Girls Night Out

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“Fuck, bollocks.” I said out loud to myself as my phone rang. I picked it up and saw it was from Julie, my wife. The time was only just after 12 and I wasn’t expecting to hear from her till much later. Still holding the phone I turned the sound down on my laptop and answered the phone with the one hand, my other still stroking my cock as I watched the porn in front of me.

“Hi darling, what’s the matter.”

“Nothing’s wrong, I’m just ready to come home.”

“Ok if your sure you’re ok. I can pick you up in about twenty minutes, I’ll text when I’m outside.”

“That’s great, see you soon.”

I was a bit confused, Julie was out on a mini hen night for a girl from work who was finishing up that day and getting married the next week. They’d had a full weekend away a few weeks ago and although I wasn’t given any details it was apparently wild. That’s why I was so surprised, Julie loved her nights out and would never normally come home early.

I considered finishing my wank before I left but then thought that as Julie was coming home early I might get the real thing. I closed my computer and left with a smile on my face.

Before I go any further I should probably introduce myself. My name is Phil and I’ve been married to Julie for ten years. We have tried for children but it’s never happened for us and as a result we have a very comfortable life, nice house, two cars, foreign holidays etc. Our time outside of work is our own and we enjoy it, both gyming it regularly and enjoying long weekend walks. We’re madly in love and have a great sex life, both being into each others fit sexy bodies.

We both love sex and regularly try to spice up our lives with new toys and Julies sexy outfits or by making up sexy stories and sharing our fantasies with each other. We’ve always been faithful to each other but neither of us is adverse to some harmless flirting, always when the other is present or giving all the details later.

A good example of this was at my works Christmas party last year. Julie wore a classic black figure hugging dress, it finished just above her knees and clung to everything above that. Julie is 5’6” and toned, a very firm butt topping off great legs, not skinny but muscular and toned, looking incredible in shorts or stockings. The dress showed her flat tummy and her 34c boobs were cossetted in what Julie tells me was a very expensive La Perla bra that she treated herself to for Christmas. Expensive or not I saw it before the dress went on and it looked really hot! We arrived at the party and you could see all eyes, of both sexes, following Julie as she walked across the room.

There were six at our table and Julie was the only female, the other guys from my section either being single or not bringing their partners along. Julie was getting a lot of attention and seemed to be loving it, I didn’t mind as I was enjoying the banter and enjoying watching Julie. It was all innocent enough, one guy, Dave, asking Julie “stockings or tights?” Julie laughed, pulled her dress up slightly, teasing, said “wouldn’t you love to know.” Before pulling the hem back down. As the drink flowed and the dancing began Julie gave all the guys a dance or two, there were a lot of attempts at grinding and groping, Julie allowing some of it but maneuvering out of the way when it went too far. I’m sure all the guys would have wanted more but Julie had a way of cutting them off before they got carried away and before they thought they were in with a real chance. I occasionally had pangs of jealousy but trusted Julie completely and also knew that she had often been with me when I would flirt with her friends.

I digress, back to the night in hand. I pulled up about forty yards from the club, it was the closest I could get, the center of town still being busy with cars and taxis. I texted Julie and told her where I was and then waited, enjoying the site of tipsy and drunk people walking from pub to clubs, many of the girls wearing very short and revealing dresses.

Julie had gone out in a mid thigh length denim skirt and a loose blouse, her legs were bare and like the rest of her still lightly tanned from a recent week in Spain, she wore 3” heels that really accentuated her great legs and tight arse. I told her she looked really hot and she gave me a sexy wiggle before cupping my balls and whispering “later lover.” I was instantly hard and wanted her there and then, she just giggled, kissed me deeply and left in the taxi waiting outside with her friend Steph in it. I went outside to see her off and was treated to a blown kiss and a exaggerated sexy wink from Steph.

I’d known Steph as long as I’d known Julie, both of them starting off as apprentices in the same hair salon when they were sixteen. They were best friends and a few years ago took the bold step of opening their own salon, which through lots of hard work was doing well. They always seemed to be expanding and now employed ten full and part time staff having recently taken over an adjoining shop, doubling the space and now offering a range of beauty siirt escort treatments as well. Listening to Julie talk it sounded more like a spa than a hair salon.

Steph was presently single, I think, although it was hard to keep up, she had been through more men than I could keep count of, always complaining that she’d worn them out and that they couldn’t keep up with her. She was a little more rounded and curvy than Julie, with a bigger bum and larger boobs and although they were the same age, thirty five, Steph had always seemed to be full of confidence, whereas Julie had grown into hers.

She was also a terrible flirt and a wind up merchant thinking nothing of standing in a crowded pub and in a loud voice saying something like “Hey Phil how you getting on with that new cock ring that Julie bought you.” Everyone would go quiet and I’d have to think of a quick answer, something along the lines of “not good, it’s the biggest they make but it still doesn’t fit.”

On nights out I often tried to avoid dancing with her, particularly if she was drunk. She thought nothing of grabbing my arse and pulling me in tight, rubbing her pelvis and boobs against me, it shocked me at first but I soon learnt that the only way to stop her was to get a handful or two of her own gorgeous bum and pull her in even tighter, causing her to laugh and let go. When we’d sit down she’d say to Julie “I had to let him go, his dick was sticking into my ribcage.” We’d all laugh but I found it all too arousing to be comfortable.

Having described the ladies I suppose I should also describe myself, I’m thirty six years old, 6’1” and weigh about 16st/225lb. I’m a naturally big guy, broad shouldered and having played a lot of rugby when I was younger and now doing weights I have a thick, strong back. I don’t watch my diet enough to have a six pack but neither do I have a pot belly or love handles and would best be described as powerfully built. I’m not handsome but not unattractive either, I love to laugh, tell silly jokes and smile.

According to Julie I do well in the cock department, she is always complimenting me but I reckon that’s just her being kind, trying to boost my ego and enjoying talking dirty. She says it’s a good length, but what she really likes is how thick it is, with a big bulbous head on top. I also know from many comments that Steph has made over the years that Julie must have talked about my dick, in fact on one occasion when we were all fairly drunk Steph started going on about how she knew Julie had trouble getting me in her mouth without her teeth scraping the head. Julie was obviously annoyed and told her to shut up, but she just opened her mouth as wide as she could and made gagging sounds, causing us all to laugh.

Where was I, I know, sitting outside the club.

The first person I saw coming towards me was Steph with Julie and two younger women I didn’t know a few steps behind. Great, I thought, so much for me shagging Julie, I’m going to spend the next hour taxiing this lot home.

As they got closer I could see that Steph was wearing black pants, loose at the bottom but tight fitting around her thighs, I found myself thinking, “I bet her arse looks great in those.” She had on what looked like a black, loose fitting, sequined top, her big boobs bouncing a bit as she walked.

The girl next to Julie had on a short dress that definitely fitted in all the right places. She was bigger built than Julie and gave the impression of being sporty, strong legs with firm thighs, smallish boobs and strong, broad shoulders. She looked good in her heels and short dress but seemed uncomfortable in herself, stopping every few feet to pull the hem of the dress down. In fairness to her, the dress was short and only came to four or five inches below her crotch, which she was obviously conscious of. This girl and both Julie and Steph looked a little unsteady as they walked, a combination of the high heels and too many cocktails I imagined.

In contrast, the girl furthest from Julie seemed to float as she walked. She was a coloured girl, early twenties I guessed and about two inches taller than Julie. She wore a dark green dress that whilst not tight, seemed to move with her as glided towards me. So balanced and smooth was she that I wondered if she was a model or something.

As they all reached the car I signaled for them all to get in from the passengers side as there was a lot of traffic passing on my side. Julie got in the front next to me, leaning over and giving me a kiss, “thanks darling, you don’t mind the girls…”

Before she could finish her sentence Steph had climbed in the back and as she moved across seat to sit behind me she leaned through the gap, kissing me on the cheek and saying, “hi lover.”

I turned to talk to her and was treated to a view straight down her loose top, her boobs barely contained by a lacy black bra, “hi Steph.”

Girl number one climbed in next and was trying to do so in a ladylike fashion, unfortunately short, tight dresses sinop escort make this very difficult. She was simultaneously trying to support her weight , hold her dress down and move across the seat at the same time. When she eventually reached the middle Julie said , “Phil this is Sally, Sally Phil. Sally’s our masseuse for the new beauty parlour.”

I turned in my seat to face Sally and really didn’t want to look down but couldn’t stop myself , her legs were jammed together but the dress had risen so much that I could nearly see her hip bones. Two things struck me, one, she had great thighs, and two, if she was wearing a bikini with probably much more on display, she probably wouldn’t be half as self conscious. Anyway I managed to drag my gaze upwards. She was very pretty and at that moment, rather flustered looking. My mind said, “I wouldn’t mind a massage off of you.” But my mouth said, “hi Sally, lovely to meet you.”

Courtney, as she was eventually introduced to me, slipped in beside Sally. She looked elegant and composed, sitting upright and ready to go whilst everyone else was still sorting themselves out. Courtney was a stylist and Julie had mentioned her, saying she was very good, demanded good wages but that they were confident she’d help breath new life into the place and bring in new clients.

I waited till everyone had their belts on (safe driving in all my stories, although not necessarily safe sex) and said, “right, where to first.”

There was momentary silence and then Julie said, “I told the girls they could come back and continue the party at ours, is that ok.”

Fucking great, not only will I have to taxi them around the place but I’ll have to sit up listening to their drunken cackling for a few hours first.

“Of course it’s ok, lots of booze and a few good tunes back at our place.” Was what I said. As I looked in the mirror and saw the three lovely women behind me and my gorgeous wife beside me I thought, “life’s not too bad really.”

As I pulled away I was asking Julie about the night and why they were going home early

“The DJ was crap and the music shit and it was nearly all fella’s.”

“I thought you’d be in your element, loads of fella’s and only a few women.” I was referring more to Steph and I hoped Julie or the other two wouldn’t be offended.

“No, they were all too young, early twenties at the most.”

I nodded and there was silence for a short while and then Julie started smiling, turning to Steph she said, “will I tell them or will you.”

“Fuck off, will ya.”

More smiles and giggles from Julie, “You’ve got to admit it’s a bit funny.”

Even through the back of my seat I could feel Steph staring at Julie

“You can’t stop now, what happened?” asked Sally

Steph started smiling, “Did you see that young fella I was chatting to earlier, skinny legs but muscular arms.”

Sally nodded,

“Well we had a snog, he was a shit kisser and from what I could feel his dick was nothing to write home about, but he grabbed my tit and I was feeling horny.”

I think all of us nodded, wanting her to finish her story.

“Anyway, I asked him would he like to come back to my place,”

There was a pause, Steph had changed, like she was enjoying telling the story and enjoying her audience.

“What did he say?” asked Sally.

“He said he’d always wanted to fuck a MILF. Little cunt.” She said with a sneer.

“What did you say?”

“I told him to go and stick his own little dick up his own fucking arse.”

We all tried not to laugh, not wanting to upset Steph anymore, but eventually we all burst out laughing, Steph included.

I suppose it was inevitable that some young fella with too much porn in their brains would think of her as a MILF. When we finished laughing Steph said to Julie, “you were fairly popular on the dance floor, what happened to that one young lad who kept rubbing himself up against you.”

Julie seemed to take it all in her stride, seemingly unconcerned that I was sitting next to her, “he was a fine thing, I asked him his name and he said Aaron Banks, I smiled and said I did his mothers hair every second Tuesday and that she’d told me all about him, that seemed to turn him off.” We all laughed again.

This was all way over my head., I decided to keep quiet and concentrate on my driving.

When we arrived at our house I made a great show of being a gentleman, running around to open the car doors and help the ladies out.

“Bullshitter, you never open the door for me when we’re alone.” Julie said playfully

“He just wants to look down my top and up Sally’s dress some more.” Laughed Steph

“Guilty as charged.” Was all I could manage. Everyone seemed on great form, laughing and chatting as we entered the house, me taking every opportunity to gawk at these four sexy women.

When we were inside Sally and Courtney both asked where the bathroom was and when me, Julie and Steph were in the living room I said, “what şırnak escort is it with you women, even in someone’s house you have to go to the toilet together.”

“They’ve probably gone for a nosy about as well.” Julie said

“Bet they find yours and Phil’s collection of sex toys.” Steph said, both of them laughing. I had one moment of horror when I wondered if we’d left any on top of the bedside cabinet but then relaxed thinking that we probably hadn’t but so what if we had.

“I wouldn’t put it past Courtney, she can be a right tart. Her new husband is a very lucky guy.”

My ears pricked up “She looks so prim and proper.” I said.

“Proper alright, a proper slapper.” Steph said, both of them giggling.

Before I could find out anymore the girls returned, both complimenting us on our lovely house, and no, they didn’t have any toys with them. I asked everyone what they wanted to drink and went to the kitchen to get them, hearing Julie asking what sort of music they wanted to listen to as I left. Ours isn’t a massive house and I could still hear the girls chatting and laughing as I fixed the drinks. Suddenly there was a cacophony of shrieks and howling laughter. “This could be a long but entertaining night.” I thought to myself.

Julie and Steph came into the kitchen, I thought to help me with the drinks but something was definitely amiss. Steph had the a big cheshire cat grin on her face but Julie look a bit more stern, an expression I struggled to read at the best of times.

“We found your porn, we found your porn.” Steph said in a nah, nah na nah na type of way.

Bollocks, I had closed down the lap top but not clicked out of the site I was on. I looked at Julie not really knowing what to say, she knew I watched porn occasionally, we’d even watched together a few times but this was embarrassing for her and for me. Before I could say anything a big grin crept across her face.

“I can’t leave you alone for five minutes without you playing with your todger, bloody perv. I’ll bet you’ll tell me next that you were really thinking of me as you were wanking.” There was no anger in her voice as she was talking, I think she was just enjoying making me squirm a little.

“He wasn’t thinking of you, he was thinking of that blond with the big dick stuck up her arse.” Steph said helpfully. They both burst out laughing and I visibly relaxed, able to breath normally again

“Sorry love.”

“Bloody perv.” She said smiling and punching me quite hard on the arm.

“You can’t let him get off that easy, you’ll have to punish him somehow.”

I knew Steph was joking but you’d never know what she was thinking or planning. Her smile got broader as if she’d had a lightbulb moment, leaning into Julie she whispered something in her ear.

“No way.” Julie said, shaking her head slowly but with a half grin on her face.

“I think it’s a great idea.”

“No way, he wouldn’t do it anyway.”

I couldn’t stand it any longer “What’s a great idea, what wouldn’t I do anyway?”

Steph nudged Julie who eventually said, “Steph thinks you should do a striptease for us as punishment for getting caught with the porn.”

“No fucking way.”

“Where there’s a willy there’s a way.” Steph said, thinking she was very funny. Actually so did I but I wasn’t in a laughing mood at that moment.

“Tell him why I think it’s a good idea and why I came up with the idea.”

In a quieter voice Julie said, “on the hen weekend there was a male stripper and I was bragging that you had a better body than him.” I quite liked hearing this but there was still no way I was gonna strip.

“You also said he had a bigger cock and that his sperm tasted better.”

What the fuck, had I just heard correctly, Julie had sucked off the stripper, and maybe more. I glared at Julie who was also obviously angry, turning on Steph as angrily as I’d ever seen her. “Steph shut the fuck up!”

Steph seemed unperturbed and carried on “Oh it was nothing, just a competition between the girls to see who gave the best blow jobs. It wasn’t much of a challenge as he wasn’t that meaty but Julie was the one who eventually got him to cum, although I think that was only because she was last and the poor fella couldn’t hold it any longer.”

I really didn’t know what to think, I was more shocked than angry and didn’t want to make a twat of myself by causing a big scene. I went to say something but Julie stopped me, coming close to me and saying “We’ll talk about it later.”

“So how we gonna organize this strip?” Steph asked.

“It’s not going to happen.”

“Come on Phil, don’t be such a prude. It’s only a bit of fun and I bet Julie’s right about your body. And your cock as well.” She said, almost sneering.

“I can’t dance and I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face.”

Rather than just saying no I found myself coming up with excuses not to do it. Julie was obviously warming to the idea

“We could hide your face.” She said and Steph added, “no one cares about the dancing.”

“How would you hide my face?

Was I really asking this. They looked at each other, thinking. Then Julie moved quickly to a drawer, pulling out a brown paper bag, the type nice grocery stores give you instead of plastic ones. She opened it up and placed it over my head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32