table for these evenings. It’s hard to describe but I will try. There is a soft round cushion in the middle and leather foot straps on one edge but the best part is that it spins quietly and effortlessly on ball barrings. We normally have had up to ten standing around it but I am guessing a few more could fit.

Daddy makes me wait in the bedroom as the men arrive. Soon after they arrive they have to roll three dice in order to participate. These special dice are different colors, red, blue and green as there are three parts to this game we play. Red is rolled for the first part and so on. The numbers are recorded on a istanbul escort list by the guys name after which they head on in for snacks, drinks and card games all while I lay on the bed waiting and listening.

I never know who is invited and I don’t know many of daddy’s friends but I love voices and often in my mind I try to picture what they might look like. They all know more about me than I do about them. My daddy loves to feed my dark side and often shows them photos of me that he has taken when we are playing. I have heard some of the guys have even offered to pay for copies. Pulled out of my daydreaming, I hear someone cheering as he is pleased with his dice roll. I smile knowingly.

Once the formalities are done after everyone arrives, he comes for me. Pulling me into his strong arms he whispers in my ear asking “Are you daddy’s little whore? Is my nasty slut ready to play games with everyone?” It’s a good thing he is holding me because his velvety voice and that dirty talk makes my head light. “Yes daddy,” I reply softly in his ear.

He pulls me back and his dark eyes stare into mine, drawing my soul into his and for the rest of the night our pleasure and joy will be shared in an indefinable way. It’s like he becomes a part of me, and I of him. So much so that he is keenly aware of the wetness that has suddenly lined the lips of my pussy. He draws a finger slowly across the length of the soft flesh and then paints my lips with my own wetness before kissing me and licking every trace off. Moaning I am completely at his mercy and desire for the rest of the evening.

Taking my hands he secures thick zip ties to my wrists, snug but not too tight. He cuts off the excess. Then using one more he secures those two zip ties together. I watch him work. He is fast. A blindfold is next. It is thick and black but soft and very secure. My world goes dark but I am not afraid. As other senses are heightened, his voice and strong hands lead me out of our izmir escort bedroom to the party. I hear amusing comments that make me blush and even some throat clearing as daddy parades me out, showing off his princess.

It doesn’t take long before my arms are raised and the center zip tie is threaded over a hook that dangles from the ceiling while a spreader bar is attached with cuffs to my ankles between my feet. My naked body is on display and the sensation is wild. I hear them talking about me as if I am not there as their card games continue.

They are allowed to touch me and they always do. Once one of them starts, the hand and mouth count is hard to keep track of. Fingers caress my hair and some even wrap it around their fist and pull my head back for fun. My rather large breasts are very hard for them to resist and so they are squeezed and even slapped. Lips encircle my nipples, kissing and sucking which always makes me moan. My ass is squeezed and spanked pink as well. A few have even licked or sucked my toes. Hot heavy breathing is all I feel near my sex as they breath me in. Daddy has never given permission to touch me there yet. He knows this is the ultimate foreplay for me and he wants me higher than a kite before its table time.

I have no concept of time aside from my arms starting to ache above my head and my heavy breathing and drooling pussy as a result of the teasing. Daddy always knows when the pain from my arms starts to hurt more than the pleasure from the teasing and he will release me. I am offered some water before he picks me up into his arms and whispers such dirty things into my ear while carrying me to the table. I swear I could cum right there in his arms just listening to his words to me and my groans get louder.

The guys don’t ever let him forget where he was heading with me and I can hear belts, zippers and shoes falling to the floor as they undress. I tremble as he lays me back, my ass hanging off the edge slightly as izmit escort they all seem to spread my legs apart and secure my feet and wrists to the table, although I don’t think I would go anywhere if I could. My hands reach out to each side. My head hangs back over the opposite side with a tiny pillow under my neck. Now is when their first dice rolling comes into play as daddy will keep track of what and how long they are allowed to play with me.

There are a minimum of three rounds so each guy gets the main hot seat so to speak three times at least. And there is actually a winner in this game… the one that make me cum, gets to fill my pussy first with his thick cream first. That is what we let them think anyway. Actually daddy whispering in my ear and calling me his cum slut triggers my first orgasm so once again he is ultimately in control of who get’s the honors.

So the games begin and each guy gets to fuck my mouth as he wishes for the amount of minutes he rolled on the dice. Mind you this can go anywhere from 6 minutes to an hour depending on what the ten guys rolled and of course the others are watching the whole time. The next round they get to kiss my sweet pussy with their mouth and tongue. This is the round most love as they try every trick they know to get me to cum while they kiss my unfucked pussy. If daddy wants any of them to, of course they will succeed.

The last round they get to fuck me for the allotted minutes but they are not allowed to cum until the winner gets his turn of course. I can’t even explain how good it feels to have all those different cocks fucking me. Big, thick, long and hard is all I know as I lay there imagining what the man looks like that they are attached to. When they have all shot their hot cum loads deep inside of me the game ends and I am left on the table, panting and dripping cum while they dress and depart.

The best orgasms of course are yet to come because daddy now gets his turn and with that dirty talking mouth and his drop dead voice not to mention his beautiful raging hard cock, I get it good. For the next few hours I will get his sweet cum in every hole, possibly multiple times until we both pass out. I couldn’t have found a more compatible lover if I had searched the world for him. How lucky I am that daddy found me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32